Payback Ch. 5

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I just love legs like these, Vince thought as his lips traced a tale along her ankles. Holding her delicate feet, he kissed and licked his way up her slim ankles, then up her lower calf to the meaty part, which he liked best. Vince held her leg in the air there, surveying it like a starving man does a drum stick, before literally sucking on it. Though he would have liked to linger there a moment longer, his lips made their decision to travel further north, up her soft inner thighs. It was obvious that she loved how it felt. Vince could feel her body vibrate like a tuning fork; it seemed to sense every goose bump as it formed on her skin. Her nipples stiffened, and she was intimately aware of each and every part of her body.

As his lips continued their passionate journey, Vince was so turned on that he could literally feel every hair on his head. His cock felt like a giant piece of wood between his legs. And this was just the beginning.

Moving his face between her legs, Vince held them apart by her ankles and went to work. Licking from bottom of her swollen pussy lips to the top, he lapped up the juices that slowly began to flow. Vince turned his head to the side so her could take one pussy lip at a time into his mouth and suck on it. He’d then alternate to the other pussy lip before taking a moment to nibble on her clit.

“Oh my God, Vince,” Suzie moaned, “you…you’re making me shiver baby. That feels soooo good.”

He knew. Just as he know that Suzie would tell Jenna about this in excruciating detail, enough detail to make her jealous, to make her moist. He liked that.

Vince sucked Suzie’s pussy like he was playing a harmonica. Blowing, sucking, lightly biting, he was sending her into a new orbit o f pleasure. ataşehir escort The smell of her pussy juices was intoxicating, and he wrapped his thick, muscular arms around her thighs to hold her in place as he lapped away. He loved the way she grinded her pussy into his face to meet every long lap of his tongue. The harder and faster Vince licked, the more forceful her grinding became.

Vince rubbed his hands along Suzie’s sides and then down over her tits and stomach, then back up again. Suzie felt as though she was sweating and someone opened the window—like waves of a breeze were licking her body. Hot…cool…hot…cool. She placed her legs over Vince’s shoulders, and he lifted them up in the air.

What a marvelous sight: Suzie’s firm round ass, her manicured pussy, and now her tight, vulnerable asshole. Vince now ran his tongue along the bottom of her pussy and with firm flat strokes, ran it over her pink, perfect asshole. Then he lightly tongue-fucked her ass with the sharp tip of his tongue. Her response was not unexpected.

“Oh God baby, yeah that’s it,” she cried out. “Do it…tongue fuck my ass…stick it up there…again…again…stick your tongue right in my tight ass, baby…more…more…make me cum, Vince…make me cum…”

Vince had always loved Suzie’s sex talk. So hot, so trashy, so brutally honest…the ultimate feedback.

Vince planted his tongue on her ass now, and used his thumb to rub her clit. Suzie’s hips undulated at a fever pitch, forcing his tongue further and further into her ass, stretching it open. Her pussy juices actually flowed down her legs.


Vince took his aching cock out, wet it with those juices and in one swift motion, he was balls-deep in Suzie’s tight, beautiful ass. Suzie’s kadıköy escort eyes opened wide at the surprise intrusion, then half-closed as the incredible feeling overtook her. With one hand she squeezed one nipple, then the other, while her other hand furiously rubbed her clit.

Vince was kneeling on the thick, hand-knotted Tibetan rug, his knees sinking in deeply. He held Suzie’s legs apart by her ankles, overwhelmed by the graceful contours of her shapely calves. Moving closer, he placed those gorgeous legs against his chest as his cock fully immersed itself in her ass.

“Fuuuuck…” Suzie moaned as her jaw began to tingle, saliva forming in her mouth. “Vince…baby…fuck my ass honey…it’s so good…fuck yeah…oh fuck, honey…so good. Won’t you? Won’t you fuck my ass hard for me? Just fuck my ass…Oh God, yes…I love…love the way…you fuck my ass…”

His cock felt…it was just magic to be sliding in and out of her velvety ass, his taught stomach muscles flexing with each stroke. What was most startling to Vince was the incredible warmth of her ass. It was as though his cock was being sandwiched between two smooth electric blankets. It warmed his entire crotch. In fact, Suzie’s body was just on fire…and yet covered with Goosebumps. He knew what this meant…she was close. And so was he.

Vince reached down and held her superb tits in his hands, rolling his thumbs around her nipples. Suzie groaned, her chest rising in the air. Judging by her breathing, her climax was seconds away. It was Vince’s job to make it memorable. Squeezing her tits together, he moved his hands closer and pinched her nipples…hard…just the way she liked it.

Suzie felt the force come over her like a blast furnace. It was all over…in her nipples, bostancı escort bayan her face, her ass, her legs. God, it was in her toes. It was like the sweetest death. A total loss of control, like feeling every cell in your body.

“Ohhhh God,” she wailed. “Ooooooh, Vince…I’m cumming baby…cumming…make me cum…I don’t…I can’t…aaaah…don’t stop, no….don’t….don’t….fill me up…let me feel…feel you fill me full of…splash inside of me…God, yes.”

It was too much even for Vince. He felt the cum boiling up inside, rushing at light speed through his balls and up his cock like mercury through a thermometer.

“Fuck, Suzie…I’m gonna cum baby…I feel it rising up…God, it feels so good.” His eyes closed tight, jaw clenching and the cum literally rocketed out of his cock into Suzie’s waiting ass.”

“That’s it, baby,” Suzie groaned. “Let me feel it cum, cum in my tight ass…I want you to…I want it”

Streams of hot cum spurted from Vince’s cock and filled Suzie’s ass, literally leaking out the top. Vince kept pumping until he was sure that she was done cumming.

“Let me finish you off, baby,” Suzie said as she pulled away from his cock, leaning forward to take it into her mouth. Sucking hard and rubbing his balls, she coaxed every last drop of cum from his still-hard cock.

“Ooooh, you’re a nasty girl, aren’t you?” Vince said, as the gorgeous Asian sucked him dry, looking him in the face as her eyes crinkled into a smile. “You like sucking my cock after it’s been in your ass, don’t you?”

“You know I do, baby,” she said, wiping her mouth as she swallowed the last few drops. “You know I’m as nasty as you want me to be.”

“Oh I want you alright,” he said, laying down on top of her and holding her body tightly against his. “I want you more than you know.” He rested there for a while, the weight of his body warming Suzie’s soft skin.

In the meantime, Jenna and Paul were walking along the beach, not 100 yards away, and Jenna was about to put her plan into effect…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32