Georgia on my Mind

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Too much rouge and lip gloss. False lashes, flapping. The hair teased way too high. A big woman, huge tits overflowing that Harley cut-down tee. But she had a flair, an allure, and I was smitten.

Two hours ago, I was doing seventy on I-95, heading for Florida. The drowsiness was winning, and I was in no rush, so, once I hit the Georgia line, I eased off the gas and found a roadside motel with lounge attached.

A few drinks and six hours of solid sleep, and I’d be gone again. I checked in to save time, then eased into the corner stool at far end of the bar.

“Hey, Darlin’, what’ll it be?”, she drawled, happy to have another member of her audience.

“PBR and a Jack.”

She smiled, “Don’t get many New Yorkers this far off the Interstate.” Tilting her head to my Jeep out front. “Saw you pull up, through the blinds.”

She poured and slid the shot and beer across. I chugged the Jack and took a hit on the Pabst, nice and cold, almost hurting as it went down.

“Yeah, I was looking for a cheap room. Too rich for my blood on I95”, I said, nodding to the shot glass. She refilled it and I laid a $50 on the bar.

“I don’t have change of that yet, Darlin’.”

“I’ll be having a few, and something to eat.”

“Well, okay then, I’ll start you a tab, but don’t go arunnin’ on me! I’ll track you down like a rabid dog!” She laughed.

Smiling, “I bet you would, too.”

“Damn straight, Ol’ Flo don’t mess around!”, a old man yelled over his beer.

“That’s right,” a heavy-set woman chimed in, along with the two others sitting around on a weekday in July, just happy to be in air-conditioning, I imagined.

I drank in silence as they went back to their local chatter, with Flo keeping me in the loop.

The TV had Maury doing paternity tests, and no one cared but when Jerry came on, they all went wild. This one had a second cousin who was on his show last year, and another’s brother’s bosses uncle once went all the way to Cincinnati to be on the show, then chickened out.

The menu consisted of half sandwiches of ham, turkey, and cheese of some kind. And potato chips. I ate two.

Next came Walker, Texas Ranger, and all agreed that Walker was the baddest Ranger ever. Flo stationed herself at my end of the bar, sliding into the seat next to me, when no one needed anything.

“You look sorta like Walker, with that beard”, she said in hushed tones.

Hardly, I thought, I’m taller and thinner by a lot! My hair is dark. But we do both have beards.

“You think so? Is that good?” I asked, teasing.

“Hmm, very good. Walker can leave crumbs in my bed anytime!” she smiled, her eyes dreamy. “And you, Darlin’, got a good chance casino oyna your own self!”

I smiled back at her, wondering her situation. No ring, obviously a flirt, I estimated in her early fifties.

Was this just to entertain and increase her tip, or was she hitting on me?

“I’d better watch my back when I’m leaving.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about than, Hon, I own this place, so i have a spare key to any room in the place.”

“Double locks?”

“Darlin, I don’t chase men unless they owe me money! If you want it, you gotta give a sign!” I felt her hand on my leg. “My night man is due in 15 minutes. I do expect a tip, and if you leave it heads up, you may get special room service. Heads down, and I understand, its your choice.”

We settled up when Jethro came in, and I definitely had had enough of this place. Younger red necks were filing in, and many looked long and hard at the stranger in the corner.

Flo had broken the $50 and left two twenties change, clearly undercharging me by at least twenty.

I took out my pen, and drew a big smile on Andrew Jackson’s face, with a cartoon balloon for him saying, “Head’s Up!” I drained my beer and put it on the tip, said goodnight to all, and went up to my room, washed up and waited.

Ten minutes later, there was a knock on the door. I opened it, and there was Flo, a champagne bucket under one arm and a bag of Cheetos.

“Compliments of management!” She handed me the bucket, which held a six pack of PBRs. “So, you gonna invite a lady in?”

I swung the door wide. “My place is yours, but I guess you know that.”

She laughed, “Good one! Gorgeous and a sense of humor, too!” She rumbled into the room. “I like what you’ve done with it.”

I moved my bag off the one chair, and popped two beers. “I hope you’re joining me.”

“Oh yeah, I don’t start til I get off, cause when I start, I don’t want to stop!”

We tapped bottles and she said, “To Friendships. We all need to slow down and say howdy more often. Doesn’t take long, but the memories can last forever.”

A fine sentiment, I thought. To my new friend, I simply said, “Cheers.”

We drank, our eyes not leaving the other’s. “When you pulled up, I said to myself, ‘Florrie, there’s a young man you should get to know.’ And then you came strollin’ into the bar, all tall and young and handsome, and I thought, ‘No, Child, he’s young enough to be your son'”.

I smiled. “Sorry, but I wasn’t thinking about Momma when I saw you. You got a way about you, I can’t put my finger on it, but I feel very relaxed around you, like we been old friends for years.”

