Road Trip Ch. 12

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Margarite comes to stay and the girls sort things out



Author’s notes:

1. This is a work of fiction. The activities and practices described in this story are not necessarily either condoned or recommended. If you choose to do anything described in real life with real people you do so at your own risk.

2. All characters are fictional and any likeness to any living person is purely coincidental. The story is purely imaginary and, to the author’s knowledge, bears no relationship to any factual occurrence.

3. For those who haven’t yet read the previous chapters, I suggest you read them to provide context before continuing with this chapter. I am open to suggestions about where you would like this story to go, if you wish to comment. Thanks.


I lay in bed, facing the wall, feeling Margarite’s body moving against my back as she and Hank made love together. It seemed an age since I’d been in Margarite’s position. Memories ran through my head; the good ones where Hank and I loved each other, endlessly, morning, noon and night, as we worked together in our businesses, escorting and teaching, helping others achieve the joy we experienced. It seemed so long ago. Mentally, I counted; it was only three weeks, and then Margarite had arrived.

I remembered her at the door, face stained with tears, thin blanket wrapped around her shoulders to protect her from the bitter cold. We invited her in immediately and she sat by the heater, trying to warm her frozen bones as she told what had happened. All her investments were gone, she said, stolen by a ruthless broker, who’d forged her signature as a guarantor before he fled the country. She had what she stood up in; the rest, her house, car, clothes, jewellery, everything had been taken by the bank to repay some of the money her broker had embezzled.

Of course we invited her to stay; that was only charitable to such a close friend. For the first week all was well, we had fun together, sleeping in one bed, taking turns at making love with Hank, making love with each other when we’d drained him or when he had clients. Then slowly, slowly she took over, sleeping between Hank and me instead of on the other side of Hank, making love to him more frequently, keeping him busy so he had no time for me. Slowly and systematically she stole him from me, and he didn’t even realize that she was taking him over, taking him away from his fiancée. I felt gutted; completely rejected by the one I loved. Fortunately, I guess, I was kept busy with escort work, and fortunately that provided part of the sexual satisfaction I craved; but not the closeness, not the love that I shared with Hank.

I felt a tear trickle down my cheek and soak into the pillow. The man I loved, the man I was to marry in a few months, my fiancé, was seemingly lost to me. Taken by this vixen who, even as I thought these thoughts, was shuddering in orgasm behind me as my fiancé made love to her. It was not fair. Soundless tears flowed for real now, tracing wet lines across my face. What was I to do? How could I send her away and retrieve my lover, my life?

After a while of feeling sorry for myself, during which time I heard Hank’s release as he squirted his cum, my cum, into Margarite, I got out of my dark space. If I was going to get through this, and I was, I needed to take matters into my own hands. It was pointless trying to change others. The only person I could change was me. So, how should I do that? What could I do?

The Crucible! I was a member, which meant I could attend members’ nights, with or without an escort. Just because Margarite entertained Hank in bed here didn’t mean I couldn’t do the same with another guy elsewhere, and The Crucible was full of guys just waiting for me to let them love me. Well, that was the scenario my mind constructed anyway. And sex with anyone was better than no sex at all, wasn’t it? I mentally reviewed my timetable. This Friday I was booked, but Saturday was free – so far anyway. Saturday night was Crucible night.

I began running through possibilities in my mind, envisaging well-endowed studs vying for my attention, waiting in line to get their rocks off inside me, challenging one another to see who would take me home. I gently stroked my clit, inserting one, then two, fingers inside me, feeling my arousal, gently bringing myself to a small but satisfying orgasm which allowed me to drift into a deeper sleep than I’d had for several days.

I spent the next day responding to emails about my part of the escort business, answering queries on my free ‘Ask Celeste’ Q I responded that it was just a woman thing and he probably wouldn’t understand, so he dropped the subject. Yeah, a woman thing; wanting to be loved and cherished by the man she was to marry! Huh, I thought, what’s happened to your loving sensitivity?

