Seductive Dreams Ch. 11

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Thursday couldn’t come fast enough for me. Haven’t heard anything from Mel since our special encounter last week and I have been anticipating our next time together. I sat in my apartment so patiently as I didn’t want to be too anxious and make her even more upset with me. Hell I screwed her fucking brains out last week and she came multiple times, yet I raped her. Yeah…..She got what she wanted and I got even more.

All of a sudden I could hear my phone buzzing. I grabbed it and it was a text message from Mel. “Don’t come over…hubby home sick…..see you next week!”

Damn I thought to myself. Oh well. I am going down to the subway and get me some lunch. Maybe that hot sandwich maker is there….maybe she is getting off soon!

Let me explain this chick. See I am almost 45 and she is easily 25 maybe 30 at the most. In small talk before, she had a kid and a hubby, and now is a single mom, but DAMN, she is fine for a single MILF! She is working at subway to get her degree at the city college and get out of this hole of a town as she calls it. Her name is Naomi. Or I MOAN backwards, right!

Naomi is about 5’7″ all of about 130 pounds soaking wet. We have been on a couple of dates since I lost my job and hung out. She and I have watched movies and other things, but never have done anything, like making her scream!

I headed over to the subway and there she was.

“Naomi… know what I like…..”

“Sure do Jay…” she said.

We made small talk as she went down the line getting my sandwich ready.

“What time you get off today?” I asked.

“About an hour…why?” She asked.

“Why don’t you come over, and lets get into some trouble together” I laughed……

“Maybe I should!” she giggled.

“Do you mind if I take a shower at your place?” She asked.

Like I was going to say no. PALEASE!!!

So I headed home with my sandwich and waited for Naomi to come by. Soon, I heard the knock on my door and she jumped into my apartment, wrapped her arms around me and gave me a great big kiss.

“WOW, what a greeting that is!” I exclaimed.

“You might just get more of that, if your good.” She laughed and walked to my room.

It wasn’t long before I heard the shower come on.

She called out to me….. “Jay, I need a towel….can you bring me one……”

I jumped up and grabbed a towel and went down to my room……then she swung open the door and there she stood buck ass naked all 5’7″ with brown hair and brown eyes, light brown bush and these very çiğli escort ample breasts that would make any man cry in jealousy.

“So, I could use someone to wash my back and maybe even my front! You have time?” She laughed and started to walk to the shower.

I was totally undressed before she was able to walk the 12 feet from the door to the shower stall. She climbed in and left the door open and I stood there watching the water drop off of her body and down her legs.

“Are you coming in?” she said with a smile.

Oh I knew this is what I needed today and wanted today, but wasn’t expecting it.

I climbed into the shower and closed the door behind me. Naomi turned around with the soap and started to lather up her hands and began rubbing the soap over the front of me. She soon worked her way down my body to my slightly hard cock now, massaging it and making me hard as ever.

“Well look at what we have here!!” She giggled.

Can’t help myself, I got hard quick. She helped rinse me off and then she turned around and gave me the soap……I lathered up my hands and started to run the soapy suds all over her back and hips, buttocks. She then grabbed my hands and made me soap up her breasts. She started to press her ass towards my cock and allowing my cock to penetrate her ass cheeks. With the water and the soap, it made a wonderful feeling as my cock slithered itself over and inside her ass. I gave my cock a little push and it nailed her asshole just right and she yelped a bit. I must have hit a tight spot.

She leaned back and kissed me with that lovely tongue that I have tasted before.

I grabbed onto her hips and raised up one leg a little a guided my cock by instinct into her waiting pussy. My cock made it down to the swollen lips of her pussy and just penetrated them a little…..Naomi started to breath heavier as I rubbed the head of my cock across her pussy. Then all of a sudden my cock slipped into her pink pleasure palace.

Naomi inhaled and gasped and clawed at the wall of the shower as my 8 inch cock penetrated her pussy inch by inch until it reached deep inside her and then she let out a low moan of pleasure.

“Slow” she moaned to me.

I complied with her request and I started to fuck her pussy with long and slow movements of my cock inside of her. With each thrust into her pussy, and when I was finished pushing my cock deep into her pussy, she let out a low moan. The pleasure for her had to be exquisite, as she just took my whole foça escort cock over and over and enjoyed each and every moment. Her low moans became louder and louder and she started to make motions towards my hips and cock that she wanted it harder. I helped out with that easily and started to fuck her harder, which made her moan and yell louder.

