Hot GILF Wife Ch. 03

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76 yr old GILF seals another deal for hubby with thug black rap star.


One other time I helped my husband secure a lucrative contract was with an up-and-coming rap artist. His name was Darcell Roberts, but went by the name of ‘The BIG Hook.’ My husband was not fond of rap artists, because he has prejudice towards minorities, largely people of color. Although I have never been with a black male before and do not have any black friends, I have never been prejudiced towards any race.

In spite of my husbands prejudice towards blacks and rap artists, he knew that signing Darcell Roberts would result in making millions of dollars.

I learned from my husband, that Darcell had just turned eighteen. I also learned things that were shocking, to the point where I questioned him as to why he would want to sign a person with such a troubled past. Of course I knew it was all about the millions he would make on the back of this rap artist.

My husband told me that as a teenager Darcell had already been to prison six times. His crimes included robbery, stabbing a police officer, and once for shooting someone during a robbery at a liquor store. Fortunately, the owner survived, and because Darcell was a minor he was released after six months.

He went on to tell me that Darcell had even been shot five times during a gang-related incident. My eyes perked-up when my husband said that he had fathered eighteen children from eighteen different females, and that he was paying hefty child support for each. This was another reason my husband was hoping Darcell would sign with his company.

One day, while waiting in my husband’s office, for him to come back from the airport, I met the young rap artist. When Darcell came in the office I was standing at my husbands desk. The instant he entered my husbands office I instantly felt the room turn icy-cold.

What caught my eye was him being very short, standing at 5 feet 3 inches and that his skin was black as coal. Even though extremely short in stature, there was a criminal presence about him that suggested this was a person you did not want to cross.

My being unsettled also had to do with his appearance. He wore a tight, black, mesh headband that I learned was called a Durag. He had these ominous gold teeth that I also learned was called a ‘Grill.’ His pants were literally hanging down by a big diamond belt- buckle above his knee. This was something called ‘sagging.’

Standing in my high heels I towered over the pitch-black rap artist. Even though he was short I instantly felt a presence about him that demanded respect, especially if a person knew what was good for them. From what I could see in his tight fitting sleeveless T-shirt he was very muscular. His gold teeth added to his foreboding character. As I stood at my husbands desk the young, black rap artist looked me up and down with hunger in his eyes. His blatant glaring at me was deliberate. As he scanned my body from my high heels, up my long legs and to my heavy 34G breasts he had a sly grin on his face.

After what seemed like time stood still as he gaped over every inch of my body, he grinned and said, “Fuck, you is real fuckin fine.”

I felt a sudden chill rush over me, but at the same instant felt my inch-long nipples strain through my sheer bra and white blouse.

This caused him to grin knowingly.

“You turnin on already baby,” he said as he licked his lips deliberately.

As he said it he rubbed the center of his baggy-pants. My eyes opened-wide as I saw a menacing object running down to his knee then curved dramatically to the left side. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.

As I gazed at the sight like a frozen deer he said, in a cold voice, “Yeah baby, this be why I’m called The Big Hook.”

As my eyes were riveted to disbelieving curved shape that filled his baggy pants I stammered, “Yes, I can see why.”

He came in with papers that my husband had given him to sign. He did not seem very happy, but his eyes continued to roam over me ravenously.

“I’m Abe’s wife, Virginia Wechsler,” I said in a voice that had nervousness in it.

“Wife?” he said questionably.

“Yes,” I stammered.

“Shit,” he sounded incredulous. “I’ve seen you in the pics on the old fucks desk. He pointed, then said, “but figured you for his niece or daughter even,” he said as his eyes lingered on my breasts and huge nipples.

That day I wore a tight pencil skirt that went to mid-thigh. A pair of sheer, tan thigh high stockings to accent my long, shapely legs and a pair of black high heel pumps to give my long legs a nice tapper. My white blouse was transparent and my bra was so sheer you could see the outline of my long nipples and wide areola from across the room.

He then brazenly said, “You is fuckin real hot.”

I smiled then politely thanked him. At that point I didn’t want to encourage him. His presence alone still had me very feeling uneasy.

“Fuck. You’re sexy as fuck,” he said as he continued to look over my body with casino siteleri deep hunger.

I bit my lower lip for a second as I felt my body come alive.

“Thank you,” I said in a throaty voice that gave away my being excited.

