Her Hunger Ch. 03

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Lisette sat on the toilet, counted to sixty, then flushed. She stood up, walked to the door, cracked it open, and peeked out. Seeing no one, she stepped out and pushed the down button for the elevator. The overhead display showed that car one was on the third floor and going down. Car two was already in the basement. That meant car two had nowhere to go but up. Lisette tapped her toe and fidgeted, waiting for the car to arrive.

Oh my god! It’s stopping on every floor. I’ll never get out of here. Lisette watched the panel as the numbers flashed on then off, each number indicating that the elevator was one floor closer to her. A lock of blonde hair was hanging in front of her eyes. As she brushed it away, her hand passed under her nose. Wow, is that my pussy? I smell like a bitch in heat. What the hell, I am a bitch in heat. I wonder if anyone else can smell me? I’ll never hear the end of this. Why is this happening? I haven’t had a drink in over three years! Oh god, I need some cock.

Lisette was startled back to reality by the sound of the elevator bell. The door opened and out stepped the only passenger–Craig, the eighteen-year-old mailroom boy–pushing a cart laden with envelopes and packages. Lisette held the door open for Craig as he pushed his cart out of the elevator car. Once he was through, Lisette stepped past him and reached for the panel. Lisette pushed the button for the first floor. Just as the door was starting to close, she looked up and saw Craig standing just in front of the ladies room door, peering into his mail cart. Without even thinking, she jumped out of the car and headed in the direction of the restroom.

“Come with me,” Lisette said, dragging Craig by the arm into the ladies room.

“What?” Craig blurted, too stunned to think clearly. “No–wait. I can’t go in here. What are you doing?”

“Shhhh. Be quiet. Don’t say anything. I need your help with something.”



Lisette closed the door and locked it. She was thankful that the building management had installed locks on all of the ladies’ room doors. The only men’s room with a lock was on the first floor.

“Craig, listen carefully. I need for you to do something for me. And I need for you to promise that you won’t tell anyone about it. Not anyone. Ever.”

“Well, what is it? What do you want? What can I do for you, in here?”

Lisette walked up to Craig and pressed her body against his, pinning him against the vanity. She put one finger on his mouth, and said, “First, I need for you to stop talking.”

She placed one hand on Craig’s wrist, and the other on the hem of her skirt. She pulled her skirt up to her waist, and placed Craig’s hand on her panties, directly over her pussy.

“I need some help with this,” she whispered into his ear while moving his hand up and down against her crotch. “Can you help me, Craig? I promise it will be worth your while.”

Lisette let go of her skirt and pulled her panties away from her body. She tucked Craig’s hand inside her panties and rubbed it in her juicy slit. She let go of his hand and reached for the front of his pants. Lisette unbuckled his belt, unfastened his pants, and pulled his zipper down. She reached into Craig’s underwear and pulled out his erect cock.

“Can you help me, Craig? Is there anything I can do to convince you?”

Lisette slowly dropped to the floor, pulling Craig’s pants and underwear to his ankles as she descended. She wrapped one hand around his shaft and cupped his balls in her other hand. Just as she was moving her mouth toward the head of Craig’s cock, he started bucking his hips and shooting cum in her direction. The first–and largest–blast hit her on the cheek. The second caught her nose. Lisette managed to open her mouth and catch the rest of his ejaculation as she closed her lips around the head of Craig’s spurting cock.

A full spectrum of emotions washed over Lisette in that instant. Her first response was shock. This was her first exposure to premature ejaculation. When she realized what had happened, she felt disappointment that quickly gave way to anger. But as she guzzled the last of Craig’s jizz and felt no slackening in his erection, Lisette’s anger was replaced by compassion, which led once again to desire.

“I-I’m sorry,” Craig burbled. “I d-didn’t expect that…”

“It’s ok,” Lisette said, cutting off his apology. “You’ve still got a nice piece of wood here. We can try it again.”

Lisette stood up, straddled Craig’s cock, and rubbed her crotch back and forth on his length. Craig responded immediately by humping back and forth. The feeling of Lisette’s smooth thighs squeezing his shaft and her slick pussy lips sliding back and forth was the best sensation he had ever felt in his life. He held on to her hips while thrusting back and forth with increasing speed.

