Seducing the Irresistible Teacher

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All characters in this story, sexually involved or not, are 18 years of age and older.


“Sorry I’m late,” nineteen year-old Hazel Radley apologized as she entered the classroom and walked briskly to her seat.

“Welcome Ms Radley,” Professor Norgrove replied to her greeting. Normally he would give her a cold shoulder but since she was only five minutes late as compared to the usual twenty, he was impressed enough to be a little warmer.

Thirty-seven year old Kenneth Norgrove was Hazel’s history and homeroom teacher and the fantasy of many school girls in the academy. He stood 6’2″ with an overall trim body. While all the other teachers in school showed signs of gaining weight with age, Kenneth kept himself fit. He had a full mane of jet black hair and kept clean shaven look but just like any other teacher, he was dressed in office pants and light blue long sleeve which he rolled up to his elbow. Hazel was no exception to being attracted to him; out of all the countless nights that she would jerk off before bed, half of them would be about Kenneth.

“I’ll have to remind you that after your recess, your report slips will be handed to you and your rankings will be shown to let you know where each of you stand on the class and your level cohort. But for now, I’m going start a new topic, the Bay of Pigs Invasion. Just take a look at the first page of your handout before I begin the lecture,” Kenneth had made his announcement to the class.

Hazel was well aware that things are not going to go well for her. She had never taken her academics seriously; the only reason she went to school was to make friends. She was the life of a party popular girl that slackers gravitate to and nerds would despise(but jerk off to) and only studied enough to barely scrape through to make it to the next academic year. She would spend most of the weekends going to frat parties bingeing on gin tonic before banging the jocks and most of the weeknights playing video games and scrolling through memes on the internet.

As Professor Norgrove was explaining the topic to the class, Hazel was too busy looking at his lips and staring at his rear to listen to the content. ‘Oh god, I just wish he would take me here and now and fuck me like a little whore…he looks so yummy!’ That was only thought that ran through her head during the lesson…’Wait a second, maybe that is possible. Well, not at that moment of course but soon enough,’ An idea struck her head. She is going to have so much fun. Hazel spent the rest of the lesson admiring her sexy teacher.

After two boring lessons in the morning, it was time for recess. Hazel and her clique occupied a whole bench having their meal and exchanging a whole bunch of inside jokes with one another.

“You guys scared about getting your results later?” One of girls decided to bring up the topic.

“Not going to lie, I am. I was completely lost during the Chrmistry and Additional Math papers and those are crucial subjects,” one of the guys replied.

“How about you Hazel? Don’t tell me you are flunking again.” Another girl asked Hazel.

Hazel demurely shook her head. She knew very well that she had been neglecting her studies throughout the semester.

“What? You better mentally prepare yourself, girl. Kenneth is going to do his usual routine of calling individuals after class to have a talk with him. It’s gonna be super uncomfortable,” the same girl gave Hazel a reminder of the reality of the situation.

“He called me to stay back after class last year for the same thing before the long holidays,” Hazel told the others. “I think he’s going to talk to me again later which I don’t really care. Just a few minutes and we’ll be done.”

The truth was it did not matter what kind of trouble she got into with Kenneth. In fact, she would be more than happy to talk the Professor one on one alone in the classroom after all the other students have left.

Hazel left her clique after she was done with her meal, telling them that she had some errand to run. She walked to one of the empty buildings situated between the school laboratories and the lecture theatre. Her popularity in school had given her a social leverage; She became friends with one of the school’s secret society which she had earned the trust of. In turn, they told her of a student wizz who had access to the school’s electronic system and might be able to temper with the security even. This wizz would spend his recess and after hours in the very same room Hazel was standing outside of six days a week.

After a few seconds of checking her surroundings, Hazel knocked on the door. An audio was played, “What’s the password?”

“Erm…Double..Hucow?” Hazel was hoping the the password given to her by the secret society would be correct.

The audio responded, “Access approved, enter.” The door opened automatically. Hazel entered the room. It was as big as any class room but the mess was unbearable. There were notes on economics and business escort bostancı on two tables and the rest of the room were empty cartoons of milk and bowls of unfinished yoghurt and cheese. At the end of the room a boy was sitting on his chair doing some work on his laptop. It was the wizz guy Hazel wanted to see. Surprisingly, he was far from being a nerd Hazel had imagined. He was not a lady killer either but he knew how to present himself, neatly combed blonde hair wearing long khaki pants and black collar shirt.

