Forbidden Ch. 23

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The day that Priya and Matthew were looking forward to finally arrived. Saturday was the night they would spend together at a hotel. Two hours away from home. Completely free of any risk of being caught. No sneaking around. No quickies. No time limits. No looking over their shoulder.

Just the freedom to truly enjoy, love and explore each other.

Priya had trouble concentrating on all the presentations at the conference, constantly crossing and uncrossing her legs. Squeezing her thighs together. Each presentation seemed longer than the last, until the words just became background noise in her brain. It was all she could do to respond to colleagues when addressed.

Her hair was down, but also back in a tight clip, revealing her pretty face. She wore eye-makeup, bringing out arguably her best feature. She had on a white blouse that was sheer enough that if you looked closely you could tell that she wore a white bra, and she also had on formal black pants. She had arrived in Stonestown early in the morning, and at lunch she checked into the room and threw her stuff there.

And then it was back to the conference.


Matthew was fighting an erection the entire drive to Stonestown. He would have made it earlier than five, but was mixed up at an exit and it wound up costing him thirty torturous minutes. He stood before Room 617 at precisely five-twenty-two pm. He knocked on the door, heart pounding with excitement. The door opened.

Like an angel from heaven, Priya stood before him. His sister-in-law. His wife’s sister. It was wrong. He knew it was wrong. Priya knew it was wrong. But they couldn’t help themselves. They tried. They had tried so hard to fight it. In the end, they grew tired of fighting. The fight would have been endless because their love for each other was infinite.

She had the most beautiful smile on her face. Her hair was down, but it was also back — the sides of her hair, as well as the top, was pulled back in a ponytail while the rest of her hair flowed down behind her just past her shoulders. She wore eyeliner that brought out the most amazing eyes, and lipstick that brought out those thick, sultry lips. Her well-shaped eyebrows were raised a little as she looked up at him.

Priya had changed into a white, long-sleeved shirt that was tight around her upper body and showed just the tiniest slit of her belly. She had also changed into jeans, with white socks on her small feet. The conference ended about a half hour earlier and she didn’t realize that she would have time for a shower since Matthew ended up being a bit late. So she had hustled into more casual clothes, and figured the two of them could shower together before dinner.

Matthew’s heart was beating furiously. All he wanted in that moment was to hold this woman close and never let go.

Without a word, he stepped up to her, slipping his strong arms around her waist. If her smile could get any bigger, it did. Priya’s essence was buzzing with excitement as her lover kissed her on the lips softly. She threw her arms around his neck and pressed her lips against his. His hands grabbed her ass over her jeans as he began backing her up towards the bed, his foot kicking the door shut on the way. He stepped out of his shoes as his tongue explored her mouth.

Priya was conscious of her brother-in-law’s arousal pressing against her belly through their clothes. The backs of her legs hit the bed and she broke the kiss, falling back onto it, ample bosom heaving with desire. Matthew undid his jacket and let it fall to the floor. He then crawled onto the bed between her open legs. Without a word, he kissed her again, and their tongues immediately shot into each other’s mouth. He wanted so badly to tell her how much he loved her and how much he missed her, but his lust wouldn’t let him stop kissing her long enough. They were breathing laboriously as they kissed with more passion than ever before. Her tongue was practically going down his throat. He was grinding hard against her.

Without breaking the kiss, he mercifully raised his hips. He reached between them, still rubbing his tongue along hers as his hand undid her belt and button. As his fingers pulled her zipper down, Priya’s nimble hands were working his belt. Within seconds, his button and fly were undone and she was pushing his pants and underwear downwards, freeing his stiff cock. He finally broke the kiss and the two of them were gasping for breath as he grabbed her jeans and white cotton panties and tugged them violently downwards. They slid down off her ass, revealing the black rectangle of her bush to him. She raised her legs and pulled her feet out of them one by one. He managed to pull each of her socks off of her pretty feet in one motion, subconsciously noticing that she had painted her nails for him a reddish-brown color.

Priya’s feet remained high in the air, long legs spread wide. The dark lips of her treasure were pressed tightly together, tempting. As güvenilir bahis he lay back on top of her, Priya eagerly grabbed his stiff pole in her left hand, the light from the room glistening off of her golden wedding band as she aimed that engorged manhood of his against her quivering labia.

