Me and You and a Wife Named Sue Pt. 03

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“How’d I do, Sue?” David yelled over his shoulder.

“Bravo sweetie,” she replied, flatly.

“Thank you,” I mouthed to David, so Sue couldn’t hear me, and he winked on the sly.

“You better get in the shower, honey,” Sue said, and David gave me a final peck on the cheek before jumping out of bed, snagging the Turkish towel robe from the back of the chair, and kissing his wife on his way to the bathroom. I made my way to the end of the bed and found my dress, then turned to look at her.

“Thanks for sharing David with me in such an intimate way, Sue. You have been extremely understanding and generous,” I said, throwing some well-deserved gratitude her way. “I’ll say it again, you are so lucky; David’s a wonderful lover.”

I slipped the dress over my head and my bare feet into my sandals.

“Glad you enjoyed it,” said Sue, smiling warmly, but with an undercurrent of cool. “Hey you haven’t seen my black panties, have you?”

“Me? No,” I said, and I felt her look right through me. “But I’ll help you find them.”

Why the hell did I take them? I wondered, as I crawled around the bed faking a search. I’d never stolen anything in my life.


“You girls hungry?” David asked, steam billowing around him as he walked through the bathroom door into the bedroom in his robe. “I’m going to get changed and get the liver on. Sue, why don’t you toss us a Caesar salad. And Candy, there’s a good bottle of Cab Franc on the table; pour us a glass eh?”

“Will do,” I said, and prepared to leave the room, but Sue grabbed my wrist.

“Not so fast,” she said, “I haven’t had my turn.”

David and I looked at each other, confused.

“We’ve pretty much done everything there is to do, Sue,” David said, laughing, “and I’m starving. Come on, let’s eat.” He gestured at the bedroom door.

“We have NOT done everything,” said Sue, blocking the exit. “We’ve done your fantasy,” she said, pointing at David, “And we’ve done your fantasy,” she added, pointing at me, “but not MY fantasy.”

“What are you talking about?” said David, perplexed. “That strap-on thing was your idea.”

“Me getting screwed by a big dick? That’s your fantasy,” said Sue. “I did that for you.”

Sue turned to face me and I thought, uh oh, it’s hammer time.

“And don’t tell me, Candy, that my husband making love to you wasn’t YOUR fantasy – bet you’ve been dreaming about that for the 8 months you’ve been carrying on the affair with him.”

“It wasn’t an affair, Sue,” I said, quietly, trying to calm the tension I saw manifesting itself in her jaw, “It was just . . . you know . . . online shit.”

I shrugged.

“Well it stopped being online shit when you showed up at David’s office last week and blew him.”

Sue air-quoted online shit.

“You two owe me,” she added, “Just accept it and let’s get on with the fun.”

She smiled just then and I couldn’t tell if she was really mad or not.

“Sue, I’m spent,” said David. “Let’s eat and relax for a bit and then maybe . . . who knows?”

“Oh I think you underestimate yourself, honey,” Sue said, taking me by the hand and leading me to the tall railback chair. She prompted me to sit, and I did. Then she walked over to David and led him to the chair, positioned him in front of me, and unbelted the towel robe. It was obvious what she wanted me to do. I stared straight ahead at David’s previously blue marbled monument, now flaccid and pink, and reduced by half.

“I’m telling you, Sue, I’ve got nothing left!” he exclaimed.

“And I’m telling you, David, you’re going to shoot a bucket’s worth all over Candy’s beautiful face, her neck, and especially on that pretty print dress,” Sue said, patting his shoulder, “I’ll be right back.”

And then she left the room.

I looked up at David.

“I thought you said she wasn’t mad,” I whispered.

He shrugged.

“I don’t know if she’s mad or not; I’ve never seen her like this before. And um, sorry, but it’s going to take me a while to get there,” David said, a sheepish grin on his face.

I wasn’t worried about that. If there was one thing I excelled at, besides writing smut, it was giving head. As the old saying canlı bahis went, I could suck the chrome off a bumper.

“Alrighty then,” Sue said, as she reentered the bedroom with a glass of what I suspected was that Cab Franc, “let’s get this party started.”

Started? I’d been going at it for 2 hours. I mean I like sex, but Holy Good Lipton, if this went on much longer, the liver and onions wouldn’t be sufficient; I might be moved to submit an invoice for overtime.

Sue took a big gulp of the wine, then got behind David and nudged him a little closer to me. She reached around and lifted his limpness and pointed it at my face.

“Kiss it, Candy,” she said, and I pressed my lips to the head of his cock, then circled it with my tongue, and kissed it once more.

Sue nudged him again and I spread my legs so David could step between them and get closer to me. She stroked him from behind while I flicked and sucked his tip.

“How does that feel, honey?” she asked him, his eyes now fixated on his wife’s hand and my lips, working in concert to bring him off.

He took a deep cleansing breath and exhaled, “Nice.”

“Show me what you got, Candy,” Sue said, and she removed her grip, then walked around me to the back of the chair, presumably so she could enjoy her wine and take in David’s experience face on.

Little did I know, that wasn’t the reason for the repositioning.

