How I Met The Guy I Wanted To Marry Ch. 04

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I am was probably the only person in the universe who actually enjoys being stuck in traffic; provided I have something to keep me amused…The guys soon got bored and started playing with me. First they decided it was wrong that I’d never ridden a gear stick, the way I had the tow bar.

It wasn’t exactly hard to convince me to give it a ride, my pussy was already soaked just thinking about it how good it would feel. The van in front blocked the front screen view, a lorry on the other side.

I had to start with my head out the sunroof, knees balanced on the seats. I lowered myself onto the polished wood and chrome knob. Biting my lips so I didn’t scream as it inched in – it felt really really good. The vibrations for the idling engine hit my core like nothing else.

Below my vision the guys, one in the front, one in the back had mouths sucking, their fingers rubbing my clit, pinching, biting and slapping my tits and ass, my t-shirt rudely shoved up so my tits, with a glaze of drying spunk from earlier, were on display.

My first orgasm from the penetration was quick to arrive, and seemed to go on for a long time, intense enough to make me want to stay there for ever, the lever was coated with juices, the solid, unmoving chunk filling me up, my pussy flooding to accommodate it…the engine vibrations creating the weirdest sensation, so good I couldn’t help bearing down harder as I writhed in ecstasy.

I reluctantly got off as we the traffic began to move , then stopped again – the car moved a few inches. I sat in the passenger seat, leaned over, exhausted from cumming so hard, messy tits still on display, my skirt shoved so high it was useless for purpose, my shaved gaping slit dripping fluid as I unzipped Dan and began sucking his fat cock.

Dan laughed as he looked up and saw a lorry driver openly leaning in for an eyeful. Nate helpfully obliged the voyeur by moving me -while my mouth fixated on sucking Dan’s tasty knob – he put me on all fours, my ass and pussy framed by the window, Nate’s finger reaching from the back seat and ass dipping me, opening my pussy wide for the onlooker. I moved my hand and started wanking Nate’s cock. I had Dan’s prick buried down to the root in my mouth, my tongue licking his balls until he shot in my mouth and I greedily swallowed every hot creamy droplet.

I felt hands shoving me, lying me back, tipping the seat flat. casino oyna Nate roughly opening my legs, to give the onlooker the best view of my cunt while he forced his dick into my mouth, my head twisted mashed against the gap between the seats, sucking as best I could given the awkward angle.

Nate showered my tits, neck and upturned face with his load, his free hand spanking my exposed and soaking snatch – hard enough to redden the engorged, wet flesh; my hips bucking frantically in response, then that firm grip, forcing the heel of his hand against my swollen clit and pinching inside me, forcing me to squirt. I hoped the trucker was enjoying the show, knowing he was watching made me come even harder. I was screaming my head off, past caring if my conduct drew attention to the car.

Typically as soon as the jam cleared we needed fuel and I was starving. Plus to keep squirting properly it’s important to get lots of fluids – not just spunk, sadly.

Pulling in shortly behind was the truck, the driver of which who had seemed to enjoy watching me suck both the dicks in the car.

He also knew I’d swallowed what hadn’t been dripped on my tits; drying but visible if you looked. I wasn’t sure if he’d seen me ride the gearnob but I knew for sure he’d got an eyeful of the rest.

I gave him some deliberately provocative looks, bent over in the gift shop to remind him and let a few others know I wasn’t hindered by panties – and my own excitement was visible on my thighs, feint handprints from rough handling and spankings en route. I looked quite fuckable though, a short, crumpled denim skirt and a tight vest top, buttons down the front several of which were unfastened, showing the spunk-glazed hollow between my firm tit. It was easy to see I had no bra, my tortured nipples still so erect they were practically ripping through the cotton. I had on a pair of cowboy boots that just added to the slut look that suited me so well. My hair was in a messy ponytail, all the better for pulling me around with…

My clit was throbbing like a bruise; I had to frig it into a more manageable state in the restroom. I left the pussy juices coating my upper thighs and fingers, then went back out.

The guys had already given the trucker the green light.

