I Thought I was Straight Pt. 02

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Jane came in after a while and suggested I go out for lunch with Jim, which I thought might be nice, almost like a date. He was waiting for me when I came out and said that was looking forward to taking me out. I wasn’t sure where we were going when I got in his car, but felt okay about things and told him that I was looking forward to lunch as well. After all, I had been made to have two big orgasms and spurt out lots of cum which had never felt as good with Jane, or any of my old girlfriends. I was still trying to accept that I was gay and thought that Jim would help me and give me some reassurance.

After a leisurely lunch, topped off with some wine we started the journey back home. Maybe it was the gentle rocking of the car together with the effect of the wine, but whatever the reason, my dick was becoming erect and it was showing through the thin material of my white pants. I could feel precum leaking out of my cock and making my underpants damp. I couldn’t stop thinking about the visions I had of what Jim’s sexy body and nice cock looked like, and this was arousing me all the more.

All this hadn’t escaped Jim’s attention and he looked over, just smiling.

He reached casino siteleri over and started fondling me though my pants and, instead of driving me home, took me straight back to his place. Before we had even got out of the car he had undone my pants and had my dick out which was by very stiff. After a minute or two of him seducing me, we went inside so that he could have the privacy that he needed and have sex with me.

Once inside, he took me straight to his bedroom where had me undress. He told me what a nice body I that had a very large cock. Until now, I hadn’t seen his naked body, let alone his cock so when he stripped off right in front of me I was pleasantly surprised at what a nice body he had as well. He was nicely padded around the middle and was very hairy all over, particularly around his cock. His nipples were quite large for a man and I wondered what they would be like to lick and suck.

Although very worked up, I was still a bit nervous. I was a man and was supposed to want and have sex with women, not men. Instead, I wanted to run my hands all over him, I wanted to touch another mans cock for the first time and play with it, and I wanted to know what it felt canlı casino like to see if I could make him get stiff.

Sensing my hesitation, he beckoned me towards him and took my hands, placing them on his chest. That first time touching another man was so very erotic, his chest was so strong, manly and I was feeling very sexy. I gingerly stroked his chest playing and stroking his nipples until they stood up, erect. I slowly worked my way down to his lower abdomen but felt a bit shy to go any further. After a while, he did it for me, taking my hand and placing it on his cock. Gaining a bit more confidence, I started stroking his penis and balls through his thick, silver pubic hair and it didn’t take long for it to stiffen. He had a beautiful cock. It was uncircumcised, straight and thick with a large mushroom head and he had large balls, hopefully very full of cum.

Jim pulled back the sheets and gently pushed me down on his bed. As he lay down beside me he kissed me for the first time. I’d never kissed another man before, let alone one with a beard and I loved it. It tickled my face and neck and made my cock even stiffer, if that was possible.

Still kissing me, and kaçak casino with our tongues darting in and out of each others mouths, he climbed on top and asked me if I knew what frottage was. I said that no, I didn’t. With that he leaned back and held both of our cocks together and started masturbating us. Worked up as I was, I didn’t cum straight away, Jim did. Grunting and moaning, his body and cock tensed up before he starting cumming all over my cock and stomach.

I had never seen another man cum or felt his cum on my body and hoped that it would be happening frequently from now on. He came in long thick spurts that went all over my chest, neck and dribbled down my cock and onto my balls. Just as he was finishing, I started cumming as well. Still holding our cocks together, the combination of his strong, manly hands and his cum all over my body made me orgasm and squirt cum all over his hand and over my stomach. My cock was still stiff and Jim could see I was still worked up so he climbed up further and had me lick his cock and balls clean. I had never sucked another man’s cock or balls before so it was a pleasant surprise when I realised just how much I liked it. I didn’t mind that he had a very hairy cock and I did my best to lick every last drop of cum up.

After licking and sucking Jim I wanted more but he said that I should perform my conjugal duties and go home and fuck Jane. Was I in for a surprise that evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32