My First [GF-03] Pt. 01

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The first time I had sex with a man was as a college freshman. I was very, very shy and a loner. I took a swimming class. In this class there was a guy named Clifford who used to be very pushy. I avoided him all the time and in the locker room I made sure to take a locker far from every body. Fortunately the class was very small. There were only about four guys and three girls so I was always able to get a locker in a secluded area in the locker room. I was so shy I never showered in the nude. This guy Cliff used to always shower nude and near me. I often peeked at his big cock. It had to be seven plus inches and was uncut and standing straight out of his thick dark clump of pubic hair with its head peeping wetly out of its sheath. And hanging underneath were two big balls in a curly-haired covered sack.

Cliff noticed me peeking at his cock and would give me mean looks. Several times he asked, “What the fuck are you looking at?” I would just turn my back to him. Several times when he’d make comments to the other guys like, “This guy likes to look at cock so we have to watch out,” I’d be so embarrassed.

One time the other two guys in the class and all the girls were out so the instructor ended the class when he realized no one else casino oyna was showing up.

After the class Cliff came into the showers with a rock hard cock. I couldn’t help but just stare at it. He came over to me and asked, “Do you like it?”

I didn’t know what to say so I just whispered, “Sorry,” and looked down totally mortified that this guy was there showing his rock hard cock and worse I was looking at it.

Cliff didn’t move. Instead he made his cock throb while he called me names. I was totally flustered and just kept saying, “Sorry,” and stuff like, “Please leave me alone,” and “I didn’t mean to look.”

Unexpectedly Cliff slapped me. I was already so nervous and flustered that I started sobbing.

He slapped me again and said, “Defend yourself fag.”

I just kept sobbing.

Cliff’s cock was still rock hard as he slapped me again before violently shoving me against the wall. I just kept crying and begging him to stop.

Laughing, Cliff turned me around and pulled down my bathing suit. Then before I knew it he was shoving his finger up my ass. I yelled, “Nooo!” and tried to push him away. He smacked the back of my head and showed me his fist saying, “Keep your mouth shut or I’ll break your canlı casino face.”

I sobbed and just kept saying, “Please, please …”

Cliff spread my ass opened, and the smooth rigidity of Cliff’s cock slid between my sleek, round butt cheeks. I felt the rubbery head of his cock press against the tight dimple of my tight ass hole. I was breathing heavily and kept saying stuff like, “Oh god, oh god … please Cliff it hurts…it hurts,” as I thought about his cock poised at my sphincter as if it were a ram about to batter down this gate to my innermost depths filled me with horror and despair. Tears of humiliation and rage coursed down my face.

Bending me forward, Cliff told me to spread my legs. Then he slowly entered me. As he pierced my sphincter it hurt like hell and for a minute. I thought my ass was going to split in two. I started moaning with pain and pleasure as he slowly made his way all the way in. grabbing my hips, Cliff kept shoving his cock deeper into me saying stuff like, “This is what you need…take it fag…you like that cock?”

I just kept saying, “Please Cliff, It hurts…please Cliff it hurts…”

Ignoring my pleas, Cliff fucked me until he shot his load up my ass.

Then pulled his kaçak casino cock out and left. I pulled up my bathing suit and went to get changed.

After his shower Cliff came by my locker and I got so nervous I started to shake a little. Cliff spit on me and slapped me again. “Now its time for you to eat,’ laughed Cliff as he grabbed me by the shoulders and roughly shoved me down to my knees in front of him, eye-level with his still hard cock. As I slowly inserted it into my mouth, Cliff grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my mouth all the way down. He continued to push until I felt his cock pushing against the back of my throat. As his huge shaft rammed into my mouth, I felt his pubic hair rub against my nose and lips.

His hands in my hair, Cliff pumped in and out, literally raping my throat with his thick cock. Occasionally he’d bring it out of my mouth to slap me with it, only to push it forcefully back in. A couple of minutes later, he cummed down my throat then wiped himself off in my hair.

Tears were rolling down my cheeks as I put on my clothes.

That night I jacked off thinking about Cliff’s big cock and how he fucked me.

During the next week I craved his cock in my mouth and up my ass but he just ignored me. I changed my locker to one where I could see him. When I’d change I’d expose my ass to him. I wanted him to fuck me again. After about two weeks of doing this, Cliff finally got the message…

The end…

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