Rico’s Return

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“Um… what are you doing?”

Rico looks down at me, a smirk on his face, as I rub the growing bulge in his trousers. I bite my lip and affect my best doe eyed look of innocence… eyes batting charmingly. Or so I imagine.

“Nuthin… Why? Am I botherin ya?” I reply.

I smile up at him as I work my fingers around his growing member, pulling and untwisting the coiled flesh, allowing it to lay flat against his inner thigh. Despite his play at confusion, his body knows exactly what I’m doing. I grab his thigh and squeeze, somewhere between a friendly slap on the leg and a suggestive grope, trapping his cock between my hand and his leg, feeling the ridge of his head now swelling past my hand.

“Don’t start something you can’t… Finish.” he says, punctuating the F. He’s teasing me. And I love it.

I find the curve of his shaft, struggling to wrap my thumb and fingers around his girth, finally grabbing it roughly like a can of beer wrapped in a fabric trouser koozie. Leaning in close I inhale deeply to consume his scent, pressing my breasts into his chest. I slowly and rhythmically begin to move my hand up and down on his still swelling cock, looking into his eyes.

“Oh… That won’t be a problem.” I say and grin.

The club music continues the heavy thump, thump, thump, the lights spinning dizzily on the nearby dance floor. But here, in this dark corner I have Rico all to myself. And after waiting three months for him to return from his trip to Europe, after a week waiting for tonight, after two hours of drinking and grinding and innuendo and ‘foreplay’… I was done waiting.

I reach up behind his neck and pull him close, my lips near his ear.

“I missed you” I whisper. And so he won’t think I’m getting too serious, add, “I missed Ten.”

I feel his chest shudder as he chuckles at my pet name for his cock, now growing down the left side of his pants legs past mid-thigh, its thickness throbbing hot in my hand.

It had started as a drunken joke between roommates in college. After a shitty mid-term and a six pack of beer one thing led to another, someone said “prove it” the ruler came out, and Rico’s ‘little man’ got a nickname. Surprisingly it wasn’t long after that we started dating. Me and Ten. Well… Rico too, I mean… he was attached so I didn’t have much choice.

“You guys need anything?”

I spin around to look at the waitress standing at our table, that perpetually bored and annoyed look on her face that only a 19 year old club waitresses who really wants to be somewhere, anywhere else can perfect. Surprised by her sudden appearance I let go of Ten, immediately thinking to myself how childish a reaction it is. It’s not like she can see us under the high table. Besides she’s probably seen worse. Much worse.

“Um…” I stall as I slide up on to the barstool to face her, my feet dangling half a foot off the floor, swinging playfully.

“Another round. Right?” I turn and smile at Rico as he moves to sit on his stool next to me, both of us facing the table, innocently.

“Yeah drinks. And… um… you got anything to snack on? Like bread or something?” he says.

“Two beers and a basket of bread.” the waitress mouths, writing on her pad and turning to leave without looking up.

“That was close!” I say laughing and swiveling sideways to face Rico beside me.

But he’s starting at her ass as she disappears into the crowd. An ass which is not that impressive, but is poured into jeans tight enough to make sure she’s tipped properly. I reach out to grab his thigh to get his attention. Ten still rock hard down the length of his pants.

“See something you like?” I say, squeezing gently.

Throb, throb, throb. God it’s amazing.

“Meh.” he feigns nonchalance, reaching over and grabbing a handful of my much more plentiful ass, poured into jeans at least as tight, and half of which is hanging over the backside of the bar stool. “This is more my style”

“Hmmmm” I respond, somewhere between a reply and a purr. “You know she’s going to come back, right?”

“It will be at LEAST ten minutes with this crowd.” he replies.

The music thump thump thumps as he leans in and our lips meet and part, our tongues joining. Our eyes lock and I grab his hand, interlocking our fingers and bringing it to my mouth. I lick my lips and open my mouth, taking his finger into his mouth, sucking on it, letting him feel the pressure of my mouth on his fingertip, the wetness around his finger, the pressure as my tongue swirls around the tip. Dropping my hand from his I reach down and unzip my jeans.

The cold air on the small of my back tells me the jeans have loosened. Enough. With one hand I take his hand out of my mouth, my index finger over his index finger, wet with saliva, and guide him to the small of my back. I feel his finger glide down the cleft of my ass, my hand over his, pushing him deeper as I lean in close to his ear again.

“Finger my ass” I whisper, knowing he’ll oblige as I release my hand from his and let him take over.

