Melissa’s Dreamcatcher Tattoo

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Melissa sat alone at the table with tears welling up in her eyes. Her date had excused himself to go to the bathroom and didn’t return. Maybe if this had been the first time it happened it would have been less painful but 3 dates in a row now had abandoned her before even staying for dinner. The waitress came to her and put a hand on her shoulder.

“Did that asshole run out on you hun? I’m so sorry, don’t worry about your check ok, you deserve better than that jerk anyways.” She said, handing Melissa a tissue.

Melissa left the restaurant and sat in her car crying for a while, at her best friend and roommate Claire’s insistence she sent her a text, just said ‘He left’ then set about driving home. Claire was still on the phone when she got back, screaming down the line at the guy she’d set Melissa up with. She ended the call with a slew of abuse then hung up to hug her friend.

“Honey I’m so sorry, he said he would be a perfect gentleman and promised he’d give you a chance. I’m firing him tomorrow, I hate what he did to you.” Said Claire, hugging her friend.

“No please don’t, it’s me, I’m the shy one, I’m the one with no confidence, why would he want me, nobody else does.” Said Melissa, her tears welling up again.

“I promise we’ll find someone for you, I know you don’t believe me but you’re beautiful and I just wish guys would see you how I do. I ran a bubble bath for you sweetie, lemme know when you’re under the bubbles and I’ll bring you a glass of wine.”

Melissa sat in the water, making sure her full body was covered with bubbles before she let Claire in with the wine. She hated anyone seeing her naked, didn’t like to look at herself and felt nobody else would either.

“I have the same bits as you ya know, you shouldn’t mind me seeing you naked.” Said Claire, teasing her friend.

“You just want to seduce me you evil bisexual you.” Replied Melissa, finally smiling.

“There’s that smile, and I told you, it was only 4 times with women.” Said Claire.

“And before you say it, I don’t do this just for the wine and bubble baths, I’ll be 21 in a week and can buy my own.”

The women chatted a while but Claire left when she seen the bubbles start to fade. Despite thinking her friend Melissa had a perfect figure she hated embarrassing her, knowing she’d spend the next week not even giving eye contact. Claire sat at her computer, IM’ing her friend online and explained why she had to leave to take care of Melissa.

“I’m telling you I really don’t get it. She’s not head turning gorgeous but she’s pretty, hides under fake glasses and her hair. She has a natural amazing figure that she hides with baggy shirts but she has zero confidence in herself, won’t take anyone at all telling her what she has.” Typed Claire to her friend Kim.

“Do you think she’s maybe a lesbian and is ashamed?” Kim replied.

“Oh no way, I told her about me and Alicia, didn’t even get graphic and she freaked, wouldn’t talk to me for days. She jokes about it now but she’s straight as they come. I’m going to try something out the box for her 21st, I’m taking her to get a tattoo, I found this Native American design that’s meant to bring out confidence in a woman, I don’t believe in that crap but if I can convince Melissa just a fraction I’ll be happy. I love her to death, without her my business would have failed at the start and I’ll never forget it. Hey she’s getting out the bath, I better go. Text me later, k?” Typed Melissa then shut off the computer.

“No more dates for a while okay, I’m fine, I promise.” Said Melissa as she snuggled with Claire on the couch.

“I promise.”

A few weeks later Melissa sat in the chair, her leg raised as the artist finished up the last part of her tattoo. She chose her upper thigh so she could hide it easier but was impressed with Claire’s choice. A Dreamcatcher with a Native American Warrior woman that was meant to bring her confidence and protect her spirit from evil. Melissa knew Claire was skeptical of it’s meaning but she loved seeing it take shape. Melissa laughed inside a little too, the only man to have ever touched her skin did so with gloves and needles but she doubted anyone else would see it funny and kept it to herself.

“Oh wow that looks amazing on you sweetie! I love it.” Said Claire as she admired the finished work.

“I really like it too, thank you so much.” Melissa replied.

“Hey do you mind if I take a picture for my book? This came out awesome, I’d love it in my portfolio.” Said the artist as he turned on his camera.

Claire was a little surprised but smiled as Melissa held up her skirt and let him take the picture.

“Oh, my leg is numb, 6 hours in that chair and I am ready to go home!” Said Melissa, limping a little.