She started to buck a bit and then her whole body shook as her orgasm took over. She came so hard that she nearly passed out. As I held her up in the shower I turned off the water and with me not even being close to cumming yet, I picked her up and took her to my bed soaking wet. I climbed up onto the bed and spread her legs and went down onto her pussy, tasting her cum as it still flowed a little over her lips. She tasted so sweet, but I wanted more. I continued to lick her pussy and suck her clit and she moaned and moaned for more, so I refused to stop. She would try to push my head away and then bring it back. Playing this game of cat and mouse made me want to fuck her so bad, but I continued my oral pursuit.

It wasn’t long before she had another earth shattering orgasm, but this time, I got a full taste of her cum as she drained right in front of me and my waiting mouth.

Her legs now completely loose and wavering stayed wide open for my cock to give me my love nectar. As I perched myself in front of her pussy, I took my cock and kind of slapped the clip and lips a bit and Naomi jumped a bit……giggled and went back to her satisfaction dream.

I then pressed my cock deep into Naomi, and as each and every inch of my cock penetrated her pussy and moaned louder and louder. My cock now full boar deep inside of Naomi, I knew this was the time to just fuck her silly little pussy until I come.

I reached down and lay on top of Naomi and began to fuck her drenched pussy. The sloppy wet mess that she had created inside of her allowed my cock to work like a piston inside an engine.

As my cock slid in and out of Naomi….she would tense up. Grunting and moaning with each piston like motion, my cock was knifing her pussy with ease.

As I slowed down my pace a bit I kneeled up in front of Naomi. Mumbling to me incoherently, I pulled my cock out of her and flipped her small tight ass over.

With that swift ease of motion, I pulled up on her hips. Now her ass is straight up looking at me and I had full access to her pussy and ass. Without her knowing, I slipped my finger into her asshole just as I entered her pussy with izmir escort my cock. I made slow penetrations of my cock deep into Naomi. I continued to finger fuck her ass and she started to wiggle around a bit. Her grunting and mumbling started to make some sense….and I heard her exclaim, “No not my ass….don’t fuck me there!”

Like I was a guy that really cared what a woman wanted me to do or not. I could seed and then reach for my KY that happened to be on my end table and spread some of my finger and pressed that into her asshole again and she began to mumble again while moaning.

I continued to fuck Naomi. He breathing became really labored and with a quick shutter of her body, she moaned out an evil sounding sigh and came on my cock again. Just as that orgasm subsided, I pulled my cock out and pushed the head of my cock onto the anus and the head popped right in. So fucking tight her ass was…..and immediately, she started to cry out and push at me with a free arm.

“Jay…no not there, please….take it out….it hurts!” She cried out

With each word I pushed my cock deeper into her ass and her moaning then became full on grunting as my eight inches of thick cock drove deep into her colon.

We fell onto our sides and he ass opened up a bit more allowing my cock to press on further until my cock was deep inside of her ass.

I continued to fuck her ass for a bit and each time I entered her ass, I heard the grunting and slight whimpers of her crying, as my thick cock was probably ripping her a bit.

Her really tight ass was making me so fucking crazy that I could feel my come start to boil inside of me. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I let go on my long streams of cum that would coat her colon and her anal walls.

As a small time amount passed, my cock now throbbing I could feel the cum started to well up inside and about to burst, then wham. The first shot of cum pulsated out of my cock deep into Naomi’s colon and it wasn’t one or two, but six long pulsating explosions of cum came barreling out of my cock. So much cum spewed forth, that it created a back up in her ass and started to drool out of her asshole and down her cheek and around my cock.

After my orgasm subsided a bit, I laid next to Naomi for a while and basked in our sexual glory. So my cock started to get smaller and softer and then sit slowly ejected itself out of Naomi’s ass. With a slight grunt and a muffled noise from her mouth, she rolled over onto her tummy and looked at me.

“You fucking animal….” She giggled.

Naomi then slid off the bed and hobbled her way to the shower and climbed in and started to take another shower. I just went into the bathroom. Cleaned myself off a bit and slipped on my boxers, looked into the mirror, and said “Fucking animal! YES I AM!!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32