Growing Accustomed to One-Another Ch. 02

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This turned out to be more than twice as long as chapter one, since I tried to slow the pacing a bit. There is still growing tits and ass however, you will also find some dom/sub play in here. It is totally consensual, since I really do not like rape. I hope you enjoy this. And as always feedback is more than appreciated.


I was woken up by a great sensation in my groin area. “Well, good morning to you, too,” I said still kind of yawning but deeply enjoying the alternative to the alarm clock. What a great way to start the week-end. During the night, my dick had shrunken to its normal seven and a half inches while soft, though due to Laura’s delightful blowjob it rose to my usual thirteen hard. “I see you like me even with a normal penis,” I said jokingly.

She stopped slurping on it and answered, “Normal? Trust me there is nothing normal about this delicious piece of man-meat.” And she gave it a kiss.

After a while of fooling around with each other she asked, “Rick? I was thinking about your abilities and wanted to know what your limits are, if there are any.”

“Limits you say? Well I can read and control people’s minds only if I see them or if I know where they are. Like, if they locked themselves somewhere where I couldn’t look at them I could still do my magic, but I never did any body-changes to people I wasn’t at least in the same room with.”

With this said she jumped up and ran to the bathroom, locked herself in and said, “Do your magic!”

I instantly made her clit so sensitive that just the contact with air made her cum instantly. “AHHHH. You Asshole!” she exclaimed before opening the door and looking at me with both anger and hidden gratitude. After somewhat regaining her composure she looked me in the eye and uttered, “How big can your shlong get?”

That took me a bit off guard, “Sorry?”

“Though this little experiment has been interesting I was talking more about the physical limits of your powers, so I want to know how long your cock can get.”

“I never tried going as far as possible but we can certainly try now. We have all day to fool around.”

“Go over there!” she pointed at the far corner of my room and opened the door to the corridor, “Just in case you will need more space than this room can offer,” she said this with a slight tone of challenge. She had a sparkle in her eye like a child waiting to receive her best Christmas gift ever. “And now, my dear you shall grow big and strong for mama.”

I wanted to give a show she would truly enjoy, so I decided to grow quite rapidly to reach her at the other end of the room, quickly. In not more than ten seconds my cock was twice as long as it had been the night before at its largest, measuring now five feet, and with an audible ‘thump’ hitting the floor, while slithering toward Laura.

Laura was almost twelve feet away and my cock reached her in the following seconds. I kept on growing and growing like a never-ending snake getting fatter and thicker every time you blinked. A minute had passed and my dick had reached the entrance door. I had to stop. Laura looked first at me then at it as if she had seen a ghost. A ghost that excited her like nothing else in this world. “H-How long…?”, she gave up inquiring halfway.

“Well, I had to stop,” I said smugly, “because apparently, my flat is not large enough, at thirty-five feet. You would need twice your arms’ reach to hold it properly.” My organ resembled more a fallen log by now than anything anybody would expect seeing on any creature smaller than a whale.

Frenetically Laura sat herself on my shaft and started humping it and shortly after came expressing all her appreciation with loud moans. I looked at her, unable to move, and said, “You really like big dicks, huh?”

“Whatever this is it’s no dick, sir. It’s a fucking work of art.” She came to me and kissed me while stroking the base of my monster.

“Can I shrink it now. It’s kind of impossible to move with this”

“Fine,” she scuffed smirking, “but I am going to miss him.” I retracted my log into my usual thirteen inches, when Laura asked, “How come you don’t know your limits? I’d imagine high school must have been hilarious for you. I mean, with your powers and all.”

“I only used them once and it was to make a guy who was terrorising little kids pee himself during the gym class. He never did anything to me, but I cannot stand people treating others poorly.”

“Why, haven’t we got a little vigilante here, protecting the little guy,” she said slightly mocking me.

“Well, I hate bullies. I am sure in your school there were assholes, too.”

“Mmh. Yeah.” She looked down as if she remembered something terrible.

“Laura? I don’t need to read your mind to see that something is bothering you. What is it? You can speak freely.”

“No. It’s just that not everybody was as lucky as you regarding the being ignored by bullies”

“What happened?”

“Long story short. I had a best friend, Maddie, up until middle canlı bahis school, then puberty hit her like a truck in high school and completely ignored me. She grew inches and breasts, I grew fatter. First she began ignoring me in fear of losing her status as ‘the hot popular girl’ but after a while teasing and pranks followed sue.”

