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Rebecca and I stared at each other across the bed in terrified anticipation. She was just wearing panties and I was just wearing jeans. Her panties were beautiful, they curved over her tight muscular ass and had a skull and cross-bones over her snatch. She had wonderfully smooth skin, a powerful muscular body and breasts to kill for. They were full rounded D cups that sat high on her young chest. She was a renowned rowing champ, an Olympic hopeful, the fantasy of every man and woman on the West coast and up until this point, my best friend.

We were both 21 years old and it had just gone 2am. How on Earth did we get here?

Three hours earlier we had been playing a very innocent game of poker, smoking cigars and drinking whiskey. It had been me, Steve, Samantha, Rebecca and Mel. Rebecca and Mel had been going out for nearly six months. He was a huge lumberjack of a guy, 6 foot 6 tall and as thick through the chest as a bear. He had arms like tree trunks and a temper like bad storm. From the outside people supposed that Mel must be rough with Rebecca, but truth be told, she had him whipped. She needed that kind of drive to succeed in the world of competitive sport. Steve and Samantha were friends of ours from way back. We all went to college together, but I think I was the only science student. The rest were art and sports.

Samantha and Rebecca had a thing a while ago. Samantha had doubted her heterosexuality and she fell for Rebecca. Who wouldn’t! She is built like a Goddess! One night after too much to drinking Rebecca and Samantha had made out on the sofa and then retired to Rebecca’s room. I had accidentally walked in on them with their fingers in each other’s pussies the next morning. So that lasted maybe a week, then Samantha found Steve, and Rebecca found Mel.

Mel was putting the shots back pretty hard and throwing chips in like there was no tomorrow.


Rebecca curled her long smooth legs under her and looked me in the eye. The light from the street lamps came through the blinds in thin slits of light. It highlighted her chin, her shoulder, her nipples.

“You look good tonight.” she said to me.

I leant in and gently cupping her chin, I kissed her, just softly.

“I can’t believe I am here.” I said back to her.


At half past one in the morning, Mel finally lost all of his chips and emptied his glass of whiskey. His long curly hair fell down his back and whiskey trickled through his blond beard. He wiped his hands on his plaid shirt and stood up.

“I’m going to take a piss.” he announced, and walked down the hallway.

Steve and Samantha had retired to the sofa where they were softly kissing and pretending to keep watching the game.

Rebecca and I still had plenty of chips and neither of us was very drunk.

“Alright, bitch, time for real poker.” I said, with false bravado.

“Okay you little faggot, bring it on.” Rebecca replied.

20 minutes later we were betting into a pile of multi colored chips, the value of which we no longer sure of. This was about winning. I had finally realized that I could not raise my way out of this hand and would have to finally show.

“Okay Miss Slutty-pants, I see you. What have you got?”

“Damn it, I was hoping you were going to fold. I’ve got a pair of threes.” Rebecca replied.

“Fuck!” and I threw my pair of twos down.

“Alright, this is what I like.” Rebecca crowed and scooped all of the chips onto her side. “I gotta pee. Back in a moment.”

She stood up and walked down the hall.

“Hey, where is Mel?” I asked Steve and Samantha, but they were both asleep on the sofa.

I etimesgut escort got up to use the restroom and waited outside for Rebecca to come out. She opened the door and smiled at me. She walked over and stood in front of me.

“It’s been a good night, hasn’t it?” she asked.

“Yeah, a good night.”

She took my hand and squeezed it.

“I’m glad you are here, you are a good friend.” she said.

I just smiled back. She looked sad for some reason.

“Rebecca? Are you okay?”

She answered by quickly kissing me on the lips.

I pushed her back and stared at her.

‘What is she thinking?’ I wondered.

Then I dove forward and kissed her deeply on the lips. We grabbed at each other and held on as if our lives depended on it. Soon we were stumbling down the hall, pulling at each other’s clothes and finally fell into Rebecca’s room.

She had my shirt off in a moment and I fumbled at the catch of her skirt. She had to help me and then she lifted off her top and skirt over her head together.

I reached out slowly and touched her bra covered left breast. It seemed even larger than I had thought. I softly squeezed it through the satin material. Slowly I ran a finger along the edge of the material of the cup and then under her bra strap. Soon I had pushed both straps off her shoulders and she reached behind and unclasped her bra.

