Earning the MMF

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Friday night, as usual I am hanging out with my best friends, Brandy and Don. Brandy is currently rummaging through a box of my old movies, while Don tries not to get caught perving on her cleavage again.

Brandy is almost 20, She is a curvy girl, about 5 foot 7, and maybe 180 lbs. She has long, silky, dirty blonde hair, bright blue eyes, a great smile, 38d boobs and a big round ass.

Brandy is really pretty, she gets asked out all the time, but hardly ever says yes, preferring to hang with us.

Don and I both have a crush on her. A fact Brandy is well aware of.

My best bud and I, are both a bit shy with women, we both have very little experience for twenty year old guys.

Don is my best friend. we are close, and getting even closer, having started jerking off together the year before. Now enjoying our mutual stroke sessions regularly, usually just after Brandy goes home.

We have an understanding about Brandy, both knowing the other has feelings for her. A solemn promise of no hard feelings. Combined with a pact to share details, during future stroke sessions.

Brandy, for her part, has made it clear she likes both of us. She is more experienced than us, but a slut by no means.

Brandy wants to stay single. She has gone out on dates with us both, but neither of us got past second base.

Brandy’s Pink tank top is no match for her boobs, her big round globes are almost falling out as she bends over. Her large areola clearly outlined in her tight top.

She is braless again, a common occurrence on our Friday nights. She often teases us about making deposits into our spank banks. Usually just after catching one of us staring.

She knows what she does to us, I think to myself, smiling in acceptance.

I am smiling still, stealing glances at her lovely cleavage, while insisting the movie she is looking for is in there.

“Roger what is this?”

Brandy exclaims while laughing. Looking over I see she has found one of my porn movies.

“How did that get in there?” I walk over as I reply, holding out my hand for the DVD.

“Two cocks for every girl,” Brandy laughs as she reads the title.

“That sounds like fun,” Brandy is still laughing as she continues.

“Lets watch it.” she adds turning to Don for support.

My best friend nods his approval, I stand unsure, until Brandy says, “Cmon Roger it will be fun.”

We dim the lights, Brandy is sitting in between us on the couch as I start the DVD. I am nervous and excited.

We make small talk as the scene starts, Don and I giggling nervously at first, but relaxing as the girl on screen draws our attention.

This is a shared fantasy of mine and Don’s. We have talked often, while jerking off to this very movie, about how incredible it would be to share Brandy.

I am already looking forward to a long edging session with Don later.

I know my friend’s head must be whirring as much as mine. I try to remove those thoughts and just watch the movie.

The actress makes things easier for me by dropping to her knees in front of the guys. I feel the usual sensations as I watch her suck both cocks. My own five and a half incher is growing rapidly in my pants.

This is one of our favorite scenes, the girl really knows how to give head. Her tongue dances over the two huge cocks in front of her. She sensually slides one cock in as the other is sliding out, causing their big cocks to rub against each other. We hear a loud moan from Brandy as she watches closely.

As the porn star rubs the guys cock heads onto each other, I hear a loud moan from Don, followed by a soft giggle from Brandy.

Brandy sets her hand on my leg, I see her other hand is on Don’s leg, as she says, “This is fun, do you guys watch porn together often?”

“Yeah sometimes,” I say at the same time as Roger replies.

“All the time Brandy, yeah.” we both blush as he finishes his sentence.

We watch quietly for a few minutes, Brandy has her hands just lightly resting on our legs. My cock is fully hard and I have an obvious boner.

As the scene switches to the models fucking, Brandy eyes our tents. She says softly, “You guys can undo those jeans if you need to, or just take them off.”

“What, we can, really?” Don’s excitement is obvious as he speaks. I stand and begin hurriedly undressing.

“Calm down boys, I am not going to fuck you, I just thought you might want to jerk off.” Brandy giggles softly, adding, “It would be fun to watch two guys jerking at the same time.”

“So you only want to watch?” I inquire.

Brandy stands and lowers her skirt, “And maybe touch myself,” Brandy smiles as our eyes widen and we strip to our boxers. I see strands of light brown hair protruding from the sides of her panties.

“Do you have a bush, Brandy?” The lust in my voice is obvious.

Brandy bunches her panties up, keeping her pussy covered while exposing tufts of beautiful light auburn hair.

Brandy giggles as we moan, she asks rhetorically, “Do you like bush boys?”

Our boxers are ankara evi olan escortlar now fully tented as we begin to sit.

“Just take them off boys,” Brandy motions to our boxers, We both do as requested.

“Aw look at those cute little dicks boys.”