“What a shitty friend.”

“It’s nothing that scarred me for life, but boy am I glad high school is over. I haven’t seen her in years and I kind of hate her guts, though she sometimes contacts me, I don’t know why.”

“Maybe she is trying to regain some goodwill with you?”

“I doubt it. In her head, it was all in good spirit, but it really wasn’t. I think she likes me, because she can feel superior due to her looks.”

“Do you think Maddie is still superior to you?” Realisation hit her and her face began to metaphorically glow. “You are right. I’m hot as shit now, far more beautiful than her. And I have a super-hot boyfriend as well.”

“Boyfriend, huh?”

“So-sorry. I didn’t mean- “

“It’s ok. I would gladly be your boyfriend. You’re an incredible girl. You are funny and intelligent. Also, you didn’t freak out when I told you I can control minds, which is a great plus.” We smiled and kissed softly.

“Thanks. You are also great. Am I lucky to having been assigned with you. So, you think I should ask if she wants to meat and catch-up?”

“Yes of course. You can then tell me about the face she makes when she sees you.”

We spent the rest of the morning and early after-noon watching some TV series. In that time, some clothing items arrived for Laura. I had ordered them since all her old stuff didn’t fit her and/or was torn to shreds. Her phone rang and Laura read the text aloud, “How nice we can finally meet again, it’s been too long. I’m so glad you found a guy. Maybe this time he will stick, hey? I was about to go out with my boyfriend, so if you’d like we could do a double date.”

“She sounds ok, except for that sticking bit,” I commented at the end.

“Yeah, I know, she is truly awful and thinks the whole planet wants to fuck her. I wouldn’t be too surprised if she started flirting with you even with me and her own boyfriend watching.”

“There is a way for us two to communicate telepathically, if you want, during the date. It could be interesting if we want to mess with her.”

“You really are taking it seriously. The whole bully thing. I appreciate it.”

“Yeah, you have no idea how much it generally pisses me off. It gets worse if the bullied one is my girlfriend.” She kissed me and simply replied, “Thanks.”

“Aaand I also believe it’s going to be fun.”

“Dickhead. One more thing, Rick. Could you bulk up? Just to really show that we truly are hot stuff.”

“I can. Not as much as yesterday because I don’t have the clothes for it, but I can certainly ‘improve’ a bit” I grew from my normal 5’11” to 6’3″ and my frame gained in width and overall power. Now I looked like a bulked up professional swimmer.

“Fuck. You are so hot, but unfortunately we don’t have time for me to fuck you silly,” she said almost disappointed. “We should get going.”

Our meeting point was at the entrance of a shopping centre which had a lot of nice, fairly cheap restaurants where we could have our double date. After a while of looking Laura recognised Maddie’s back and full of confidence strutted towards her frenemy, “Hi, Maddie. It’s been too long.”

Maddie turned and replied, “Oh. Hi, Laaau-,” her greeting was halted by the shock of not seeing the chubby 4’10” short girl, but instead facing the slender, 5’9″ woman, towering over Maddie’s 5’5″. Though the difference that brought Laura most joy, a joy she hid well from all except from me, was that between their curves. While Maddie was sporting a certainly appreciable C cup, it was dwarfed by my girl’s large E cups. However, the true womanly superiority was shown in the comparison between their hips. Maddie had a quite small behind of only 31 inches. Very much in shape and well-formed certainly, but nothing in comparison to Laura’s badonkadonk measuring 40 inches.

All this info I gathered since I made Maddie’s and her boyfriend’s big toe nail grow by half a centimetre, just to be able to know what we were working with.

Maddie regained composure in order to keep her cool and restarted the greeting procedure, “Hi, Laura. You are right it’s been too long. What? Almost three years? This time clearly did you some good.” It was impossible to ignore the slight spite in her voice.

“Yes. A very late growth spurt, I guess,” Laura answered as casually as possible. “But where are my manners? Honey, this is Maddie, my oldest friend and the hottest girl in high-school.” She clearly accentuated “high-school” to let everybody know this wasn’t the case anymore. My god, I find all this passive-aggressiveness, girls use so tiring. Men just punch each other to settle things. But hey, Laura was clearly winning, so who was I to interfere?

