Sex in the Sahara Ch. 02

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Chapter Two: A Steamy Night in Bou Arfa

Adele’s narrative.

The hot Sahara sun hit my blonde streaked hair as I stepped down onto the cracked tarmac of the small airport at Bou Arfa. I looked back at the small aircraft that we had chartered to fly us from Rabat to this out of the way Moroccan town on the edge of the Sahara Desert just a stones throw from the Algerian border. I smiled as I saw my friend Linda alight from the shadow of the plane clutching my broad brimmed hat that I felt I suddenly needed desperately. I waited for her to reach the tarmac, took it from her with a polite thank you and placed it lightly onto my head.

Curtis, meanwhile, was handing the pilot a well earned tip before joining us on the short walk to the terminal building. No international flights ever landed here so there was no customs to report too; however a local policeman ushered us into the hot, non air conditioned waiting room and checked over our British passports in detail before asking us the reason for our visit to this region of Morocco. Curtis explained that we were on a back packing trip and had arranged a hotel in the town prior to us leaving the following day in the pre arranged land rover we had hired through a couple of friends of mine. Satisfied with this he said a cursory farewell and the 3 of us headed out of the airport.

The battered taxi soon had us outside of our small hotel and, as Curtis argued the fare with the old taxi driver, Linda and I headed inside to the cool of the air conditioned lobby. Linda was ahead of me as we mounted the steps and my eyes gazed on her tight butt hidden, sexily, beneath the blue faded denims that looked like they had been poured onto her slender legs. I smiled to myself as I remembered helping her into them earlier that day and the fun that we had trying to pull up the zipper. I told her at the time that, as sexy as they looked, she needed to be thinking more of comfort than of style. She had just laughed at me, kissed me on the lips, and replied that she wouldn’t be seen dead in the loose fitting grey trousers that I had chosen to wear.

No sooner were we ensconced in our room than she admitted to me that I was right and she was wrong and that she needed to get out of those tight jeans as soon as possible as they were killing her.

Curtis slipped out of the room to fetch some cold beers as Linda collapsed on the bed and I eagerly helped her out of her denims. Not just for her comfort but for my pleasure. The pleasure of laying my eyes on that sexy body again had already got my own pussy seeping juices into my panties. No sooner were the jeans on the floor than I was on the bed with my hands around the bottom of her T shirt and yanking it roughly over her head. Her naked breasts stared up at me as I gazed down on her slim, sexy body; her red hair cascading down over her shoulders, her pert nipples standing proud from her ample breasts, her tummy button highlighted by the silver piercing, her long, tanned legs stretching down from her panties; beneath which I knew her shaven pussy awaited my pleasuring. My hands went immediately to the buckle of my belt. 15 seconds later I was kneeling beside her wearing just my blue panties that would soon follow my trousers onto the floor beside the bed.

Linda moaned as my lips gripped her left nipple and my tongue began to rasp roughly over it. My hand slid down to her pussy, hidden beneath the thin material of her panties, and I slid my fingers straight inside the elastic to find her naked slit waiting patiently for me. It was wet. Already my girl’s pussy was wet for me. I felt my own slit begin to moisten as my fingers dived into Linda’s and her moans increased. We were both ripe and ready for each other after the long day behind us travelling from my apartment to Rabat and then from Rabat to this small town in the arse end of Morocco. I wasted no time in lingering fore play but suddenly slid Linda’s panties off her hips and onto the floor. Once her naked, shaved pussy was free of the material I dropped my head into her crutch and plunged my tongue deep and hard into her depths.

The delightful canlı bahis nectar that awaited my taste buds sent ripples of excitement through my body and I indulged myself in the sweet scent that rose erotically into my nostrils from her womanhood. Her taste was exquisite as the first drops of smooth, sweet feminine juices entered my waiting mouth. I licked frantically into the depths of her slit as she began to writhe beneath me on the bed. My teeth closed gently around one of her pink flaps and I pulled gently before moving to the other one as it hung impatiently on the opposite side. Another gentle tug and then my tongue again plunged into the wet depths between her lovely lips. Linda began to gyrate her hips in an effort to impale my probing tongue deeper into the recess that it was now ravishing.

I was kneeling between her open legs and I suddenly pulled my face away, grabbed her knees, pushed them as wide as I could so as to open her wondrous cunt to my gaze and then, using my elbows to keep her knees open, I slid my thumbs into the entrance of her wet slit and opened her up as if I was parting the segments of a ripe, juicy orange. My head dropped again and I stiffened my tongue so as to penetrate her as deep as was humanly possible. Linda screamed. A scream of pure pleasure emanated from her throat as my tongue dived in. I licked. I sucked. I dived into her depths again and again as she screamed at me to make her cum. I needed no telling as my mouth drank greedily from the juices that began to flood into it as I sucked, licked and fucked at her soaking wet cunt. Suddenly I felt a slight tremble ripple through her just as she started to scream loudly beneath me.