We are both blushing, so she adds softly, “It’s okay guys I was kinda hoping you were both small.”

Brandy is grinning, as she sees our puzzled looks. Our 5 and a half inch cocks are bobbing in front of us.

“Here maybe this will make them bigger,” Brandy slowly removes her top, to a concert of soft moans.

We look on in pure lust as Brandy slowly uncovers her big heavy boobs. They are full, round and firm, with big soft areola.

Brandy turns and poses for a moment, “Do you like that ass boys?” She inquires, sarcastically responding to our increasing moans.

Leaving her thong on, she sits between us, gently resting a hand on each of our thighs.

We sit quietly, our nervousness getting the best of us until Brandy says, “Well stroke em boys, stroke those little cocks.”

We are both stroking slowly, moaning steadily, our eyes fastened to Brandy’s body. Her hands now in her lap she is moaning softly watching the movie.

“Are you guys watching the movie or me?” Brandy asks, in a sultry voice.

“You,” we both reply at once.

Brandy giggles and says, “Good boys.” A few seconds later she continues, “I Love sucking two cocks at once guys.”

We both moan loudly.

“You’ve done that?” I feel my cock throb as I ask.

Brandy smiles softly, “Mmm yeah a few times.” She beams while we moan.

“I bet I could fit both your nice small cocks in my mouth at the same time guys.”

I moan loudly and have to let go of my cock as she finishes her thought.

Don stands and bravely says, “Wanna find out?” his cock mere inches from her face.

Brandy replies, “sit down, you boys would have to earn that.”

We continue to stroke as Brandy toys with her pussy. Our eyes never far from her stunning boobs. We are both going slow, wanting this to last as long as possible.

A few minutes later, Brandy says, “I like lots of cock contact too guys, like between the guys, I would rub your little dicks all over each other.”

“I guess you guys are okay with that,” Brandy says in response to our moans.”have you guys ever fooled around?” she asks a moment later.

“No we have stroked together lots of times though,” Don replies honestly.

“Mmm That is hot guys,” A moment later, she adds, “So you guys just watch porn together, and sit beside each other tugging your little dicks?”

“Um Yeah pretty much, Brandy.” Don replies.

I see Brandy’s hand moving a bit more fervently as he responds.

“Have you guys ever tasted yourselves?” She asks a moment later.

“No I tried it, but the taste was kinda weird,” I reply as Don shakes hi head.

“You will get used to it, I will make sure.” Brandy replies chuckling softly.

The porn scene switches as we watch quietly, the girl moving into position for a spit roast. We all moan steadily as we watch.

“Have you guys ever talked about doing that to me?” Brandy asks between moans. “One of your cute little cocks in my mouth and the other in my pussy, mmm” she moans again as she finishes her thought

I moan also, “All the time Brandy,” I reply turning to her as my cock throbs.

“Do you stroke those cute cocks when you talk about me boys?”

“All the time Brandy,” Don echoes my reply as Brandy’s moans intensify.

“Suck my big titties guys.” Brandy implores us.

We are stunned, “What?” I say in a mix of fear and lust.

“I am going to cum, each of you get a mouth on a tit right now.” her tone is firm.

We happily do as instructed, each lifting a heavy titty into our eager mouths.

Our hands speed up on our slick cocks as we suckle. moaning softly.

Brandy’s hand is in her panties, I can hear how wet she is, as she steadily pushes three fingers into her tight pussy. Her moans are fueling our lust as we stroke our throbbing cocks.

We suckle gently savoring the feeling of her silky soft areola, moaning as we feel the weight of her nice big tits.

“I am cumming!”

Brandy screams as her orgasm hits her. We are each holding a tit, watching wide eyed as she writhes beside us. Our other hands sliding up and down our aching poles.

I feel my ass clench as my orgasm nears, A loud moan emanates from me as wad after wad of cum flies from my small cock. I hear a series of moans as Don too loses his load all over himself.

Still shaking I feel a broad grin spreading on my face as the orgasm afterglow hits me.

A few moments later, I look at my cum covered hands, and ask Brandy to pass me some tissue.

“You don’t need it,” Brandy says smiling naughtily, “I want you both to lick it all up like good boys.” She laughs before adding, “I told you I would get you both used to the taste of cum.” “Now lick up your cummies.”

Brandy’s tone is firm, we each begin licking our hands clean, ankara olgun escortlar swallowing every drop.

“Good boys, I love boys who swallow,” she says encouragingly.

“Get it all boys, every drop,” She smiles brightly as we check for any cum we missed.

