Sailing Sex

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Fury tied off a rigging and glanced back to the tiller, smiling to Karli as she steered them along the coast. The view was stunning, wearing only a thin strip of fabric to cover her perfect breasts and a sarong wrapped around her waist, her hair blowing gently in the breeze as she looked off onto the horizon..absolutely epic.

He bundled up a bit of rope laying nearby then moved back towards her, bunching his own sarong up as he stepped over and around equipment on the deck. Taking up a seat near the stern and slightly behind her, he leaned his back against the railing and admired the view, letting his eyes drink in every ounce of her beauty. Everything she did was sexy, the way she stood, the way her clothes adhered to the sweat on her skin and the way she would toss her hair over her shoulder once in a while as the wind tussled it.

“Fine day for sailing,” he said absently, trying to keep his mind occupied with something other than mentally undressing her.

“Is that what you’re doing back there?” Karli glanced over her shoulder and smiled as she asked. “I thought for sure were waiting for the right wind to peak under my skirt….” Not that it left much to the imagination, being nearly see through, and each gust of the wind plastering it against her and revealing the shape beneath. She could feel his eyes on her, sending a warm tingle up her spine as she made minute adjustments with the tiller. Sailing here was easy in the deep open waters of his family’s settlement, so her attention was easily swayed to the shirtless demigod lounging behind her.

He smiled at her backside, letting his gaze or more to the point lustful leer, travel from her perfectly shaped ass up the small muscular groove on her spine. He studied her profile for a moment, her cheek bones, jaw and full lips..after a moment, he could feel his pulse quicken as he began fantasizing about (or was it remembering) having her in his bed.

Pushing himself off the bench, he stepped up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders as delicately as he could then slowly raked his fingers down her back just lightly enough for her to feel it. His hands stopped at her hips and tightened their grip as he pressed his body against hers and leaned down, kissing her shoulder softly.

He closed his eyes as his lips met her flesh, memorizing her taste and then moving up higher on her shoulder where her neck began, he kissed her again and inhaled gently, drawing in her scent and sending a shiver down his spine.

She closed her eyes as well, holding the tiller loosely in one hand as she tilted her head and neck to one side and used the other hand to pull her loose hair away and expose skin for him. She smiled as she lavished in his attentions, and leaned some of her weight back towards him, knowing his strong hands would not allow her to fall.

He smiled into her neck as she moved her hair for him and gave him permission to worship her temple. Feeling her lean back slightly, he continued kissing her neck and shoulders as he held their bodies together while they swayed with the light rocking of the boat.

Within a matter of moments, as always happened in her proximity, her scent and the feel of her skin on his lips and hands began to arouse him. Leaning towards the tillers base, he tapped a button and activated the auto pilot then stepped backwards towards the bench he had been sitting on.

Taking Karli by the wrist he pulled her around to face him as he backed up to the seat, then smiled to her as he sat and pulled her to him. He released her wrist as she stopped in front of the bench and reached down to her ankles with both hands. His fingers slid under her sarong and around her calves while his thumbs caught the sarong and held it to his hand as he raised it slowly. He marveled at her legs as the sarong traveled up their length, then stopping just above her knees he looked up to her and pulled on her legs, urging her to straddle him.

She obliged willingly, but at a deliberately slow pace. She stepped closer to him on the decking, her feet bare, as he applied gentle pressure to the backs of her thighs and she let her hands fall to his arms. Moving one hand upwards, she traced the well tattoo’d muscles of his arms until it came to rest on the bulge of his shoulder. Using that point for balance, Karli shifted one leg to either side of his until she had enough room to settle herself into his lap, her knees against the bench.

He watched her body, admiring her beauty and grace as he looked up to her eyes and felt himself grow even more aroused as he met her gaze..looking into her eyes was like seeing a sunrise for the first time.

