Bowling for Babes

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Bowling for Babes. I’ve heard rumors and stories about them for years, mostly from testosterone-infected men. The stories they tell are wildly exaggerated and impossible to believe. I thought they were just strutting in front of the rest of us to impress someone, mostly themselves. What they’ve claimed is outrageous and preposterous. I don’t believe them and neither should you.

At least I didn’t.

I’m an all American male. I’m thirty-eight years old. I have a high-school education and I work in construction. I have since I was sixteen. I drive my pickup truck to work every day.

I’m married with two children. Both are in public schools. My wife works part time for pocket money. I pay the bills. We live in flyover country and we go to a Lutheran church every Sunday.

We live in a housing development in a small town. We vote in every election, even for mayor and school board. I have three guns in the house. Two handguns, one for me and one for my wife, and a hunting rifle. All are safely locked when not in use.

Most of the people in our area are the same as we are. Solid citizens, believers in the Constitution and overlooked by the politicians from the coasts, and that’s fine by us. Most of us served in some branch of the military and prioritize our lives, God, Country and Family in that order.

We have simple American names. Mine is Sam and my wife is Rebecca, her mother loved Cheers and named her after Kirstie Alley’s character. I’m slightly overweight, a little round in the middle. My doctor would probably describe me as overweight but not obese. Construction work keeps me in reasonable shape. Rebecca watches what she eats. She’s not slender but she’s far from overweight. She has a few extra pounds, all in the right places from where I sit.

My wife is a babe, hotter than most of the other local women. She doesn’t cheat and doesn’t ask if I do. We’ve have an agreement that an occasional extra cock or pussy might add to our sex life but, to my knowledge, neither of us has exercised the option.

We live simply. Rebecca keeps busy with the children and the neighborhood book and garden clubs and I work, play softball in the warm seasons and bowl during the winter.

Softball is an excuse to drink beer. The bowling league is competitive. Bowling is an excuse to drink beer and test our manhood. We bowl every Tuesday evening at seven o’clock. We have sixteen teams in two divisions and command half of the alleys in the local thirty-two lane establishment every Tuesday during the season

. We all have our own equipment and the bar at the alley provides all the beer and pretzels we need.

Each team consists of four to six players and four of them represent the team each week. There are a few good bowlers but most of us suck at it and that’s what makes the league competitive. There are no women in the bowling league.

Our team name is the Blues. We have matching blue shirts that we wear each week. There are six of us and none of us is happy with the team name but all the good names, like Strikers, Splitters and Alley Cats were already taken.

We never bowl without an audience. The bar does a brisk business on Tuesday nights. Mostly single or divorced women scouting the players interested further competition at the end of the evening. I generally don’t pay them much attention. I’ve always thought I have enough on my plate without female complications.

That is, until recently. For the last three weeks, the same woman has been sitting behind our team, watching us bowl and cheering for us. Last week she began to get our beer and pretzels from the bar for us. This week she waved at Jason and me when we were finished and packing our stuff to leave. It was clear that she wanted to talk to us. We lagged behind the others and she came down into the pit to talk.

She introduced herself as Rosie. She was probably in her late twenties or early thirties, above average looking with minimal makeup, bottle blonde hair, green eyes, puffy lips and tits out to here. She was effusive about how competitive we were and how competitive men made her tingle.

I looked at Jason and gave him my look that said, “She’s looking for someone to tickle her tingle.”

Jason is younger than I am and single, so tingle tickling was in his wheelhouse and Rosie had some appeal. On the other hand, I was ready to go home.

Rosie put a hand on my shoulder. “Don’t hurry off. I get it. You probably think I’m just another bimbo looking to get laid and I’ve zeroed in on you two tonight. To be honest, some of that is right. I do love to fuck but I’m not easy.”

“That’s not how I see it,” I said.

“Understandable. Remember how I said I love competitive men. Well, I don’t give it away. I like to be competed for. I like to be the prize. You and your friend here appear to be equally matched. Both of you need bowling lessons. I propose a match with me as the prize. I’ll even offer incentives along the way. What about it?”

“What kind of incentives?” asked Jason always güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri negotiating. I hung around for the answer.

“Okay,” Rosie responded. “How about you bowl and line and I offer something for achievement? For example, for each spare, I might offer a kiss.”

“What’s offered for a strike?” asked Jason.

I could see he was buying in to the woman’s spiel. I told myself I wasn’t going to but I hung around in case he needed me.

“For a strike, I might let you squeeze my tits. For two strikes in a row, you can rub my pussy. For three in a row, I’ll give you a blowjob and for four or more, you can fuck me.”

“So, I bowl a game,” Jason clarified, “and I collect each of your incentives along the way?”

“You got it, sailor,” Rosie said.

“Here?” asked Jason looking around at the large space with people still bowling and sitting at the bar.

“Close,” answered Rosie. “You see that door in the wall at the end of the building? Well, there’s two more lanes on the other side. Very private.”

“You know, that with those kinds of incentives, my game might improve dramatically,” Jason wished.

“I hope so,” responded Rosie. She looked at me. “You coming too?” she asked.

“Two’s company,” I said.

“I can help with that,” Rosie said. “See that gorgeous woman at the bar?” she asked.

I looked at the bar. I noticed a woman wearing a tight sweater, yoga pants and long dark hair halfway down her back. She waved.

