Sex on the Beach

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Female Ejaculation

“I’m going to the beach, anyone want to join me?” Liara said, coming out of the bathroom. The men in the room glanced up at her. She looked gorgeous in her bikini and sarong, and they glanced away again, trying not to stare. She noticed their looks though, and was secretly pleased.

She glanced at Methias. He was studiously looking away, however, and she could not catch his eye.

Andarian spoke up. “You go ahead, we’re going to hit the town a bit. We’ll see you later in the evening.”

“All right, then. Don’t wait up for me, I may stay out late,” Liara said, and out she went.

She wore a pale peach-colored bikini, which showed off plenty of her brown skin and long legs, and the sarong around her waist was a cream color. She felt self-conscious walking around in just the bikini.

Down to the beach she went, carrying a towel with her. It was gone on evening now, and most of the villagers had departed, leaving their boats and such, to return to their homes. The island was small, and mostly occupied with natives. She and her adventuring party had been passing through, and had decided to stay an extra day and a night. It wasn’t quite a resort town, but it was all the better for that — it was a little away from the beaten path. Not fully safe, but she wore a knife strapped to her thigh and knew she could always run for town if something should happen.

The beach was gorgeous at this time of the evening, the waves looking like gold. She paused at one point, looking out to sea, and decided this would be the perfect place to sit and watch the sun go down. She lay out her towel, and seated herself under a palm tree to relax.

Back at the inn room, Methias made a show of going through his things, and then looked up.

“I need a new whetstone. I am going to go to the market. Anyone need anything?”

Brianna was the only one who smiled slightly but they all shook their heads.

“No thanks,” said Ulric.

“Very well, I will be back,” said Methias, in his slightly accented voice. He was a foreigner to this land, hailing from Greece originally, and hadn’t quite lost the accent. He probably never would fully.

He also went out onto the beach, following Liara. Her footprints in the sand were easy enough to follow. He had marveled at her graceful feet several times so knew well what they looked like.

Soon, though, the trail ended in the water. He looked both directions. At one end of the beach was the village, and he didn’t think she had gone that way. Down the other end was isolation, and then after a mile or so, the beach ended. He reasoned she had probably gone there.

He walked that way, and after not very long at all, he spied her, resting near the water. He continued walking towards her. She was lying on her back so probably couldn’t canlı bahis see him, and some distance away he stopped to admire her.

Her eyes were closed, and she was stretched out and looking lovely. Her curly black hair was spread out over the towel, and one of her hands was idly playing with a strand, wrapping it around and around her fingers.

Her breasts moved softly with her breathing, and they were enchanting, covered by just the thin strips of fabric of her bikini top. Her belly was flat and her skin was the color of coffee with lots of cream in it.

She still had the sarong tied around her, though it had fallen open on the side facing him, revealing silky skin all the way up to the waist, where he could just see her hip and the curve of her buttock and maybe if he strained his eyes the bowtie where the bikini bottom was tied.

He continued up to her, deliberately making noise as he went. Still, her hand went to her knife before she opened those dark eyes and looked at him warily. Seeing it was him, she relaxed and sat up and smiled.

“Methias. You’ve decided to join me, I see.”

“Yes, if that’s all right with you.”

“Please. Sit down.” She shifted over to make room on the towel, and he seated himself, a foot or so away from her.

She couldn’t help but glance at him from under her lashes. He noticed, but pretended not to in order to let her look. He was shirtless, wearing just shorts and sandals. Her eyes involuntarily traced the line of black hair down his chest, which disappeared into his shorts, before she jerked her eyes away to look at his face. He had already looked away, though, and she was able to admire his dark hair and handsome face before she looked off to sea.

She was very aware of him sitting very close to her, and of the ever so light sheen of perspiration on his skin. She wasn’t sure, but thought the wind carried with it his male scent, straight to her nose. She shifted her legs uncomfortably. Suddenly the bikini bottoms felt too tight against her skin.

“So, how come you didn’t go with them?” she asked, more to make conversation and fill in the gap than anything else.

Methias shrugged. “Just didn’t feel like it, I guess. I thought I’d come see what you were doing. You don’t mind, do you?”

She shook her head. “No, you are more than welcome.

The tension between them was almost palpable as they fell into silence again. Neither knew how to break it.

The warm wind blew a little harder, and brought with it some leaves that blew gently around them. One of them, still trailing a vine, wrapped around her leg. She started to reach for it, but suddenly he was there.

“Let me do that.”

His hand caught the vine, and slid it down her leg. It almost certainly wasn’t accidental, but as he did, bahis siteleri his hand turned so it was palm side down, and he ran that down her leg, too.

