Cherry’s Jobbing Spree Ch. 03

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I had no idea what I was in for; Cherry truly had become insatiable. Perhaps it was the idea that she was “owned” by this amazon but she was after me to fuck her eight times an hour; thankfully she was an easy cum but tried to get me to treat her like a common whore. I had no idea the depth to which she had become until my own son and ex-wife were knocking on my apartment door. She had kept the house in the divorce and they both had shit eating grins on their faces when I opened the door.

“I hear you can’t keep the little slut satisfied,” my ex-wife laughed as both her and my son brushed past me as though I didn’t exist.

“I’m sorry uncle Stone,” Cherry said, looking playfully bratty but also somehow sincere. “I needed somebody who I knew would want to use me since you’re too nice to…,” she said, stifling a tear.

Bobby proceeded toward his cousin, who was dressed in a tiny pink bikini with her incredible body almost on full display.

“Shut up slut,” he said grabbing Cherry’s breast through her top and squeezing it hard enough to lift Cherry up to her tip toes to ease the pain. He slapped her across the face with his other hand and told her to get on her knees and suck him off.

“Yes sir,” she said as she pulled down the elastic waist band of his basketball shorts. He slapped her and said, “Bitch I didn’t say you could speak now use that fucking mouth on my cock NOW!” He grabbed her hair and pulled her face towards the bulge in his underwear. She cooed as her face was dryhumped by my son, licking the outline of his semi erect dick as though greeting a long time lover. She pulled down the drawers and dove on the head, sucking it into her hot mouth. My son sighed as he used her hair to push Cherry’s face deeper, making her gag on his thickness as she gently cupped his nuts, rolling them between her delicate fingers.

“Play with yourself slut; look at me while you suck my cock,” he barked and Cherry obeyed. She coughed a little as he face fucked his cousin while her blue eyes stared up my son while she stuck the fingers of her other hand down into her bikini bottom to finger her clit vigorously.

I remembered the amazon had told her not to touch herself but I guess in this context it wasn’t quite masturbation as much as warming herself up.

“Gonna cum in your mouth slut, take it all!” he grunted then Cherry moaned as my ex and I watched our son thrust his hips harder as he buried himself all the way to the root in our niece’s mouth while she had an orgasm while swallowing his load. He pulled her off when his prick started getting too sensitive from her non stop licking and sucking.

“Hey mom, how bout you give this slut a match and after you beat her ass I’ll fuck that pussy,” my son smiled while Cherry continued her servitude by giving my son’s nuts a tongue bath.

“With pleasure, get up bitch it’s time you and me had a real fight,” my ex wife said and I watched almost impotently, knowing I couldn’t stop them if Cherry allowed it.

Sure, she probably could beat them casino siteleri both but with this new phase I had no clue how far she was willing to go.

Cherry got up, licking her lips as small droplets of my son’s cum still lingered there, as my ex-wife stalked over. She was wearing a black pink floyd tshirt and capri length jeans. She walked right up and slapped Cherry hard across the face, enough to make my niece lose her balance. She grabbed Cherry by her blonde hair and slapped her two more times before she latched her hand onto Cherry’s right tit and clawed it through her bikini top. My niece screeched in pain as my ex-wife cruelly twisted the girl’s big boob. Cherry with one hand trying to pry my ex-wife’s hand from her own hair, and the other from the wrist at her breast; this left my niece wide open for the next move. She slammed her knee between Cherry’s open legs. The girl let out a scream as loud as if she had been stuck with a hot poker and my ex-wife ran towards the wall by the kitchen, ramming Cherry’s face against the solid drywall with a loud “thump.”

She turned Cherry so she was leaning sideways against the wall and pumped two hard fists into Cherry’s abs. She bent over a little but didn’t make much noise, it looked like those barely hurt my toned, fit niece. She once again, slammed her head first into the wall by her blonde hair than reached around Cherry’s ribs to claw my niece’s big breasts. Cherry screamed and whined, “Please don’t hurt my boobs miss Aileen!”

“Shutup bitch!” my ex-wife cursed into Cherry’s ear and I could see her arms twisting Cherry’s breasts hard in either direction. My niece screamed and begged some more as she grabbed her aunt’s wrists with her face pressed against the wall. She let go one hand and slid it down into Cherry’s bikini bottoms. The girl began screaming at the top of her lungs, her hips jerked back and forth as if she were humping some unseen person.

“Oh GOD! Don’t claw my pussy! Please! I give up!” she screamed as my wife’s arm went back and forth while she scraped her nails inside my niece’s tender slit.

“I’m gonna wreck that pussy bitch so my ex-husbands dick won’t be able to enjoy it anymore,” she growled and might’ve sent Cherry to the hospital had my son Bobby not spoken up.

“C’mon mom I wanted to get a chance,” he said and reached out to tag my ex-wife.

She smiled and slapped his hand than backed off as Cherry slumped to the floor, hands between her legs. Thankfully there wasn’t any blood on Aileen’s fingers but she smelt them in disgust-as if the touch of Cherry’s pussy had left some stench that would never wash off.