Wrapping both arms around his neck, she leaned in to press her lips against his in a kiss whose intent was obviously to excite him with it’s form and tease him with it’s length. Her lips pressed and her tongue investigated his lips for several moments before she pulled away, smiling even before she could part contact, and growing more mischievous as she looked up into his eyes. “That’s what I thought you bahçelievler escort were thinking…”

He closed his eyes returned the kiss as gently as he could, using what self control he commanded in her presence to keep from devouring her lips. His lips responded to her tongue and he opened his mouth to return the kiss, letting his tongue roll over hers as he tilted his head slightly.

The kiss was so sensual that as she pulled away, he hesitated to move. He sucked in his lower lip slightly and held it in his teeth for a moment before opening his eyes and looking to her. Her mischievous grin brought one from him in return but he didn’t reply, instead letting his gaze drift down her form as his hands slid up her upper legs to her hips, then up to her stomach and finally came to rest on her breasts. He looked back up to her eyes as he softly squeezed her breasts, watching her response.

Karli’s gaze never left his face, and she licked her lips lightly as he massaged her breasts. Her nipples started to get hard through the thin piece of fabric. She waited as long as she could, staring him down with a slightly smirk on her face until she could no longer resist the jauntily lustfull tilt of his chin and she leaned in close again to kiss him, the fire inside her rising.

Fury returned the kiss slowly, sharing her affections and letting the light kiss evolve into a passionate one as his hands slid from her breasts to her hips. He bunched her sarong up and slid his hands under it, shoving it up with his wrists as his hands glided up her thighs and gripped her now bare hips. A barely audible moan escaped his throat and his grip grew firmer as he could feel her heat through his sarong.

Karli shifted further forward on his lap, pressing against him excitedly. She moved her lips to his chin and then kissed her way up the strong line of his jaw until she could nibble playfully on his ear. With one hand she first loosened the knot that tied her sarong around her hips, letting it collapse onto Martin’s forearms, then reached behind her to pull at the one tied around her chest. When it didn’t release after a few seconds, Cain simply gave the entire thing a downward yank, letting it hang loosely around her waist and fully exposing her breasts, which brushed lightly against his chest.

He closed his eyes and inhaled sharply as she nibbled at his ear, kissing her on her shoulder as it was the only part of her that his lips could reach, he bit playfully at her flesh and sucked on it. His hands slid to her backside and felt out the knot in her sarong and then deftly untied it before pulling it off of her completely.

Feeling her nipples brush his chest made him swell with even more desire and using the side of his head to push her chin up, he kissed up onto her shoulder then neck. His arms wrapped around her waist and held her tightly as he kissed down to her chest and then tilting his head slightly, he kissed down further. He leaned forward, slightly arching her back across his arms and exposing her chest more before his lips found there way to a nipple and softly kissed it before rolling his tongue around it.

He gently grazed his teeth across the hard nipple before sucking on it for a moment. Then pulling his head back slightly, he released it with a sucking sound and began kissing across to its twin, pausing midway across to lick his tongue slowly up the valley separating them. Her scent, the taste of her sweat and flesh almost made his head spin with desire and continuing the trail of kisses across to the next nipple, he was unconsciously tensing up. He gave the other nipple the same loving treatment as the first, perhaps sucking on it a little harder than the other as his desire for her was driving him into a frenzy.

She leaned slightly away from him and turned her chest upwards, feeling herself protected from gravity’s grasp by his strong arms as her nipples become rock hard from his attentions. The combination of power and gentleness in his every touch, knowing he could over power her and take her at any moment and yet restrained himself for her pleasure, was the most erotic feeling she’d ever experienced. So she teased him…dared him to let go his control…pushed him to the limits of his restraint by arching her body in the most alluring way, kissing him and lightly stroking his muscles in a way meant to incite his passion.

The feel of her arching back, her fingers lightly stroking his shoulders and her rock hard nipple in his mouth made him ache to be inside her. He reached under one of her thighs and grabbed his own sarong as his other arm lifted her effortlessly up a little. He kissed across back to her other nipple and sucked on it harder as his lips worked around it while he pulled his sarong up over his ever hardening member.

Once it was uncovered, the arm around her waist pulled her down slightly so the head of his cock softly touched her pussy while his other hand went to her other breast and squeezed it firmly, his thumb and forefinger lightly balgat escort pinching its nipple.