“Slow down, stud,” Lisette implored. “Aren’t you going to take my panties off, first?”

“Right, of course,” Craig stammered. “I’m sorry.”

It canlı bahis suddenly occurred to Lisette that, despite wielding the equipment of a full-grown man, Craig might have been lacking in the experience department. He was, after all, only one year out of high school, and he did not possess what could be called a gregarious personality. That probably explained his trepidation.

Lisette reached down and put Craig’s hands on the sides of her panties, then with her hands over his, started to push them downward. She planted a deep, forceful kiss on his mouth. She let go of his hands when he pushed them far enough for gravity to drop them the rest of the way to the floor.

Stepping out of her panties, Lisette broke away from Craig, stood next to him at the vanity, and bent herself at the waist so that her face and chest were flush with the counter top. She spread her legs wide, bent slightly at the knees, and wiggled her ass at Craig.

“Take me, stud. Fuck me like you’ve always dreamed about fucking me.”

Lisette’s words were true, but Craig knew that they were just as true about more than two dozen women in this building. He masturbated every night while fantasizing that he was fucking one or two or even three of his office babes. There were gorgeous, fuckable women in nearly every department and on every floor of this office tower. Of course, the only female who ever gave him the time of day was Marcy, the eighteen-year-old receptionist on the first floor, but all the hot babes in the building had starring roles in his masturbatory fantasies at least once per week. None, however, were the object of his lust more often than Lisette.

Craig stood behind Lisette and aimed his swollen cock at the crease between her butt cheeks. He put his cock in the crack of her ass and pushed. Instead of feeling the glorious sensation of Lisette’s moist, velvet-like vagina, he met only resistance. He backed up and then pushed forward a second time. Again he met resistance. He was getting a little frustrated as he backed up for a third stab at Lisette’s slit, when he felt something grabbing his shaft and pulling him forward. His cock head hit something warm and moist. That’s when he realized that Lisette had reached between her legs and was guiding his shaft home.

“Now push it,” Lisette whispered.

Craig pushed forward and felt the most glorious experience of his life. His cock sank halfway into Lisette’s vagina before refusing to go further. He pushed again, but nothing happened.

“Back up and push it again, sweetie,” Lisette cooed.

Craig rocked his hips backward, then pushed forward. His cock sank almost all the way into Lisette’s tunnel. He rocked one more time and thrust forward. This time, he was all the way inside her.

“Now fuck me, baby,” Lisette urged. “Fuck me good.”

Craig was inexperienced, but he was a quick learner. It took him only three more thrusts to find the right angle of attack and the proper length of his stroke. In less than a minute he felt as though he had been doing that all of his life. He knew he was doing it right because each stroke produced a level of pleasure that topped the previous stroke. But more than that, the reaction of the beautiful woman he was plowing into confirmed the efficacy of his technique.

“Yes, Craig. Yes. That’s it, baby, fuck me. Fuck me Craig. Your big cock feels so good. Fuck me Craig, fuck me.”

He never thought of his cock as being all that big, but if an experienced older woman like Lisette said it was, well, what did he know, anyway? All he knew was that he–Craig the mailroom boy–was banging one of the hottest women in the entire building, and she was loving it.

Lisette was gliding from one orgasm to another. There was no nuance or skill to Craig’s technique, but he made up for his lack of style with sheer enthusiasm. When Craig’s concentration wandered, Lisette brought him back by grunting a little louder and thrusting her ass back into his groin. Craig responded like clockwork; each time he grabbed her hips a little tighter and began pumping faster and harder. I could train him to be my personal fucktoy. I’ve had bigger cocks before, but if I teach him to use it on me properly…

Craig felt as though his entire body was going to explode. Instinct took over, and he began pumping into Lisette harder and harder. He was no longer hearing her. He wasn’t aware of anything except the explosion that would be detonating any second. Oblivious to his surroundings, he pumped and pumped. His hips were a blur as he thrust in and out. He had jacked off countless times in the past, but never before had he felt anything so amazing. His first ejaculation with Lisette had come on so suddenly that he could not remember feeling anything prior to the eruption. But this feeling was exceeding the sum of pleasurable moments he had experienced in his entire life. And it kept getting better.