“Fuckin killer body.” “Can’t believe something as hot-assed as you belongs to that old fuck,” he said with revulsion in his voice.

As I watched him taking in the sight of my body my eyes lingered on the big imprint in his baggy pants, especially the enormous curve that shot-out past his left knee.

As I watched his eyes run up and down my body meticulously I was beginning to thoroughly relish his attention. I knew all the stories about him being arrested for murder and having so many children and the reputation for being a thug, but I didn’t feel anything except sexy.

“Yeah baby, you fuckin know that body of yours is fuckin real hot. Don’t cha baby?” he said in a hungry voice that had me tingling all over.

I grinned at him slyly and said in a deep, throaty voice that had lust in it, “I do hear it a lot.”

“Fuck bitch I knew it,” he said with a sly smirk.

I was accustomed to this, from my years as a model and the way my cloths fitted in a very reveling way, which highlighted my inch-long nipples, my 34G tits and my long legs. What caught me off guard was when, Darcell went to my husband’s desk and put the papers down, and wrote something on a piece of stationary that had my husband’s name on it.

He said, as he looked me over intently, “Here’s my number, bitch. I know that old, prejudice fuck of a husband leaves tomorrow for four weeks. You want the ‘Big Hook’ to come over and take care of business while that old fuck be outa town, you give me a call.” He then added in a assertive tone, “I’ll take care of that smoking body of yours.”

With that he handed me the paper and walked out. I was stunned, to say the least, but was incredibly turned on.

When my husband came back to his office I told him how Darcell came onto me and that he made it known that he wanted me.

It was just what my husband (and I) wanted to hear. What Darcell might have thought was pure coincidence, with me being at my husbands office, was actually something my husband and I planned. My husband had hoped that once the young rap star saw me dressed the way I was, he would immediately make a play for me, which was exactly what had happened.

“I want that black delinquent’s signature on this contract,” my husband said waving it in his hand. “Do you think you could get it for me darling?” he asked with a sly grin, knowing that I most certainly could.

“Oh I’m positive I can my love,” I responded in a throaty voice as I imagined the young, thug rap star and I in bed while my husband was away.

On the drive back to our penthouse my husband and I talked about getting the rap star to sign the contract. I told my husband that I had a plan which I knew wouldn’t fail.

I then took out the paper Darcell had given me with his number on it and dialed the number.

“Yeah?” was all a voice said in a voice that sounded perturbed.

“Darcell?” I said in a questioning voice, because I wasn’t accustomed to a person answering that way.

“Yeah,” he said with growing irritation in his voice.

“This is Virginia Wechsler,” I said in a throaty voice.

“Hey baby,” he said in a voice that now had a hint of excitement in it.

Suddenly, I heard a female voice say, “fuck, your cock is so fucking huge baby.”

“Oh my, Im sorry,” “if this a bad time I can call you back,” I said apologetically as my mind was imagining the big-hooked cock she was looking at.

“No baby. It’s a fuckin good time cuz I’ve been waitin on your call.”

“Really,” I said in a deep, throaty voice, as I felt my big nipples suddenly harden as a wetness formed in my pussy.

“Hold on baby,” he said.

“Yo, I gotta take this call, Lets get back to this shit later,” he said, to who I assumed was the female with him.

“Let me drain your big load first baby,” I heard the females voice say. “I know just what your great, big hooked-cock needs baby,” the female said with hunger in her voice.

Abruptly, Darcell became angered, and said with a furious voice, “I said get the fuck out bitch, and we’ll finish this shit later.”

Suddenly my body turned on even more, because he wanted to talk to me instead of getting pleasured by whoever was with him. I found out later that it was his aunt, his mothers sister who was his business manager. She was fifty three years old and had a degree in business. She handled all his bookings and schedules for live appearances.

“Sorry bout that shit baby,” he said with irritation in his voice.

“I understand,” I replied as the words of him having a big-hooked cock lingered in my mind.

“So baby, I’m fuckin hopein you called cuz you wanna fuck, cuz my big cocks been rock-hard since I saw that smoking-hot body of yours.”

“Ummm really,” I purred.

“Fuck yeah, and fuck the ‘hook’ wants that body of canlı casino yours bad bitch,” he said with authority.

“Ummm,” I purred, excited that he wanted me.” “But what about the female voice I heard?” ” and I’m quite sure you have hundreds of girls that you can fuck whenever you desire,” I added a bit provocatively.