I sat as demurely as is possible for a girl with no underwear, chocka full of spunk, with the recent double load still drying on my skin – not to mention canlı casino my own pussy spunk dripping down my thighs and the taste in my mouth from earlier where I’d swallowed cock pulled out of my dirtbox. I drank some coffee and a coke regretting the cum-tang was washed away from my mouth but comforted by the promise of more in the not so distant future

The guy was stockily built and I knew it would feel great to have that weight slamming me from behind, while my companions called encouragement and added their own meat to my menu. I moved and straddled the truckers knee, pressing myself against the rough fabric of his jeans, leaving a hot damp patch that I knew he could feel through the material. I could feel his fingers probing me from behind, making me wiggle harder on his leg, giggling. I leaned forward to lick an errant drop of spunk from my knee, sliding further toward his groin as I dipped my head, not caring the angle exposed my tits.

They sat discussing the best way to maximise my holes, the theme of the chat making me frantic to get on with it, the more I tried to hurry the more they dragged it out. I needed a piss but the new friend seemed very keen to watch me do that ,so I had to hold it.

Eventually we went out. The driver guy had a massive boner under his jeans. I would have bent over and taken it in the car park. I had to settle for squatting to piss, barely hidden by our car, leaning back and holding my pussy open, gushing it real hard for him. I was excited because I’d never been fucked in a lorry before, he had porn DVDs and all sorts, a big bed thing but I still wanted it over the front seats first!

Actually I wanted to straddle the front of the cab and get a public friction orgasm then be bundled in and treated like a slut. I had to settle for leaving the curtains open in the cab, we were too high for any passerby to glance in but I knew it was a possible audience if another truck happened to pull past.

The trucker predictably wanted me to swallow a load, which I did willingly as we watched a passable porn flick; the other two had a dive in the back while he enjoyed the spectacle of his new friends warming the spot for him while gathered himself. Then I sat on his lap, astride his dick this time, facing forwards, (eyeing up the hood wondering if I could get away with the public exhibition) m,y arms braced on the huge steering wheel as he tried to decide which hole kaçak casino he wanted his dick in, he went with the pussy in the end. I was already cumming as he thrust his nice thick pole deep into my aching cunt, his hands holding me in place and moving me up and down on his cock at the same time, shoving my t-shirt up, his big hands roughly groping my tits, as my pussy muscles hungrily gripped his meat, trying to pull him deeper into me.

He loved banging his thick one into my tight little asshole, doggy style soon after he’d spunked hard and plenty into my stuffed pussy. He couldn’t get enough of ass-fucking me, then fucking my throat – he hadn’t ever been allowed in his wife’s ass or mouth –certainly not one directly from the other, so he was delighted to meet such a willing set of slutholes, begging to do all the things he wanked over in the porn movies;

Dan and Nate helpfully filled my ass up with a DP to get the my back door gaping first, plus the loads of spunk to help grease his way in, then he stuck his cock in and really fucked my asshole, putting his whole body into each thrust, one of his big hands slapping my rump as he got into it, his balls slapping up against my oozing cunt as he banged away at my welcoming back door.

His other hand yanking my ponytail pulling me back hard onto the cock fucking my asshole.

At the other end, Dan and Nate had me busily sucking the two dripping dicks removed from my ass to make room for the guest, he shot so hard into my rectum I thought it would come outta my mouth!! I sucked his tackle good and clean, ready for later. I promised him a dive in the backdoor for each year of married refusal and the poor guy didn’t think he had it in him but he was a trier…and it was a lot of fun.

The boys liked to show off so they got me a couple of drinks and fist fucked me into squirting, the spray went everywhere – the cab reeked of my well oiled cunt. They sat me on him and angled it just right so his dick made me squirt again I got as much more of his thick cock before we reluctantly had to get on back to the journeys.

By the end of the afternoon, the three of them had fucked me in every way possible, drained me and themselves of bodily fluids. I still would have stayed for more though. I love being the centre of attention…

By the time we had to get going I was sticky, stretched and totally happy albeit a little bruised and numb and leaking spunk from every stretched hole. Back in the jag Dan climbed in the back, smiling at his little cumslut all fucked out. I fall asleep with my head in his lap, him gently stroking me to sleep.

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