Lisette lost count of the number of orgasms that wracked her lithe body. Each was pleasurable, bahis siteleri but not one was of the magnitude she was seeking. She rubbed her clit faster and faster, doing everything she could to enhance the feeling of Craig’s cock in her pussy. She felt another orgasm come and go. She felt her juice streaming down her thigh. She felt still another orgasm approaching, but she knew that it, too, would be insufficient. She could once again see the elusive peak that towered above all others, but she was unable to scale it.

Craig pounded into Lisette as hard as he could. He felt his body begin to shake, then an explosion went off in his mind. A surge of pure pleasure shot from the back of his brain and exploded in his balls. He felt a torrent of sperm race up his cock and spray the inside of Lisette’s pussy. He continued thrusting as spurt after spurt of cum shot out of his cock. He heard his body smacking against Lisette, the sound of skin on skin eclipsing the wet sound of fluids splashing against invading flesh. His body slowed, and he heard Lisette crying.

“No! Not yet! Don’t cum!”

Craig had no response. He was totally and completely sated. He could not conceive of the notion that Lisette’s need remained unvanquished.

“No. Fuck me, you bastard. Fuck me.”

Craig was more confused than he had been when he entered the ladies room thirty minutes earlier. He was feeling better than he had ever felt at any point in his young life, yet the pride and self-respect that had swollen inside him mere minutes ago was rapidly deflating. He simply could not understand how Lisette could be experiencing any feeling other than the bliss he felt.

“More. Please, fuck me more.”

Craig responded to Lisette’s urgent pleas in the only manner he could. He resumed pumping her slippery cunt. His cock, however, was no longer interested. Despite thrusting in and out of Lisette, Craig felt his erection diminishing. After four more half-hearted thrusts, he was no longer stiff enough to penetrate her.

“Fuck me. I’m not finished yet.”

“I can’t. I’m sorry. I just can’t go any more.”

“Then find me someone who can. Go find me a hard cock that can finish what you started.”

“I have to get back to work.”

“You have to finish fucking me, mail boy. Or find me a man who can do the job.”


“Who’s on this floor?”

“Just accounting and IT. And I can’t even get into accounting. I just leave everything for them in a basket outside the door.”

“Then go to IT. Get Nathan. If he’s not there, bring back Irwin.”

Craig dressed, washed his hands, and left. Lisette washed the dried cum that was crusted on her face, wiped up the semen that was dripping from her pussy, and waited. Her panties were soaked, so she threw them in the wastebasket and covered them with hand towels. After five long minutes had elapsed, she sat on a toilet and resumed masturbating. Ten minutes and one small orgasm later, Lisette realized that Craig was not returning with another cock. He was not returning at all.

With the need still burning insider her, Lisette walked to the door and peeked out. Seeing no one in the hallway, she exited the restroom and walked at a brisk pace in the opposite direction from accounting. She had never been in the IT office before, but she had been to accounting and she knew that IT was not located in that wing of the building. Rounding a corner, she peered through a window and saw a single figure sitting in front of the largest flat panel monitor she had ever seen in her life. Figures. The computer geeks hoard the best equipment and keep it to themselves.

“Hello, Irwin,” Lisette announced as she closed the door behind her. “I have a problem and I need some immediate attention.”

“What’s your ticket number?”

“I don’t have a ticket number.”

“That’s strange. When did you submit your service request?”

“I haven’t submitted a service request.”

“Ms. … Berenger is it?

“Yes. You can call me Lisette.”

“Ms. Berenger, you know the procedure. Unless your computer fails to boot, you are required to access the ‘help’ screen and fill out a service request form. Once we receive the service request, Nathan or I will run a diagnostic and assign a ticket number. Until you get a ticket number, we are unable to repair your unit.”

Lisette walked over to Irwin’s chair, leaned over his desk, and whispered into his ear.

“I never said the problem was with my computer.”

Irwin shuffled his feet in an attempt to back away, but there was nowhere for him to go. Lisette spun his chair around so that he was looking directly into her face.

“I…don’t understand,” Irwin stammered.

“I have a problem, Irwin, and it seems that you are the only one who can help me with it. Will you help me, Irwin?”

