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From across the room I see him. His smile lights up my whole body. He begins to walk towards me. As he approaches, I see the beautiful blue eyes that seem to look right into my soul. I smile back. I step into his open arms and as he folds them around me, I know I am home. My arms go around his waist and lock there. My head rests on his shoulder as I breathe in his scent. I look up into his eyes, smiling.

“Hi, sugar.” He says as his lips descend to mine. His arms tighten around me as our lips meet. Softly he brushes my lips with his. I feel his kiss shoot all the way through my body to the tips of my toes. I sigh contentedly into his mouth. My tongue traces his bottom lip then slips into his mouth searching for his. Gently they touch and perform a slow dance. I suck his top lip, tracing it with my tongue. I lean back, breaking our kiss and smile.

“I have missed you, love.” I say, resting my head on his shoulder again. Feeling his arms around me tighten again, I do the same. I nuzzle his neck with soft kisses and gentle nibbles. Moving from his neck to his earlobe, sucking it into my mouth. “Let’s find our room.” I whisper into his ear.

Breaking apart, he takes my hand and leads me to the registration desk. I handle all of the paperwork for the room I have reserved in our names. The first weekend together, just us. I feel the butterflies as we walk to the elevator. Once the doors have shut, we wrap our arms around each other again. He holds me tight to his chest. I can hear his heart beat. I smile.

“What?” he asks, feeling etimesgut escort me smile into his chest.

“Nothing.” I say, looking at him. “You know me, I can’t stop smiling when I’m with you!”

I lean up and kiss him softly. Taking in every moment, knowing we only have the weekend. The elevator stops at our floor. We get off and head down the hall to our room. I open the door and breathe in sharply as I see the view from our windows. I drop my bag and pull him with me to the window. He stands behind me, his arms around my waist, our fingers interlocked as we take in the beach view. The white sand, the waves crashing, the rocky shore, all of it leaves me breathless.

His hands begin to wander. I feel my shirt being lifted above my tummy as his warm hand moves to caress my bare skin. I lean into him as his other hand finds my hardened nipple under my black lacy bra. I feel him pull on it lightly. I sigh. His mouth on my neck, sucking, kissing and biting sends shivers down my spine. I raise my hands to his hair, entwining them there, holding his head to my neck. I can feel his growing hardness as I push back against him. His hand moves from my tummy to the waistband of my jeans. I feel him undo my button and slide down the zipper. His hand slips down the front of my jeans and inside the matching black, lacy panties. I gasp as his fingertips caress my swollen bud. Lightly he rubs circles around it. He slips his fingers down, across my lips to my growing wetness, dipping them into my center and then back to continue circles sincan escort around my bud. I begin to moan as his fingers quicken. With one hand in his hair, I wrap the other back around his waist. Feeling him tweaking my nipple, kissing my neck and pushing his hardness against me is too much. I close my eyes to the beach as my own waves of pleasure engulf me. I cry out, pulling him to me even harder. His arm goes around my waist to hold me up as I cry out again and again as wave after wave rock my body. His slowing fingers on my now sensitive nub, sends jolts of pleasure to my extremities.

I turn around in his arms. My lips crush his in a passionate kiss. Our tongues meet and dance together, sucking, biting, licking and kissing each other with complete abandon. My hands find his belt and undo it. I pull it from his jeans and drop it to the floor. My fingers find his button and zipper and make quick work of getting them undone. I pull his jeans down and he steps out of them. My hands run under his shirt, lifting it up over his head to join the growing pile of clothes at our feet. He slides my jeans down and holds me as I step from them. One at a time he undoes the buttons on my blouse, stopping to kiss the exposed skin. It also joins the pile. Together we stand, me in lacy bra and panties, him in blue boxers, hands roaming, lips caressing and bodies entwining. He takes my hand and pulls me to the bed. He lies down. I slowly reach behind me, undoing the clasp on my bra, allowing my breasts to fall free. I slide my panties down my legs, escort etimesgut bending forward as I step from them. Naked I stand before him, my hands slowly rubbing my body.

I crawl onto the bed, straddling him. I lean down and kiss his lips softly at first, but with a growing urgency. As we kiss, his hands run up and down my sides, sending shivers through me. Slowly I begin to kiss my way down his body. I start with his neck, kissing and sucking. I move to his chest, stopping to suck on each nipple. Kissing trails down across his stomach to the edge of his boxers. Gently I tug on them. He lifts his hips so that I can slide them off, tossing them to the floor. His manhood stands at attention before me. My lips find the sensitive tip. I hear him gasp as I take it between my lips. I slide my lips down his shaft, swallowing as I reach the base. He moans my name softly as I begin to suck him. His hands find my hair and entwine there. Gently he guides my mouth up and down his full length. I grip him at the base and begin to stroke and suck at the same time, my lips meeting my fist with each stroke. His hips begin to pump in time with my ministrations. I can taste the pre-cum as it begins to flow from him. His moans increase as I begin to suck and stroke faster. I know he is close and can feel myself dripping again. My clit throbs as his manhood swells.

“Now.” He grunts as his balls tighten and he begins to erupt into my waiting mouth. I suck hard on his tip, causing him to moan and spurt again. As he begins to soften, my mouth continues to tenderly suck him. I kiss my way up his torso again, lying beside him on the bed. My one hand roams freely across his chest as his arms wrap around me. I settle on his chest, again listening to his heartbeat as it begins to slow…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32