“Nice bahis siteleri to meet you, I’m Richard,” I introduced myself as neutrally as possible.

“And this hottie is my boyfriend Andrew.” Andrew was indeed quite attractive in a very jock-like way. He in fact played lacrosse for his university and was fairly built, except in the height department were he just barely reached Laura. Moreover, next to this version of me, everyone except some Olympic athletes would look bland. It was clear that Maddie tried to emphasise her man’s value but failed miserably at it.

We exchanged niceties before making our way toward our selected restaurant. During this short walk, Laura and I communicated telepathically. “Oh my god I’m freaking out, Rick.”

“It really doesn’t show. In fact, I would say that Maddie kind of looks desperate to show off. You, however have been very cool and relaxed.”

“Thanks, hon. I appreciate it. And thank you for giving me this possibility. It’s the first time ever that I feel like the hottest girl in the room.”

“Not to sound too cheesy, but if you can alter your and others’ appearance at will, looks are secondary.” She then kissed me, for what seemed no reason to anybody who was not privy on our conversation. “But if it makes you feel better everyone we pass is looking at us two feeling bad for ‘those other two’.”

“That’s exactly what should happen,” she told me a bit mischievously.

We arrived at the restaurant and took our seats. We first ordered our drinks when Maddie asked, “So where did you meet?”

“At uni. We have a group project, so we started spending quite a lot of time together and got to know each other,” Laura replied. She did not want to say she had met her boyfriend the day before in fear of looking to much like a slut that picks up random dudes.

“What about you?” I in turn asked Andrew, but Maddie quickly answered, “Oh at a party a couple of months ago. It’s been going great. Hasn’t it, sweetie?”

“What? Oh, yeah. Totally, babe.” Wow. That was a lacklustre answer.

“Has it really been going great?” Laura asked me through our special channel.

I read Maddie’s mind and discovered that in fact it hasn’t. According to her, Andrew is a complete airhead, with no interests whatsoever except for lacrosse. He apparently is also lacking in the trousers department, both in size and in technique.

“Why is he still with him?” I was asked by girl.

“Because he is very desired on campus and being with him gives her, she believes, a higher status at university.”

“Wow, she hasn’t changed a bit since high school.”

The dinner went on pretty smoothly, when Maddie asked Laura if she wanted to accompany her to the bathroom. Laura agreed and told me to listen in to their conversation since what is said in the ladies’ room is usually quite interesting.

While putting themselves back together and slightly bowing forwards to more easily adjust their makeup Laura thought, “Wow my tits are so much bigger than hers. I wouldn’t have bet a penny on it two days ago.”

Noticing Laura’s victorious stare, Maddie tried to change the discussion topic, “You really lucked out with Rick, didn’t you?”

“Yes, he is a great guy. He truly makes me feel special.”

“Of course. Though I was referring more to his hunk-like appearance. I wonder whether all those muscles are supposed to compensate for something.”

“Wow, I think she hopes at least something is not utterly perfect amongst us, hon,” Laura told me before answering her, “Don’t worry about him. He satisfies me more than well enough.”

“That’s certainly good for you. I guess not all men can be hung like my Andrew.”

Wanting to further hear her lies Laura asked, “Do you know approximately how big your man is, Maddie?”

“About seven and a half inches long.”

Laura asked me silently, “How big is he really?”

“Three and a half. On a good day.”

“So not only is she lying to make me think she found the best man amongst you two, but even if her lie were real you would be as big soft as he when hard.” She then turned to her old friend and replied, “Well aren’t you a lucky lady. I’m sure it feels very good.”

“Amazing in fact,” Maddie said convinced of having outclassed Laura even if only by lying.

As they returned to the table they had to realise that it was only me who was seated.

“Where is Andrew?” asked Maddie.

“He left very rapidly after having looked at his phone saying his guys had planned something,” I replied.

“Oh, too bad. He sometimes buzzes off when his lacrosse team call him.” She said this very calmly, but was clearly enraged that her prize man let her down in front of the girl that once was just an easy punching bag, but now not only was way hotter, but showed herself with a guy much more better looking than her own who doesn’t just run away for no good reason. “And what was that thing about Richard satisfying her more than well enough? No, he cannot be packing bahis şirketleri as well, can he?” she thought. These thoughts I shared with Laura who barely managed to hold a chuckle.