I ran my hands up the back of David’s thighs, pulled him tight to me, and inhaled his semi-stiffness – all of it – and rolled it around in my mouth, tangling it up in my tongue. I felt it jump and then grow.

Oh yeah, I thought; this won’t take long.

“Mmmmmmm . . . yeah . . . hot,” he murmured under his breath, as I took him into my right cheek and let him bulge in and out of it for his viewing pleasure. Then a good swirly of his crown, and then another cheek fuck.

“Oh my God baby,” he groaned, and I looked up at him and smiled and pressed my middle finger up between his balls and back-and-forthed them.

“Give me your hand, Candy,” said Sue, and I lifted my palm and she squirted some lube onto it. I didn’t need any further instruction. I was going to do the same thing to David that I did to my husband every 6 weeks or so when he asked “pretty please” for it.

I took David in my right hand and squeezed. He was good and hard now, his veiny Johnson pulsing with hot blood. I worked him with a nice smooth slip and slide, courtesy of the lube, then moved my lips to his sack of marbles and started to gently suck and lick. Then the magnum opus: my middle finger behind his balls, pressing up into that special stretch of skin and massaging it. He gasped and his head fell back.

“Does it feel good, David?” Sue asked, matter of fact.

“Fucking great!” he said, “You were right, Sue; I’ve got one more in me.”

“Hold my hands, sweetie,” Sue said, and David reached over me to place his hands on hers. And then in a flash, the sound of metal on metal, and metal on wood.


And David was bent over and handcuffed to the back of the chair. He pulled at the rails.

“Keep sucking, Candy,” Sue said.

But I froze. That little voice in my head that I had ignored when I agreed to come here was alarming again.

Surprisingly, David was smiling.

“Let me guess; you got these from Sheila?” He chuckled.

“That’s right honey,” Sue said, “Sheila told me Darren liked to be restrained when he got pegged.”

And David’s formerly elevated expression, collapsed.

“I said keep SUCKING, Candy!” Sue barked.

Sue reached into the box of strap-on attachments and held up a petite and modified version of the dildo I had used on her. It was slim and smooth and black with a bulbous bent tip.

“Know what this is, David?” Sue asked, as she baton-twirled it in her hand. She put it into her mouth, then pulled it out slowly, making a popping sound as it passed her lips.

David didn’t answer. I knew what it was, but I didn’t answer either.

“It’s a prostate massager,” Sue said, “Sheila calls it, The Assmaster. It’s the same attachment she used on Darren.”

David jerked against his bahis siteleri confinement and the chair propelled me forward.

“Is there a reason you are not sucking my husband’s cock, Candy?” Sue asked, clearly agitated.

“Unlock the cuffs, Sue,” David said, but Sue was taking her dress off while she whistled a tune – the Canadian national anthem.

Holy fuck! I thought, has this ever happened to anyone, anytime, anywhere? Or am I the only lucky one?

“I mean it Sue. You could hurt me with that thing!” David said, pulling again at the restraints.

But Sue just smiled at him. She snapped the prostate attachment into the harness then worked the contraption up around her naked hips and secured the straps.

“I don’t know what the hell happened to my underwear,” she said, looking around the room again.

“Sue, please,” David said, “This isn’t funny or fun anymore.”

“Oh I disagree,” Sue said, “and what are you so afraid of? I’m only going to do to you what you just did to Candy.”

“It’s not the same thing and you know it,” he said.

“Sheila says it is,” said Sue, “She says it’s even better for men.”

“You’d never let me do it to you, Sue,” he said, his Rodney in full retreat.

“Well, after seeing Candy’s reaction, I may reconsider, but regardless, you’re going to go first.”

Sue lubed her palm and stroked a good amount on the tool, then gently disrobed her husband, leaned over his naked back, and once again, she wrapped her arms around him, found his lifeless lovestick, and held it up for my consideration.

“I don’t think he wants to do this, Sue,” I said, softly.

Sue stood straight and parked hands on hips.

“Oh really Candy?” she said, “Because I didn’t want him to masturbate online for 8 months with some horny housewife from Florida. And I didn’t want that horny housewife to show up in Nova Scotia and blow him in his office, but that’s what happened! So I don’t give a good God damn what either of you two want! It’s . . . my . . . turn!!!”

Sue exhaled sharply then composed herself and placed her hand tenderly on David’s cheek.

“I won’t hurt you honey, I promise,” she said, “I just really need you to do this for me, OK love?” and she gave that cheek a little love slap.

And David smiled, albeit weakly, and acquiesced.

“Alright Sue, I’ll try it, but you can take the handcuffs off; they’re uncomfortable,” he said.

“Sorry,” Sue replied, reaching around David’s waist once again, getting her hand around his cock, “My fantasy, my rules.”

Sue shook David’s limp biscuit at me and it weeble-wobbled around in her hand. I glanced up at him for encouragement and he winked at me.

What a guy.