He thrust and pierced her, three inches of his penis slipping into the hot tightness of her vagina.

“Ohhhh…” she sighed, raising her eyebrows. Her beautiful eyes remained open though, locked on his. Matthew pulled back a little and then pushed forward, this time pushing his entire organ inside her hot, slick treasure. His mouth again covered hers, kissing her passionately as he began to slide in and out of her. She immediately raised her beautiful feet even higher, increasing the wonderful sensation of her lover sliding his cock deep inside her over and over.

The room was filled with the sounds of their loud kissing, and her muffled moans soon joined those sounds.

“Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!” Priya moaned into his mouth, an orgasm rising inside her. He was fucking her hard and frantically, as if with pent-up lust. His groin was slapping against her sensitive, defenseless slit again and again as she kept her legs wide around him. Five minutes ago she was standing in the room waiting for him to arrive and now here she was, getting pounded by an unbending cock. Her feet were flailing wildly in the air, waving back and forth as he thrust hard inside her needy body again and again. His manhood continued to pound into her relentlessly. Her ass was bouncing off the bed, forcing her to meet each of his rapid thrusts. It created a torrid, unsustainable pace. He was impacting her tingling labia and the pleasure wasn’t letting up. The tingling inside her core grew. She broke the kiss, looking up at him sweetly.

Matthew slowed, showing mercy. He looked at the way that gorgeous face was wincing with pleasure and there was no question in his mind that he was in love with her. Slowing, he looked over his shoulder. He could see her bare feet flailing behind him. She had such long, incredible legs. Was there any part of her body that he didn’t love? He turned back to her and she opened her eyes at the same time. She looked up at him. He could see the love in those eyes. She gave him the biggest smile and his heart did a flip. That smile alone nearly caused him to lose it. He sheathed himself all the way inside her heat, putting his hand on the side of her face. Those words went unspoken. They just knew.

For a moment, the two just basked in their oneness. Gasping for breath. He ground himself against her and his swollen member was pushing the very back of her treasure. The seconds ticked by. Their unbridled lust had been temporarily sated and now was the time to soak it all in.

“I love you.” Matthew said softly. Priya’s smile lit up the room. And his heart.

“I love you too.” She said, dark eyes watering. He kissed her nose softly. Then he kissed her mouth, pulling her upper lip. He kissed into her neck and she giggled.

“I want to worship you. I want to run my mouth all over you.” He muttered, briefly sucking her earlobe. Her arms and legs squeezed him briefly.

“I was thinking…” She said, panting. “Do you want to take this into the shower?”

He kissed her mouth again. “Sure.” He didn’t want to pull out of the heat that surrounded him, but he was also interested in seeing this woman naked and wet in the shower. Was there anything more appealing?

After one more kiss he slid out of her, briefly seeing the pink inside her dark treasure before the petals closed back up. Priya rolled off the bed and stood up. He watched her walk towards the bathroom, her naked ass shaking underneath that tight white shirt of hers. The white shirt made her brown skin seem darker. He watched her cheeks rise and fall with each step of her pretty feet. His organ was still completely rigid and it wobbled back and forth as he followed her in. It was a shower with a deep tub, and he stared at her bum as she bent over before him to turn it on. Standing back up, she turned around and smiled at him.

“I love you so much.” He said again, shaking his head in awe. Her smile grew even bigger, showing her teeth.

“I love you too.”

They kissed briefly. Priya then grabbed her shirt and raised it up over her head and off, revealing her gorgeous breasts straining in her white bra, shaking as she dropped the shirt. Matthew got undressed as he watched her reach behind her back and unsnap her bra. Her beautiful mounds were freed, bouncing hypnotically with the movement. Her black areolas encircled her erect nipples. As he got completely naked, she took the tie out of her hair, letting it fall loosely around her shoulders.

As one, the two went to each other, his hands slipping around her waist and grabbing onto the soft cheeks of her naked ass. Priya’s arms went around his neck and she stood up on her toes. They kissed passionately, türkçe bahis tongues darting far into each other’s mouths.

