My Garden

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I am a landscape gardener and quite good at my job. It’s also a job that pays quite well once you get a bit of a reputation and I was doing all right. Now you’re probably thinking that a landscape gardener would have a terrific garden at his own place, but you’d be wrong. Yes, my place of business has some very nice gardens, but that’s advertising.

My home is situated on a double block, with ample room for landscaping and such. Can you imagine the amount of work involved in something like that? It’d be like coming home from work so I could do some more work. I’d just as soon come home from work so I could rest and take it easy.

This is not to say I ignored my large yard. Ninety percent of it was lawn, the other ten percent being evenly divided between some bushes and some flower gardens. Enough flower gardens to make the place look attractive but few enough to make it easy to maintain them. I had also put a few strategic mounds around the place, the mounds also being covered in grass.

These mounds were a big hit with my nieces and nephews. You could play all sorts of games where they were concerned. It was possible, if you were careful, to go all around the yard artfully hidden by a mound all the way. Of course, my nieces and nephews invited other children around to play in my yard and I had no objection to this. The various kids would even come around when my young relatives weren’t there, treating the place as a park. The parent didn’t mind because they always knew where to find their children.

There was a strict rule that the various visitors did not stuff around with my gardens. I may not have had many but I had some pretty decent flowers in the ones that I did have. The first time someone had tried to stuff up a garden I’d snapped and snarled my way around the yard and all the kids got the message pretty quickly. The gardens were off limits. I didn’t worry about balls going in the garden. The kids were careful about retrieving them.

That was the situation when a new family moved in next door. A man and his wife and twins, about age five. The father, Brian, was in his thirties and a complete asshole. I decided this the first time I met him and nothing I’d seen since had given me reason to change my mind. The mother, Alice, was about twenty five. She seemed a nice friendly woman but I didn’t see much of her, what with her being home looking after the kids all the time.

Brandon and Marie, the twins, were cute and a pair of mischievous little imps. Born for trouble, the pair of them. This isn’t to say they were nasty, just troublesome. They found out about my yard pretty quickly and would often be around there, playing, their own yard being a lot smaller and rather cluttered. I had no objection. I’d made sure they knew the rules about the gardens and let them be.

I heard that Alice had checked with a couple of the parents about me and been assured that I was harmless, so she let them play. She could always stick her head out the window and yell when she wanted them while I tended to ignore them.

That ignoring them came to an abrupt halt one day. I’d finished a job I’d been working on at midday and there wasn’t really anything that I had to start immediately, so I went home. My office knew how to contact me if something came up but it was an unlikely occurrence. I hired my people because they were efficient and could make decisions and do their work without me riding them all the time.

So I arrived home in time to find two evil little cretins busy pulling out every plant from one of my gardens. I was not pleased. Brandon spotted me, nudged Marie, and they both took off running. They damn-well knew they weren’t supposed to rip up the garden and they were making themselves scarce before the heavens fell on them.

They could run and they could hide but it wouldn’t help them much. After all, they lived right next door. I attended to a couple of minor things that I had to do and then headed over to speak to their mother.

I knocked on the door and after a few moments Alice answered it.

“Good afternoon,” I said in a cheerful voice. “Alice, isn’t it? I’m Ken from next door. I’m here to strangle your children so that I can bury them in the remains of my garden. Could you get them for me?”

Alice looked thoughtfully at me, probably wondering how to handle the madman at her front door. I could guess what she was seeing. A strongly built man of about thirty, dark haired and reasonable looking. Reasonably neatly dressed and, most important, I didn’t smell. Women don’t like it if a man smells.

Eventually she sighed and opened the wire door.

“I suppose you’d better come in so we can discuss this,” she said. “Suppose you tell me what you mean about the remains of your garden.”

I explained what had happened escort ataşehir to my garden, making sure that she knew that the kids knew the rules regarding the garden.

“They knew they’d done the wrong thing,” I told her. “As soon as I arrived they bolted.”