I swivel on the bar stool, my back to his, in our quiet erotik film izle corner. As I feel him slide deeper down my ass I look out across the packed dance floor filled with sweaty dancers. Sensing him nearing his target I arch my back, letting my ass hang farther over the bar stool and reaching back for balance, finding his knee, then leg, his thigh, and finally tracing my hand back, my fingers tracing the ridge of his enormous cockhead.

After what seems like an eternity I feel him find the entrance to my dark passage. Swirling a finger around he wastes no time, pressing inward. As he reaches his first knuckle I feel him pull upwards, opening me up like he knows I like, then pushing in deeper, setting up a rhythm, in and out.

“Yes. God, it’s been so long” I whisper, panting in the heat of the club. I know this is just an appetizer, but the feeling is electrifying. As Rico strokes into my ass, I begin stroking his cock.

“Hey guys!!”

A perky blonde falls into the stool across from them, without missing a beat…

“Why aren’t you DANCING!?!” she slurs.

It’s Tara, out of breath, sweating, and completely obliterated.

Tara: My complete opposite in every way. While I was dealt a double helping of curves, she’s nothing but muscle. Petite and blond with short hair, you’d never mistake her as my sister.

Rico moves to pull his hand up to a more respectable location on the small of my back. My ass clenches to keep him inside me, yearning for him to be where he belongs, but fails as he slides out and traces his finger upward. I inhale sharply at the sudden absence. Tara starts babbling about some guy, but my mind is in another dimension. Within seconds the waitress arrives, slapping down two beers, a basket of bread and a container of butter, sharply turning to leave.

I look over at Rico and mouth the word ‘LATER’, but my hand hasn’t left his cock, still hard as ever. He lets out a laugh and grabs his beer.

“So here he is. Whaddya think? Hottie right?” Tara looks at me with a brief moment of clarity. Her phone is in front of her on the table showing a selfie of her and some dude, obviously taken in the club.

I lean forward over the table, my ass raising off the stool to get a better look as Rico comes close to my side, looking over my shoulder and faking interest in the photo.

“Yeah, ok I guess.” I reply. As I move to sit back down I feel Ricos hands on my sides, thumbs in the waist of my jeans, inside my panties. Sliding down to sit on the stool, in one smooth motion he pulls my pants to the middle of my thighs.

I gasp at the cold feeling on my bare ass when it hits the stool shoot him a ‘what the hell are you thinking?!?’ look. Tara doesn’t notice a thing, and continues babbling, pawing through her mobile phone.

I feel his hand on my ass again, kneading it. I obligingly wiggle slowly backwards to hang my ass further off the seat, the cleft of my ass parting slightly wider with each move, granting him full access to my backside. My head is reeling with the feeling of vulnerability and anticipation. I’m doing my best to pay attention to Tara when out of the corner of my eye I notice something different and it pops into my head… where is the butter?

Without warning a coldness hits my exposed anus and I breathe in sharply. I hold my breath as I feel a circling. Around and around, all the nerves and fibers of my anus are firing, sending sparks into my head. I see Rico’s other hand gently set the butter back on the table and I’m trying to make sense of it, even though subconsciously I know what’s going to happen. On some unconscious level I know what’s coming, and I hold and my breath a full five seconds… ten seconds… anticipating… fifteen seconds, when suddenly a fullness, much larger than before presses swiftly into my asshole. Ricos fingers (it must be at least three) slide quickly with lubricated ease into the deepest recesses of my asshole until his thumb comes to rest against the cleft of my ass.

“Oh my God.” I cry out.

Tara quickly turns around to face away from me to the dance floor. “What??”

I feel Ricos fingers set up a quick in and out sawing motion, moving to the thump thump of the music.

“Isn’t…” I gasp as Rico starts twisting his fingers, doing his best to widen my anus while it persistently resists.

“That…” and now I feel him pushing forward to my pussy and I think I’m going to die. More nerves firing and I’m getting light headed.

“Your friend.” I spit out.

And Mr. Selfie comes staggering towards the table, in worse shape than Tara.

I’m recovering slightly from the anal assault but Rico isn’t letting up, keeping perfect rhythm to the beat, forcing his three fingers in and out, slick and coated with butter. It’s working, and I feel myself loosening, accepting the welcome intruder. Regaining a bit of control, my hand absently lying on Rico’s enormous cock Ten under the table starts fumbling for his trouser zipper.

“Wazzup people.” Mr. Selfie slurs out and practically crashes into a stool at the table next to Tara across from film izle Rico.

