Kelsey’s First All Girl

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Janet and I had become good friends since I started working in the call center. So, when she asked if I would like to join her and Rachael, another girl from work, for a night of clubbing, I readily agreed.

We decided to all meet up at the club. I arrived first and waited outside for the other two. I hated going inside by myself. At 5 foot 3 and 95 pounds, my young looks get me a lot of hassles about my age. I knew my conservative blue sundress, and my blonde pony tail, wouldn’t help.

Rachel showed up next. She’s about my height but probably out weights me by about 20 pounds. It’s not that she’s fat, she carries the extra weight in her D cup breasts. Tonight she was wearing tight, bright red shorts and a matching zip front shirt. Her dirty blonde hair was pulled up in a bun.

We had never really got acquainted at work, but we had plenty of time to get to know each other standing in front of the club because Janet showed up 20 minutes late.

When she finally showed, Janet was looking hot. Being taller than me at about 5 foot 8, her legs looked great below her short black skirt and even though she is skinny with small breasts like mine, her low cut white blouse fit her to a tee. Her shoulder length brown hair framed her face nicely.

I thought to myself, it’s a good thing we’re just out for fun. There’s not much chance plain old Kelsey (Me) would even get noticed around these too.

Anyway, we headed into the club and like always the guy at the door hassled me about my age. We got to a table and ordered our drinks. I don’t drink much, but the other two ordered whisky sours. Not wanting to look out of place, I did the same.

When the drinks arrived, I took a sip. WOW. Was it strong.

We talked about work and drank.

We talked about our families and drank.

We talked about the losers we had dated and drank.

Again I don’t drink much so it didn’t take long until I was feeling a little tipsy, OK a lot tipsy.

The whole time we were there, hot guys kept coming up to talk to Janet and Rachael. The two of them blew the guys off and sometimes were downright rude. I figured they were being nice and doing it for me. And we drank.

Pretty soon, I got to feeling if I drank anymore I would get sick. I told the girls I had better run along home. I didn’t want to ruin their night.

Janet said we would all leave, and suggested we all go back to her place. She swore she knew a way to prevent hangovers. I liked that idea, so we all went out and hailed a cab.

By the time we got to her apartment building the other two girls had to help me out of the cab and into Janet’s first floor apartment. The girl’s practically carried me to the couch and I flopped down in the middle.

Rachel sat with me and we talked about something while Janet went into the kitchen. When she came back, she had 3 large glasses of water.

This was her miracle cure for hangovers, Water? I giggled. Janet set the glasses on the table, then looking at Rachel, she picked up a glass casino oyna and handed it to me.

All of a sudden she slopped some of the cold water. Splashing me from below my waist, all the way to my breasts.

“Oh God!” Janet said “I’m so sorry.”

Rachel quickly added “You’d better get that wet dress off.”

“No.” I slurred “It’ll be OK.”

“No, No.” Janet said “Wet clothes will definitely cause a hangover.”

“Really?” I questioned innocently.

“Yes, definitely.” answered Rachael “Wet clothes are a sure fire cause.”

“Where should I go to change?” I asked as I stood up.

The girls stood on either side of me. Janet said “It’s just us girls here. You can just take it off here.”

“Here?” I blushed

“Yeah, sure.” Rachael said “You do have a bra and panties on don’t you?”

“Of course I do!” I snapped “Well alright. If you think it’s OK.”

Both girls nodded, so I slowly began to pull my dress up and off over my head. Both girls helped and as Janet took my dress I flushed beet red standing there in just my white cotton bikinis and white lace strapless bra.

I quickly sat down and tried to cover my embarrassment with another drink of water. Damn I could use another whiskey sour I thought.

“She looks embarrassed.” Rachael said

Janet looked at me and said “There’s no need to be embarrassed. It’s just like the locker room back when you were in high school.”

What Janet didn’t know was I avoided that at all costs.

Rachael said “I’m not embarrassed.” and unzipped her shirt and took it off revealing a yellow lace bra that barely contained her breasts. Then she stepped out of her shorts revealing a matching yellow lace thong. She held her arms out to her sides and said “Ta Da! See no embarrassment.”

Then she glanced at Janet “Come here girl. It’s your turn.”

Janet stepped right in front of me and Rachael joined her. Rachael put her arms around Janet in what almost looked like a hug. She deftly worked the hook and zipper on Janet’s skirt, then let it go watching as it fluttered to the floor baring her black lace bikinis.

Rachael moved her hands up and grabbed the bottom of Janet’s shirt. In one smooth move she pulled it up off Janet’s head, exposing her braless titties.

“Oops!” Janet said not even attempting to cover herself “I forgot, I’m not wearing a bra.”

“Well fair is fair.” Rachael said reaching behind herself, unhooking her bra and removing it setting her large breasts free.

Then they both turned and looked at me. “Oh No!” I said “That’s just not happening.” But, before I knew it the were both on the couch with me. Their hands seemed all over me and before I could stop them, they had my bra unhooked and Janet was raising it over her head in triumph.

I held my hands over my bare breasts, but I found myself giggling right along with the other two girls. Slowly the giggling calmed down, and as I sat quietly, Rachael suggested we watch a movie. Janet reached out and clicked on the TV and canlı casino the DVD player. A moment later the first scene appeared on the screen.

