Road Rage

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You never know!

I live away from town. I moved out here to get away from traffic and freeway Bonsai’s (Kamikaze’s on wheels). Some developer had bought a few acres and made a Mobile home park and it’s quite nice. I live among about thirty to fifty other mobile homes. Mine is a two-bedroom paid for and all mine. The home park is only accessible from one road and we call it a highway and the park is about midway along it. The highway enters a freeway at each end and is about fifteen miles long but runs away from both freeways generally. I like it because except park visitors on weekends coming to see someone living here, I pass almost no one on it.

There’s a tavern with floorshow about a mile after you exit the freeway. It has a large parking lot and caters to freeway traffic of the County Western type folk on weekends. I’ve been there and it’s pretty lively Friday and Saturday nights. It’s mostly beer and dancing with some great small western bands and a few names every month. It even has sawdust and peanut shells on the floor. If you like quick western food there’s an attached small restaurant mostly for families.

This particular afternoon I was on my way home along the highway taking my time and not paying attention to much when all of a sudden I heard brakes screech behind me and then a horn. I was about midway between the park and the tavern and only a couple of dead-end side streets cross the highway and only one that had a stop sign. The stop sign is a mystery since no one ever crosses the road. As I looked into the mirror I noticed a small sports car come ripping by on my right doing probably seventy. I noticed the gal driving with the window half down and she was screaming obscenities at me. I made out a few of them but couldn’t hear them.

As she whipped in front of me she reached out the window and flipped me the bird. Well I hate and am not into road rage, but this wasn’t right because there might have been a family car along here. I floored the accelerator and the BMW had no trouble catching up. Her car was no match for mine on nearly any road. I honked and motioned her to pull over and got the bird again. I passed on the right, too and as I pulled in front of her I started slowing down without letting her pass me again.

As I came up to that one stop sign I braked and glanced in the mirror. She was screaming as she threw the door open and came running toward my car. I opened the door and as I started to step out she was on me. She was hitting and kicking and I think actually trying to hurt me. She was much smaller than I am, very much smaller. I pushed her away and tried to shield my face in case she decided to start scratching.

I must have caught her off balance because she flew back and landed on her ass in the road. I hurried to help her when she came out of a kneeling position and right at me again. I tried talking and tried blocking but she’d lost it. I did the only thing I could do. I wrapped my arms around her and spun her facing away from me. My arms pinned hers to her side and as she tried to scrape my shin or kick me, I just spread my legs wide where she couldn’t reach me.

She was almost violent it seemed and I squeezed her tighter to where she couldn’t move. My arms were around her and she was wearing a mini with a western shirt and boots. I could smell the alcohol. She must have come from the tavern. She leaned her face forward and tried to bite my arm and I lowered my arms across her breasts. My hands were open and ready to grab her again. The way my arms had crossed I felt her breasts beneath them and her nipples bare beneath the shirt were hard.

She screamed and then I pinched hard. Her nipples would be bruised but I thought the sudden pain might slow her down. I’ll never actually know why I pinched her nipples instead of bending her arm or something equally painful but I did. For a moment she was more violent and then almost immediately her ferocity began to dwindle and I heard her moan. I held for a moment and then started to release her when she moaned again and pulled my hand back to her nipple.

I’d had a lady friend once that was into minimum pain and bondage and instantly I was reminded of her. I wondered and slowly reapplied the pinch to her nipples and she moaned again and was absolutely still while I held them. In a moment I heard her breathing slow and then she became almost languorous. I pinched just a tiny bit harder and she moaned and I could tell that it was pleasure for her.

Her eyes were closed and her lips held a slight smile, but I couldn’t stand here all day like this and so I released her.

For a moment she was quiet, very still and breathing softly. And then she came out of it and started trying to hit and kick me again. This time I circled her wrists in one hand and removed my belt with the other. I wrapped her wrists until the belt was short enough to buckle.

She studied what I was doing and what I had done and then quietly I heard her ask me “Fuck me? Please?”

I heard myself remind her that she’d been drinking and wouldn’t like herself in the morning. escort sincan She insisted and her voice became more demanding.