Brandy beams at us watching intently, making sure we find every drop.

“Good boys” she says as we swallow the last few drops.

We sit laughing in post orgasmic bliss for a few minutes, the movie still playing. A new scene starts, two guys massaging a hot girl.

Brandy moans softly, smiling as we turn to her.

“I have always wanted two guys to massage me at once guys.” Brandy giggles softly before adding, “Hint hint.”

“I have some massage oil around here somewhere,” I reply happily. I return a few minutes later with coconut oil and a hard on.

Brandy looks directly at my boner, saying, “I will take that as a yes, You in?”

Brandy turns to Don.

He stands, proudly displaying his fully grown five and a half inch pole. Brandy smiles as she admires our packages.

“They really are cute cocks boys,” she smiles as we blush. We arrange some blankets and Brandy lays down on her tummy.

We sit on either side of her as I drip the oil onto her back. Our hands touch Brandy’s silky skin, massaging her shoulders, our free hands moving to our hard cocks.

“Use both hands please guys, you can stroke your dicks after.” Brandy moans as we comply.

We concentrate on her back and shoulders for a while, Brandy is watching the porno, moaning softly as we caress her. We move lower, massaging her calves and thighs, slowly but surely working our way up to that shapely big ass.

Brandy has her hand under her, teasing herself as we reach her ass. We oil her up some more, and each take a cheek. Don motions to me and we both turn so our hard cocks are pressing into her thighs.

Brandy moans again, “I can feel you guys throbbing.”

Her words cause a loud stream of moans from us both. I lean in and softly kiss her ass cheek, hearing the moan she lets out in response, Don quickly follows suit.

We spend the next few minutes kissing and massaging Brandy’s perfect, huge ass, while she writhes under us.

Until she says, “One of you stay there, and the other come move in front of me.”

I move in front of Brandy, my hard dick inches from her face. “Lean over and massage my back,” she instructs me gently. I feel my cock brush her face as I begin, and her breath on me as she moans.

I keep massaging her shoulders and back, my cock grazing her soft face over and over. Don is watching, moaning softly as he kneads her round ass. His face lights up as Brandy says “Okay switch guys.”

I watch my friends cock bump into Brandy’s face over and over, as I massage her plump soft ass cheeks. She is teasing her clit, and moaning while she teases our cocks. “I love teasing your little dicks boys,” she purrs sexily.

“We are not that small!” I reply in an annoyed tone.

“I love little cocks,” she continues. as if I didn’t speak.

“I mean not tiny little 3 or 4 inchers, but nice little 5 to 6 inch cocks like you guys have.” Brandy explains. “They get hard so easy too, and you small boys stay nice and hard.” Brandy sighs contentedly.

“They are so good to suck on, no gagging, and they are my favorite to ride.”

Brandy continues, “I mean you can ride a nice little dick for hours, and not get all stretched out.”

She adds softly a moment later, “Sorry, what did you say Roger?”

“I said, We have small cocks,” I reply as she and Don chuckle.

“Yeah you do, now switch again boys.” Don mumbles as I happily move back in front of her. We continue our massage, switching a couple more times, our young small cocks aching for release.

Brandy giggles softly, “are you guys ever going to ask me to flip?”

She rolls over as we stammer, giggling even more as we moan.

Brandy slides her panties off, revealing her gorgeous full bush.

We both moan in awe, our mouths hanging open as we stare, “Holy fuck, Brandy!” I manage a few seconds later.

“Wow what a sweet bush.” Don adds as we stare at her curly auburn bush.

“Are you boys virgins?” Brandy stares at us half smiling as we redden.

“Yeah we are,” I reply shyly a moment later.

“Wow two twenty year old virgins with small cocks, oh boys I am going to drive you crazy.” Brandy giggles in glee again.

We massage Brandy for the next 15 minutes or so. We are watching her full bush intently, as she expertly teases her swollen clitty.

Brandy’s moans are sending shock waves through our cocks, as we massage her ripe titties.

“Fuck what do we have to do to earn that pussy Brandy?” I say in obvious lust.

“You will see, when I am finished, we can start.” Brandy replies between moans. “Suck my big titties, I am going to cum again.”

We each latch onto a heavy breast, watching her fingers as they pound her wet pussy. suckling gently as her second orgasm nears.

Brandy lets out a ankara sarışın escortlar scream as her whole body shakes from her orgasm. We both watch wide eyed, our cocks threatening to cum at any second. Brandy’s moans become softer as her orgasm trails off.

“Wow you are fucking hot girl.”

