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I met an extra-ordinary man. He loved me for two weeks and then left. I am pining. This is my exorcism! Enjoy and have a great year ahead. I may just be back! Ha ha.


You are a gorgeous man. Not in the TV star way, in a more lived in way. You are not startled by your own looks. You own them. I love that about you. I find myself staring at you, hoping you don’t think I’m some little psycho. Once or twice you have caught me staring and it sent me into a giggling/coughing fit. I haven’t met many men who can do that to me with a smile. Your eyes. I may need to write an ode to them at some point in the future. I cannot tell the exact colour because it depends on the lighting of the moment. Anything from cornflower blue to the most piquing shade of cyan. I love when you look down at me in bed. It makes me literally shiver.

Its morning and I cannot sleep. The routine of getting up early to get to work is so ingrained I cannot sleep past 7am. You look like one of Botticelli’s angels; all naked and gorgeous. The devil in me feels a persistent and urgent need to have those eyes open up and look at me. I nudge you softly first. I get a faint stir. Encouraged, I do it harder. Your eyes flutter open for a second and close again. Damn. I may have to resort to out and out force!

Uncovering you in what I think is a stealthy manner actually wakes you up. When I am done pulling back the covers, I look up and find you looking at me with a mixture of curiosity and morning grogginess. It’s disturbingly ataşehir escort bayan endearing. I could gobble you up! You have morning wood. I am curious about it and start to feel your cock. I wonder if you are hard enough for me to just jump aboard. I am not really in the mood for foreplay……..I am not a morning person.

Pre-empting my studious caressing, you flip me over and get on top of me. The eyes again. One look and I believe I am more predisposed to being nicer in the morning now. I melt as you smile. I can feel your erection pressing against my closed thighs. It’s full of promise and I giggle without knowing why. You lean in to kiss me and I eagerly try to reach up and meet you half way. Kissing you is always an amazing production of its own. It’s the reason while I am embarrassed by public displays of affection; I am not entirely uncooperative when you kiss me on the street.

I live the way you suck on my lower lip, I love the way you don’t try to tongue choke me! It’s awesome. You kiss me slowly and I am getting impatient. My tits are so swelling in want that it’s almost painful. I’m wriggling around, hoping you’ll stop being a typical man and multi task. I hear you chuckling through the kiss. You know I am impatient, you like to torture me with drawn out foreplay. It makes for interesting power play before sex.

Finally indulging me, you touch the tip of one nipple ever so slightly. I literally tremble. I can feel the pleasure coursing though my veins from the tip escort kadıköy of my breast to that place just above my clit. It makes me wriggle around even more. You hoarsely ask me to stay still. As if. You know well because after you say it, you pin my hands on top of my head on the pillow. I am not sure if you know this but when you move around on top of me, I can feel your chest hairs rub all over my breasts. It’s electric.

Finally you get me still enough to resume kissing me. I open my legs and you settle in between them. I am frustrated because another one of your unbeatable attractions is your butt. I love grabbing you butt, running my hands over it and occasionally I swat it in public. It’s a great butt; I cannot be faulted for not being able to resist it. I ask with what I hope is a suitably seductive voice if I may be allowed to touch your bum. You kiss me a little more and release my hands.

By the time I have moved into a position where I can touch your ass, you have slipped inside me. The surprise of it is fantastic. I gasp. Ok, no, that was actually a squeal. I squeal in pleasure. It feels good. Your rock hard cock inside me, my inability to move freely, my hands on your gorgeous ass and the idea that it’s you greatly expounds the erotic haze that seems to have covered me.

I love the morning sex. You are slow and deliberate and most of the time. I get to learn things about myself that I would have otherwise glossed over. Erotically edifying and satisfying, that’s what sex with you bostancı escort is.

You start to thrust harder. Before I know it though, your hands flip me over and ask me to get on my knees. I am feeling slightly lazy from all the loving but I know how good you deliver doggy and I don’t hesitate. I am such a wuss! I feel your cock throbbing hotly at my pussy entrance. I push back invitingly and you shove your now impossibly hard cock inside. There is no preamble in the initial thrust but you are gentler in the withdrawal. I love the way you slide in and out and I can feel the head of your cock as it grazes my walls slickly.

Again I am unprepared for you this morning. You slam into me…hard and deep. I gasp the pain is so familiar and enticingly bearable. It is so right and I know it fades after a couple of deep thrusts. You keep slamming into me until I am sure your aim is to see if your dick can come out on the other end; my mouth. I am not expecting the orgasm that I get. It surprises both of us because it has had no build up per se. Again I am reduced to a fit of giggles. You groan as I cum around your cock.

You pick up the pace which leaves me whining and begging for something. I am not sure what. Apparently you know because your next thrusts are quick and short and I am an orgasmic mess around your cock for a second time in as many minutes. As I come down from my pleasure haze, I feel you coming inside me. The molten fire you are pumping inside me feels good. It’s like licking yourself from the inside.

I feel little tremors coursing throughout my entire body and sigh languidly. You kiss my back when you’re done and then pull me into a cuddle. It doesn’t take me long to fall asleep under your light caresses. I dream of your eyes over and over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32