I heard her again “That damned bartender! I told him I can only handle two small glasses of wine to settle me after a nerve-shattering work week. What does he do? He tells me that he’s got a drink that I’d adore. He’d made it up himself and he wouldn’t charge me. I tasted it and then drank some and he came back with another. I told him! He kept telling me that he needed an opinion. Was it any good? I said yes and he still wanted me to taste it again. Finally I knew that he wanted to fuck me. He wanted to get me drunk and fuck me and I wasn’t going to. I took my stuff and left. By the time I was at the car I was mad! I don’t know why but I was really furious and when I saw your car in front of me weaving all over the road, I lost it.”

“Wait!” I said. I wasn’t weaving you were!”

“Oh!” she said and seemed to be trying to think. Then she said that it didn’t matter because now a guy had found her that knew how to handle a woman and she needed a lot of handling.

I smiled back and nodded agreement. Again she asked me… pleading. I told her that I couldn’t and I was going to untie her and then follow her home.

She looked at me and smiled and said that if I untied her she be kicking and scratching again and the only way to stop her would be to tie her again or fuck her.

I wondered how I get into these things, but I also wondered what she’d be like.

She watched and then attempted again to kick me and asked “What does a girl have to do to get fucked around here?”

I asked “You want me to fuck you right here? Or are you talking about going someplace?”

Her eyes lit up and she said “Right here! Right now!”

I took her arm and led her around to the passenger’s side of my car and opened the door.

She looked back at me and screamed “What? I don’t want to go somewhere! I’m not going to let you drive me somewhere! I need to be fucked right now. Right here!”

Now I was getting a little tired of being hollered at and I turned her toward the car and pushed her down onto the seat. As she tried to get back up I was behind her lifting that tiny skirt. I saw the most beautiful pair of cheeks, the perfect woman’s ass barely covered by blue lace. I asked “Are you sure that you want this?” And she moved back against me and rubbed my pants with her ass and I knew she could feel my arousal.

Suddenly she screamed “Hell yes! Now do it!”

I grabbed a handful of panty and yanked it to her knees and watched that beautiful ass. My hard-on suddenly screamed for release. My belt was gone and my pants were easily lowered without even unbuttoning or unzipping. I had my hand on the back of her ass and my other hand was choking my cock. She felt so hot and so nice. I reached under and was amazed at how wet she already was. I lubricated my hand and then brought it back to circle and lubricate my cock while she was demanding me to get started.

She struck out with a foot and hit my shin then. It hurt and I lost it. I used one hand to spread her cheeks and positioned my head with the other. I slid quickly along that lubricated canal and was inside and shoving hard. I mean I don’t ever remember entering a woman that quickly or that hard ever before.

She winced and then moaned and said something like “G _ _! That feels good! More! Give it to me! Harder! Deep again, all the way! I can feel you stretch my pussy wide and… Oh! So deep!”

I did! I drove hard and deep as often and deep as I’d ever fucked a woman. Her pussy was hot around me, blazing hot, tight and urgent, and she moaned and begged. I used one hand to slap her cheek hard and then harder. She stopped talking and only moaned and purred like a kitten and thrust her ass at me and wiggled it. I grabbed her hips and pulled her off the seat to me just as I drove with everything I had and began the most satisfying climax of my life. She excited me so much that all I wanted was to fuck her and fill her as torrent after torrent of cum spilled out and into her. That was my longest climax too, and I have no idea how many times my cock erupted, but it was far more than it ever had before.

I held it deep and unmoving for what seemed like many minutes, and then I felt her move slightly and my flaccidness came loose and she was forward flat on the car seat as I settled back against the car. My knees were shaking and so was my world. What had I done? What if she claimed that I raped her? I had just experienced the fuck of a lifetime with an inebriated woman that probably would remember nothing about it tomorrow.

I heard her roll over on her back and heard her call me. I looked in and she was holding her wrists out and asking me to take the belt off.

“Sure” I said, and then she was asking my name. I didn’t know to lie or not, but she knew my car, where I must live and I told her. As the belt came free she held out her hand to shake and introduce herself.