She could feel Matthew’s erection pressing against her bare belly, and just thinking about it sent shivers up her body.

He squeezed her soft cheeks, massaging her bum as he rubbed his tongue against hers. He was conscious of her breasts pressed against him as they held each other tight. His hands circled her smooth, soft ass. Getting his fingertips into her crack, he squeezed her cheeks again. As her tongue teased against his, he tasted her saliva. Her mouth gently sucked at him, and she gradually broke the kiss, panting.

“Are we going to make it to the shower?” She joked, chuckling. He laughed, letting go of her ass. She turned and stepped into the shower. He was right behind her. She got under the spray and he watched the water cascade all over his sister-in-law’s body. She turned to face him, water pouring down her magnificent breasts. She threw her soaking wet hair back and it was pressed to her head. Priya opened her eyes and smiled at him.

He kissed her on the mouth and their lips smacked loudly. He couldn’t help but kiss her a second time. He was about to kiss her a third time when she turned away, grabbed the hotel soap and ripped off the package, throwing it outside.

Priya smiled and squeezed beside him, allowing him to go into the spray. She lathered up the soap in her hands. He loved how her tits shook when she lathered that soap. He turned to face the shower and get his hair wet and he suddenly felt her hands on his back, caressing him, rubbing the soap all over his back. She placed her soapy hands on his ass caressing all over it and running her soapy fingers up his crack. He turned around, rinsing off his back as he watched her lather some more soap on her hands. He kissed her full lips as she did so. Just briefly.

She began to soap up his chest and then cleaned his arms. He watched her sink to her knees and began washing his legs. She looked incredibly hot when she was all wet like that. Her black hair was pressed to her scalp and slicked back, completely exposing her pretty face. She looked up at him and smiled. His heart nearly stopped. Soaping up her hands again, she handed him the soap. He reached behind him and put it on the little shelf. He turned and watched her cup his balls with one hand and slowly stroke his cock with the other. It was impossible for him to be any harder as his sister-in-law rubbed soap all over his penis, gently stroking him. When she was finished, he turned around and rinsed himself off.

Matthew turned back around and was surprised to see Priya still on her knees. She looked up at him, right into his eyes as she placed a hand on his shaft. She ducked underneath him a little, sucking a testicle into her mouth. Seeing this woman holding his testicle in her mouth was mind-blowing. ‘Pop!’

It popped out of her mouth and she kissed the base of his dick. She stuck out her tongue – gawd he loved that tongue. She slowly licked up his freshly cleaned shaft. When her tongue reached the top, she pursed her lips and softly kissed his mushroom head. He watched her full lips open up and slowly absorb his member inside. Those lips slowly sunk down his manhood until he felt his penis hit the back of her throat. Her lips were not quite at the base and she held him there, looking up at him. Such a pretty face holding his cock in her mouth…

She stopped looking into his eyes and focused on the task at hand, closing her eyes as she began to bob her mouth back and forth along his rod. The shower continued to spray onto his back as he watched Priya eagerly suck his erection.

‘Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!’ the sucking noises could be heard over the sounds of the shower. He could see all of her beautiful face as it made his dick disappear over and over again. She pulled it out of her mouth and began kissing all over it again, before sticking it right back in her warm mouth and getting back to work. Her mouth glided up and down his pole smoothly, as if she was an expert of twenty years at this instead of just a couple months. ‘Pop!’ she took him out of her mouth and stood up before him.

He slid his arms around her, his hands locking onto the wet skin of her ass as he kissed her. Matthew squeezed Priya’s globes as he felt her tongue slip into his mouth. He sucked on her long tongue as they kissed passionately. Squeezing her bum, he slowly spun them around so that her back was in the shower. He broke the kiss and she turned around so that her front was again rinsing off in the shower. He reached over her and grabbed the soap, lathering it up in his hands as he stared at her beautiful naked bum. Priya.

He began rubbing soap on the soft skin of her back. He rubbed it all over her cheeks, getting lather on each cheek before rubbing the soap once again to get more lather. She continued to stand passively before him as he ran his hand up and down the güvenilir bahis siteleri crack of her ass — Priya’s ass. He could clearly feel her tiny asshole as his fingers brushed up and down it.