The light pressing of his penis head against the beginnings of her wetness made her heart beat faster. She braced her knees against the bench and rocked her hips forward and backwards, rubbing her pussy against his length and spreading the juices that were beginning to seep out. She moaned softly at the combination of stimuli on her nipples and her clit. With half lidded eyes, she ran her hands from his shoulders, across his upper back, and into his hair, which mirrored the color of the setting sun off on the horizon…though she was far too involved in what they were doing to notice.

He moaned as he felt her rubbing herself on him, his cock growing even harder as he felt her getting wetter and as he felt the slickness spreading all across her lips and his head, he tilted his hips up slightly just enough to let the head of it penetrate her lips and then withdrew. His hand slid from around her waist up her side and joined his other hand, now with both breasts in his hands, he leaned back. He looked up into her eyes, his smile had left and left in its place an expression of seriousness while his eyes reflected the lust within.

He squeezed her breasts, now using them to hold her on his lap as she rocked back and forth. Once again he tilted his hips and pushed the head of his cock past her lips, then holding her breasts firmly he pulled down on them, making her slowly lower herself on his length.

She let a whimper escape. Her hands clenched at his hair and the muscles of her stomach flexed as she strained to push her pelvis down further, faster. His firm grip, and the thickness of his cock, kept her from taking all of him inside her at once impatient though she was. Now he was teasing her. Her panting, slit-eyed gaze begged him give it all to her, even as her pussy clenched tightly around what it had already been given.

Feeling her striving to push down and take him deeper and hearing her panting almost drove him over the edge. When he looked up to her and saw her eyes, thin slits of determination and desire, he shivered with anticipation…but he held her firmly, only allowing her take him in as far as he decided.

He pushed on her breasts, raising her up off of him sightly before pulling down on them and lowering her slowly. He let her take him in further than before but not his entire length, he was controlling their pace, controlling her. Once again he pushed up on her breasts and raised her slightly then brought her down, driving in deeper, watching her response.

Each time he drove in deeper, her breathe caught momentarily and her lips parted wider. She slid her hands down his arms until they were underneath his elbows and tried pushing upwards, but his grip was solid. When that failed, she instead started grinding her hips into him in a circular motion, feeling his cock press against her on all sides of her pussy.

His mouth opened slightly as he inhaled deeply at the feel of her grinding on him, rubbing his cock around inside her. Feeling her pull up on his arms, he looked the length of her body down to her hips and watched her gyrations for a moment before closing his eyes and drinking in the sensations. She was so tight and wet, everything about her excited him, her smell, the feel of her body and the sound of her panting.

After a moment of her grinding, he opened his eyes and looked up to her as he slowly released her breasts, sliding his hands down to her hips and resting them there, he let her do what she would, momentarily giving up control to her.

When he let her go, her eyes opened wide and her lips pursed. She reached behind him and grabbed the boat railing with both hands. With her knees well braced on the bench, she slowly lifted her hips up, and then settled them down on his penis as far as they could go. She paused there a moment, enjoying the sensation of having him entirely inside her, then she began a rhythmic lifting and settling, her ass rising away and then falling against his thighs.

He leaned forward slightly, sliding his hands around behind her and down onto her ass, then palmed each cheek before he leaned back and in doing so pulled each one up and out slightly, opening her pussy up wider to him.

His gaze once again traveled her length, going from her toned thighs, to her slender mid rift, then to her perfect breasts as they bounced rhythmically. He closed his eyes as he let his mind drift over the sensations, her smooth skin under his hands and the feeling of her rising and falling, her wetness now soaking him and the heat from her pussy. Each sensation combined and increased the fire of his lust, he growled softly as he felt himself getting even harder.

She was enjoying herself, the feeling of him inside her making her wetter by the minute, but she thought she might be able to fuck faster if she had more solid purchase beneath her. Pausing her up and down motions she leaned back until she could swing her legs over the ankara escort bench. With his feet planted on one side of it, and hers on the other, she settled even further down onto his cock than before, and started pumping her ass up and down once again, this time increasing her speed.