“Yeah. No shit. Tons of pussy, 24/7, day and night, but you is a fuckin hot smoker that I knows my big hook will really dig on fuckin,” he said boldly and with arrogance in his voice.

“Ummm… so nice to hear,” I purred, letting him know I wanted to fuck him.

“So is that old racist fuck of a husband be leaving tomorrow,” he said, not realizing that my husband could hear every word because the rapper was on speaker phone.

“I have even better news baby,” I said in a deep throaty voice.

“Yeah?” “Lets hear it baby,” he said with interest.

“He’s actually home right now packing to leave in an hour from now.

“Fuck. I likes the sound of that shit even more,” he growled.

“I was hoping you would baby,” I said in a throaty voice.

This is when I went into my plan.

“Baby, I have a deal for you,” I said in a hot breath.”

Intrigued, he said in a business-like tone, “Lay it out sexy.”

“I know your feelings towards my husband; which by-the-way you are right about him being a racist and prejudice. But, I also know that if you sign with his agency you will become ultra-rich.”

“Yeah, I knows that that old fuck owns one of the biggest agencies in the fucking universe,” he said with bitterness voice. “So what’s your deal baby,” he said questionably.

“The deal is this.” “If you agree to sign the contract at his office today, I’ll be waiting for you at our penthouse the second he leaves.”

It didn’t take but a second for him to answer.

“I’ll be at your place in a few hours,” he said with a hunger in his voice. “Call me once that old- fuck, racist nigga-hater is gone,” he added with utter contempt in his voice.

“I’ll call you once he’s out the door baby,” I said in a sultry voice as my husband smirked then patted me on my thigh.

“This big-ass nigga cock can’t wait for that sexy-ass body of yours baby,” he said hotly.

“And I can’t wait to fuck you and that great-big cock, Mr. Hook,” I said in a heated breath that I knew would have him going crazy.

Although my husband was actually leaving the following day, he decided to stay in our city apartment overnight to allow Darcell and I the opportunity to start our fuck.

When I disconnected from the call I couldn’t stop thinking about how direct the black, eighteen year old rap star was. I also couldn’t stop thinking about how pitch black his skin was, and hearing the words ‘huge hooked cock,’ from the female voice in the room with him. As my husband talked about how great a deal this was going to be for him, the idea of what It was going to be like to fuck Darcell had me going crazy.

As my husband was packing I changed into something sexy. The thought of fucking the young rap artist had me so turned on. Within the hour my husband got the call from one of his attorneys confirming the contract had been signed. As I was dressing I kept hearing and seeing my phone ring. It was Darcell who was calling every thirty seconds. This turned me on, knowing he couldn’t wait to fuck me.

My husband had already left as I was changing. Before leaving he kissed me on the forehead thanking me for helping him sign yet another multi-million dollar deal. As I was attaching my stockings to my garter belt I grinned slyly and said in a seductive voice, “I think the pleasure will be ALL mine darling.”

My body was already on fire knowing I was going to fuck the eighteen year old thug rap artist.

Picking up the phone as it rang again, I said in a deep, throaty voice, “He’s gone baby.”

“Fuck, Im commin up with the biggest hard-on you eva seen bitch,” he said in a commanding voice.

“So horny for you baby,” I purred. “I’ll send the private elevator down right now.

My husband had already informed the front desk that they allow a young black boy up on our private elevator. Our building has very tight security, and he wanted the front-desk staff not to ask for identification,

I greeted, Darcell at the door in a pair of nude stockings attached to a cream colored garter belt and a classic pair of black high heel pumps. I wore a sheer lace white sheer strapless bra that looked sinful on me. Its transparency showed the fullness and hang of my pendulous 34G breasts in a way that made them look even more nude.

The transparency of the white lace material revealed my huge nipples and wide areola. My outfit was completed by a white, lace thong that looked sinful on me, as it rode high on my slender hips.

Walking out of our private elevator his eyes were all over me.

“Fuck. You are one sexy bitch,” he said, as he starred me up and down with hunger in his eyes, while mine yes were riveted to the huge curving bulge in his pants.

His guttural kaçak casino talk turned me on like crazy. This was a youth unlike any I’ve ever fucked. All of my lovers came from pedigree-stock. They all went to elite private schools and spoke in well-articulated English. Darcell was from the other side of the tracks where black on black killings were a daily occurrence.

