John and Jane Pt. 03

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John stopped dead in his tracks. He couldn’t believe his ears. “Does a bear crap in the woods?” he asked. “Does your pussy excite me? Of course I want to make a video of you naked.”

He walked back to Jane and with a very serious look on his face, he asked, “You want to do it right now?”

Jane again adopted a mysterious look and finally replied, “Well if that’s what you’d like sweetie, we can start right now.”

The look of joy on John’s face made her giggle. Sometimes he was putty in her hands. She reached over and grabbed a handful of tissues and, carefully holding her labia apart, wiped away the flood of semen that was still leaking from her vagina. “Why don’t you get your camera set up and tell me what you want me to do?” she suggested.

John looked at his camera for a second or two and then looked back at Jane. With just a hint of anxiety in his voice, he asked, “Will you let me videotape you masturbating baby?”

“Is that what you want to see me doing in the video John?” she asked.

“Oh God yes! you have no idea how much I’d like to videotape you masturbating sweetheart!”

Jane smiled faintly as a feeling of power washed over her. “Then let’s get your camera set up right away, because I need to go off pretty soon. You’ve got me primed for a major orgasm with the furious fucking you just gave me.”

John quickly unpacked the video camera and placed it on the tripod. He forgot all about his post sex clean up regimen as he now had much more important activities on his mind. He took the tripod into Jane’s bedroom and set it up at the end of the bed.

“Ok! I’m all set Jane!” he shouted eagerly. “Just lay down on the bed and start doing whatever feels good.”

Jane came in behind him and ran her hands over his shoulders, down his sides and reached down in front of him and grabbed his cock in one hand and his balls in the other. His crotch still felt warm and sticky from their coupling and a small droplet of semen dripped onto her hand from the tip of his cock.

“Wow! I really got you going huh? You’re still leaking cum like a jism pump!” She giggled, but at the same time she felt an enormous swell of satisfaction knowing that she had aroused John to the point where semen was still dribbling from his cock 15 minutes after they’d had sex.

She walked around and sat on the edge of the bed. “So do you want to give me any directions John? I’d like this to be a movie we can both be proud of.” She was half joking when she asked, but she really did want the video to be arousing for John. She knew videotaping teach that-bitch porno her naked during a moment of extreme passion was something that he wanted very much to do.

“No.” John replied matter of factly. “I want you to masturbate just the way you would if I weren’t here.”

Jane slowly rolled to the center of the bed and when she was directly in front of the camera, John reached up and switched it on. She looked demurely into the lens and said simply, “Ok. Here we go then.”

With that, she spread her legs slightly and ran her hand slowly and provocatively over the thick black hair that grew so copiously over her pubic mound. It was a huge, sexy, wonderful bush; a sexual oasis that John never tired of looking at. Her legs were widespread but the hair was so thick that he still couldn’t see the lovely cunt lips that he knew were hidden beneath.

Jane closed her eyes and moaned gently, almost inaudibly as one hand went to her breast and began to squeeze it gently. She held the nipple between her finger and thumb, teasing it erotically until it stood firm and erect like a pink cherry atop a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Her other hand moved skilfully and purposefully over her tummy and hips, coaxing her flesh into a state of arousal that would increase continuously, all the way to her impending orgasm. As her hands manipulated her body, she moaned gently, opening her eyes only occasionally to look at the astonished face of her lover.

After several minutes of caressing her hips and tummy, Jane’s hand moved to the soft mound of tangled hair between her perfectly formed thighs. She gently parted the bush and, with magical fingers, searched for the button of her clitoris . When she found it, her hips involuntarily thrust upwards to meet the innervating caress of her hand. Her fingers moved deeper into the dark black bush, parting it even more to reveal the long, swollen slit of her labia.

John felt his cock jerk with excitement as her delicious cunt slit was clearly visible to his hungry gaze. He reached down and found that his penis was beginning to stiffen, notwithstanding that he had just ejaculated an immense volume of sperm only 20 minutes earlier. For a moment, he wondered if Jane would require baby oil but didn’t dare to break her self imposed spell by asking. Besides, she appeared to be enjoying herself immensely and probably wouldn’t appreciate his intervention.