“Mm. Probably to avoid the strangulation and burial in the garden,” Alice observed.

I bowed my head, indicating assent.

“Ah, I assume that you’ve got past the strangulation stage by now?”

“I have,” I said gravely. “I’m down to stringing them up by their thumbs and flogging them, just as soon as I can buy a decent whip.”

“You don’t think that that might be a bit harsh?” she suggested.

“Possibly,” I agreed, “but they sure wouldn’t touch my gardens again.”

She nodded thoughtfully, but then shook her head.

“No. I’m afraid I’ll have to veto that punishment as well. One moment while I call them and see what they have to say.”

She walked over to the doorway and yelled for the little monsters, a note in her voice that said come here or else. They came, looking completely innocent, any possibility of wrong-doing not to be contemplated when looking at them. Then they saw me.

“We didn’t do it,” said Brandon at the same time as Marie yelled, “It was an accident.”

They looked at each other and shut up.

“So you didn’t do it and it was accidental anyway,” said Alice, and the kids nodded cautiously.

They stopped nodding and started looking guilty when Alice started shaking her head.

“We will discuss this later,” she said. “Right now you will go to your room and you will stay there until I come to talk to you. Understand?”

Two little heads nodded and, at a word from their mother, they bolted.

“I am so sorry,” Alice said. “They will be dealt with, I assure you.”

“Well, you can tell them they’re not permitted to use my yard for a fortnight, just as a little extra.”

“Ah, you’re not banning them outright?” she asked surprised.

I shook my head.

“No. Giving them a punishment that they would deliberately ignore would just be encouraging them to do the wrong thing. Giving them a couple of weeks gives them incentive to behave. Mind you, I’m still steaming, but I’m down to putting them over my knee and paddling their tails.”

“That may yet occur after I’ve spoken to them,” she said. “But really, it’s as much my fault as theirs. I’m their mother and I should have been watching them. Perhaps you should be spanking me instead.”

I blinked at that and took another look at her. She was really quite attractive and the clothes she was wearing did nothing to detract from her looks. Yoga pants that showed off a very nice pair of legs, highlighted by a camel-toe that I’d been doing my damnedest not to look at. Her top was a light t-shirt that she filled out very nicely.

“Perhaps I should,” I agreed. “A few smacks to your bottom might teach you to keep a closer eye on them. Of course, I’d have to remove those pants. A spanking for a young woman should always be on a bare bottom, I’m sure you agree.”

Whatever sort of bra she was wearing must have been on the thin side. I could see her nipples peaking, pressing little tents against her top.

“Oh. It has to be on a bare bottom?”

“Indeed. Do you want to remove them or should I?”

“What, you’re really going to spank me?”

“If you take of those pants I will.”

“Um. If I did take them off, how do I know you’ll only spank me? You might be tempted to molest me.”

“You’re kidding, right? Once those pants come off I’ll not only spank you but I will bend you over the end of that couch and educate you in the way a man uses a woman.”

I paused for a moment.

“Instead of just taking off your pants you might as well take off everything. I’d want your top off so I can get at your breasts.”

She looked at me, her face slightly flushed.

“You’re asking me to have sex with you,” she said.

“No. You’re offering to permit me to spank you. I’m just letting you know what will happen after I do.”

“What if I say yes you can spank me but no to the sex?”

I shook my head.

“It doesn’t work that way. If I spank you I would feel honour bound to fuck you afterwards. To console you for the spanking.”

She bit her lip. I think it was to stop herself laughing.

“I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you start getting undressed but leave your panties until the very end. That way you can always change your mind at the last moment.”

Like hell. Once she started getting undressed I’d finish up fucking her and we both knew it. She knew precisely what she was offering when she suggested I should spank her. My only problem was I didn’t know if she was a tease. If I started to remove her clothes kadıköy escort she might start yelling rape. All I could do was wait. From the smirk on her face she knew it.

In my favour, her nipples were erect, her face was slightly flushed, and she was breathing a little harder. She was excited and wanting. I ran my eyes over her again and then winked.