The rest of the dinner was quite silent and afterwards Laura thought it would be nice to go for some drinks. “Are you coming to a bar with us. It could be nice get a bit looser. Just the three of us,” she invited Maddie to come along.

“Honey? Are you planning on getting into her pants? I know you are straight,” I said telepathically and a bit confused.

“I am straight, but I wouldn’t mind having her around while we show what a real power-couple looks like while they are having sex. Of course, if you don’t want to it doesn’t have to happen.”

“I would be an idiot to decline.”

Thus, we went the three of us to a bar and ordered first some beers, then more beers, then some shots. The girls got tipsy very quickly and almost instantly lost their inhibition. Maddie and Laura were recollecting the good ol’ times, when Laura dropped the bomb, “Hey Maddie, how does it feel to not be the hottest girl in the room anymore?” I was shocked by her forwardness, but desperately wanted to see where this was going.

“What? What do you mean?” she sounded more in regret and a bit of fear than in doubt.

“You know what I mean. You where THE hot girl in school and I was a short bowling ball who could not keep a man for more than a couple of weeks. But now I am taller curvier and bustier than you and I am in love with this hot hunk.” She turned to me and kissed me passionately. Meanwhile Maddie was feeling terrible.

However, shame was not the only feeling swirling in Maddie’s mind. I don’t know how I had missed it the entire evening but Maddie is more than just curious about the gentler sex, and to be talked down upon made her feel more than just a hint of arousal. Generally, she likes to be the sub since she is so dominant in her daily life. I shared, again, this information with my better half, after having sobered her up, so she could think more rationally about the situation.

“What do you want to do about her and this position we’re in?” I asked Laura.

“I want to take her home and humiliate her, you said she is into it. I think with your powers we could-.”

“Wait wait. I’m certainly not going to show my powers to such a vein and selfish person, am I?”

“You could just let her forget about the powers specifically and let her remember the general experience.”

“That’s actually a damn good idea.” And with our understanding that happened in a fraction of a second inside of our heads she turned back to her frenemy. But before doing anything she asked me, “Is there anything she doesn’t want me to do now?”

“Just don’t start assaulting her in public. She wouldn’t mind some light groping, though.”

With the intention of doing just that she cupped Maddie’s left underboob and asked, “How big are these, my dear Maddie?” a tone of complete control in her voice.

“34C, La-Laura,” she stammered slightly.

“Wow. They look so small now. I remembered when I would have loved to have just half of these on my chest.” She stopped and looked at her non-existent wristwatch. “Would you look at the time. I think Rick and I will have to go. Of course, we can accompany you home. Or…, you can come with us.”

A hint of doubt struck Maddie, “I really shouldn’t. If I go they will have their way with me and Laura will win. Yes. Laura. Short, fat, flat chested Laura. The same Laura that somehow turned into a statuesque bombshell. I cannot let her have this. But how can I refuse? Look at her. Her tits are huge. And her ass-cheeks look to be twice as big as mine. And then look at him. He looks to be 40lbs bigger than wiener dicked Andrew. What if his dick is as big as the rest of him? I cannot not go with them.” Her mind was finally made up and she simply answered, “Yes.”

“Yes what?” Laura replied teasing her.

“I-I could go with you.”

“Great, shall we?”, Laura sprung up and jiggled her ass in Maddie’s face before we hopped into a cab to bring us as quickly as possible to my flat. While I was opening the door Laura was grabbing Maddie’s butt cheeks in silent. The smaller girl was clearly enjoying the attention.

Shortly after we had entered Laura took Maddie by the arm and blocked her with her back towards the wall and vehemently uttered, “Unfortunately for you, I do not like girls so I will not be touching you except for the occasional squeeze and tease. What you, however will be doing to me is a whole different thing. Are we clear?”

“O-of co-course.” I couldn’t figure if Maddie was more frightened or excited by Laura’s dominating role and stance. During all this I stayed in the background knowing that my time to shine would come. Also, who in their right mind would have stopped them?

“Where did we stop at the bar? Oh yes, I remember,” and she grabbed Maddie’s left tit, “your insignificant C cups. Would you like to enjoy real breasts?”

“Yes,” was her quick response.

“You can hold them if you want.” Maddie started groping and squeezing those tits for which two handfuls weren’t enough. “Unbutton my shirt and really feel them!” ordered Laura.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32