As John stood there watching, in a state of captivated rapture, Jane reached down with her other hand and gently teamskeet porno spread her passion swollen cunt lips. As they came apart, John’s eyes feasted on the scarlet channel between them. At the center of the channel laid Jane’s fleshy red inner labia, closed gently over the opening to her vagina. She pushed a finger between them and slid it inside of the heavenly opening into which John had ejaculated so furiously a short time before. She moaned softly as her finger entered and she moved it in tiny circles just inside the entrance, teasing herself into an ever escalating state of orgasm readiness.

Moments later, she withdrew her finger and as it exited a small trickle of John’s sperm, mixed with the effusions of her own lust, ran down the slit between her labia and disappeared into the thick tangle of pubic hair just below her cunt lips.

Her breathing was accelerating and her chest was beginning to heave with the passion that was building between her legs. She was now holding her cunt lips apart with one hand while the middle fingers of her other hand stroked the long deep channel between them. The tiny trickles of semen emanating from her vagina were acting as lubrication and added to the sensations that she was enjoying. Her fingers moved ever faster and repeatedly went to her vaginal opening to gather John’s semen and her own effusions which she then applied to her clitoris to keep it moist and sensitive to her demanding caress.

As the tempo of her fingers increased, she rolled her head to one side and looked at John. His face was red with excitement and he was now stroking his penis vigorously as he watched. The sight of him nearing a second orgasm drove Jane to greater heights of passion and she felt her own orgasm closing in on her.

John watched, enraptured by the act being performed for his eyes only. Jane’s fingers were moving furiously back and forth over her clitoris now. Her eyes were filled with passionate abandon as she pulled her knees up and spread her thighs wider apart than he had ever before seen them. As he watched, totally hypnotized by her wanton actions, he continued stroking his penis instinctively.

Suddenly John noticed something unusual. Jane’s shoulders and breasts were beginning to take on a reddened, almost sunburned appearance, the result of her intense arousal. He’d never seen that particular phenomenon before and he found it added immensely to the already towering mountain of carnal fascination that he was experiencing.

His eyes went again to the dark bush of Jane’s tecavuz porno cunt. The gash between her legs was deep and red and the opening of her vagina was lengthening and shortening with small contractions in anticipation of the orgasm that was about to overtake her. She had her eyes shut tightly and her fingers continued to move furiously in her solo drive to sexual satisfaction.

And then all of her preparation came to a towering zenith. With a loud moan, she began thrusting her hips rhythmically against her caressing fingers. Her breath came in gasps and her head rose and fell from the pillow. She closed her thighs tightly, trapping her hand and caressing fingers between them. She rolled to one side and, with her fingers still stroking her clitoris, moaned softly as the forceful contractions of her orgasm rocked her body uncontrollably.

John’s own hands were moving at a frenetic pace. One was stroking furiously up and down the length of his rock hard cock, while the other supported his swollen balls in preparation for an orgasm that he was going to have while still standing. His hand moved back and forth, faster and faster, and his face flushed crimson with passion. The orgasm hit with all the force of a speeding train and he almost fell as his knees as he shook with the force of it’s onslaught. His hand stopped pumping and he pushed his hips forward just as the first thick white explosion of jism shot furiously from the swollen purple tip of his cock. He simply held his foreskin back from its head and let the huge foaming dollops of cum splatter out onto Jane’s ankles and calves. Then, just as the last of the large initial emissions exited his penis, he again began stroking the shaft to express the last few residual drops.

Exhausted, he went over to the bed and fell down beside Jane who was laying quietly with her eyes still closed and a satisfied look on her face.

He turned to her and, in a voice hoarse with spent passion, whispered, “Oh my God baby! That was fantastic! You were wonderful! You went off so hard that I got excited all over again and had to jack off. My balls are aching. I can’t believe that I had such an awesome second cum after fucking you only half an hour ago.”

By now, Jane had begun the road to recovering from the orgasm that had rocked her world so completely just a few minutes earlier. In a voice that mimicked the pronouncement of a queen, she replied, “I know baby. Stick with me and I’ll have your balls hanging out the end of your cock before we’re finished.”

With that, John reached down between Jane’s legs, caressed the thick tangle of pubic hair lovingly and replied, “I’ll look forward to that.” With that, he rolled over on his back and laid quietly for a few seconds. Then, in a halting half whisper, asked, “So… Do you feel like watching a video?”

The End

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