Morning Dew

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I write this having just woken up, my tight white tank offsetting my light brown skin, and showing off my hard chocolate brown nipples. Tiny little panties are the only other thing I’m wearing…and they are wet. As usual. Only this time, it’s worse – Aron’s out of town. As I look out of the window into the hazy wetness of New York City…I think about Aron. This kind of weather always makes him horny. He would love this. I know if he were here he’d just gaze out of the windows in bed laying behind me, my slim lithe figure leaning back against his tall broad body. I can feel his chest hair graze the smooth bare skin of my back, his large hands caressing one of my breasts, playing with my nipple, and the other hand sensually stroking my sides and my ass. Mmmm…I can’t wait for him to come back tomorrow.

Reminiscing, I think about our trip last weekend. He went to Washington DC for work, and took me with him. I occupied myself around town while he was working. “He hasn’t been sleeping properly – only working working working!” I thought in frustration. I was waiting for him to return because I was aching to feel his big addictive cock buried within me; when we arrived the night before he’d been exhausted from all that driving. All he wanted to do was 69 – and come in my mouth. It was good, but it was just a pussy-tease. I wasn’t going to have him tired tonight.

“What can I do to relax him and make him horny?” I said to myself. I knew he’d be horny, as we hadn’t fucked yesterday…this morning I was hoping his raw physical needs would win the war against being at the client on time, and he’d assault me in bed. But he didn’t. He rushed about, caressed the one breast that had popped out of the skimpy pink nightie he loved, and kissed me goodbye. Ugh! More teasing! I had to make sure he had stamina tonight!

I smiled to myself as I thought of the perfect way to take care of my man, and myself too! I ran down to the local shops and bought a few calming scented candles, and a nice bottle of rose-scented massage-oil…I couldn’t wait for him to come back! kartal escort When I got back upstairs he called to say he was on his way – 15 minutes! I rushed to light the candles, draw the curtains, and leave some lighting on in the living room so that it shone through the white fabric on the French doors that led to our room. This created a beautiful ambiance – I knew he’d like it. Last thing, outfit! I stripped down and looked at myself in the mirror. My nipples were already hard, begging to be licked and sucked. My pussy was getting wetter by the second, and I reached down and teased my clit ever-so-gently with my fingers. Mmm…that felt so good…I leaned my head back and closed my eyes…coming to my senses, I left it throbbing for more attention. I pulled on my lacy embroidered baby-blue thong and bra. This was his favorite. I heard the lock turn in the door – “He’s back!” my heart sang!

I poked my head through the bathroom door. “Baby! I’m so happy you’re back! But you can’t come in through the French doors…enter the room from the bathroom!” I said.

He just smiled and shook his head, he’s become accustomed to my shenanigans.

I shut the door, and ran back to the bed, laying provocatively across it. As he entered his smile grew. “What’s all this baby, huh? For me?”

“Of Course, my love, I want to take care of you…” I got up on my knees and pulled him gently until he was in front of the bed. I unzipped his trousers as he unbuttoned his shirt, wondering what was going to happen next.

I lay him down when he was finally naked and straddled him. I leaned forward and kissed him gently. His hands were stoking up and down my sides, appreciating my body. He smiled happily. “Babe…”

“Shhh…just relax…” I said as I slowly unhooked my bra and flung it on the floor. I grabbed the massage oil and poured a generous amount into my palms. He watched me as I proceeded to glide my hands all over my upper body, paying special attention to oiling my breasts and nipples – he loves to watch me play. Soon I was gleaming maltepe escort bayan bronze in the candlelight…his eyes trailed my hands down my body as I wiped the remnants of the oil on my inner thighs. He knew what was coming.

Slowly, I positioned myself lower on his body, and lazily dragged my body over his, spreading the oil from me to him. He groaned as he felt my oiled breasts skim over his balls and enlarged cock. I paid no heed, dragging myself all the way up him, until my nipples were at his mouth. I dragged down again…repeating this motion until he was satisfactorily hard. He gazed at me longingly, his eyes saying “Put me in your mouth…in between your breasts, anywhere!”

Smiling, I ignored his look of longing and started to massage his chest and his arms, relieving the tension of the day. He shut his eyes for a few moments…until I was done with most of his upper body…I stroked his hips, waking him up…and lead my hands down to his ready and waiting cock and balls…I cupped them in my hands, massaging them slightly and then turned around on him so that my back was facing him. This way I could do his legs…

“Babe…take off your thong, I wanna see you properly.” He commanded. He loves my ass. I got off him momentarily to slide the thong off me and then got right back on. Oh I was getting wet again…I could feel his smooth hard dick press against my warm wet lips. It was just begging for entry. But no! I wanted to massage him first! I slowly leaned over his legs, and started massaging his feet first, moving up to his calves and thighs…this of course left me bent over and my Brazilian waxed holes totally exposed to him. He LOVED it.

“Mmmmm…” he said as he brought his fingers up to me and started dragging them up and down the length of my crack and pussy. He played with my clit, making it wet from my juices, and brought his fingers back down to my hole…pushing two of them in, as his thumb gently stroked my asshole.

“Ooohhh…” I said, as I pushed myself back and forth on his still escort pendik fingers, plunging myself onto them. The candlelight illuminated every detail of my naked silhouette on the facing wall, from my ass to the curve of my back, to my hard nipples. This only served to turn me on even more…

“You’re not gonna ride me baby?” Aron said softy, and took his fingers away.

I didn’t turn around, I didn’t answer back, I just lifted myself slightly so that I could get his cock upright and at my entrance. “Here, Baby?” I asked, rubbing his solid thick cock over my wet pussy lips and throbbing clit.

He groaned back in response.

I held his cock and pushed down on it, slowly, slowly, until I felt him buried deep as could be. “Aaahhhhh…” It felt too good. I slowly started riding him, making slow circles and figure-8’s with my ass. I was leaning forward slightly, palms on the mattress. I knew he liked to watch his cock being fucked.

“Mmmm baby…yeah…” He whispered breathlessly, as he rested his arms on the pillows, watching me.

Encouraged, I started riding him harder, making my ass move up and down, slamming myself onto him as my back arched. I could watch my shadow and was surprised by how hot it looked! I used it as my guide, moving my ass in controlled motions…my pussy was being stretched, but I was in control of the pain. As I came down harder and harder on him, he pushed on my upper back, making me lean lower, towards his legs. This gave him leverage and an even better view. He grabbed my hips and started pumping into me. I pushed back. Soon we both fell into great rhythm with each other, giving each other pleasure. I rode him hard as I threw my head back and came…clenching and releasing, clenching and releasing my pussy around his deeply buried cock and not letting go! That drove him over the edge.

“Aaaaahhhh…ahhhhhhhh…” He came hard, bucking his hips up to me, lifting my entire body off the bed! “Ahhhhhh…aahhh…” He came into me one last time and then I was lowered back. I slowly got off him after he had become soft. I lay beside him, stroking his hair…

“Babe…that was awesome…” he said with a sigh.

“Shhhh…sleep…I’ll wake you up in an hour…”

“Baby, you’re the best…” He whispered as he wrapped me up in his body and drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32