Kiss, Fuck, Make Up!

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Aria Rae

The storm thrashed wildly outside Anna’s bedroom window. Lightening flashed intermittently, shattering the darkness temporarily. She pulled her covers up tighter around her shoulders, and trembled within them, unable to thwart her fear of storms, and being alone. Her boyfriend, Jack, was gone, having left quickly, following their explosive fight. Anna lay here, trembling now, part from her anger at Jack, and partly due to the incredible, violent storm outside.

Another flash of lightening illuminated her bedroom, followed by the loud roar of thunder. The digital display on her alarm clock flashed off, then on again, and then blackened, as the electrical power to her home was gone. “Oh shit”, she complained loudly to herself, again clutching the covers tightly around her body. She closed her eyes, hoping to fall into a sweet sleep until morning.

Bang, then bump, then the loud clapping of thunder, jolted Anna as she lay quietly praying for sleep. The old house shuttered under the storm’s wind, sending creaks and squeaks throughout itself, adding its own distinctive sounds to the rumbles of the storm. Suddenly, Anna heard another, different sound. It was the sound of movements, coming from downstairs. Terrified, she sat up in her bed, and stared at her bedroom door with wide, frightened eyes. Her mind was racing. She felt utter terror and confusion, as she sat there, almost unable to breath, while her heart added its deep thumping to the symphony of sounds around her.

At that moment, she heard a familiar voice, as the door opened, canlı bahis and a very disgusted, drenched Jack, stepped into the bedroom. “EEEEeeeeeeek!” she shrieked loudly. “Damn you Jack! I ought to kill you! You scared the shit out of me!” She grabbed a pillow from the bed and flung it hard at the dripping figure. “You ass”, she said, as she jumped from the bed, and ran towards her lover, almost beating the pillow she had thrown, into his arms. Anna hugged him tightly, completely ignoring his totally drenched state. His wet face cooled her warm skin fleetingly, before the wetness of their two hot mouths met, each one pushing a probing tongue inside, quickly, anxiously, sharing a passionate, wanton kiss.

She pushed him away then, laughed at him, and then said again to him, “You scared me to death, you ass. I thought you were gone for the night.”

Jack stood there, smiling widely at her. He looked at her appreciatively, noting the soft unruliness of her dark brown hair, as it hung in lose, unkempt locks, all around her face and shoulders. Her thin, white gown, now wet, clung to her like a clear glove. He looked at the fullness of her breasts, accented nicely with two pert and perky nipples, pressing against the wet cloth. Pulling her close to him again, he kissed her mouth, as his hands found her fleshy mounds, and he began to caress them gently. A warm, pleasant tingle crept from the heat of his palms, and seated itself silently, within the warm confines, between her inner thighs. “Mmmmmmmm,” she moaned softly, as his hands explored bahis siteleri more firmly, and he pinched her hard nipples between his fingers.

Their breathing quickened in anticipation, as their mouths explored one another, sucking, nibbling, and licking in heated, passionate kisses. Jack’s cock swelled hard, pressing against the soft heat of her body, boldly demanding attention, caresses from her. She obliged, and began to stroke his hardness with a willing, wanton hand. “Mmmmm, ahhh,” he moaned deeply, as he enjoyed every firm stroke of her hand, while in a single motion, he swept her up into his arms an carried to their bed, as their hot mouths sought each other without interruption. He put her down gently, and pulled her damp, white gown up over her head, and tossed it aside. Her full, firm breasts bounced, as he freed them, and he opened his mouth widely, letting the soft mound bounce against his tongue, before swirling it around her hard nipple, and popped it into his mouth. Jack sucked her nipple snugly inside his mouth, as he flicked his hot tongue around it, teasing her to utter delight. She moaned in appreciation, and quickly began to unbuckle his pants, pushing them down from his hips, freeing his hard, hot cock. She wrapped a soft, warm hand around the throbbing shaft, and stroked him firmly up and down, pushing his hot flesh up and down tightly against the hardness of hi erection. “Mmmmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhhhhh,” Jack moaned loudly, as his cock throbbed anxiously, wanting to be buried inside her silky wet canal.

He moved his bahis şirketleri hand down across her tummy, caressing her satin skin, until his hand found its desire. He touched the warm, wet skin, and moaned out his appreciation for her readiness. “Oh baby, you are so fucking wet, I love it.” He pushed his finger deep within her, reveling in the feel of her tight wetness that surrounded it. He pushed in and out deeply several times, and then said, “Damn baby, I have to feel that.” By the time he finished his sentence, he had mounted Anna, and his hard cock was pressing deeply inside her. “Ohhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhm,” she moaned, as he filled her, thrusting his cock, in and out of its wet, tight sleeve.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh,” yes, fuck me, fuck me Jack” she murmured with short breaths, as she moved her hips to meet each of her lover’s hard thrusts. She slipped her hand down to her pussy, and began to massage her clit. Her pussy tightened around Jack’s hard cock, and began to quiver in anticipation. Jack fucked her harder, as she rubbed, and then moaned loudly, as she reached her orgasm. Her pussy trembled with pleasure, sucking Jack’s cock hard within its tightness. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm,” he groaned loudly, as he joined his lover in a climatic release, spewing his hot liquid deep within her wet cavern. His body trembled and quivered, as his climax drained all of his strength. He kissed Anna, between gasps for air, and rolled over, off of her. She touched his warm cheek with her hand, and smiled at him. “ I am not mad at you anymore” she spoke, between giggles.

Jack leaned up on one arm, and smiled down at Anna. “ That is ok”, he said, “you can get mad at me anytime. I know how to make you glad.” “ Yes, you do,” she smiled, as she spoke. “Indeed you do Love.”

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