I could see his eyes riveted to my huge nipples which were throbbing. Darcell and his pitch-black skin sent shivers through my body.

As I walked to him the clicking of my high heels filled the air with the sounds of lust.

“Gotta suck these big-ass nipples,” he said intensely. ” been thinkin bout these fucking huge-ass nipples all fuckin day,” he added as he reached- back and with a powerful grasp tore my bra off.

The way he aggressively took my four clasp bra in his hand and ripped it from my body, shattering the four clasps, sent a chill down my spine. It was a chill that had me instantly turned-on.

With his mouth hungrily sucking each nipple I threw my head back and groaned passionately.

“Oh God baby,” I moaned as his full lips greedily sucking my engorged nipples drove me insane.

“Oh God yes,” I moaned over and over, as his big, pouty lips sucked each of my huge nipples to the point where I felt my body shudder and softly cum.

“Baby,” I moaned as his pouty lips drew a soft orgasm out of me.

“You feel that shit deep in that hot-ass pussy don’t you bitch,” he said then went back to sucking my aching nipples.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned as another deep orgasm overtook me.

Even thorough I towered over him by nearly a foot we kissed hungrily in my entryway for twenty minutes. His tongue sought out mine and everything about his aggressiveness had me so turned on. His scent was so different for all other men.

His touch was hard and firm, especially the way he was pawing at my ass-cheeks. I could tell he was all about getting what he wanted, and on his terms.

As we kissed his hands were all over my body and mine were exploring every inch of his. As I massaged his cock through his pants I was startled by his size, especially the shocking hooked curve of his cock. My hand could barely go across the center of his shaft.

“You like this big-hooked mother fucker,” he said with a hint of arrogance in his voice.

“Oh god,” I purred as I tried to comprehend what it was going to look like.

“You ever had a hooked cock,” he said with conceit in his voice, as he kissed my neck and shoulders then my aching nipples.

“Never,” I groaned as my hand tried to comprehend what it would look like.

“Its eleven inches, bitch and ten inches around, and this hook will stretch your hot-ass pussy wider than any dick ever has,” he said arrogantly.

“Oh God,” I purred as my hand traveled its throbbing length then went over the hook that curved right above his knee and went to the left side of his pants.

It was truly the width of a log and the big, hooked curve was shocking. I never felt a cock like this in all my years of fucking. I could not comprehend how he could have such a monsters cock for being so short in stature.

“How bout a Nigga cock, bitch?” he said as he bit down on my nipple.

The term stunned me, but also turned me on.

“No,” I shrieked from his teeth biting my nipple. “You’re my first.”

“First what bitch?” he said in a commanding voice, as he bit the other nipple.

Sparks were shooting through me as my nipples went crazy in his hungry mouth. I knew it was guttural to talk like this, but I also wanted to please him.

With pause I said, “You’re the first Nigger I’ve ever had,” I said cautiously.

“It’s Nigga, not nigger bitch,” he said with amusement. “Your racist mutha-fucker-old-ass husband calls us niggers. But you gotta be on point and call me a nigga,” he said with authority.

“Now let me ax you this shit again bitch. “Have you eva had a Nigga cock?” he said as he bit down on my nipple.

“No,” I never have have.”

“Never had what bitch?” he said with annoyance in his voice.

“I’ve never had a nigga cock before,” I groaned as my pussy shuttered and came from his sucking and biting my aching nipples.

“Good. Cuz after Im done fucking you, all your gonna eva want is my Nigga cock,” he said in a voice that had me moaning and even thinking that he may be right.

We then kissed hard. My body was on fire. This was so taboo for me. I was seventy six and he was eighteen. I came from a very upscale lifestyle while he came from the depths and the worst parts of the inner-city.

“Take that big Nigga cock out and show me how you suck all your cocks, you fuckin sexy bitch.”

I should have been put-off by his comments, but instead his words brought out an animalistic side in me.

The instant I pulled down his pants I was greeted with the most staggering sight I have ever seen in my life.

“Oh God,” I moaned as it ran down his thigh then curved way-out to the side, going past his left knee.

Never in my life have I seen a cock that looked so sexy and so menacing at the same time. His huge-hooked cock was pitch-black. It was smooth in texture and almost freakish looking because of the big hook.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32