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This is my first real attempt at erotica, be kind!

Rachel was never comfortable with her body. She was slightly overweight, and was rather short at about 5′. She hated her breasts, which she felt were too big for her frame, at 40D. She always wore loose clothing to hide her curves. She just couldn’t wait to go back to college, where at least she faded into the background easier. She lived in a small New York town near Syracuse where everyone knew everyone.

The day came when she finally got to start her sophomore year in college. She moved into a new residence hall, one with Co-Ed floors. It was there she met David.

David was also uncomfortable with his looks. He’s about 6’1″, 220 lbs. David also came from a small town, not unlike Rachel’s. While moving in next door to Rachel, David struck up a conversation with each other. They talked for a few hours, but Rachel needed to go buy books, and David had to go to a meeting. They decided to watch a movie later that evening in Rachel’s room.

The time came, and David went over to Rachel’s room. She popped in Chasing Amy, a movie both of them loved. They were both sitting on her bed. They started talking during the movie.

“Look at Alyssa,” Rachel started, “she’s so skinny and beautiful, I wish I could look like she did.”

“Eh, I think she looks too skinny, I’ve never found that attractive with girls,” David responded.

“Really? But I’m sure a guy like you could score big with girls like that. I know a lot of girls that like guys built like you, like a football player.”

“What the cheerleader types? aliağa escort Those girls are all fake. I like girls who look and act naturally. I fear I’d break some of those girls, I’m twice their size! I like girls like you. Ones who are normal, who just be who they are.”

“Oh please, guys don’t go after me. Look at me!”

“I happen to think you are quite beautiful.”


“Yes.” With that David started to lean forward. He’d never been able to even attempt to kiss a girl before. He was still a virgin, and had never had a real serious relationship before.

Rachel also leaned forward, and their lips met. Both of them felt an energy shoot through them, nothing they had ever felt before. Rachel opened her lips, and allowed David’s tongue to slide in. Their tongues fought back and forth, Neither wanted to break it. David got brave, and placed his hand over Rachel’s left breast. She let out a small moan of approval, and David began to gently squeeze. He wanted to be as gentle as he could, he wanted her to enjoy it as much as he was. Rachel began to lift her shirt over her head. Reluctantly she broke the kiss, but as soon it was off, they continued exploring each other’s mouths.

David continued massaging Rachel’s breasts. Rachel started running her hands over his back and chest. She stopped to reach around to her own back, and unclasp her bra. She pulled the straps from her arm, and her large breasts spilled out. David stopped for a brief moment to admire her beauty. He started kissing down her neck, and stopped just izmir rus escort above her breasts. He moved down to her nipple and teased it by flicking his tongue, her moans got louder as he did it, and Rachel could feel her panties starting to get wet from her own secretions. He gently took the entire nipple into his mouth, sucking on a way that almost made Rachel climax. He kissed his way across her chest, taking her other nipple into his mouth. He worked on it for a couple minutes, and began kissing lower and lower down her stomach, until he reached her pants. He undid the clasp and slid them down her round legs. He removed both hers and his own socks while he was down there. He teased her pussy and her clit through her soaked panties. He pulled them off of her, and positioned his head right in front of her moistened mound.

The extended his tongue and ran it up and down her slit. She was going crazy, she’d never felt anything like this before. He concentrated his tongue on her clit, and inserted an finger into her longing hole. He felt some resistance, and decided not to push any further, not yet. He continued playing with her clit, until she screamed out in her first real orgasm. Sure, she’d pleasured herself before, but it never felt like that. David made sure she was alright, and she smiled and told him to lay on his back. She undid his pants and pulled them down, taking his underwear with them. This was new territory for her, as was his going down on her. She looked at his hardened cock. Not very long at about 6 inches, but quite thick. izmir escort She took it into her hand, and started by licking it’s swollen head. She licked up the entire length of the shaft, a move which got a moan from David’s mouth. She decided it was time, and took the whole head into her mouth, and began sliding up and down, using her hand to help. His breathing increased, and she stopped.

“You need to save that for my pussy. I’m on the pill to keep my cycle regular, so don’t worry about a condom,” she told him.

“I should tell you now,” he started, “I’m still a virgin.”

“So am I. I’ve always wanted to give myself to someone as kind as you, and someone who truly respects who I am.”

With that she laid on her back. He positioned himself over her, and placed the tip of his glistening cock over her vagina. He asked if she was ready, and she told him she was. He carefully slid his penis in, and met the resistance he felt earlier. With a gentle thrust, he broke past it. She bit down on her lip, but told him she was fine and to continue. He pumped slowly at first, but quickly gained speed. Both were consumed by what they were feeling. Rachel felt euphoric as his moved back and forth. David felt a stirring that was beyond his comprehension. They continued making love for what seemed like forever. Rachel was building towards her climax, as was David. Their passions built, sweat rolled down their bodies. Before long Rachel exploded into a massive orgasm. Her body was pulsating with pleasure. David also exploded, sending shot after shot of hot cum into her wet hole. They embraced and kissed, David’s manhood slipping out of her vagina. They kissed for another hour, and fell asleep naked next to each other.

After that day, Rachel began wearing normal fitting clothes. She was no longer self-conscious of her appearance. David too felt better about himself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32