That night, Thursday, I again lay in bed, remote from Hank in both physical sincan escort and mental distance, listening and feeling him make love with Margarite as I ran through in my mind various scenarios for Saturday night. Would I be available for BDSM activities or just for sex, I wondered? Did I want to be punished; did I deserve to be punished for allowing Hank and Margarite to ride roughshod over me? Maybe I did. Mentally I imagined being caned or my pussy being entered by huge dildos, my clit tortured by massive vibrators for hours on end as I came and came and came, endlessly. I drifted off to sleep with these visions in my head.

Friday, I slept late, preparing myself for that evening. I sorted clothing for the date, had my hair done professionally, and mentally prepared myself for whatever the evening would bring. Margarite and Hank kept their distance, noticing a change in my attitude, a lack of the neediness I’d had a few days ago. I was collected by a cab at 7pm and met Errol, a well-dressed, personable businessman, who jumped out and ushered me into the back seat, then sat beside me. He seemed well-groomed, well-spoken and reeked of sexuality. It would be a great night, I decided.

Dinner was fabulous; the best meal I’d eaten for months, then we began dancing. Errol seemed to be an expert and was very fit. My own dancing had improved greatly this year but even so I had difficulty keeping up. However, Errol was very gracious, guided me in dances which I had not previously encountered, and I enjoyed the feeling of being held securely in his arms. He was a good conversationalist and was only a little hesitant when I asked if he had a partner in London, which was his home.

“Well, actually, to tell you the absolute truth, I’m married with three children. But before you judge me, we’re in an open marriage. Both my wife and I are frequently away on business trips, she manages a large import-export business, so we both travel a great deal. We have a nanny for the children, so they’re well looked after. So, we decided long ago that when we’re together, we’re a couple and nothing or nobody will come between us. But when we’re apart we’re free agents to entertain or be entertained by others as we see fit. The only conditions are the we don’t bring home any STDs, or bring or leave behind any potential babies.”

“That sounds like a very wise decision,” I replied, grateful for his honesty. “So, are you into fluid bonding or do we use a condom?”

“I hate condoms,” he replied, “So long as you’ve been tested as clean and are using contraception, I’m happy to dispense with condoms so long as you’re agreeable.”

I hugged him tighter, looking forward to the bulge I felt in his trousers satisfying the itch between my big toes.

“How about after this dance you go to the ladies and when you return you give me your panties,” he said with a grin.

I smiled back at him. “Sure, but I’ll do a trade, If you want my panties, I want to spend the whole night with you, not just a quickie. No extra cost. Deal?”

He held me at arm’s length, looking into my eyes to see if there was some catch to this proposition, then agreed. “Deal,” he replied.

The dance ended and I went to the ladies, removed my panties, slapped a little perfume around my crotch, walked back to our seats and surreptitiously handed him my panties. He stuffed them in his pocket, but not quite fast enough. The guy sitting next to him leant over towards us.

“Looks like you’re in for a great night,” he said to me, “Errol here has a reputation, so no sleep for you tonight, darlin’.”

I noticed he was on his own so I grinned at Errol as I replied. “Well, if you ask Errol nicely, he might even share. I’m willing if he is.”

Errol’s mouth dropped open and he looked quickly at me, then turned to the other guy and nodded.

“So, I guess that’s settled then,” I said, grinning at them both, then I looked at the other guy. “I’m Celeste,” I introduced myself.

“Hi Celeste, I’m Terry,” he replied, “Can I have this dance please.”

I looked at Errol and he nodded, so I took Terry’s hand and we joined the group of dancers on the floor. He was a good dancer, but not as sure or supportive as Errol. However, he held me tightly against him and I felt his considerable bulge against my nearly naked pussy. It should be a great night, I thought.

It was nearly 1am when we decided it was time to move to other things. For the previous hour I’d been sitting between Terry and Errol, each of them taking it in turns to reach under my dress and stroke my now sopping pussy. We took a waiting cab and I sat in the middle of the back seat with Errol and Terry on each side of me. As we traveled the short distance to their hotel, they lowered the top of my dress and removed my bra, then each caressed one of my breasts, stimulating my nipples until I was writhing in my seat from sexual frustration. I badly needed to cum.

I rearranged my dress, leaving ankara escort my bra off because my bra had joined my panties in Errol’s pocket, then we entered the hotel and sped to the top floor in the elevator. During the brief journey, both men gave me a sensuous kiss. The doors opened and we stepped into what was obviously the penthouse suite, which Errol told me was his accommodation.