“Yea bitch, remember how you always used to win our matches? Now I’m in charge,” he said with a cocky swagger. He grabbed two handfuls of Cherry’s hair as she was bent over, holding her crotch, and rammed his knee twice into Cherry’s face. A big bruise had already formed on her cheek where the first one hit,; her lip busted open as blood began to drip down. He lifted Cherry up by her hair to her feet than pumped canlı casino his knee ten times into her stomach until Cherry was almost bent over, looking like she was about to throw up. He shot two quick knees to her pussy that made her cry out in pain and she fell to her knees but Bobby still had her hair so she was dangling like some punch drunk puppet. He used one hand to pull her up by her nipple then held her against the wall with a one handed choke, letting go of her hair, as he punched her tits over and over. Cherry didn’t even cover up because whenever she did he slammed another knee into her pussy. He worked her left tit really hard, being on his right hand side, slamming hooks and uppercuts meanwhile Cherry’s cries were muffled by the choke my son had on her.

Finally he dropped her, after one final knee to the cunt, and she fell on her side, sobbing, but Bobby did one last stomp, mashing my niece’s big DD cup against the carpet, he stood his weight on it, flattening her breast like a balloon with all the air squashed out of it as it bulged on either side of his foot as she shook from a violent orgasm that made her pass out.

Bobby saw how wet Cherry had gotten and looked over at his mother, “I can’t believe this slut came from all that!” He pulled off his briefs which had been on during that beating and pushed Cherry onto her back, her big tits were bruised up horribly, especially the one he crushed. He pinned her wrists above her head and woke my niece up with a rough face fucking. He was hovering above her head and just shoved his hard cock in her mouth as Cherry gagged herself awake as my son used her mouth like a pussy, just pumping away. Cherry, being in her slut mode, began trying to slurp more of his cock down her mouth as she tried lifting her head up off the floor, licking the head as he pulled it out before shoving it back in.

While he did this my ex-wife stripped down to her black panties-she didn’t wear bras much with her 32 B cups-and when Bobby finished she stripped nude then started riding Cherry’s face, smothering her niece with her dense black bush. She rode Cherry’s face, grinding and hopping, all the while using her nails to claw and crush my niece’s big breasts. By now Bobby had recovered, being 18 and virile, and his erection grew to it’s full length. His perverted mother beckoned her son over so she could suck him fully hard. Bobby sighed as I watched her go down on our son before he told her to flip Cherry over.

My ex-wife got off and pulled Cherry by her hair until she was crawling on all fours-her face drenched in Aileen’s juices and Cherry’s own sweat. Aileen lay on own her back and pulled Cherry’s face into her own hairy crotch and told her, “Eat my pussy slut while he fucks that dirty cunt of yours.” Bobby got on his knees to penetrate his cousin’s horny gash and began ramming into her. Cherry’s moans were as loud as my ex-wife, even while face down in that bitch’s twat, as I watched the incestuous human sex-ipede and my son just slamming away, slapping Cherry’s tight ass kaçak casino hard while Aileen came again and again, her fingers pulling Cherry’s face tight against her crotch by the girl’s blonde hair.

“I’m gonna cum,” Bobby finally said after about ten minutes.

“No, please don’t cum inside me,” Cherry said as my ex-wife had another orgasm and had loosened her grip on the girl’s blonde hair.

“I’m not on the pill…,” she whined but her voice trailed off as Bobby grunted and thrust his hips all the way, ejaculating inside his cousin while Cherry moaned out another orgasm as it rippled through her body.

I knew it was okay, she was on the shot and had some sick role-play she often did when she lost to men who liked leaving a creampie instead of the typical facial.

“Yea, you liked that slut?” Bobby asked, almost out of breath while Cherry was gasping a little with her face down on the carpet.

“Shut up slut and come clean my cock off,” he barked and incredulously she obeyed; turning around on all fours as she took his cock in her mouth and sucked it lovingly.

After she was done, he pushed her away and got up, putting his clothes back on. “C’mon mom, I’m bored with this fucking skank. Let’s get home and get you in the sex swing,” he said as my ex-wife got to her feet, paying no mind to Cherry who lay on the floor a mess of sweat, cum, blood and bruises.

After they left I helped Cherry up and tenderly took her into the shower to clean her off. Her breasts were black and blue, bleeding a little from my ex-wife’s nails raking them and her pussy was tender from the clawing and fucking. But despite all the abuse she seemed to be happy, as if she had enjoyed the whole endeavor. I noticed her nipples became aroused when I was gently sponging them down. She looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes, almost pleading like a puppy dog, and asked, “Uncle Stone…could you please use me now?”

I was flabbergasted, here she had just recovered from a tag team beating and screwing but she still seemed horny.

“You want me to treat you like a whore?” I asked, almost dry mouthed.

“Yes sir,” she looked down, as if embarrassed to mention it.

“Is this because you’re not allowed to play with yourself?” I asked and she nodded.

I grabbed Cherry by her wet hair and pulled her face up so we were eye to eye.

“I asked you a question slut!” I yelled at her.

“Yes sir!” she answered back looking somehow thrilled yet also scared of me.

“Is this because you can’t play with yourself?” I asked in a deep quiet voice.

She nodded and said, “My mistress told me not to, sir.”

“Then tonight I’m going to use you and tomorrow you call that bitch and schedule a match. If getting your ass kicked by that dyke will get this out of your system so be it,” I yelled and pulled out my cock, forcing her head down on my thickness.

She pulled her head up, looked up at me and said, “I’ll always be YOUR slut, Uncle Stone. Bend me over and fuck me anytime you want, shove dildos in me, hurt me, punish my big tits; I’m yours to abuse,” she said lustily than went back to deep throating my dong.

I had no idea what had gotten into this girl but whatever it was she has become insatiable!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32