A big grin and a kiss rewards my statement, as she purrs happily. A few minutes go by as she cools down.

“You guys wanna earn it?”

We both nod eagerly, and Brandy says, “will you be good boys and do whatever I say?”

We nod again, “Okay sit on the couch beside each other.” she motions to the couch, as she finishes.

We are sitting nervously as Brandy smiles brightly. “I want you guys to make out,” Brandy says, getting to her point directly.

“Wait what? We aren’t gay,” Don responds quickly.

“Yeah,” I add nodding.

“Guess you guys don’t really want this pussy then, okay,” Kate reaches down for her thong.

“No no, I mean we just have never done that,” I say, sure we have just fucked this up.

Brandy just shrugs, and says, “Well?”

I look at Don, and nod, as he moves closer.

He leans in and gives me a quick peck.

Brandy laughs, “Come on guys, you can do better.” she leans over us and presses us together.

We begin to kiss, just softly at first, a series of soft pecks. I feel an unexpected surge run through my cock as I kiss my friend. Don moans softly as my tongue enters his mouth.

We continue to kiss, exploring more as we go, both obviously starting to enjoy this. Our hard cocks back in our hands, stroking ourselves as we kiss softly.

“That’s better boys,” Brandy encourages as we explore. “Now move your other hands to each other’s thighs.”

We do as she says, rubbing each other’s inner thighs as we progress to making out.

“Get closer and closer to each other’s little cocks,”

Brandy softly instructs us. “Don’t touch yet, just tease, mmm good boys.”

We are moaning softly, openly enjoying each other’s kisses now, as we tease each other. Brandy’s soft moans encourage us.

Our hands are coming closer and closer to each other’s cock. I moan as I realize I want it now, I want to feel my best friend’s small beautiful cock in my hand.

“Good boys,” Brandy is purring over and over, while she watches us kiss. Her hands once again on her wet clit.

“You boys wanna stroke each other’s hard little dicks, don’t you?” Brandy giggles as she asks.

Don is silent, I see his eyes are wide.

“Fuck yes,” I respond for us both. “I really want to stroke my best friend’s cock, Brandy” I am moaning as I answer

Don moans at my answer, adding, “Yeah Brandy, me too, I would love to stroke my best friend’s cock.”

Brandy moans, but she shakes her head, “Not yet boys, but soon.”

She then instructs us to lay beside each other on the floor. Brandy scoots in between us.

We have a three way make out session, all three of us pressed together kissing at once. Our hands find her soft breasts as hers move to our thighs.

Brandy moves back a bit, and has us kiss some more, Brandy slides her index finger up and down my throbbing shaft. A loud moan from Don assures me he is getting the same treatment.

She continues slowly teasing us while we make out for her. Finally rewarding us with a finger full of each other’s pre cum to taste.

“Sit facing each other,” Brandy instructs.

Brandy moves us closer until our balls are almost touching. “Good boys,” she says happily.

Brandy presses our cocks together, and then smothers them both with her big tits. Brandy lays like this for a few minutes, giggling while listening to us moan.

Brandy has us both lay back, our legs on, and behind each other, so our cocks are as close together as possible. She takes us both in one hand. We moan as we feel each other throb.

Brandy starts slowly stroking up and down, up and down, holding our cocks firmly together.

“Feel good, boys?” Brandy chuckles softly as we moan in answer.

I can feel Don’s pre cum oozing onto my cock as she strokes us a bit faster. Brandy pauses and just rubs our cock heads together, cooing gleefully at our increased moans.

“Feels good, doesn’t it boys?’ Brandy is obviously enjoying pushing our boundaries.

“Fuck yes!” We moan in unison, our cocks throbbing into each other.

“You are being really good, guys,” Brandy commends us, smiling again as she adds, “You just might get this pussy yet.”

We both moan our hips bucking.

Brandy reaches down and slides two fingers into her soaked snatch. She offers them to us, allowing Don to suck one and then me the other. Her juices taste like sweet sweet honey.

Brandy spreads us apart a bit. She takes one little cock into each of her soft hands. Brandy begins stroking us firmly, our balls slapping into one another’s as we moan and groan in ecstasy. She is watching our eyes closely monitoring our arousal. We are obviously both close to cumming.

Brandy slows her pace, just stroking us gently, she says, “Kiss boys.”

I lean closer and open my mouth, moaning softly as my friend gently pulls me toward him.

“All you guys are the same, a little encouragement, and you will go bi in a second.” Brandy laughs at her own statement.

“Well you made us,” I say breaking off our kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32