“My name is Hazel and you’re the school wizz, right?” Hazel wanted to clarify.

“That’s what the weird people call me but you can just call me Brian. Take a seat,” Brian introduced himself.

Hazel sat down by one of the cleaner tables “You’re a workaholic aren’t you? Spending your recess alone doing assignments?” Hazel was blunt. Well, he was another student anyway, no harm trying to start a conversation.

“Oh don’t misunderstand me, I’m not some snobby nerd. I want to start my own business but I too, need to graduate like the other kids here. Every minute of my day or week counts,” Brian explained.

“Oo, what business are you starting?” Hazel was curious.

“A Milk company. Well it’s obvious from what you’ve seen here. So, what can I do for you?” Brian inquired.

“I heard you have access to the school security system. If that is true, I’m in need of your service. It’s not a difficult task though,” Hazel said.

“I do, the resource I have is very powerful, it’s practically the keys to the whole school. What do you need?” Brian wanted Hazel to specify her orders.

“I need you to disable the CCTV of B305 after school from four o’clock to five o’clock,” Hazel instructed Brian.

“Alright, not a problem. I’ll get it done,” Brian reassured Hazel.

“Well, not so fast. We need to keep contact. Keep your phone within your reach. I’ll send you a text to give you a final confirmation on whether to pull off the disabling of the cameras. But if you don’t receive any message from me, then it’s fine, forget about my instructions,” Hazel added.

“Very well. If we do carry on with the operation, I will wait until 1700 hours to get the CCTV back to normal. After which, I will email you the invoice for payment,” Brian said.

Hazel acknowledged and gave Brian her personal email address before leaving. Before she could reach the door though, Brian stopped her to lay out another condition, “Er Hazel, it’s very clear here that what I’m going to do is obviously a crime. So this conversation never happened.” Hazel nodded and left.

‘Oh I’m just too excited for this, ahah!’ Hazel thought as she giggled to herself and headed back to class.

It was time for the result slips to be distributed to the class. This caused a reaction and buzz among the students. Some of them were exchanging slips with one another, some verbally told their overall grades to the other while the rest were too shy to share. And then there was Hazel’s clique; talking about planning for their outings on the weekend followed by a sleepover.

After all the chattering, Kenneth instructed everyone to go back to their seats as he was about to debrief them on what was to come for the next one and a half years for them. After the whole talk was done everyone just resumed previous activities. That was when Kenneth approached Hazel by himself. “I’ll see you after class. We need to talk,” he tried not to garner as much attention from the rest of the students.

Hazel nodded her head in response. That was the green light for her, she took out her phone and texted Brian. “Ok Brian, do your thing,” it was then or never for her.

The reply came almost immediately,

“Ok done, just like I promised.”

The class ended in twenty minutes and all the students left. Just as planned, only Hazel and her teacher stayed back in the classroom.

There were a few seconds of silence as Kenneth closed the door and walked to the same desk Hazel was sitting on. Hazel’s heart was starting to accelerate. On the one hand she was going to get called out for her lack of regard for her school responsibilities and on the other, she was going to have the planet-cracking sex of her life with the man of her fantasies. There was a unique mix of fear and arousal in her right now.

“Young lady, do you know why I have called you here after class?” Professor Kenneth started his questioning.

Hazel found it so attractive when he talks, “I don’t know. Maybe you can tell me?”

“Well maybe you can start by sitting properly first. Right leg off of your left and sit up straight,” Kenneth wanted to establish some demand for respect before he could start. Hazel got his message and changed her sitting posture. With a man so handsome like that, he could command her to do anything and she’d be happy to oblige.

“Your behavior has been of concern to me. You are not taking your lessons seriously which unsurprisingly, shows why you have ümraniye escort been failing in your tests, assignments and group projects,” Kenneth pointed out to Hazel.

Hazel was silent, she assumed Kenneth was not done yet.

“I asked the other subject teachers how you fared in their classes and not a single one of them gave me any relief,” Kenneth continued.

“What do you mean?” Hazel played coy with the Professor.

“You know exactly what I mean. Not only sleeping during classes but listening to music and going on Instagram. You were even playing video games on your laptop right before the examinations when all the other girls were touching up on their concepts. What do you have to say for yourself?” Kenneth was hoping to bring out some sense into his student without needing to be more strict with her.