Finally she shook her head.

“Oh, I couldn’t. I just couldn’t.”

“Pity,” I said. It really was, but I was going to have to accept her decision.

“Aren’t you going to try to persuade me?” she demanded.

“No. I want you,” I said, one hand idly touching my groin where my erection was now noticeable, “but I’m not going to try to seduce you or force you. It wouldn’t be right.”

“Oh, and spanking me and then fucking me is fine?”

“Of course. The spanking is a punishment for sins freely confessed and the fucking just naturally flows on from that. Are you feeling naughty? Do you deserve to be spanked?”

She might not have deserved to be spanked because the kid’s mischief wasn’t really her fault. But she was certainly feeling naughty and wanted to do it.

“Fine,” she said. “But I can change my mind at any moment.”

“Up until the spanking starts,” I conceded.

She was flushed and watching me as she hooked her thumbs into her yoga pants and started pushing them down. They slid down enough until the edge of her panties was exposed and then she hesitated. Her flush was now a vivid blush but she adjusted her grip and took her panties down with the yoga pants, stepping out of them while still facing me, keeping an eye on me to make sure I was still watching. Damn right I was still watching.

She straightened up, facing me, not minding in the slightest that she was giving me a full frontal of her pussy. She was wanting me and she was going to get me. She peeled her top off without the theatrics of the way she lowered her pants but then she went into full tease mode as she took off her bra. She twisted and turned as she groped for the catch of her bra, making sure I was watching everything. Finally she unclipped it and started lowering it, slipping the straps off her shoulders and letting the bra drop down her arms, catching it and adding it to the little pile of clothes.

Now that she was naked she went all demure, hands daintily crossed in front of her pussy, head bowed slightly, not looking at me. A trained slave girl couldn’t have given a better performance of being there for her master’s pleasure.

I moved closer and then walked around her, enjoying the view. Her head twisted as she tried to keep me in sight.

“Very nice,” I said, running a hand over her bottom. “It’s almost a pity to have to spank it. Almost.”

I took her arm and led her over to the couch. Her eyes went wide as I undid my trousers and pushed them down slightly, my erection springing into view. She was going to open her mouth to protest, to point out that she’d only agreed to a spanking, but I got in first.

“The spanking will hurt,” I told her. “You’ll need something to hang on to, to help stand the pain.”

With that I sat, pulling her down and across my knee, placing her hand upon my cock. Her hand closed over it quite willingly, while my hand ran over her bottom.

“Move your legs slightly further apart,” I told her.


“Ah, because I’m telling you to?” I suggested.

That earned me a mutinous sniff but her legs drifted slightly further apart. I now had a good view of her pudenda and it was obvious I wouldn’t need to work too hard to get her aroused. Her labia were already swollen and flushed, her inner lips protruding, waiting to be touched.

It was odd, but I was quite certain that if I tried to take advantage and have sex straight away she’d be terribly insulted and do her best to fight me off. Her reasoning would have been how dare I expect her to have sex with me? But she could justify the spanking and the sex would be allowed to flow naturally from that. I couldn’t help wondering if she’d done this before, but I suspected not. Whether she’d do it again depended on my performance, I guess.

What I wanted to do was place my hand squarely over her mound and start massaging it but I suspected that if I deviated from her unwritten rules things would come to an abrupt halt. Still, I thought I could stretch the meaning of those rules somewhat.

My hand landed gently on her bottom and skimmed over it, moving lightly towards her pussy. I felt her stiffen slightly but, before she could protest, I lifted my hand and brought it down in a firmer spank. Not enough to really sting but enough to let her know I was serious about this. More is coming, was the message.

I kept that up for a while. A gentle pat and stroking of her maltepe escort bayan bottom, easing close to, but never touching, her mound, followed swiftly by a sharper spank. The spanks were getting harder, too, and were now actually stinging her bottom. I decreased the gentle pats and increased the spanks and she was starting to squirm a little.

