Her Journal

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My husband and I had anal sex this morning for the second time in our almost five-year marriage.

During our first year of marriage, he touched my asshole for the first time, and it tickled. I couldn’t be still, it tickled so much. Over time, we both became comfortable with him rubbing it, and we were married almost 2 years before I pushed my bottom into his finger to let him know he could finger my ass. He was sucking my tits (which I absolutely LOVE) as he was fingering my asshole, and I was moaning in pleasure. He told me that it really turned him on.

After that, whenever he was eating me out, sometimes he would finger my asshole, and lick and kiss it occasionally. After a while, he started sticking his tongue into my ass, eating my ass, and I was very surprised at how good it felt. We tried sticking his dick in once, just to see how it would feel, and it hurt, so we stopped. I had never really thought anal sex was anything I would want to try anyway, so I thought “No big deal.”

When we had anal sex for the first time, I was on my period. I was feeling really bad for him, so I decided to let him fuck me in the ass. Because I was thinking of him, I didn’t think to stimulate my clit. And because he was finally getting to fuck me in the ass for the first time, and he was extra anxious due to the circumstances, he didn’t either. It wasn’t painful, but it didn’t really do anything for me. So fingering and eating my ass became another part of our sexual repertoire.

Then, when he started fingering my ass while licking my clit, or eating my ass while fingering my clit, I had my first seizure-like orgasm. I realized how incredible anal stimulation can be. I think that is when I surrendered to the pleasure of anal stimulation.

He would joke around sometimes about “If you don’t (blank), I’m gonna stick it in your butt!”, and liked to rub his dick on my asshole, and I knew he wanted to do it again. We started to try once or twice, but it hurt, his dick is just so big! I really wanted to, but I was scared to try again because I knew he got so excited and looked forward to it so much, and I didn’t want to disappoint him again.

Recently (within the past 6 months), I got into a habit of bending over on my knees with my ass in the air for him to canlı bahis lick and play with. I really surrendered to the sensation of his tongue in my ass, the softness and slickness and speed, and I started responding to anal stimulation alone, moaning and pressing my butt into his face or hand. He became a master at doing three things at once. With such talent that I could barely tell what was where, he would use his tongue and both hands to simultaneously stimulate my asshole, pussy, and clit. He would vary these, swap them up, and I would be in a near seizure of ecstasy. Then, one time when I was on my back and he was eating my ass out, really sticking his tongue all the way in, and I was thoroughly enjoying it, writhing and pushing my ass into his face, I had my first anal orgasm. It was really incredible. His tongue was in my ass, but that’s it. Nothing touching my pussy or clit, and I came, bucking into his face. It has happened again once since.

So I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how much I would like him to fuck me in the ass, and especially since we got this computer and I’ve been looking at anal porn on it. He’s noticed, and I know it really turns him on. We talked about it last night, and I told him the thought of anal sex really turns me on, but I’m scared it’ll hurt, (especially since his dick is so big). Well, I’m on my period, and had a tampon in, so that kinda narrowed his options, and this morning, like many mornings, as I was just waking up, barely awake, he was playing with my asshole, fingering it and stroking it with his dick, and (as always) it was turning me on. I rolled over onto my stomach, and he moved down and started kissing and licking my asshole. He is really good at it, and after a little while started pushing his tongue into my ass, eating it out, while fingering my clit. I was of course writhing in pleasure and shamelessly pushing my ass into his face. Then he said, “I really want to put it in your ass.”

I said, “You do?”

“Oh, yeah. Can I?”

To which I of course replied, “Yes, baby.”

I got up onto my knees and he started really eating my ass, stretching it out, helping it to relax. Then he got the lube, and I started sucking his dick while he used his hands to lube up my ass, spreading it around and pushing bahis siteleri it into my asshole. Once my ass was well lubed, I lubed his dick up, then turned around and presented my ass to him. He groaned, and started stroking his dick along my crack, pausing at my hole to press a little every time. My asshole was already taking a little of the head, it was so anxious to be fucked. He pressed it in , and there were a few moments of pain, but very minor, and when he finally sunk his dick completely into my ass, the ecstasy overwhelmed anything else. I think all the analingus has made me enjoy anal stimulation more, because the sensation of his dick sliding into my ass and then sliding out was one of the best pleasures I have ever felt.

It didn’t take all that long for him to cum, but being the amazing creature that he is, he stayed hard, and reached around me to finger my clit while fucking my ass even harder than before. I loved it, the hardness of his dick in my asshole, the slap of his balls against my pussy, the speed with which he relentlessly drove himself into me. I shamelessly bounced my ass on his dick, and before too long, I reach one of the best orgasms I have ever had. He says my asshole gaped for probably 6 or 7 seconds after he pulled his dick out.

I am so surprised at how much I loved him fucking me in the ass. Right now, my asshole is throbbing like my pussy usually does after a good romp, and it feels so good. My thong sliding against it is turning me on. I really can’t wait until we do it again. I guess we need to make it an every-now-and-then kind of thing, but I kind of want to do it again right now. He makes me feel like such a naughty little girl, and I LOVE it! I just don’t want to lose th feeling that I’m the innocent little angel he loves doing naughty things to.

Maybe I can be both. I’m working on it. And he makes me like it. I don’t really have a choice. He listens to how I respond, and I get a little more shameless in my responses every time.

A Little While Later

We just had another little “session”. I was helping him with his video game and we were smoking some. I was wearing thongs and a tank top and had pushed it down under my breasts to tease him, with my hair in pigtails. I played a little bit of the game, bahis şirketleri and when I got up, he started caressing my chest. We were kissing, and I reached down and started rubbing his dick through his shorts. He made his way down my neck and chest and started sucking my nipples. After a little while, he stopped, kissed me, and said, “What can I do for you, Mama?”

“Actually, I was thinking about sucking your dick.” I said, trying my best to sound innocent while saying that.

He said, “You were thinking about doing it now?” and I nodded, looking at him with my best innocent eyes.

We went into the bedroom, and I started by licking and sucking his balls. He loves that, and so do I. Taking them into my mouth one at a time, then both at once, rolling them around, letting him feel them going in and out of my mouth. Then I began on his dick with long, firm stokes of my tongue up and down the length of his dick, pausing at the head to swirl my tongue around the tip. I occasionally put the entire head in my mouth and sucked, but at first no more than that. Then, in one swift motion, I plunged down on his dick and felt it penetrate into my throat. I alternated between these things for a while, listening to his responses to see what he wanted when, then added the final element, firmly pressing into his ‘taint with my thumb (I just discovered this a few days ago). It wasn’t long before he was cumming in my mouth and spilling it onto my lips. I slowed down, gently stroking his dick with the length of my tongue.

He sat up a little and started playing with my asshole. After getting fucked in the ass this morning, it was extremely sensitive, but it felt really good. When he sat back, he said, “I just love that big ol’ booty, Mama.”

I said, “I love how sensitive it is right now.”

He said, “Do I need to lick it?”and I responded, “Well, you don’t need to, but I’m never going to tell you not to.” He got up on his hands and knees with me underneath him on my hands and knees, and plunged his tongue into my quivering asshole just as I took his dick into my mouth again. As I was sucking his dick, he was eating my ass and then started rubbing my clit. He was really plunging the entire length of his tongue into my ass, and I was suckling his dick with real enthusiasm, and I had an explosive orgasm at just about the same time he did. As I was cumming, he kept his tongue in my asshole, and the sensation of it sliding into my ass as it was still trembling from orgasm was amazing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32