“Oh My God. Oh God. Oh Adele; Adele; Oh Yesss Yesss.”

I pulled my head away and sat back on my knees gazing into her soft, glazed eyes. I was not ready to let her cum just yet. I wanted to tease her some more; to torment her; to bring her to the edge, pull her back, and then return her to the heights of ecstasy. Her body relaxed beneath me as she realised what I was doing. She smiled at me as her pending orgasm subsided and she mouthed the words;

“You Bitch; you tormenting bitch.”

She smiled again and I smiled back and blew her a tender kiss before suddenly dropping my head, opening up her cunt and diving back in. Up till then I had not touched her tiny bud hidden within the pink folds at the top of her womanhood. But now my tongue rasped over it briefly before plunging back into her depths. Then out again and back to her clitoris. Her body arched and her hips drove upwards as she forced her open pussy onto my face. She wanted me deep. She wanted my tongue to fuck her hard and fast and I decided that it was time to end her delightful torment as I drove my stiff tongue back into her swollen slit, slid it out again and then plunged back inside her incredible wetness. Her screams began again as I fucked inside her, licked her, paused to swallow her juices and then licked again. A slight nip on her now exposed bud, another flick of my tongue up the length of her swollen lips, a brief dive back inside her and she was beyond the point of no return.

I moved my hand upwards and rammed two stiff fingers deep and hard into her cunt just as my mouth sucked again on her protruding clit. Linda screamed. She screamed a scream of ultimate pleasure as her whole body trembled and I knew, without looking, that her eyes were watering, as they nearly always do, when she has such a wild orgasm. Her hips drove upwards again and the trembling increased as the orgasm hit her every senses and her juices squirted out onto my thrusting fingers.

Her whole body shook uncontrollably as the average 8 second orgasm paled into the distance and her smooth, white cum juices coated the fingers that I continued to fuck into her. I raised my head so as to look into Linda’s glazed eyes and felt my own wetness now seeping into the silky material of my knickers.

Slowly, very slowly, her trembling subsided and my probing fingers slowed their welcome intrusion into the depths of her slit. I bent down again and gave her bud a tiny kiss before bahis siteleri sliding my fingers from her wetness and collapsing gently on top of her. I lifted my fingers to her lips and allowed her to taste her cum as she sucked them gently but firmly. Once finished she released them from her mouth, I lowered my head, and our lips met in a long and passionate kiss.

Our breasts were pressing against each other’s as I pushed my hips down onto her wetness. Linda’s hands reached down beside her and eased my panties from my body as far as they could. I moved my own hands and completed the task until our naked, wet, pussies were touching. Our lips met again as Linda slid her hand down between us and her raised finger entered the wetness of my slit as it continued to press down on her own. I began to move my hips in a thrusting motion so as to fuck the finger that she offered from between her open legs. Our deep kissing continued as our erect nipples began to rub against each other’s; our breasts flattened together and I felt the coolness of the silver piercing from her naval rub against mine. My passion increased as Linda’s finger was joined by a second digit deep inside my soaking pussy. My hips were increasing in pace as I fucked my lover’s fingers a little harder, a little more forcefully, a little deeper. I pulled my lips away from hers and whispered some tender words of love as I gazed again into her still glazed eyes. I looked a little harder as I saw something different in them; something mischievous, something tormenting and expecting. I felt the mattress behind me move and it was then that I screamed.

Curtis’s narrative.

I soon found the small bar of the hotel and ordered an ice cold beer in the bottle. I raised it to my parched lips and drank it down in one movement and delighted in the feel of the strong, cold fluid pouring down my throat. Placing the empty bottle back onto the counter I ordered another and took a small sip before lighting a cigarette and answering the question that the barman had asked me a few seconds before.

“Just the one night. We are hiring a jeep and will be leaving for a trip around some of the desert towns before heading down to Marrakech.”

I replied in answer.

The next 30 minutes were spent chatting and discussing the delights and downfalls of his desert country as I downed another two beers before finally ordering three more; which I grasped in my hand and headed back to the room.

I opened the door silently and smiled as I saw the two girls laying naked on the wide bed built into the flooring. My wife was on her back with Adele laid across her in the missionary position whilst their mouths were pressed tight together in the type of sensual kiss that only happens between two women. Linda saw me enter but remained silent. Adele continued to kiss my wife deeply as her hips began to move up and down. I could see Linda’s hand beneath their two bodies and guessed that her fingers were deep inside her lovers slit.