Liara’s sharp intake of breath stopped him and he turned his head to look at her. Since he had moved close to remove the vine — a calculated move to be sure — their faces were only inches apart. Their bodies were not touching, but it seemed he could almost feel the hairs on her skin against him. Her eyes were wide and vulnerable and she was barely breathing, and under his hand, he could feel her tremble.

Their teasing and bantering had gone on for some weeks now. He was a wild one to say the least and she was suspicious of him, but the mutual attraction had been there from the start.

Now she looked like a lost doe, and his hand tightened on her leg. Suddenly he threw caution to the winds. He grasped her leg and pulled her roughly toward him, and, ignoring her yelp of surprise, wrapped his other arm around her and kissed her.

He had meant it to be a soft kiss, perhaps a gentle kiss, but to his surprise she came to him as eagerly as he came to her, and their mouths met with an audible smack. It seemed she had been waiting for this, for immediately her arms entwined with his and her tongue was already in his mouth, and suddenly he was lifting her into his lap, his cock already hard. Her sweet bottom rested in his lap, and he felt her hands touching his chest, running along it, her nails sometimes scraping, running through the hair.

Her mouth was warm and wet and hungry and he fought back by forcing his tongue into her mouth. He realized she had wanted him as much as he did her, and his hands dropped to her breasts without preamble.

She, feeling his large hands suddenly squeezing and mauling her, let go of him with one hand long enough to slide first one bikini strap over her arm, then the other. His hands made it around to the her back and undid the top, and pushed it roughly away. Still kissing him, she raked her nails down his back, hearing his answering groan. His hands pulled at her nipples, causing them to stiffen, and tested the weight of her breasts and squeezed them.

He pushed his thigh up between her legs, and was rewarded by wetness already seeping through her bottoms. Methias pushed her just a little and she went back eagerly, letting his much larger frame rest on top of her. Her breasts, warmed by the sun, pressed into his chest.

Her hand grabbed his and guided it down to her sarong tie. “Untie it, get it off, ” she muttered, and he bit her lower lip and pulled at it. It came undone, and with it he pulled the bikini tie, too, dropping it all in a heap.

His hand slipped between her legs and he slid a finger into her, then two. He was no longer surprised to find her soaking bahis şirketleri wet, and she wantonly arched her back, begging with her eyes to be fucked. Her hands yanked at his shorts and with some difficulty and some muttering they were removed, too, and dumped carelessly in a heap.

Without hesitation she spread her legs and he didn’t wait either. He entered her, feeling her soft and wet pussy open gladly for him, and thrust his hard cock all the way up into her. She cried out in his ear, and arched into him, almost pulling her hips all the way off the ground. Her legs wrapped around him, and he was pulled even further inside of her, causing him to groan.

“By the gods, I’ve wanted you,” he growled in her ear.

“You should have taken me. I was hoping you would,” came her answering reply. He looked at her in stunned disbelief for a moment, and then she blushed –just a little — and grabbed his ears and pulled his mouth back down to hers.

Her desire was making her crazy now, and she was close already — usually it took her much longer. She couldn’t help it. She had been fantasizing about Methias for so long.

Theirs was no lovemaking. He rutted into her, driving his sex ever deeper, grunts and cries coming from both of them. They heard nothing of the world, nothing of the ocean, didn’t notice the sun slowly setting.

Their cries rose to a high pitch, and she gripped his shoulders tightly as he rammed into her ever deeper. Her hips were now actually off the ground, both of them tightly wound into each other’s arms.

She lost her control first, not that she had had much.

“Oh, god! Methias!” she cried, as her sex spasmed around him deliciously, fluttering on his iron cock. Her nails dug into him, her head thrown back and her tanned neck exposed. Very few men could resist that siren call, and he certainly wasn’t one of them. He grunted and rammed into her and held himself there, spurting into her, their bodies straining to be even closer if possible. He simply wanted to fill her up and then fuck her all over again.

Panting, they subsided into each other’s arms, his cock still inside of her. Her eyes were closed and her eyelids fluttered. Finally she sighed and opened her eyes and looked into his.

“What just happened?” he said.

“Mmm…something I’ve been hoping for a long time, Methias.”

He smiled, showing his white even teeth. “Why didn’t you just say so?”

“I don’t know. I couldn’t. I didn’t want to admit I could be attracted to a man like you.”

“What is wrong with a man like me?”

“Well, for one thing, you’re arrogant.” But she said it with a smile.

He grinned. “Well, didn’t I just show you I have reason to be?”

She smacked him on the arm, then gasped as he began to move in her, already stiffening again.

“Or shall I show you again?”

Her eyes began to glaze over with pleasure, and she said, “Maybe you should, Methias. Maybe you should.”

Their lips met.

The sun dropped below the waves.

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