“Well, at least I’ve improved right? Throughout the first two years I was sent to the principal’s office a total of three times but this semester, none?” Hazel wanted to start off subtle, talking like a bimbo was her strategy.

“Hazel, you need to cut the nonsense and wake up. This is your third year and you will be doing Final Project after your June holidays. And next year will be your End of Academy exams,” Kenneth gave a stern reminder. “We treat all of you as adults as you guys are above seventeen. I can just let you fail and dismiss you from the Academy but you’ve made it this far and it would be a waste. Don’t make me call your parents.”

This is it, it’s time for Hazel to enact her plan. She changed her demeanor to that of a slightly condescending one and told Kenneth, “Don’t worry Professor, after this, you won’t want to ever talk to my parents again.”

“What do you mean?” Kenneth was confused.

“I mean, how could you expect me to wake up when I’m always dreaming about how hot you truly are?” Hazel revealed her nasty side.

“Excuse me, lady! How dare you talk to me that way? Take it back before you get into trouble,” Kenneth was in complete shock but he tried to salvage the situation.

Hazel then stood up and got herself closer to Kenneth, “You know, I’ve known you since year one and ever since then I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I mean all the girls in school loved to talk about how hunky or cute you really are and there I was just thinking to myself how lucky I am to have you as my homeroom teacher, for three fucking years straight!”

Kenneth grasped. He was slowly starting to get a hard on at the sight of this hot girl standing right in front throwing herself at him. But no, he was a teacher, a married teacher. He had certain moral standards to uphold. “H-Hazel, this is wrong. I’m your teacher, not one of your classmates and certainly not your boyfriend. Now, sit back down before you attempt anything funny. I’m warning you, it’s for your own good.” Kenneth gave Hazel one last chance.

“Oh I just love how you try to command me as if you’re the authority when I’m the one in control here,” Hazel took a step closer and rested her left arm on the desk. “I’m going to make this simple. You’re going to entertainment me at this hour and turn this student teacher talk into a much juicier interaction. Or I will simply shout and cry ‘rape’, putting you into jeopardy with every student and teacher who is still in this corridor.”

“Good try little girl but the CCTV is recording everything happening right now in this classroom. The evidence will be clear about who’s truly guilty,” Kenneth rebutted but he was none the wiser, unfortunately.

Hazel started to giggle, softly, then uncontrollably, “Ahahaha oh Professor, you are just so adorable when you are clueless! The CCTV has been disabled dear. You will have no evidence against me.”

“What? Impossible!” Kenneth was completely dumbfounded now. “How did you-“

“That’s not important. The only thing that matters now is whether you want to destroy your career, reputation and marriage or just fuck me,” Hazel has gotten her teacher in a box. It was the perfect opportunity to tempt him even more. She took off her brown hoodie and her red skirt, revealing a matching purple lace bra and panties. Kenneth was breathless, right in front of him was a sweet young teen, only in her underwear and boots. Hazel was a beauty, standing at 5’7″, her body was slender. Her ass was neither too bulky nor flat and her breast was a perky 36C resting nicely in her bra. She was a brunette, with straight bangs at her forehead and a long flowing stream of wavy hair. Kenneth was undoubtedly aroused at the sight of this young woman.

Before she made a further advance, she confirmed her ultimatum with him, “You and I can have sex now and we’ll continue with our lives outside of this classroom as if nothing happened. You really have a choice. One is a double win and another is a triple loss.” Hazel took Kenneth’s large hangs and put them on her hourglass hips. She smirked, “Come on, don’t be a wimp. Just take me, Professor.”

Kenneth’s hands started to slowly kartal escort bayan rub Hazel’s waist. He closed his eyes and breathed slowly. ‘Yes! He’s finally reciprocating’ Hazel thought as she placed her hands on his shoulders and started massaging them lightly.

Kenneth was getting obsessed with Hazel’s waist. Her tummy was perfectly flat and just silky smooth, something that his wife no longer has. He slowly drew himself closer to it when Hazel took her right hand and drew his head to her navel, “Come on now, don’t be shy. This is all for you, hehe.”

Kenneth started kissing that soft white tummy while Hazel relished in his kisses. She bit her lower lip and looked down on that handsome head just enjoying her core body. Kenneth then started using his tongue to lick her navel, causing Hazel to turn her head up and close her eyes.