Two girls were on the screen sitting in a kitchen talking. I wasn’t paying much attention to what they were saying as my gaze kept wandering back to Rachael’s large breasts. At one point she caught me looking and just smiled and nodded toward the TV. I looked over and saw the two girls apparently undressing each other. Oh god. Janet had put in a porn movie. One girl on the TV began sucking and licking the other girls nipple and once again I felt my gaze moving to Rachael’s breast. This time when she smiled at me she took my hand and placed it on her Tit. I tried to pull away but she held my hand there. She squeezed my hand and I squeezed her breast. It was firm like mine but much more filling in my hand. I felt the nipple harden against my palm, and gave her breast another squeeze.

She took her hand from mine and placed it on my breast. She gave my little tittie a squeeze then started teasing and playing with my hard nipple. I matched her movements on my tit with my fingers on hers. Electric shocks seemed to run directly from my nipple to my pussy. I moaned as I soaked my panties enjoying her expert touch.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my other breast and when I looked down it was Janet’s hand teasing my other breast and causing the electric shocks to double.

I glanced back at the screen and saw that both girls were now naked and one had her tongue buried in the others pussy. The heat in my pussy was almost unbearable as I wondered how it would feel to do the things the girls on TV were doing.

Rachael reached inside her panties and began to play with herself. I wondered if this was where all this was heading, each of us diddling ourselves, while watching this nasty movie.

Rachael removed her hand and lowered her mouth to my nipple sucking it in and nibbling on it. I couldn’t believe I was letting her do this. I’m not gay, but it felt so good I was unable to stop her.

As she continued teasing my nipple with her tongue, I felt Janet’s hand very slowly, sliding down my side. Stop her, I told myself as she reached the waistband of my panties, but I did nothing as she inched across the cotton fabric, toward my cunny.

Then she was there, rubbing my clit through my panties.

“MMM.” She said “She is so wet.”

Rachael removed her lips from my tit long enough to say “I told you she was our type.” and went back to lightly biting my nipple.

Janet took her hand off my panties. I surprised myself by whimpering when she moved. She got off the couch and moved over to stand in front of me. I stared at her lithe body as she bent and grasped the waist band of my panties on each side.

She began to pull and I protested “But, I’m not gay” as I lifted my ass off the couch and allowed my soaked panties to be removed.

Janet kneeled before me saying “Neither are we.” with that she eased my knees apart and slowly lowered her face kaçak casino toward my sopping pussy.

She reached out and touched the tip of her tongue to my clit. I lurched my pelvis forward involuntarily trying to increase the contact.

I blushed again as she said “Easy girl. We’ll get there”

She then licked the length of my slit teasingly, then applied more pressure to my clit with her tongue. Rachael released my tit from her mouth and got up from the couch. I barely noticed her leaving the room as Janet sucked my clit between her lips and I began moaning aloud.

Janet lifted her head looking up at me and said “Enjoying yourself Kelsey?”

I ran both hands into her brown locks and pulled her head back to my pussy hissing “yeeesssss.”

Rachael returned to the room, and to my surprise was no longer wearing her panties. Where they had been, she now wore some sort of harness. Attached to the harness was a realistic looking cock. I’d only seen a couple in real life (and those were in the dark) but this one looked huge.

She moved around behind Janet. Pulling her panties aside, she slowly slide the fake penis into her Janet’s pussy. Janet moaned around my clit as Rachel began a slow in and out motion. My orgasm was quickly building as I watched my friend eat me out while getting fucked by another girl.

Janet slid a finger into my pussy as she continued her rapid licks on my clit. This was enough to send me rocketing over the edge into the most powerful orgasm I’d ever experienced. “Fuck Yes!” I howled as I pulled Janet’s head hard against me and shamelessly ground my clit against her face as my pussy spasmed around her finger.

As my orgasm waned and I released Janet’s head she began lightly flicking my clit with her tongue. I noticed her breath was coming in pants and Rachel had begun fucking her hard and deep.

Janet lifted her head from my pussy and panted “yes! yes! yes!” and then squealed as her body tensed and she came with a fury. Rachel thrust hard with the fake dick and Janet threw her ass back to meet each stroke. Janet squeals began to quiet just as Rachael tensed and let out a load moan of her own. She continued to thrust in and out of Janet’s pussy while she squeezed her own tits all the way through her own orgasm.

As her orgasm faded I watched as Rachel removed a small vibrating egg from her pussy. Then she took off the fake dick and placed it and the egg on the table.

The girls climbed back on the couch and snuggled with me. We sat there catching our breath and watching two new girls on TV start to get busy.

Finally I broke the silence saying “That was great. Does this mean I’m gay?”

“No.” Janet said “It means your part of our club.”

“Next week.” Rachael continued “We’ll pick up a guy or two and the three of us will do whatever we please with them.”

“But I’m not gay?” I asked again.

“No!” they both insisted.

“Good.” I said “Because, Rachel, I think I want to try eating your pussy.”

I did too. As a matter of fact we sucked and fucked each other silly until sun up. Each of us had a dozen or so orgasms, until right around dawn, when we passed out in each others arms, completely exhausted and completely satisfied.

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