Lisette leaned over Irwin’s rigid body and grazed her lips against his neck. Irwin did not move, but his breaths became shorter. Lisette put one knee on Irwin’s thigh. When bahis şirketleri she was sure that he would not push her away, she put the other knee on his other thigh and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“I need you Irwin. I need you to help me with my problem. Will you help me? Please?”

Lisette removed one arm from Irwin’s neck and reached between his legs. She was pleased to find his cock fully erect and straining against the confines of his pants.

Twenty-seven year old Irwin Shanahan had been working at the firm since he received his master’s degree in computer science four years earlier. In those four years, none of the women in the firm had ever spoken to him unless it involved a computer problem. He didn’t really need to talk to those women, however, to learn more about them than anyone could have suspected. As system administrator, he had unfettered access to every computer in the building–including the laptops used by the senior partners. When he got bored, he could pull up a virtual replica of every screen on the network. He knew exactly who accessed porn, who spent all day on Facebook, who was shopping on eBay, and who was playing fantasy football. He had access to every e-mail that originated in or was destined for the office, whether through the company system or through an internet based program. As a result, he knew who was having an affair, who was looking for a new job, who was having financial difficulties, how much everyone made, and how they spent it.

Irwin never intended to use this information maliciously. Rather, he was just intensely curious about his coworker’s private lives, due in no small part to the fact that his own private life was so boring.

Nothing that Irwin had ever accessed pertaining to Lisette Berenger, however, could have prepared him for the shocking position in which he now found himself. He realized that if he could somehow overcome his catatonia and force his mouth to speak, there was a fifty-one percent probability that he would shed his virginity that afternoon. Of course, that also meant there was a forty-nine percent probability that he was on the verge of suffering the cruelest joke anyone had ever played on him.

Lisette straightened her torso and rubbed her chest on Irwin’s face. It was a gesture that would have been more effective if she had any breasts to speak of, but Lisette correctly guessed that the IT administrator did not get so much female attention that he would complain about her diminutive bosom.

“Help me, please. Irwin?”

“L-let’s g-go to the lab.”

“Where’s the lab?”

The last thing Lisette wanted to do was to go wandering around the building.

“It’s back there,” Irwin said, nodding his head toward a door in the back corner of the office. “We’ll be safer in there. If we stay here, anyone could see us through that window.”

Lisette climbed off Irwin’s lap and walked toward the lab. Irwin opened the door and led Lisette into a room with outdated computers, monitors, and other equipment stacked along two of the walls. There were several tables loaded with machines in various states of disrepair. There were a few chairs at some of the tables, and one long bench that was loaded with small boxes. Another door was located at the far end of the room.

Lisette turned off the light switch as she followed Irwin into the room. A long, narrow window on the northern side of the room allowed sufficient light so that no one would trip.

“Does this door lock?”


“Don’t you think you should lock it?

“It doesn’t matter. Nathan and I are the only ones who would come in here, and he has his own key.”

“What’s behind that door?”

“That’s where the servers are located. We keep that door closed because the temperature in there needs to be below sixty-five degrees.”

“Then I guess it looks like we’re all alone?”


Irwin’s nervousness returned. He felt his heart beating out of control in his chest. This was the moment of truth. Either he was going to lose his virginity, or he was about to be pranked.

Lisette walked to the table with the least amount of clutter and bent at the waist. She placed her face against the hard, flat surface, bent her knees slightly, and spread her feet apart. She reached back, grabbed the hem of her skirt, and flipped it over her ass.

Irwin nearly choked when he saw Lisette’s naked, perfectly formed butt cheeks. Looking lower, he saw that her pussy lips were moist and open, inviting him to enter.

“Fuck me, Irwin. I need that big hard dick of yours. Fuck me, baby.”

Irwin unzipped his pants and dropped them to his knees. He decided that if were going to be pranked, he would at least try to get his dick wet first. He reached into his underwear and pulled out his cock, fully erect and ready for its first taste of pussy.

“C’mon baby, fuck me. I need you.”

Unable to tolerate any further delay, Lisette reached between her legs and grabbed Irwin’s shaft. She rubbed the head against her slit while pushing her ass backward. The sensation of a hard shaft pressing against her wet lips sent a shiver up her spine.

“That’s it baby, put it in me. Fuck me with that big dick.”

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