Silently I placed the beers on a small table and began to undress. My cock had come to attention within seconds of entering the room and as soon as it was free of my shorts it sprang out straight in front of me and pointed directly to Adele’s arse as it rose up and down against Linda’s fingers. I moved to the bottom of the bed and stood gazing down at the two lovely, naked female figures that I had enjoyed so many times before. I remained there silently stroking my cock for a few minutes as Adele fucked the fingers beneath her whilst her kisses on Linda’s mouth became more frantic.

The sight of these two beauties fucking in front of me was too much to bare for too long without doing something other than rub my cock. I lifted my hand to my mouth and spat into it before lubricating my throbbing dick with my saliva. I saw Adele lift her head and look into Linda’s eyes. Her arse ceased its movements as she stopped her plundering of her lover’s fingers and I struck. With one swift movement I was on the bed, hands reaching for Adele’s arse cheeks to open them and my body dropped on top of her as my cock rammed deep and hard straight bahis şirketleri into Adele’s arse, forcing it downwards onto Linda’s stiff fingers.

Adele screamed. First she screamed in pure shock and surprise; then she screamed in pain as my cock slammed deep into the depths of her tight arse, and then, a few seconds after realisation of what was happening to her had filtered into her alert mind, she screamed again. Not so loud and not with pain or surprise but with pleasure.

Suddenly she was the filling in a delightful sandwich. Linda’s fingers were plunging into the wetness of her cunt and my cock was reaming her tight arse for all it was worth. My body was pressing hers down onto Linda’s and their tits were forced hard and tight together as my hips rose up and down against her buttocks as my throbbing cock pounded away at the tight hole encasing it. Adele began to scream again with the pleasure but Linda reached her spare hand around Adele’s head and forced it back down onto her mouth. I knew their tongues were darting in and out as fast as my cock and Linda’s fingers were ramming in and out of her cunt and arse.

I, myself, was in heaven as my hardness rammed into that tight arse and felt my wife’s stiff fingers through the thin membrane separating us. Adele’s arse was squeezing on my cock and I knew that this was not going to last long. I would like to have been able to hold back and allow Adele to reach an orgasm; but the tightness of her wonderful arse hole was gripping my thrusting shaft so tightly that there was no way on this planet that I could have stopped fucking it. My balls were aching and my breathing intensified as I crammed the whole length of my rigid cock into that wonderful slit beneath me. Adele was in ecstasy with both her holes being fucked whilst her favourite girl sucked ravishingly on her tongue. My cock suddenly grew a few centimetres in diameter as it prepared to expel the hot cum that was about to erupt out of my balls and into the long, thick shaft embedded in Adele’s tight, squeezing arse hole.

I came. With a yell of delight and pleasure I came. My spunk shot up the shaft of my cock and exploded deep into the depths of Adel’s arse. Wave after wave of hot globules of sperm erupted from my penetrating cock, entered the deep recess of the tight arse beneath me, coated my shaft and lubricated me even further.

Linda’s fingers were fucking harder and harder into Adele’s cunt as she plunged her hips up and down in a frantic effort to get as much cock and fingers as was possible.

My yells slowly subsided as the last of my cum was squeezed from the head of my cock to empty out into that sweet arse it had just ravished. Adele was almost on the verge of her orgasm as I slid my prick from her arse and dropped my head down; slamming my stiff tongue into the slit that my cock had just vacated. I tasted my still hot spunk as I drank it from Adele’s arse and filled her slit with my probing tongue.

I heard her scream into Linda’s mouth as my wife held her head tight to her own face and my tongue continued to lick her delightful arse. Adele’s whole body suddenly shook between Linda and I as her orgasm erupted through her. I knew Linda’s fingers were getting coated by Adele’s juices and I continued my licking of her tight, wet arse until finally her shaking eased and her body relaxed on top of Linda. I took one last suck at Adele’s arse and filled my mouth with my own cum. I slid my body from hers and collapsed beside the two girls. Their kisses now ceased and they turned their heads towards mine. I kissed Linda first and she delighted in the taste of my spunk as I let a little slip from my mouth into hers. Adele was next to taste my semen, not for the first time, but the first time that it had been in her own arse first. She swallowed the remainder and our mouths met in a lingering kiss and our bodies calmed down from the emotions they had just gone through.

Eventually I rose from the bed, handed the girls a beer and sank myself down between them as Linda lit the welcome cigarettes.

We would all sleep well tonight; unaware that it would be the last decent sleep we would get for many nights to come.

End of Chapter Two

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