I’m swaying forward and backward as Rico works in and out of me smiling and can barely say “Hi” but somehow manage to fish out Ricos massive cock through his zipper hole. I feel it stand straight up underneath the table, nearly hitting it, wood on wood, finally free from its fabric confines. I squeeze his cock hard and feel his rapid pulse thumping through the thick veins in his cock, swelling with each heartbeat.

Throb, throb, throb. God it’s amazing.

Consumed by heat and nearing what is going to be an earth shattering anal orgasm I rapidly start jerking Ten up and down. My entire shoulder and arm are bobbing ten inches up and down the full girth of Ricos thick cock which must be ready to explode.

And all the while, Selfie and Tara are yammering on to each other, completely oblivious to our anal finger fucking jackoff session two feet in front of them under the table.

I smile to myself as a wicked though crosses my mind and yank Ten diagonally to aim towards Tara. I’m swaying forward and back, gulping in breath and holding five seconds at a time to the rapid techno beat, waiting for that one moment when I’m consumed. Jerking Rico I begin to reach climax imagining him unloading a torrent of cum onto Taras dress, her waking up in the morning wondering how and when she got covered in cum. So nasty. Yes. Cumming soon. Yes.

Then the beat drops suddenly without warning.





The audio change disorients. And I feel a sudden emptiness and falling off a cliff.

“Ugghhh. No!” I breathlessly cry out as the air escapes my lungs. I feel Ricos hand withdraw, then it’s on mine which is still grasping his cock like a vise but has stopped jerking, grabbing it and pushing it away from his still hard and unspent cock, still throbbing, waiting to explode. “Why?” I mouth to him but he won’t make eye contact.

I’m taking deep breaths. Coming down, cheated from my release. Fuck.

It’s a full 60 seconds of deep breathing, in my own world the ringing in my ears subsiding, then. Gone. Fuck.

And then I glance up. Tara and Selfie are still engrossed in some conversation, and Rico is just putting down a beer when he sort of stands up but slides behind me. No doubt he wants to hide his enormous cock hanging out of his trousers.

“Hey guys. Guys! Would you mind taking our picture.” he blurts out loudly and slides his phone across the table. “Guys. GUYS!”

I look up at him and he just smiles an opaque smile as the music continues a slow bump and grind. Tara and Selfie are completely silent and wavering and look at us both blankly, seemingly aware for the first time that there are other people at the table, at the club, or in existence outside their private world. I feel Rico stand behind me and put one arm around my waist. But he’s oddly distant; I don’t feel any of his body touching me. For the first time tonight I’m thinking ‘What the Fuck? Is he going to pat me on the shoulder and walk away?’

“Is that ok?” he looks down and asks me as I silently nod in reply, completely confused.

Tara grabs the phone and aims it at us. “Yeah. Sure of course.” she says as she steadies it on her elbows.

“On three…”

I’m smiling gamely when it strikes me again. The butter is missing from the table.


And before Tara can say another word I feel Ricos arm flex and tighten around me slightly as a pressure pushes against me, searing hot, slick and greasy against my freshly reamed asshole.


The flash goes off, I’m momentarily blinded and my head explodes as Rico pulls me into him, his cockhead pushing past the ring of my sphincter, expanding around his head and slamming down to lock around his cock just behind his ridge. Nerves are exploding in my asshole and cunt and now I can’t help myself, I’m pushing back towards him, wanting more of him inside me, all the way in me.

“Aww… it’s not very good, you’ve got a weird look on your face.” Tara blurts out. “Try again?” And she holds up the phone in front of her. I’m without belief, she’s completely unaware I’m getting buttfucked right in front of her.

“Yes. Definitely. More. I mean. Again.” I manage to say. Ricos cock must be half inside me by now, I’m feeling so full of him. The thought of getting all of Ten inside my backside has me breathless.

“Pretend you like him. Grab his ass or something.” Tara says and laughs, wavering drunkenly in front. “Cmon!!”

So I reach behind me, behind Rico, to grab his ass, and pull him deeper into me on the next photo. To force him deep into my bowels, all ten inches of him, right in front of Tara and Selfie. But I reach back and my hand touches his other hand, tightly gripping his own cock, bolstering it against the tightness and resistance of my anus. As I run my fingers around his hand I reach his cock, and tightly wrap my finger and thumb around as much as I can, only managing about half of his enormous girth.

Pulling forward towards where Ten is lodged deep into my seks filmi izle rectum I mentally count the length until my hand hits the tight circle of my asshole which grips his cock, not letting go. And then realization hits me.