I tried to apologize and she stepped back and looked at me “You’re apologizing? ankara escort For giving me the best fuck of my life? Taking me like I’ve always wanted… and never found a man who could? No!” She said… “You aren’t going to apologize to me, you’re going to do it again and again, and if I can make you, you’ll do it again.”

I smiled and said “But, you’ve been drinking”.

She studied me and then said that she’d had too much to drink on an empty stomach but that was over some time ago. She told me that my pinch had brought her out of it and felt so good that she’d had to find out what the rest of me was like. She had she said and liked it all. In fact had already decided that she loved it all and needed more.

I smiled and joked that my wife might have something to say about that and suddenly she shrank back and looked at me.

She said now that she was sorry and that she hadn’t even thought. That of course had changed everything and she was sorry to my wife, and if I wanted she’d apologize and try to explain.

She was so serious and so contrite that I couldn’t go on with it. I told her that I was only joking and that I was single and lived alone.

She turned back to me, balled her fist and I thought she was going to hit me again but she squealed and said that I was perfect then.

We sat in the car and talked. No one ever came by.

Finally she told me that she’d had a hard week and had been on her way to the park to see her sister when she saw the tavern after fighting traffic almost an hour.

She also apologized again about her temper and meanness and I reached over and kissed her for the first time. Her kiss was as sweet as her pussy had been wet.

I asked if she didn’t want to clean up before going to see her sister. Then I told her that if she wanted she could do it at my place.

She asked where my place was in the park and when I told her she said that her sister not only lived the other direction from me, but also near the opposite corner. She said she’d love to clean up and I asked if it would bother her sister to see her car parked in front of my place. Her next question was if I had a car port and I said yes. She asked for the number of my space and then told me her sister never came my way, but if I didn’t mind she’d pull into the car port first and I could pull my car right in behind.

All was agreed and she walked back and started her car. She smiled and then floor-boarded the accelerator.

I closed the door, walked around the car and picked up her panties behind the car and got in. I was shaking my head and fully intrigued when I finally started the car. When I got home she was parked right where she’d said she would be.

We went in together and she asked if my neighbors would be talking. I told her no that I had three sisters that came out all the time and a brother. They all parked where she had.

When we got into my place I walked her to the bathroom off my bedroom and showed her where the towels were and returned to the living room and turned on the TV. I heard the shower running for awhile and then all was quiet. I waited and heard nothing. After fifteen minutes I walked to the bedroom door and asked if everything was okay. I heard nothing and finally turned the door knob. I was shocked!

I’ve told you about the gal I used to know that was into a bit of bondage and mild pain. When she was with me she brought out a set of playthings and stashed them in the bottom drawer of a nightstand next to the bed on her side. I’d never investigated because she might come back I’d thought. I’d also assumed she had taken everything with her, but she hadn’t.

My new friend had found her stuff, assumed it was mine and put it to use.

She was lying nude on the bed, beautiful, most tantalizing and looking quite edible. She’d found the cuffs and put one around her right ankle and secured it to the bottom post of the bed. Then apparently with no help she’d bound her wrists together and managed to throw the second cuff over the opposite bed post at the head of the bed. She was loosely bound to the bed lying at an angle from corner to corner and not in a hurry to be free. I saw lotions and whips, a blindfold, a collar, a ball gag, nipple clamps and odds and ends spread on the sheet and she was looking right at me and smiling.

I wanted to explain that this stuff wasn’t mine but her look of pleasure masked my every effort. I picked up the blindfold and covered her eyes. I took a pair of nipple clamps and fastened them tightly to her breasts. I leaned forward, kissed each nipple above the clamp and then rolled her over and kissed her scented ass.

She was shaking and started to say something as I rolled her onto her back. I teased her open mouth with my cock while keeping it only near enough for her tongue to occasionally reach its head. Next I climbed onto the bed above her knees and moved forward until my cock was at her mouth. She struggled to get free and then I squeezed her cheeks to open her mouth and shove my cock in. She moaned and eagerly took me in and began to tease and suck etimesgut escort bayan it.