I took his malleable dicklette in my hand and wrapped my tongue around his crown, while the harnessed intruder poked between his legs, back and forth from behind, and bumped against my hand as I fingered his balls. Sue rubbed and squeezed the insides of David’s thighs then skated her hands to his bare chest and worked his nipples. He sighed then began to groan, and once again, he grew to fill my fist.

“I won’t do it until you’re ready,” Sue said, “Let me know.”

But despite the second thoughts I guessed he was having, David was hard as a woodpecker’s beak, and having just tasted his prejac, I knew he was as ready as he ever would be.

“OK Sue, just a bit,” he panted, “Go SLOW!”

And I realized damn, this was really going to happen; what a helluva story. Hmmmm, I wondered, what should I call it?

David stopped moving just then and readied to take The Assmaster. I did my best to keep him aroused, yum yumming at him while I pulled and pushed my tightly pursed lips over the head of his cock and skimmed the full length of his shaft in quick soft strokes with my lubed grip.

“Oh my God Sue, FUCK!” he yelled, “That’s far enough!”

Sue laughed.

“That was the biggest part, sweetie, the rest is easy . . . just relax.”

“Oh . . . God . . . oh . . . God . . . OH . . . GOD!!!” David moaned louder and louder, with each half inch Sue encouraged him to accept, “I’m gonna cum!!!”

Just then Sue reached around him and passed me a key.

“Unlock bahis şirketleri his right hand,” she said abruptly, and I did as she commanded.

“Alright David,” Sue said, “Now jack off on your ex-girlfriend.”

Well that was kind of mean, I thought, after all we’d been through together. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This was turning out to be a better time than I could ever have imagined.

David took his slippery cylinder from me and wasted no time beating it at a frantic frequency, his demeanor delirious, his breathing erratic, his tip just a few inches from my face. I sat quietly in my pretty print dress with hands folded in my lap, like a proper lady, waiting for my tea and crumpets.

“Paint her good, David,” Sue said, flexing the wand into his backside, “and make sure you get some of it on that dress . . . a la Lewinski!”

“Candy . . . uh . . . uh . . . oh fuck . . . Candy . . . are you ready for it?” David sputtered.

“Fire away darlin’,” I said, and I tilted my head back, opened my mouth wide, and stuck out my tongue and wagged it at him.

And the big finale Sue had planned came off as choreographed: in high definition, with surround sound, and with the most amazing special effects.

“There it is,” David warned, “Oh FUCK yeah, THERE IT IS! I’m gonna EXPLODE!!!”

“There’s one more inch baby!” Sue said, “TAKE IT!”

And with that, she gripped David’s bare hips and flexed the full length of the massage rod in and out of his virgin ass. He stiffened and yelped, then howled with ecstasy as he drenched me in his hot lava – a fountain of joy juice. It just kept coming and coming, accompanied by his euphoric squealing. I’d never seen or heard anything like it; I just hoped his heart could take it.

Finally drained, he sagged against me, and when Sue uncuffed his other hand, he slumped to his knees, rolled onto his back, and passed out.


I startled as the flash went off in my eyes. What the fuck?

Sue was standing in front of me, the strap-on still swinging below her hips, her phone in hand.

“Did you just take my picture?” I asked.

“Yes I did, for insurance purposes,” she answered, then threw her phone on the bed.

I knitted my brows.

“If I ever find out you’re in contact with my husband again,” Sue said, crossing her arms, “those Candy coated cum shots will make their way to every social media platform available.”

Then, up from the grave he arose, disheveled and disoriented.

“Are we going to eat or what? I’m starving,” he said, leaning on an elbow in an unsuccessful attempt to stand.

“Candy can’t stay for dinner, honey,” Sue said, helping him to his feet. “Something’s come up, hasn’t it Candy?”

“Um yeah,” I said, as I reached for some tissue on the bedside table and wiped my face, “Hey listen, I gotta go but it was . . . well . . . more than interesting,” I said, and I hugged David tight.

“I’ll miss you,” I whispered in his ear, and he looked at me with sad dog eyes, pursed his lips, and nodded. He knew this was the end of us.


And so, I never got that liver and onions, but I did get a great story, and Sue’s black panties as a memento – hey it was only fair – her husband had mine. And on the drive back to Lunenburg, a surprise call from Allen.

“Get much done on the novel this afternoon?”

“No, I kinda got waylaid – ended up with a good short story though.”

“A short story? Really? What’s it called?”

“Me and You and a Wife Named Sue,” I said, the title coming to me just as it passed my lips.

“Catchy,” said Allen, “Sounds naughty, though.”

“Oh, you have no idea,” I said, joining him in a chuckle.

“Hey, so the reason I called – you’ll never guess who I heard from today. You remember Leslie Parton, right?” he asked.

“The old love of your life? How could I forget?”

“Yeah, well she’s in town. She wanted to get together with me tonight, but I didn’t want to go without you.”

I laughed.

“Go have a good time, Allen.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m very sure,” I said.

“Because there’s nothing between her and I anymore; I would never do anything inappropriate.”

“I’m 100% sure of that, honey,” I said.

“Well, you know, you can never be 100% sure,” Allen said, thoughtfully, “Sometimes you think you know someone . . . and then they really surprise you.”


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