She gave an outraged squeak when a spank went astray, landing with a sting on her pussy. I apologised, but in such a bland voice that anyone could tell there was a total lack of sincerity in it. (Just as an aside, when my hand actually slapped against her pussy a certain little hand that was still clasping my cock tightened slightly. Now, instead of just holding it, her hand was running over it.)

Her bottom was now developing a nice red glow. I maintained that glow but a few more of my spanks were starting to be a little erratic, warming up her pussy rather than her bottom. She did have the temerity to complain that I should be more careful. This promptly earned her a harder spank with the stern admonishment that I was doing the spanking, not her.

When she meekly accepting this I continued on my merry way, her bottom getting less attention as I started working her pussy a little harder. I developed a regrettable tendency to drag my hand roughly over her pussy whenever a spank landed on it. Strange that I didn’t feel any regrets.

I’m not saying all this attention was getting her aroused and wet, but I would like to point out that my hand was damn near splashing when it landed on her. She was breathing hard and making little whimpering sounds, obviously properly sorry that she hadn’t kept a closer eye on her children. I thought that it was time to forgive her.

I swung Alice to her feet, feeling her finally let go an erection that was as hard as a rock. She stood there looking at me, biting her lip, tears in her eyes.

“It’s all right,” I said soothingly. “It’s all done now. Just relax.”

I slid my hands around her, hands closing lightly over her bottom, softly rubbing it. A little pressure and she was moving closer to me. A little more pressure and she was straddling me and then, with no help from me, she was sinking down onto my cock, sliding onto me with no hesitation and a little groan of relief.

She just sat there straddling me, firmly impaled. Her breasts were right there in front of me, nipples pointing at me. What could I do? I leaned forward and captured a nipple with my mouth. I think she actually sat still on my cock for a couple of minutes while I kissed and tasted her breasts. Finally I lifted my head, my hands closing on her breasts instead. At the same time I pressed my groin up towards her, letting her feel my cock pressing against her.

She took the hint with no delays. Her eyes were half-closed as she started moving, sliding up my pole before hesitating and sinking back down. I did my bit, pushing up to meet her as she came, and she was swiftly proving to be an accomplished pole-dancer.

She wasn’t just aroused and ready. She was eagerly ready, wanting what I had and wanting it now. She bounced happily on my lap, all thought of tears and smarting bottom gone by the way. I sensed that what we were doing was an apology of sorts – I just didn’t know which one of us was apologising. Truth to tell, I didn’t care.

Alice had settled into a rhythm that suited her and I had no complaints. As far as I was concerned in a situation like this, what the woman wants, she gets. We cruised along, passion holding us both firmly in its grip.

Sex is lovely while it lasts but eventually it has to come to an end. Alice had a slightly glazed look in her eyes, completely out of this world apart from what she was doing, but plainly ready for the big bang. I started thrusting upwards faster, hitting her harder, and it didn’t take much to set her off. It didn’t take much to set me off, either, as I climaxed right along with her.

It seemed to me that if I wasn’t careful the next couple of minutes would see everything go to hell real quick. There was no way Alice was going to admit that she’d effectively initiated the spanking and the sex. If I was there she was going to blame it all on me. If I wasn’t she could pretend that it didn’t really happen. So my best bet was to get the hell out of there.

I’d already moved her so she was sitting on the couch. I rose to my feet.

“I’ll leave you to speak to the twins,” I told her. “Remember to tell them that they can’t play in my yard for two weeks. However, if they care to come over on Saturday to help me replant my flowers then I’ll cancel the ban.”

“They wouldn’t have the faintest idea of how to plant flowers,” Alice protested.

“If they show willing, I’ll teach them. I have some bulbs that they should be able to plant with no problems. They can mark where they are and watch them grow.”

With that I took my leave. I suspected that Alice would be there with the kids for the planting. Maybe someone would stuff up and Alice would feel the need to apologise. One could but wait and see.

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