“My room’s a few floors down,” explained Terry, “But this one has the views and the price.”

It was a beautifully fine night with a near full moon, so Errol opened the doors onto the patio from which we could see over the city. It felt like we were hovering in space, the feeling was amazing. It also felt like the whole city was watching me. Terry stood alongside me as we leant against the rail and I felt Errol behind me, unzipping my dress. Without my bra and panties on, I only had my corset with suspenders and stockings, so a shudder went through me as I felt really daring standing in front of all of Washington in these sexy and revealing garments.

Errol guided my dress downwards and I stepped out, noticing that he kept if from dragging on the patio and carefully placed it over a chair inside. Then Errol and Terry stood each side of me, their eyes alternating between the moonlit view and my moonlit body.

“Shall we strip her completely here?” asked Terry.

I turned in time to see Errol’s grin. “Sure, let’s do it.”

I guided Terry to unfasten the busks down the front while Errol knelt down and disconnected my stockings from the suspenders. He rolled them down my legs and I lifted each foot in turn as he removed my shoes and stockings while Terry unwrapped me from my corset. I took a deep breath of cold night air to fill my lungs, free of its compression. I was now standing naked above the capital city of the US, available to be seen by everyone who happened to look in my direction. One part of me said that it was highly unlikely that I’d be seen at this height, in this light and at this time of night, but the possibility sent a sexy thrill through my body.

Each man cuddled in against one of my sides, one arm wrapped around me to cup my breast, the other hand stroking my dripping pussy. God, I felt hot for sex.

“Please take me inside and fuck me,” I begged as a shiver passed through me from the cold, or maybe the anticipation.

They needed no second invitation and, taking an arm each, led me back into the warmth inside and closed the door, drawing the curtains. Once they released me, I lay on the huge bed, legs wide apart, slowly stroking myself and spreading the fluids around while watching them undress. They were both in good physical condition with moderate sized, meaty cocks at half-mast. I trembled slightly in anticipation.

“Toss you for first go,” said Errol.

He took a coin, Terry called and won. He grinned at me and crawled onto the bed between my legs, putting his mouth over my pussy mound. I felt his tongue licking my clit and entering my entrance, causing me to sigh with pleasure as I pulled his head harder into me. Errol, meanwhile, crawled over to me and began kissing my lips as he massaged my tits with his hands, then, moving his mouth to my nipples, he licked and sucked them while his hands caressed my stomach. The combination of their stimulation was amazing and I simply closed my eyes and let the sensations pour through my sex-starved body. It only took a few seconds, it seemed, before I experienced my first orgasm, the result of the previous few hours of teasing arousal.

Once my writhing and shuddering had ceased and I lay quietly on the bed once more, Terry moved upwards above my body, kissing my breasts as he passed, then kissing my lips as the head of his cock teased my wet entrance. Then he thrust his tongue inside my mouth and pushed his hips forward as his cock entered me and slid effortlessly to its full depth. Terry relaxed on top of me, his arms allowing me to breathe as his pubic bone pressed my clit deliciously. I moved my pussy slightly back, rotating my hips, stimulating my clit against his hard body.

After what seemed like forever, Terry began withdrawing completely and re-entering me, fucking me slowly as I felt the full length of his cock pass between my lips twice with each stroke. Errol moved around until he sat above my head then he cupped my mounds with his hands and began squeezing my hard nipples, just the way I love it. I increased my hip movements, causing Terry to move faster in unison and not withdraw completely. I loved the feel of him squeezing my clit with each thrust and we both became more aroused and moved more vigorously until he thrust deeply inside and held still, his back arched, a moan escaping his lips as he spurted his hot cum deep inside me. That feeling drove me to completion. I moved my hips a couple of times, stimulating my clit the final amount needed, and then with a short scream I came hard on his cock, my body writhing and etimegut escort shuddering as waves of ecstasy washed through me.