“Show me your cock. I’ve always wanted to see it,” she asked of him. Kenneth undid his zippers and pulled his hard dick out. Hazel was staring in awe; a good ten inch of mature cock right in front of her eyes. “Gosh Professor, it’s beautiful.”

“Is this what you’ve always wanted, Ms Radley?” Kenneth still felt guilty, but there’s no turning back now.

“Definitely,” Hazel kneeled down and began stroking Kenneth’s big cock.

“Hmm,” Kenneth moaned, with each passing second, his arousal taking over his guilt. Hazel replaced her fingers with her mouth. She moved her head up and down his cock while maintaining eye contact with him. Kenneth was surprised at how skilful Hazel was in her blowjobs at such a young age. It was expected though, all those years of making love to the different boys she’s dated and going to parties which led to sex with no strings attached had given her ample practice.

Kenneth placed one of his hands on Hazel’s head as it bobbing up and down his shaft. The texture of her hair was unreal to him, he almost forgot how silky young hair could be. “Oh that’s it right there,” Kenneth was definitely enjoying this.

Hazel decided to go faster. She started jackhammering her head on Kenneth’s stiff rod. His precum was a sign of his pleasure, which she was hoping it meant he would climax anytime soon. “Oh oh oh..” Kenneth continued his moaning while Hazel kept her focus, her blowjob getting sloppier with saliva and precum mix accumulating, accompanied by the slurping and gagging sounds.

And then Kenneth finally burst. He unloaded into Hazel’s mouth. Hazel tried her best to swallow as much as she could. After Kenneth was done with his first climax, Hazel released his cock and grasped for air. “Wow, hehe. You taste nice,” Hazel complimented him and gave his softening dick a kiss. Kenneth nodded slowly. One of his students, who sat with the others everyday at his class, is now kneeling in front of him, at his cock, with cum dripping down her mouth. With her pretty cum-stained face and her breasts just staring at him from a down-blouse position, this teen girl was a sight to behold.

Kenneth finally decided to let his lust take over completely. He grabbed Hazel by her shoulders and embraced her, starting a long, salubrious kiss on the lips. Hazel responded by kissing him back and wrapping her arms around his neck. “Hmm, Professor *smooch* you’re such a hunk. Ugh, *smooch* I’ve always wondered how nice your big cock would feel inside my wet halls *kiss*” Hazel told Kenneth in between their kisses. It was such a hot sight, a man sitting on his chair with his huge member jutting out of his pants, hugging a teen babe who was leaning on him naked except for her bra, panty and boots. Hazel wished an artist would take a picture of both of them in that position and illustrate a picture. The two kept exchanging kisses while exploring each other’s bodies.

“Hmm, Professor, I want your big cock inside of me now,” Hazel said. It was time, they broke the kiss. Kenneth moved Hazel’s tight purple panties aside and positioned his cock at the tip of her pussy. He slowly went in. “Ahh,” Hazel squealed softly.

Kenneth continued to be gentle with Hazel’s pussy. He knew he had a big member and Hazel, still being a teen, might not be used to having her tight pussy stretched to such an extent. But soon enough, the pain turned into pleasure and Hazel’s cries turned into moans, giving Kenneth the signal to start going faster. So he started humping her wildly. He lifted up her cute body by the waist so that he could buck his hips and fuck his sexy student harder.

“Oh yes, fuck me! Fuck me oh fuck my horny cunt. That’s it right there,” Hazel chanted.

“Oh yeah, you’re so hot. Such a naughty slut aren’t you, baby?” Kenneth started talking dirty.

Hazel kept moaning on his cock, too deep in arousal to reply. Kenneth then spanked her on her right ass cheek, “Come on, tell me, bitch!”

“Yes, I’m a slut. I’m a bad slut. Fuck my behavior. Fuck being a good girl. I’m a nasty bitch, your nasty bitch! Hmao…make me more than your student…ngh…Professor. Ah! Make me your slut!” Hazel returned the dirty talk.

After a few thrusts, Kenneth decided to change positions. “Hazel, let’s do this on top of the desk,” he told her.

“Only if…hmm…you stop calling me…Hazel…and continue calling me…ugh…your slut,” Hazel set the condition.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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