I helped by driving in deep and then retracting. Again and again I plundered her mouth and her body writhed and responded in approval. Her free leg moved wildly and finally, my patience fully tested, I dove in for a taste. Her free leg wrapped over my neck as I began my work. Her taste and scent were unbelievably sensual, her moans loud in approval and her knee forceful in its demand. Oral is a must with me and I really work to give at least as much as I get.

I knew although she’d had a head start that I could distract her. Distract her mind in giving my oral. Soon I felt her mouth relax and felt her breathing increase while trying to draw air from around me into her heaving lungs. The result was cooling of the saliva on my shaft and I slowly withdrew it as I watched her breasts with hunger in my eyes.

When she realized I was coming out she tried to follow with her head but I was now well into giving her a deeply satisfying, lengthy and continuous climax.

My mouth and tongue were into a ritual of pleasure as I moved my hands and my fingers to enter and extend her passion. I heard her crying my name and unable to see it she was begging for my cock. At this point I knew it was secondary for her and would be for long moments yet.

Giving head is an art for a man and requires dedication, stamina and a love of his work. The first substantial release of her fluids was my reward and I hurried to keep up with their flow. It was our first time together really and still I managed to find her desires, her pleasures and her lust almost completely. She had a depth of passion that few women ever have or develop perhaps the reason she had the little flair for bondage.

When I’d finished and had drained her the best that I could for the moment I lay beside her and enjoyed the look of her body. She was beautiful in the dim light of the room. Her breasts and ass were as beautiful as her face. She was still blindfolded and hadn’t yet realized that perhaps there was more to come.

Finally as she regained composure I heard her call my name asking where I’d gone and yet I was right beside her.

Instead of telling her I inserted the ball gag and then I blew a soft breath against a nipple and when I heard her muffled giggle. I removed the nipple clamps one at a time and watched as she responded to the pleasure as blood spilled once more into them. When she was ready I picked up a soft cat of nine and began dragging it across her body and probing with the handle and teasing with the tails.

She was smiling around the gag and had begun to move when I raised it and flailed her breasts lightly. Her intake of air signaled an understanding and then I increased the force as I applied it.

Soon her breasts were red and warm from the whipping and I rolled her onto her tummy and began the same ritual on her shoulders, back, ass and thighs. She was bordering on rosy when I stopped and selected a scented cooling cream and began to apply it liberally. My hands massaged each tiny welt and my mouth kissed it. I continued with a deep massage before turning her again and this time I kissed her breasts both before and after the cream.

She was almost quiet but I could see her hands opening and clenching as I worked. I removed the gag and an occasional sigh escaped her lips.

When I reached her tummy I continued downward and spread her thighs. I used the whip again on her mons and lips being careful in its application, and finally I took a warming cream and applied it liberally to the reddened area and into her pussy. I circled her everywhere working the cream in deep and then waited until I knew she’s felt the warmth.

I dropped and spread her pussy and blew soft streams of cooling air across it before finally yielding to the temptation that had been luring me since I’d entered the room. I moved to a position under her while turning her to face me. She was still bound and I used my hands to hold my cock and stroke her pussy until I was hot and lubed. I lifted her easily and guided her on.

As she sank on me she started describing what she felt, what she needed and what I was doing right. She told me what I had already done and all the time she talked her body increased tempo and demand.

Soon we were working together. I used my hands on her hips and rolled her sideways and then slid her sideways and pulled her up and pushed her down. I lifted her and I dropped her and each time was new and better, and perfect.

She told me each time as she prepared to cum and each time I reached for her rosebud, or her clit, or a nipple until I too was ready to cum. Now she begged me to release my composure and fill her and then quickly to untie her.

But this time just as I began to release I had no composure and I ran a finger deep alongside my throbbing cock increasing the fill within her and finding the g-spot that my head was riding against. I circled my head and brought more of the pressure from my head against that perfect spot. As I climaxed she did too. It was harder and more rewarding than all of the times previous and that knowledge was my own pleasure spot as I truly exploded within her. She rode me down and cried the entire time with the pleasure of release and satisfaction.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32