Terry lay over me, kissing me as we both came down from our climaxes, then Errol knelt beside me and told Terry that his time was up. At that stage I was quite satisfied and could easily have gone to sleep, but that obviously wasn’t going to happen. Terry’s shrinking cock slipped out easily as he rolled off me, then before I had time to collect my thoughts, it was replaced by Errol’s rigid cock sliding into my sloppy cunt until I felt him pressing against the end; a bit longer than Terry, I thought. He began fucking slowly and it took only a few strokes before I was once again hungry for more. Terry took his place over my head and I felt his wet cock on my forehead as he caressed and kneaded my tits, squeezing my nipples, sending shooting, painful arousal straight to my pussy, which Errol was busy fucking hard and fast.

I felt my clit being compressed with each stroke, then dragging along Errol’s cock, out then in, to be compressed once again. The sensations from this were unbelievable and, when combined with Terry’s breast stimulation, pushed me to another screaming release within a very few minutes. As I thrashed about on the bed beneath Errol, I remember wondering whether the rooms were soundproofed. Errol rode out my orgasm, slowing down to stretch it out for me, then once the sensations eased he resumed his more rapid pace. Once again this pushed me towards yet another orgasm. As I felt the orgasmic sensations washing through me, I felt Errol stop when he was fully implanted in my cunt, and then he grunted as my contractions around his cock caused him to release his pent-up sperm against the end of my passage. The feeling of his hot fluids intensified my release and I heard myself shriek again before I was lost in waves of ecstasy.

I regained my awareness of what was happening after a short time and found Errol and Terry kneeling on either side of me, gazing down at my sweating, cum-covered body. I grinned at them and they bent forward, kissing my lips and nipples as we relaxed in the afterglow of lovemaking. Errol left and returned with a wet cloth and a towel, with which we wiped ourselves down, then he and Terry lay each side of me, pulled up the sheet, turned off the lights and we snuggled down to drift into an exhausted sleep.

The following morning, I awoke and jumped out of bed, needing the bathroom urgently. After I’d finished, I washed my face, then returned to the bedroom to find Terry and Errol both awake.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” greeted Errol, “I hope you slept well and enjoyed last night.”

“Yes, it was wonderful, and much needed, thank you,” I replied, kissing both men. “You got anything planned for this morning?”

“Well, I’m a great believer in sex al fresco, aren’t you, Terry?”

“Yes, always better outside; the cool air on the skin is very stimulating. You got an idea you want to tell us?”

“Well, last night we saw the city from the balcony in the dark. I’m sure the view would be better in daylight. You up for that, Celeste?”

“Sure, why not?” I replied, wondering if we could be arrested for having sex on a private balcony even though it was visible from the street. No worse than on a public beach, I thought.

Errol threw open the doors to the patio and stepped outside, then stuck his head back inside.

“It’s chilly out here. Won’t want to hang around without some vigorous exercise,” he chuckled.

Terry and I joined him on the patio and stood against the balustrade, taking in the view. The balustrade consisted of a round pipe along the top with clear, thick and undoubtedly toughened glass below. The glass, I noticed, was totally transparent. Anyone looking across the road from the windows of the buildings opposite couldn’t help but see everything.

“Mmm, yes, it’s chilly alright,” agreed Terry, “We’ll have to be quick. Celeste, arms on the pipe, bend forward, feet wide apart and arch your back so your ass sticks up.”

I took the requested pose, feeling my pussy flooding with arousal at the thought of being fucked in this position in clear sight of a building full of people. I imagined them standing behind their windows watching the spectacle, but I couldn’t see anyone actually watching at this time. I thought that what was outside the window in the top floors of a tall building didn’t change much so wasn’t worth looking at, usually. I felt Errol stand behind me and grip my hips, the head of his hard rod sliding though my trench, spreading my juices. I wanted this; no, I needed this, I decided and pushed back against him encouragingly. He took the hint and thrust forwards at the same time as he pulled my hips back, resulting in his cock penetrating me fully, the end reaching the end of my tunnel. He began thrusting and withdrawing while Terry reached over my back and around my front to play with my hanging breasts and nipples. After a few minutes I felt myself becoming fully aroused, but I wanted my clit stimulated. In this position, it was self-help, so I reached down and began stroking my clit. Then I heard a loud whistle from below.

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