“Maybe we were, in another life, Darlin’, I believe in Deja Vu, and I felt canlı casino the same thing. Like this has happened before.”

I felt it, too, very weird but oh so right. “So, what happens next then?”

She placed her PBR on the night stand. “Well, if I remember correctly, we make mad passionate love, then we go on our merry ways!”

“Works for me.”

I stepped toward her, put my hands on her hips and pulled her close. Her cologne was strong, but decent quality. She had freshened up too.

Our chests met, and she looked up and we kissed and it felt comfortable, not rushed, as if we had done it before.

Even though she had at least twenty years on me, I felt at ease with her, as if we were contemporaries reacquainted after many years.

I could feel the ripple of flesh at her waist, tucked under the black Harley tee. So what if she was heavy. Her sexuality shone through the makeup, weight, and bravado. She kissed back and moaned, playfully biting my tongue when I slid in. “Mmmm, I knew you were a good kisser”, she whispered.

And she was, too. Her soft body seemed to mold to me, and I knew she was right: I would remember this for a long time. My hand wrapped around her back, feeling the bra strap straining to contain those luscious breasts. I rubbed her back as we made out, and one hand slid back to her side, then moving up to her tits, feeling them through the bra and tee.

She reached down and lifted the tee over her head, now standing there in black lace bra. She reached around back and unhooked her bra. Her breasts tumbled free and I went right for the nipples.

I bent my head to take one in my mouth, sucking and biting as she ground it into my face, groaning. She held my head as if a suckling child and I did suck, greedily.

She pulled my tee shirt over my head and it fell.

I felt her hands at my waist, fumbling with my jeans. I held my breath to lessen the tension, and she got them loose.

She heaved them down, along with my boxers and my six-incher sprung straight out and she hungrily took it into her mouth, squatting before me, while she undid her own tight jeans.

When I was sufficiently lubricated, she stood, and her jeans and panties stayed down, she kissed me hard and climbed on the bed.

“Put that thing right between my two titties, Darlin’, I love to watch a hard cock.”

She scurried back, holding them, creating a valley for me to move. I climbed over her chest, got to the right place, and let my juicy cock drop between them.

She squished those mounds of flesh together around me, and started moving them watching my head pop out of the flesh, then disappear again.

“Oooooeeee! I love seein’ a man havin’ kaçak casino fun!”

And I was, laughing, thrusting with her, my big pink head playing hide-and-seek.

She licked at it, as I came close to her, making kissing noises, smiling.

Finally, she said, “Okay, Daddy, enough playin’, give me what I’m here for.”

And I did, I moved down, between her thighs, and lifted, her hairy bush glistened with moisture, and above the cologne, sprays, and deodorants, I could smell her, not in a bad way, just the smell of a woman in heat.

She grabbed my shaft and guided me in, and she puckered those lips for me, and I pushed, and the wall came down, and I was inside.

My cock seemed to burn from her heat as I got my hips right, then extracted, to just the tip, waited, then in again. She squealed again!

Time and again, I pulled to the last inch, about to plop out, then in again.

“Darlin’ you don’t tease a Gator or Horny Momma, and I’m one of them! Get to it, Son.”

I looked down and smiled, and slowly drew back, back, and plopped out.

Her confusion was obvious until I reached over and rolled her onto her belly. She squealed with delight as she scurried onto her knees and I slammed her from behind.

“I knew it! We done this before, this same thing!”, She laughed.

Now I was boiling. Her pussy gripped me like a vise, and I began driving her head into that pillow and she muffled a scream when I picked up speed.

I held onto her hips, watching her big ass below me, my cock so juicy from her oozing. The hours of watching her, and thinking about fucking this country bar and motel owner, had made me so horny for her.

I shouted out I was almost ready, and she yelled, “You’re making me cum, too, Baby! I’m gonna cum with you too!”

I held out until I felt her spasm, signalling that she was releasing, and when she cried out some kind of noise, I let go, too, grunting as I came, again, then again, shooting deep into her hot wet pussy, which seemed to twitch around my cock.

I fell forward on top of her, out of breath, panting. From under me, I heard, “Oh, Darlin’, you done made this little girl squirt all over your bed. Lucky I know the owner!”

I stayed the night, and since I didn’t have a job waiting in Florida, or anywhere else, Flo gave me some work, once she saw my guitar and heard me play. Luckily, I do a lot of country music, enough to be accepted, anyway.

The pay wasn’t great, but she kept me in PBRs and sandwiches, plus a room of my own. She didn’t even care if I got lucky with one of the locals.

One such girl wound up being married to someone about to be released from the pen. Word got around that he heard rumors and Flo sent me on my way, with a full tank and a picture of Ol’ Andy Jackson with a smile on his face.

“See ya in another life, Darlin'”, she said, kissing me as I drove out, headed south.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32