Rebecca’s glorious breasts were revealed to me. I couldn’t believe their beauty. They were full and firm, but high and delicate. Their little nipples, like pencil stubs, stood out proudly. We sat down on the bed, finally taking a moment to think about what was happening.

Rebecca and I stared at each other across the bed in terrified anticipation.

“Where is Mel?” I asked.

“He’s vomiting out in the back yard.” she said.

The idea that Rebecca’s Mack truck driving boyfriend was just outside scared me.

“Don’t worry. He won’t bother us. He’ll be asleep until the morning.”

Rebecca curled her long smooth legs under her and looked me in the eye.

“You look good tonight.” she said to me.

I leant in and gently cupping her chin, I kissed her. Just softly.

“I can’t believe I am here.” I said back to her.

“What do you want me to do?” she asked.

“I want you to take my pants off me.” I told her.

I lay down on the bed and Rebecca leant over me. She slowly undid my belt and pulled it through the loops. It came free with a slapping sound, like a whip. She then undid the top button and slowly released the zipper. She could see my pubes through the V made by the open material.

“You aren’t wearing underwear.” Rebecca said “I like that.” and smiled.

She brought her hand over and felt my pubes, she scratched then with her fingernails. She then slipped her fingers under the material of my jeans, to the side of my pubes and touched the top of my thigh.

My breath came in short shudders. I couldn’t believe that I was in this position with Rebecca, the most beautiful, powerful, admirable and enchanting person I had ever known. I could feel my cock straining against my jeans and drooling pre-cum onto my leg. Her hand was so close to my aching cock.

She moved her hand around and suddenly, with a surprising shock, she touched my dick.

“Ach!” I exclaimed quietly.

She took my dick in her hand and brought it to the opening of my fly. She then scooped my balls out as well. My cock was raging hard and pointing straight at the ceiling. Rebecca touched the head with her thumb feeling the silky slippery feeling of my pre-cum.

“Your wet.” she said.

“I wonder if you are too.” sincan escort I replied.

Without giving me a chance to find out right then she quickly leant in a licked my cock from base to tip and then sucked my glistening sensitive knob into her mouth.

Rebecca sucked softly on my cock, taking deep mouthfuls of my length, and then slowly withdrawing. She sucked on the tip using her tongue and lips to maximal effect.

“Oh, Rebecca. This is wonderful. You have no idea how many times I have dreamed of this. You are so good. I love the way you suck my cock. Oh, arh, yeah. Do that, oh that feels so good. That’s so nice. Oh, fuck Jess, this is great.”

Soon I pulled her off my cock. She made a whining noise, like a puppy who’s had she toy taken away. I laid her back on the bed and kissed her, softly on the lips.

“You are so beautiful.” I said.

I then kissed her nipples, then her belly. I stuck my tongue in her navel and licked it. She giggled.

I moved between her legs and knelt down close to her pussy. Her panties were soaked through and I could smell her lust. I kissed her thighs, her smooth beautiful thighs, and then stuck my mouth right over her pussy through her panties.

I sucked on them, drawing her heady essence into my mouth, and licked her clit through the soft cotton of her panties.

I stood up and pushed my jeans all the way off. Then gently and slowly removed Rebecca’s panties. She had shaved her bush into a little landing strip down the middle. I knelt back down between Rebecca’s wonderful thighs. She looked at me with a mixture of fear, and need.

I kissed her pussy lips, then licked them, probing between them. Her juice was sweet and exciting. I was surprised how wet she was. My tongue found her opening and I pushed deeply into her velvety depths. I slowly inserted a finger into her love tunnel and moved my tongue to her firm clit. It was hard and proud. Rebecca squirmed under me as I licked, and then sucked her engorged clit, but I moved with her. I thrust another finger into her dripping pussy, twisted them and curled them. Rebecca grabbed hold of the headboard as she thrashed and cried out. She made such beautiful sounds of delight.

I sucked hard on her clit, held it with my teeth and flicked it with my tongue. From inside her pussy I pushed up and forced more of her swollen clit into my mouth. Rebecca continued to buck and writhed, her breath coming short and shuddering.

“Oh, fucking Christ, that is incredible. Argh God, keep doing it. I’m going to cum. Oh fuck I’m cuming!!! I’m cuming so big, fuck. Fuck! FUCK!!!!”