That Friday, Claire got home from her shop, surprised to find the apartment empty. Usually Melissa would be online playing games or working on some designs or just watching tv but not today. Thinking nothing of it she got in the shower then dressed only in her over sized towel, canlı bahis made herself some toast. She sat on the couch and must have dozed off as she didn’t remember Melissa coming home but her coat was on the hook and her door was closed. Claire turned the TV off and wandered to bed but after really bad dreams woke her she got up to get a glass of warm milk. As she closed the fridge door she almost jumped out of her skin, Melissa stood before her was wearing only a pair of pink panties. Claire stared at her in shock, tried not to drool at her 36d breasts but could only mumble a ‘hi’.

“Oh you act like you’ve never seen tits before, you have a bad dream?” Said Melissa.

Claire was still in shock.

“Y-yes, you’re awake right, you’re not sleepwalking or something?” Replied Claire, she could swear Melissa’s eyes were glowing a little.

“Nope, just wanted some milk, help me get back to sleep.”

Claire cursed as her milk on the stove bubbled over and hissed on the burner, by the time she’d turned it down and cleaned the mess Melissa was gone.

The next morning Claire was up early to open her shop and was gone before Melissa got out of bed, Saturday’s was her late close day so it was dark by the time she got home. As she approached the entrance to her building she seen a couple passionately kissing, the woman clearly in control with the guy almost pinned to the wall but as she got close she let him go, said something in his ear, kissed him on the cheek then went inside. The guy stood open mouthed a second then lowered his gaze, almost scurrying away as Claire went inside. The woman was vaguely familiar but was wearing a short skirt and red ‘fuck me’ heels that seemed to match her wild hair. It wasn’t until she got inside and the woman stepped out of her bathroom until she recognized her fully.

“M-Melissa? Wow, you look, um, Different.” She said, completely stunned.

“You were going to say ‘Slutty’ weren’t you?” Melissa replied with a grin.

“N-no, I’ve just never seen you like that.”

“Well it was for a cause, that boy you passed coming in left me after 5 minutes the first time we went out, I gave him half a blowjob in the car on the way here then after I kissed him I told him ‘Don’t fucking call me”. I just sent him a text too, told him who I was. Hey, I ran you a bath, I know you’ve had a busy day sweetie, Chardonnay and bubbles?” Said Melissa, already pouring the wine.

“Uh, sure, thank you.” Said Claire, still in disbelief.

Expecting to just take the glass and go sit in the bath, Claire was a little surprised when Melissa took 2 glasses into the bathroom with a ‘come on then’ over her shoulder. By the time Claire shook her head and got into the bathroom Melissa had stripped down to a lace bra and panties set and was turning off the water. Claire didn’t know what to think and just stood in silence after kicking off her shoes.

“Melissa, um, are you ok, this isn’t like you. I like it, but I’m worried sweetie.” Said Claire with genuine concern.

“I’ve not been drugged, I’m not drunk, I’ve never been better. Lets get you out of those clothes and relax, you’re wound out like a rattlesnake my dear.” Said Melissa who by now was gently kneading Claire’s shoulders.

Claire didn’t know what to think, she swore again that she could see Melissa’s eyes glowing but put it down to shock and the candlelight and brushed it off. She jumped a little when Melissa un-clipped her bra and gently cupped her breasts then kissed her on the shoulder.

“You have really nice breasts, I wish mine were a little smaller but I guess I like them.” Said Melissa as she gently rubbed Claire’s nipples.

Claire could only think ‘HOLY FUCK’ when Melissa pulled her panties down but after she stood beside the bath and held out her hand and helped her step in.

Melissa knelt beside the bath when Claire laid back in the water.

“You’ve given me so much Claire, I don’t tell you enough how much our friendship means to me. I love you, you’re my favorite person in my whole life.” Said Melissa with sincerity. She brushed Claire’s hair from her eyes, kissed her tenderly on the lips then got up and left, closing the door behind her.

Claire jumped when she came back in.

“Sorry, forgot my wine.” She said then left again.

Claire was too tired and too much in shock to make much sense of her friends sudden change, Melissa was in bed by the time she’d got out the bath but she thought she must have been drunk and went to bed herself.

The next morning Melissa was sitting eating cereal when Claire got up, thinking she’d be embarrassed or something Claire didn’t mention anything from the previous night and acted normal. She noticed Melissa was back in her sweatpants and baggy shirt which only enforced the ‘she had to have been drunk’ rationale she’d given her experience.

“So I must have been super brave last night, I texted that jerk that stood me up and told him he could have had me months ago and now he never will. He hasn’t replied though.” Said Melissa bahis siteleri in between mouthfuls.