Jesus, he’s barely got two inches in me. And suddenly a flood of heat rushes towards my ass, my pussy, my clit and every nerve sets itself on hyper alert.

“Ok! Three…” Tara starts, when Selfie stumbles up, yanking on her arm.

I pause for a moment, savoring the heightened sensations as the thump and grind of the music surrounds us.

“Lets dance, cmon.” Selfie says, roughly yanking Tara towards the dance floor.

“Just a second!! Two…”

Not knowing what else to do, I rudely grab each of my ass cheeks and pull them apart. I imagine the scene, like a cheap porno where the girls face is head down in a pillow, impossibly large silicone tits smashed out to the sides of her chest, flawless pale white ass straight up in the air with her arms behind her spreading for a muscled stud to ream in and out of. And it suddenly occurs to me others could have been watching this entire time.


The flash goes off again and I push back towards Rico, expanding my rectum and opening up to accept as much as he can give me. I feel the sudden fullness expanding my asshole, pressing the nerves in my cunt, deeper, impossibly so. My vision is momentarily blinded again and the slow thump of the bass deafens my ears. It’s too much.

I explode into an orgasm, clamping down on Ricos cock, everything between my stomach and knees pulsing uncontrollably.

Tara tosses the phone on the table as she’s yanked away and I feel I can finally let go.

“Oh God. Yes. Fuck.” I cry between body shaking shudders as my entire body starts shaking.

The uncontrollable convulsions cause me to lose my grip on my ass. I roughly fall forward and put out my arms to grab the table in front of me, gripping the edge to steady myself.

“Mmmm… Nice” he says, as he bends over slightly and kisses me on the neck.

He’s letting me ride my orgasm, not moving, remaining patiently inside my asshole as I dilate, and then contract tightly around his massive cock. I feel the hand that was on his cock come up, under my top, and reach to the center of my chest. His skilled pinch and twist releases my bra and my heavy breasts spill out and drop down, released from their support. Both his hands come up under by breasts, cup them and then his thumb and finger find my nipples.

Fireworks are still going off as he pinches and twists my nipples, pulling them out and away from my tits, stretching them. I’m coming down from the clouds now as he continues kissing my neck.

“That was…” I whisper, running my hand behind his head, through his hair.

“A nice start.” he replies. And playfully moves forward and backward, still inside me, still hard as steel.

The music changes to a rapid techno beat, the lights go crazy, and the crowd explodes. I grab a tighter grip on the table and stiffen my arms, pushing back into Rico. I turn around and look him in the eye.

“Fuck me Rico. Fuck my dirty asshole.” I say. I know he won’t last long, but a little encouragement never hurts.

And slowly he pushes even deeper into me, filling me, until finally, the pressure is unbelievable, finally, I feel his pants touch my bare ass. Finally I know all of Ten is in me. Then just as quickly he starts pulling out, an unimaginable length of cock sliding between my rectum, stretching out my asshole as I feel the ridge of his cockhead pulling outwards to escape the tight embrace. But before it can he pushes back in, the pressure increasing again, and is steadily speeding up.

With each stroke I’m roughly pushing back into him. And before two minutes he’s getting his full length into me, pounding my asshole with abandon as my heavy breasts swing forward and backwards, slapping. And as the speed increases with each stoke my jeans are slowly rolling forward on the stool, exposing more of my ass, until they’ve rolled down to the bottom of my thighs just above my knees.

I arch my back and push my ass and cunt so it hangs over the stool edge, but with every thrust into me my clit is grinding into the stool. Both of Ricos hands are pulling and twisting my nipples, lighting up an unimaginable series of nerves. Another orgasm is quickly building, unbelievably, and it’s going to be more powerful even than the last.

“That’s it. Fuck me till I can’t walk. Dump that cum in my tight asshole.” I urge him on, wanting to feel him explode at the same moment I do. And then I can feel it beginning, when just then he slows and I can actually feel him expand inside my asshole as blood leaves his head and body and rushes to his enormous cock inside my rectum.

With one thrust he slams into me as deep as possible, filling me completely, my orgasm takes over and I feel his entire cock recoil slightly then jump upwards, followed by an explosion of gushing cum inside deep inside my asshole. As he holds me tight to him I quickly remove both my arms from the table and reach between my legs, below my cunt, one hand tightly grabbing his heavy testicles, drenched in sweat, the other grabbing his massive tool tightly with my finger and thumb, forming a second anus around his cock, squeezing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32