For Someone Special

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– I tried but couldn’t sleep so I decided to write what was on my mind.

I envision you lying on your bed, staring at the ceiling, wanting for someone, dying for release. Imagining your boyfriend, dreaming of being close, endangering your thoughts of him for those of other people. You close your eyes, deciding sleep is the answer to what you can’t seem to solve yourself. Quiet for a moment you hear the door gently open but you cannot make out the figure in the doorway. In the dark I creep slowly toward the bed; staring at you lying on top of the blankets, still dressed for the world. I see you undressed for me. You motion to speak, but I put my hand over your mouth and lean down and kiss you. A moment shared, I let my lips slip from yours and work my way down a little, breathing heavily on your neck. You feel my hand run up your thigh and up the left side of your shirt, caressing from waist to shoulder.

My hot breath on your neck forms words of passion as I begin to strip you of your shirt and bra, my hands enjoying their stay as they tease and move along your upper body. Free of your confinement I slide my mouth down and kiss your upper chest as my hands roam up and down your sides gently, I smoothly begin to kiss your breasts as my hands squeeze your hips softly, but intently. I feel your body quiver in anticipation beneath me as I continue my expedition of your chest and stomach. I carefully dig my nails into you as I bite onto your belly ring and pull a little. The pain courses through your nerves, twisting your body a little at the waist. On cue of your natural turning, I use my strong arms to roll you onto your stomach, dragging my nails a little as they skirt your naked stomach and sides. I whisper in your ear to hold completely still and stare into the sheets beneath your heavenly body.

A moment or two passes and you no longer feel me coursing your body. All you hear is a gentle ruffling and the almost imaginary breeze of cool air on your bare sarıyer escort back. Just when you are about to get impatient, your arms are pinned down by my shins as I straddle your body. Next you begin to feel a thick shaft dragging back and forth across your half nude body. I run my hard cock up and down your spine, occasionally skimming your neck, giving you goose bumps. Pinned as you are you begin to fight against the restraint; dying to be laid into as I continue to drive you crazy. I push down a little harder at your fighting and drive my dick up your back until it rests at your neck.

Struggling, squirming, and ecstatically shivering beneath me, you can feel something just next to your ear. You pause a moment and suddenly I growl loud and long into your ear. “Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”. The noise throws you into a spasm as I can hear you holding back a loud moan. “GGGRRRRRRRRRR”, I continue deeply growling right next to you, back and forth between your left and right ear as my cock suddenly begins moving again on your lower back, nipping the tops of your tight jeans. I hear you finally scream “Oh god pleaseeeee, oooohhhhh you’re driving me mad” as I continue my torturous growling and probing.

In a mad fit, you shake violently and I release the pressure on your arms as you spin quickly onto your back again. “Give it to me, pleaaassssee. I need it so baaaaaaad.” You see me slyly grin as i, still straddling you, quickly unbutton your jeans and pull them down around your ankles revealing your sexy lacy thong. I know it’s driving you crazy to have me move slowly, so I do just that again. Nearly stopping, I gently play with the top of your panties, staring at your nude breasts in the light cast through a crack in the blinds of the window. Without warning you moan loudly and jump up and grab me by the sides, digging your nails into me. You throw me down violently onto my back and grind your wet thong onto esenyurt escort my protruding and waiting dick as you kick your jeans across the room. In what is almost too quick to see, I watch you tear your panties off violently and position yourself over me, ready to attack.

I lay there excited; as you can easily feel me against your inner thighs, your eyes go mad and you slam your body down onto my thick cock, piercing your tight, wet pussy all the way to the hilt of my bulging dick. I nearly scream in pleasure as I begin to pant and lose control of the situation. You become almost an animal and start rocking hard up and down on my fat cock, keeping me in place by your fingernails digging harder into my sides. I desperately try to match your rhythm as I try to thrust myself up and deeper into you, but I am easily outmatched by your enraged fucking. “Baby fuuuuuuck me, yeessss” I scream as I lose any semblance of timing and just let you fuck my brains out as fast as you can slam your beautiful body up and down on my pulsating dick. I can hear you screaming and moaning wildly as your pussy contracts tightly on my dick as your first orgasm races through your body. As it does, your screaming becomes even louder, “OOOOoooohhhh God, I don’t ever want to ss…ss…stop!”

You begin to fall backward a little as you continue to drive my fat cock deeper and deeper into your tight little pussy, your perfect-sized breasts bouncing just a little as your spasms continue to rock your body madly. Just as you lean back I help you and grab tightly around your waist as I finally regain some consciousness and fuck upward into your dripping wet tunnel. I begin a front to back motion as my dick thrusts deeply upward inside you and then is dragged hard back out against the opposite wall of your pussy, slamming your G-spot with every thrust. I know I’m doing something right as you become fanatic and moan and pant ever faster and louder as I press into avrupa yakası escort you harder and faster. “Oooooh fuuuuuuck me, fuck me hard!” we scream back and forth, no other words able to form from our desperate lungs.

You enjoy another long, intense orgasm, your body racking against mine as I pound your sweet, wet cunt into submission, your pussy contracting tighter and tighter on my hard dick with every wave of uncontrollable pleasure. As you give out a finishing scream and your eyes roll back a little, I instruct you to get on the floor, supported up by your hands and knees. Blind and still erupting in passion you obey and assume the position. Almost instantly I am behind you, your perfectly shaped ass and sweaty body quivering a little. I push your head and upper body down into the floor a little, bending your arms down, forcing your ass and pussy a little upwards, awaiting my arrival. I marvel a mere moment at the shape of your little heart-shaped ass and then SLAM my cock hard into your pussy from behind. “AAAggghhhoooooohh” I hear you scream and I let out a loud moan. It feels so good having my fat dripping cock ramming in and out of your soft, pink pussy.

Enjoying the waves of sensation coursing through both of our spastic bodies, I push and thrust my dick deeper and harder into you, building up speed as I pant breathily aloud. Your tight cunt is racing me towards orgasm as I feel it building deep inside me. I feel a cascade of energy rush through me as I pump into you faster and faster, almost out of control and just when it starts to hit, you cue me perfectly with a high scream. My hot cum fills you up and I moan loudly and gruntingly. I finish into an intense growl that sets you off one last time as I can feel you quiver against my orgasm, each of us rocking a little still as ecstasy escapes our spent bodies.

I pull out of you and fall on my back next to you, still breathing heavily as I hear you exactly the same, your gorgeous breasts heaving up and down as you breathe. I reach over and pull you on top of me and we lay together, breathing together, happy together.

Finally catching our breath, we kiss a little and get back on the bed and cuddle as we both fall into a deep sleep that lasts forever and seems to only end so we can wake in each others arms, smiling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32