Sex with an Ex

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Cum Inmouth

So I went to visit my ex last night. We spent most of the evening drinking Amaretto on the rocks and so I passed out cold around 11pm, fully dressed on one side of his double bed. He didn’t wake me or try to undress me at all.

I woke up early with the sun and heat, noticing trickles of perspiration building on my skin. I watched a trickle run down my chest between my tits, and decided to get undressed. He was naked beside me due to the heat, and I joined him naked.

I woke to find he had cuddled up to me, I could feel his erection pressed against my back. This instantly sent a shiver of excitement through my body, my nipples stood erect to I gave them a few sharp pinches, making my pussy ache with anticipation.

Still half asleep he mumbled ‘morning sexy’ and rolled over so his back was towards me. I spooned against him and reached my hands around. I wanted to feel his stiff erection in my hands. I played and teased him gently feeling him get harder still as I built up the speed of my strokes.

He was fully awake by now and rolled over to pin me down. He teased roughly at my pussy, spreading the wetness all around, rubbing the tip of his cock on my clit, as I arched my back up towards him in pleasure. ‘You want this inside you?’ he asked, a grin on his face, as I told him my pussy was craving his dick.

We started with him on top, sliding forcefully into my pussy; I lifted my legs up holding my ankles so he could push in nice and deep. We carried on like this, intensity building until I started to crave some control, so we rolled over, still fucking, I was on top, riding him reverse cowgirl. Lifting my hips up and down so that my pussy lips slid from the base of his cock right to the to tip and back.

I sped up, rocking my hips faster as I got closer to cum. Noticing I was getting close, he moved me over so I was on all fours, canlı bahis so he could fuck doggy style me as hard as possible, his balls slapping against my clit as I screamed out and waves of pleasure shook through me, my pussy contracting tightly around his cock as I came, and he pumped his cum deep inside me.

What a nice morning fuck it was. We popped into the shower together straight after to cool down and wash off. Although we have broken up, I find it hard to resist a nice easy fuck with him.

Later this week he popped round again before work. I was still in my night dress when he knocked on my door. The nightie reaches just below my bum. I had no underwear on, the outline of my boobs visible through the sheer fabric, as was my wet pussy.- I was about to shower and get dressed, but he’d caught me out. I let him in.

We sat on my sofa and he skinned up a joint, and we smoked til we were high. Something about being stoned makes me very aroused, but lazy. I was aware that my attire was truly provocative.

I asked him straight up, could you make me cum? I’m in need. And I slowly uncrossed my legs so he could see the pink of my pussy lips between my thighs.

He ran his hands up my legs, around my stomach and ass, refusing to touch my pussy and driving me crazy with anticipation. Then he lowered his face between my thighs, gently flicking his tongue on my clit. Such a light sensation gave me thrills, I wanted more. He circled his tongue around my clit, then up and down my slit, sliding his tongue into my pussy, then down to my ass hole, around my ass and back to my clit. I was in a fever of passion by this point.

He turned me so I was kneeling on the sofa, hands on the wall, my ass on full view to him. He rested the tip of his cock over my hole, and rubbed my clit hard. I moved my hips back, pushing him deep inside me. He bahis siteleri told me to keep still, he built up the speed, fucking me so slowly at first that I wanted to push back onto him and make it faster. He built up his speed, still rubbing at my clit ’til I was gasping and moaning for it harder, for him to pound me.

Then he let into my begging, he started to fuck me with such force that his balls slapped against me. His cock filling me up so deep, so hard, that I cried out. Every time I came close to orgasm he slowed down and slapped my ass. Not yet, he’d say.

I wanted to come so bad, I was so close, he was pushing into me fast and roughly, then withdrawing really slowly, it was driving me crazy, my orgasm kept building and building but he wouldn’t let me climax. He turned me to face him, and kept his pace, he was close, I had my nipples pinched tightly in each of his hands, forcing my body onto his cock and off. He pulled out when I wasn’t expecting and shot his cum over my stomach and tits, and grinned. Now he’d come it was my turn.

He reached for where he knew I kept my vibrator and rammed it deep into my pussy. Flicking through the settings til it was buzzing at top speed as he pushed it in and out of me. He could see that I was about to cum, so pushed the whole toy inside me, his finger on the base moving it about, other fingers on my clit.

All this sensation caused me to scream out and I couldn’t hold back, I came so hard, my pussy flowing with my juices, muscles contracting and spasming around the toy.

He wouldn’t take it out of me, even though my pussy was so sensitive, he changed the setting on the vibrator to slow pulsing and kept wriggling it deep inside me. I was panting so hard my whole body moving and reacting, it was all too much, ‘stop stop!’ I asked. He didn’t listen and continued to fuck me with the toy, bahis şirketleri it was such intense pleasure, almost pain, whole body shuddering as I came a second time, my moaning so loud I’m sure the neighbours heard.

I couldn’t take any more, so pushed his hands off me and slowly withdraw the vibrator from inside me. It was so wet and coated in my cream, I had to taste it, sweet and fresh. As I was distracted with the toy, he lowered his mouth between my legs again and lapped at my twice-cum pussy- I could hardly take this, each tongue movement sent shocks through my body, I pushed him off me. No more. You’ll be late for work.

I’m always so horny, If he wasn’t there It’d be me Imagining sitting across from you in a quiet pub booth or on the grass of a field. You watch as I spread my legs and expose my knickers, soaked through because of you. I move the thin fabric aside and play with my pussy as you watch, a metre away, you can hear my breath quicken as I pant and moan at my own touch, I’m on display for you.

I’d dress up in that little school girl outfit, my blonde hair in two plaits. White socks, school skirt and little white panties. I’m sure you’d know how to make a young woman cum over and over…

I can picture myself kneeling between your legs as you sit on your computer chair. I’m cupping your balls with one hand and gently stroking the length of your shaft with my hands. I swirl my tongue around the head of your cock, as you encourage me to take the whole length deep into my mouth, moving my head up and down while you hold my hair one plait in each hand and pull me onto you, fuck my face…

Then I’d sit on your lap like a naughty little girl, letting you slide your cock deep inside my tight shaven pussy. As you command, I rock my hips back and forth, grinding my pussy on the base of your shaft as you fill me up… I’d want you to bite my tender nipples and slap my ass as I ride you, telling me I’m your naughty girl. Then you pull out and make me lick my own sweet pussy juices off your cock, as you cum all over my mouth, face and tits…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32