Rebecca bucked like a bull and pounded her fists against the headboard and the wall, but I kept sucking on her and twisting my fingers in her pussy until she subsided.

Rebecca collapsed on her side, panting. I curled up beside her and put a hand on her thigh. She put her hand on top of mine and gently squeezed me.

“That was amazing. Truly unbelievable.” she said.

She then sat up and looked me right in the eye.

“But I want more.” she said, steel in her voice.

I knelt in front of her and Rebecca put her long legs around my hips. She shuffled forward until my throbbing cock was pressed against her scalding hot pussy. She held my shoulders as we faced each other. Rebecca angled her pelvis back and I started to slip into her.

In that moment I thought about Mel, and what he would do to me if he found me with my dick in his girlfriend. He would kill me. He would beat be severely, break my neck and piss on my carcass. But there was Rebecca staring at me with need and want in her beautiful eyes. I kissed her and escort etimesgut pushed until I slid inside her.

Oh the warm enveloping depths. Such delight. I held tightly onto Rebecca and gently inhaled her soft smell. I kissed her neck as she began to rise and fall slowly on my cock. I held her under her arms to help as she pumped on my cock. Her breasts slid up and down my chest, her pert nipples stroking me. Her breasts jiggled as she landed, fully impaled on my pole.

Rebecca grunted and moaned as she took my length inside her again and again. Soon I picked her up and put her on her back, I was still inside her and now lay on top of her. I thrust into her powerfully, and Rebecca moved under me, pushing up and pulling away. This girl really knew how to fuck!

Rebecca curled her legs up over my back and clung to my shoulders. She arched her back in delight.

“Oh God this is wonderful.” she said “You are fabulous.”

I just smiled, then said “Turn over.”

I pulled out of her and Rebecca got up on her knees. I spat on my fingers and smeared it all over her pouting pussy lips. I got behind her and aimed my cock at her juicy tunnel. I slipped in with wonderful ease and started pumping into her again.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh.” she cried each time I thrust into her.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her into me. My balls slapped against her making a smacking sound.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck me, Oh Christ, I’m going to cum.” she shouted. “Oh yeah, fuck me, fucking Christ. Ohh, Uhh, Ahh, Arghhhhhhhh. Fuck yeah, Wooooo.”

Her body quivered and shook with the power of her orgasm and her pussy clamped down on my cock tightly.

“Turn over, baby.” I told her “I want to cum on your tits.”

Rebecca flipped onto her back and I straddled her belly. Rebecca took hold of my cock with her fist and pumped me hard. A moment later, she placed my cock between her fabulous breasts. Those most amazing and perfect breasts, full and round, and firm and tender. She squeezed her tits together over my cock and I quickly started thrusting. I fucked her tits with the tip of my cock poking out the top every time. I was a glorious thing to see.

“Oh Rebecca, that is wonderful. It feels so good. Oh God, I’m going to cum. Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh, Ugh, Ugh, Ahhhhh.”

Shot after shot of cum spewed forth from my cock. They landed on Rebecca’s neck, her face and covered her tits.

I collapsed on top of Rebecca, kissing her face and smearing my love juice between us.


We slept in each other’s arms all night. In the morning when we woke up, Sam and Steve were still asleep on the sofa. Mel had slept on the floor of the living room. He didn’t seem to notice a thing wrong. He didn’t ask where I had slept that night and all five of us spent the day together nursing hangovers and drinking coffee.

A few days later Rebecca dumped Mel and turned up at my apartment door in the middle of the night. We kissed then fucked every imaginable way until dawn. We were really good for a while. We took walks in the park together. We went to the gym together and sat naked in the sauna when we were alone. Rebecca would often walk around the house naked too or just in jeans. She knew she had a killer body, and didn’t believe in hiding it.

One day I dropped by Rebecca’s house to find her and Sam eating each other out on the sofa. They didn’t seem embarrassed when I came in, and they certainly didn’t invite me to join. Afterwards Rebecca took me aside and said that we shouldn’t fuck anymore. She was quite specific that fucking was the only aspect of our lives that she wanted to change, but I couldn’t take it that way. I was hurt and angry, and sought solace in the warmth of some slut’s bed. When Rebecca found out, she was furious that I had betrayed her in that way. She screamed and shouted, and after I walked out of the house, I never saw her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32