He released her ass as she moved her legs, watching her as she rearranged her position then leaned back slightly as she started pumping again. She was taking in his full length and he could feel her angling her strokes to hit the spot deep in her pussy that mingled the sensations of near pain and near ecstasy.

Though he knew she was enjoying herself and he could be content to let her ride him until they were both spent, he wasn’t going to let their urgency take away from their time together. His left hand went to her hip and grabbed her roughly as his right hand carefully slid up her chest and rested on her throat. There wasn’t enough pressure on her throat to cause her to panic and his fingers rested softly on each side of her neck as he pushed down with both hands, slowing her speed.

He continued to hold her by the throat and hip until she had almost stopped and then he began directing her motion, pushing into her until he felt the head of his cock touch the spot she had been angling for. Buried deeply inside her, he pulled and pushed on her hip, forcing her to grind back and forth instead of pound up and down as the hand on her throat held her in place..he knew it might bring her a little more pain than pleasure but he wanted to be inside her all the way and stay there.

She cried out softly as he pushed the head of his cock to the limits of her pussy. The grinding motion of her hips, enforced by Martin and only assisted by her, was rubbing Karli’s clit against the muscle and bone above the base of his penis. The combination of slightly uncomfortable pain and controlled pleasure made her gasp and moan, and her hands left the railing to dig across the back of his neck and shoulders, her nails leaving red marks behind them.

He smiled softly as she cried out then winced with pleasure as her nails dug into him, a true indication that he was taking her where she needed to be. He tilted his hips up, digging into her deeper as the hand on her hip kept directing her motion, forcing her to hurt her pussy. He looked up to her, watching her expressions for a moment, then realizing that her breasts weren’t bouncing wildly, he squeezed her throat a little tighter and leaned forward. He sucked her nipple into his mouth and rolled his tongue around it roughly, letting his teeth carefully graze its hard surface.

Despite the pain of taking him so deep, which was fading as his girth caused her pussy to loosen slightly for him, she was moving ever closer to orgasm. Her back arched and she thrust her chest out towards him, her nipples hard as diamonds. If not for his hold on her throat, she might have leaned further backwards and lost her seating. Thankfully she didn’t, and instead starting grinding harder against him.

Feeling her grind harder against him and then sensing the tell tale signs that she was nearing orgasm, he released her nipple from his lips with a popping sound and leaned back. Sliding his hands from her hip and throat, he reached up to his shoulders and grabbed her wrists roughly then pulled her arms down straight to her sides, using them to hold her down on him. He matched the motion of her hips with his own, his cock sliding around inside of her, trying to fill her completely.

Her arms tensed and struggled against his hold as her hands curled into fists, fighting to grab hold of him even as the added forced brought her to the brink of orgasm. Her eyes close and she threw her head back and yelled in ecstasy as it finally came, rolling through her in time with the grinding motion of their hips and even with the rocking motion of the boat on the waves.

Fury frowned in concentration as he felt her cum for him, her pussy tightening then relaxing, her wetness flowing over him and her body going rigid all drove him closer to the edge.

He looked up to her one last time, her head tossed back baring her throat to him, her open mouth, her arms struggling against his grip..he clenched his eyes shut as his breathing became labored and he swelled inside of her.

His hands released her wrists one at a time and he leaned forward, wrapping his arms around the small of her back and holding her tightly. His chest pushed against hers, bending her backwards slightly over his arms as he moaned loudly and a moment later his orgasm exploded inside her.

He held her tightly to him as his cock pumped her full, holding his breath as he reveled in the sensations. He pressed the side of his head to her breasts as he gasped a breath of air and then sat motionless, feeling her body pressed to his and their combined juices running out of her, dripping off of his balls onto the deck.

She continued to groan noisily as he came inside her, tapering off as her breathing slowed and her body went limp, totally spent from the work of love making. She flung her arms loosely around his neck to keep from falling backwards and she tucked her chin down to nuzzle her cheek against the top of his head. She said nothing, only reveled in the ‘after sex’ feeling of fulfillment and a more subdued form of pleasure.

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