“Did you have fun last night? I didn’t know you were going out.” Replied Claire.

“I guess, strange dreams though, I don’t think I stayed out too long, went out at 5 for a bite to eat.”

Claire hadn’t returned home until 11.45pm but didn’t say anything.

For the next few days Claire didn’t notice anything strange with Melissa, she seemed to have returned to her usual shy self, not going out unless she had to but Wednesday brought out ‘Possessed Mel’ as Claire began to think of her and was just thankful for a night alone.

Melissa stood at the end of the couch where Claire was relaxing, she was in a tight black dress that hugged all her curves and had a plunging neckline showing off her ample cleavage. Claire could hardly believe it was her friend.

“Wow, you look amazing sweetie, who’s the really lucky guy?” Said Claire as she sat up.

“I’m going to see Chad, he was with me a whole 15 minutes before he bailed on me, I’m going to make him practically beg to touch me then do the same to him. You staying home?” Said Melissa.

“Yea, shop’s closed tomorrow so I’m gonna relax tonight.”

“Ok, I’ll try not to be late.” Said Melissa then was gone.

Claire decided not to think about the new Melissa, instead pressed play on her favorite porn dvd and set about her planned masturbation session. She’d been single for a while and had been too busy to meet with any of her fuck buddies but she knew how to take care of herself, that and the rubber cock she had hidden in her waistband would give her some nice release. She slipped out of her sweatpants, put one leg up on the back of the couch, the other on the floor and toyed with the dildo on her pussy until she was wet enough to take it inside. With her eyes fixed on the wanton sex on her TV she soon had it in her up to it’s rubber balls and slowly teased her clit to build her climax. She came pretty hard, didn’t remember blacking out but didn’t hear Melissa come home. She couldn’t have been out too long, her movie was still playing but Melissa sat at the bottom of the couch pretty much between her legs. Melissa was also naked, her dress laying crumpled on the floor next to her shoes.

Claire tried to cover herself but Melissa just smiled at her and before telling her she had a pretty pussy, lowered her mouth to it and began to slowly lick her. She took the toy out at first, replaced it with a couple of fingers but when Claire started to moan in pleasure she slid the toy back in and concentrated on her clit. Claire looked down at her friend, enjoying the sensations her tongue were giving her and decided to just enjoy it and ask questions later. She came again, the surreal situation of her shy Melissa making her orgasm the most explosive one she remembered having and everything went dark as she blacked out. She woke up on her bed, her pussy still tingling from her climax and was surprised to find Melissa still with her.

“I carried you in here I hope you don’t mind, it’s your turn baby.” Said Melissa, her voice low and sultry.

Still stunned Claire could only mumble ‘ok’ then watched as Melissa straddled her head and lowered her pussy to her mouth. Melissa didn’t take long to climax, held Claire’s hair as she shuddered to orgasm, flooding her friends mouth with cum. Melissa climbed off her then leaned on her elbow facing Claire.

“What happened to your date, you got home early.” Said Claire, still catching her breath.

“You’re the first woman I’ve shared oral sex with and that’s your question?” Said Melissa with a grin. “He was too easy, couldn’t take his eyes off my tits, actually came in his shorts when I rubbed against him. I reminded him who I was before I threw his beer over his crotch then left. Thank you for this, I really enjoyed it. I’m tired though, I’m going to bed.” Said Melissa who kissed Claire on the lips then was gone.

Claire laid on her bed for a while, her mind racing and trying to make sense of everything. She really enjoyed her orgasm but the last time she’d even mentioned bi to Melissa she almost threw up. Something wasn’t right.

The next morning Claire dressed in her robe and wandered into the kitchen as Melissa was limping back to her chair.

“Hey, are you ok sweetie?” Said Claire with concern.

“Yea, my leg is killing me, my tattoo healed really fast but is like it’s throbbing. Sorry, you’ll think I’m crazy, it’s probably nothing.”

“Well if it gets any worse let me know ok.”

“I will. Did you sleep ok last night? I had crazy dreams again, I remember planning to catch a movie or something but I don’t remember coming home, or even going out for that matter. Have I been acting weird or anything, spaced out?” Asked Melissa, gently rubbing her leg.

Claire decided the truth could wait.

“You’ve had a bit more energy recently but um, nothing super weird no.”

That afternoon with Melissa sound asleep on the couch Claire found the design she’d chosen, bahis şirketleri found the artist’s website and with luck, a contact number in Kansas was listed. She stepped out onto her balcony and called him.