She turned around, smiling and showing her teeth as he lathered more soap in his hands. He sunk to his knees and began running his hands with the soap down one leg, starting at her soft thigh just beside her crotch, down over her knee to her calf. She raised her foot and Matthew rubbed his soap hand all over it. She raised her other one and he rubbed that one. He loved her cute little feet. He caressed back up her long leg to her upper thigh, his hands stroking dangerously close to her defenseless labia before standing back up again. He lathered the soap in his hands one last time and then handed it to her. She placed it back on the shelf before turning back to him. Again she wore her beautiful smile.

He placed his hands on Priya’s two gorgeous wet breasts, caressing over the soft skin and the hard nipples. He rubbed soap all over her skin. She raised her arms and he rubbed soap on her cleanly shaven armpits. Matthew went back over her tits and down her soft belly to her bush. Running his soapy fingers through the curls of her black pubic hair, he felt her slit. Cupping her crotch, he teased his soaping fingers back and forth over her slick petals. He cleaned all over and around her pussy as she began to subtly grind her crotch against his hand, giving him a mischievous smile that again flashed those teeth.

She turned around and rinsed the front of her amazing body off as he stared at her wet ass. When she turned back, Matthew grabbed her and pulled her to him, lips finding hers. She smiled as she kissed him, chuckling a little as well.

He spun her around so that his back was to the shower spray and he pressed her against the back wall of the shower, his tongue going deep into her mouth. He broke the kiss and kissed over her soft cheek to her ear. His rigid shaft was pressing against her bush. He kissed and sucked her earlobe, sending tingles of desire through her.

“I love every inch of you.” He whispered in her ear. “I want to kiss every inch of you.”

Priya’s heart soared at his words.

“Please do!” she said, smiling. She chuckled. She was at her happiest when she was with this man. She closed her eyes and caressed the back of his head when she felt his lips trail down her neck.

He kissed down her chest to her cleavage. He kissed back and forth between her tits, cherishing every touch of his lips to her skin. He kissed the underside of her breast and then slowly circled his tongue around her dark areola. He briefly sucked Priya’s nipple into his mouth before releasing it and kissing down her cleavage to her other breast. He was conscious of her hand stroking his wet hair as he licked the underside of her other mound. Grabbing that breast in one hand, he gently squeezed it as he ran his tongue around her dark areola. As he sucked her erect nipple into his mouth, his other hand cupped her treasure, slowly running the tip of his middle finger back and forth along her wet slit.

“Ohhhh…” she moaned above him as bolts of pleasure shot up her body. She had to have him back inside her.

Matthew began kissing down Priya’s soft, smooth, wet belly, running his lips over her beautiful skin. The tingling in her pussy increased as he kissed closer and closer to it. He kissed the wet fur of her bush. He could smell her intoxicating scent, even though he had just cleaned her there. He teased her, kissing the insides of each of her thighs.

As he kissed down her leg inch-by-inch, she raised her pretty foot and placed it on the side of the tub. He could now clearly see the swollen lips of her pussy as he kissed over her knee and down her calf. He got down to her ankle and kissed over top of her foot.

Priya could not help but smile — this is why she painted her toenails. Bracing herself against the back of the shower, she raised her foot in the air so he could hold it. He kissed each of her toes, starting with the big one and working his way to the small one. He then worked his way back, kissing every inch of the top of her toes and foot. He raised it a little higher and kissed the bottom of her foot a few times before finally sucking her big toe into his mouth. He pulled it out of his mouth and then sucked her three biggest toes into his mouth. Through it all, she looked down at her true love – her forbidden love – and smiled.

He released Priya’s foot and she raised her other one expectantly. He wasn’t kidding when he said he wanted to kiss every inch of her. Priya curled her toes and he sucked two of them into his mouth briefly. He then kissed all over her instep and over the top of the bare foot. He then began kissing over her ankle and up the inside of her other leg. He kissed the inside of her thigh as she placed her foot back on the edge of the tub.

Matthew kissed closer and closer to his dream pussy. He was unable to duck low enough underneath her, but he could see it there. Its swollen dark labia pressed tightly together, surrounded by black curls of wet pubic hair. He kissed the top of her slit, right on her clit.

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