“Hi, um, I know you’re probably going to think I’m batshit crazy or something but your beautiful dreamcatcher design that you gave me permission to use as a tattoo, does it have magic powers or something?” Asked Claire, expecting him to laugh then hang up.

“You got my second email right? I don’t use a computer very often but I’m sure I sent it. Oh, never mind, it’s here in my drafts, I hate these things. I asked if it was for you, I said it’s fine and has no effect as long as you’re not a virgin.” Said the man.

“And if it was for someone else who um, is, well maybe still is I’m not sure but definitely was when she got it?”

“Then you need to get on a plane with your friend and come see me. I’ll have my computer friend send you the address.” He said then hung up.

A few hours later Claire got the email she was waiting for, a map to a really small town in Kansas and contact numbers of a woman who’d pick them both up. She made a few calls, arranged for the store to be looked after then went to wake Melissa.

“Wait, you’re telling me those dreams were fucking real?” Said Melissa, tears streaming down her face.

“You never told me about what was in the dreams, I don’t know what you mean.”

“If they were real then you do, did I have sex with you last night, undress and help you into a bath last week? I thought I was going insane!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know what to tell you, you have to know I never forced you, I even tried to stop but you were pretty forceful.”

Melissa embraced her friend in a tight hug.

“I know you didn’t, I know you’d never hurt me.” Said Melissa, wiping her tears. “Lets go see this crazy Indian man then, I can’t believe we’re doing this.”

Claire and Melissa sat in the truck with the woman as she drove them to the town. She was very pretty, tattoo’s covering both her arms, across her chest and on what they could see of her back.

“So Melissa, you have the same tattoo on the same place as I do, my Uncle is amazing. He told me about you, my husband and I will actually be helping but you’re in good hands sweetie.” Said Jessica as she smiled at Melissa.

“Did the tattoo control you, have you do things?” Asked Melissa.

“Oh yes, I was a stuck up prude of a girl who would never let such a dirty disgusting thing like sex ever enter her world. It took a while and a lot of ink but that girl is long gone and I’ve never been so happy. After 3 kids though I made husband get the snip so he’d stop knocking me up but we fuck like bunnies ever chance we get.”

“I don’t have a husband and Claire’s only bi, I like men but will this make me a lesbian?” asked Claire.

Jessica laughed before she replied.

“No honey, it will free you from whatever chains you’ve put yourself in. Where you take yourself after that is up to you but you don’t have that lesbian look about you, you’ll be fine.”

Jessica pulled up to a gate and got out to open it, drove the truck through then got out to close it again. After a few minutes on a bumpy road they pulled up to a campsite and were led inside a large canvas and animal hide tent. A strong smell of smoke hit them as soon as they got inside, Claire could feel herself getting light headed. The man she’d spoken to on the phone stood up to greet them.

“I am Chief Dreamfeather but you can call me Mike. This is my good friend Marcus, he will be helping me. Claire, you can sit over there with my wife.” Said Mike.

Melissa sat and listened as Mike explained the power of the tattoo and what it was doing to her. He said it was never meant to be put on a virgin and only another tattoo while her virginity was taken would free her. He showed her the tattoo he meant on Jessica, promised it would be painless. Melissa look over to Claire as if for approval who nodded then carried on talking to the Chief’s wife.

“Okay, I’ll do it, can it be on my shoulder?” Said Melissa.

Marcus and Jessica stripped off while Mike prepared his inks then helped Melissa strip too. She looked down at Marcus’s cock and watched in awe as Jessica took it into her mouth. Once he was hard they had Melissa lay back with her shoulder close to Mike and Jessica knelt between her legs and began to lick her. Mike gave her a draw on a long pipe and as she coughed she felt as if she was on a cloud, Jessica’s tongue sending waves of pleasure through her body. When Mikes needles started their work, Marcus took Jessica’s place between her legs and placed his hard cock at the entrance of her pussy. Mike carried on as Marcus slowly fed his cock inside her, pushed past her virginity and let her get used to him. Mike didn’t take long to finish his work but Melissa barely felt it and didn’t notice him get up to leave, taking his wife with him. Jessica beckoned for Claire to join her as she watched her husband fuck Melissa and soon had her naked, fingering each other as Melissa’s moans of pleasure filled the tent. Melissa had cum about 3 times by the time Marcus finally climaxed, pushing his cock in deep as he sprayed his seed in her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32