“That’s Liz. She loves competitive men as much as I do and she knows the rules. If you both want to play, I’ll ask Liz to join us. You can compete for either of us or both of us, if you wish,” added Rosie.

I was weakening. I wondered how much better my game might get with the proper incentives.

“Okay,” I said, surprising myself.

“Great,” said Rosie. She gave Liz a thumbs up. “There is one other thing though,” she said. “It costs more to bowl on the other side of the wall.”

“How much?” asked Jason.

“Ten dollars a line,” said Rosie.

“That’s pretty stiff,” commented Jason.

“Nothing’s free, even incentives and stiff is what we’re hoping for.”

“Okay,” said Jason.

Rosie looked at me and I nodded. She started for the doorway at the end of the alley. Jason followed her and Liz got off the bar stool and headed the same way.

“I’ll be right with you,” I said.

“Knock on the door,” said Rosie. “It’s locked.”

I took my gear out to my truck and called Rebecca.

“Honey, I said. “I’m going to be a little late tonight.”

“Is there a problem?” Rebecca asked.

“Nothing serious,” I said. “My truck won’t start.”

“Can’t one of the fellows give you a jump?”

“When I got out here, most of them were gone. I’ve called triple A and I’ll wait for them. I might be able to get a jump in the meantime. Shouldn’t be more than an hour or two.”

“Okay. I’ll be waiting. Good luck.”

I took my gear back inside, walked toward the door, stopped to pee along the way and knocked.

Liz opened the door. Her smile was an incentive all by itself. She closed and locked the door. Inside, the narrow room were two bowling lanes identical to those outside. The lights were dimmer and the seating around the pit was wider, sofa like and significantly more padded than in the rest of the building.

“You both want to play?” asked Rosie.

We both nodded. “Then I need a Hamilton from each of you.”

Neither of us had a ten. Jason dropped a twenty in the box Rosie was holding for both of us.

“Looks like we’re ready to play. I’ll tell you what. Since you’re both such nice guys, we’ll double the prizes. For each achievement, you get to do it twice, once with me and once with Liz.”

“Both of you?” asked Jason.

“Yep. You get to kiss both of us or squeeze both of our tits and more.”

Jason was visibly eager to get started.

“Who’s first?” asked Rosie.

Jason already had his ball in his hands. He stepped up to the right hand lane. I watched as he tried to settle himself and focus on the pins and not the incentives. He took his usual three-step approach and let the ball go. It curled slightly at the finish and struck in the one-three pocket. Perfect, except the four and seven pins didn’t agree. With his second shot, he struck the four pin light on the right. I bounced off the sidewall and took out the seven pin. Spare!

“Goodie,” said Rosie. “A quick start.” She moved up to Jason, took his face in her hands and planted a kiss on his lips. I watched Rosie’s tongue prod Jason’s lips until he opened his mouth and their tongues danced together. When Rosie was finished, Jason was breathless. Before he could get a deep breath, Liz was holding his face and kissing him. He opened his mouth immediately and Liz did her best to outdo Rosie.

When Liz moved away, Jason was glassy eyed and smiling happily.

Rosie looked at me. “You get the next two frames,” she said.

I picked up my ball and moved to the left lane. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I took a couple of deep breaths, focused on the pins, took three steps and rolled my ball. It looked perfect all the way. I connected in the one-three pocket and pins flew everywhere. When everything settled, I was staring at a lone five pin. A ridiculous leave and an easy spare. Only I missed it.

Rosie looked disappointed.”

I moved to the right lane and tried again. The same roll, the same pocket impact and a clear deck. Strike!

“Oooh,” said Rosie. “Serious bowling.” She walked up to me on the approach, and took off her sweater and then her bra. Her breasts were oversized, pale with bronze areola and darker nipples.

I guess my reaction was obvious.

“Baby,” Rosie said, “you didn’t want to squeeze my tits through my clothes, did you?”

She took my hand and placed it on her breast. I squeezed gently.

“Honey, give it a good squeeze. I want to know it’s been squeezed,” said Rosie.

I gave her tit a full-fisted squeeze and reached for her other tit with my other hand.

“Oooh, that deserves a kiss as well,” said Rosie and she made good on her statement. Several minutes later, Rosie turned to Liz. “Your turn,” she said.

Liz came over to me and pulled off her sweater. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Her tits were larger than Rosie’s. They were darker and her nipples smaller. I didn’t wait for an invitation. I took Liz in my arms, squeezed her tits and kissed her, tongue and all. We were both out of breath when we were finished.

It was Jason’s turn. He was supposed to bowl the next two frames. Having both women watching him, with their naked breasts rising and falling as they breathed, was a major distraction. Fortunately, he had his back to them as he approached the left lane. The ball looked perfect and this time it cleared the deck. Strike!

It was Jason’s turn to squeeze the tits. There was a long delay while Jason collected his incentives, kissing and squeezing each of the women in turn. I watched as the women surrounded him and he squeezed all four tits with reckless abandon, kissing each of them several times.

Eight kissed nipples later, they finally separated. Rosie squeezed Jason’s obvious erection. “Looks like things are developing nicely. I’m hoping for a four bagger,” she said.

Unfortunately, Jason only spared the next frame on the right lane. He was entitled to more kisses but he managed to squeeze some tit at the same time. No one objected.

My turn. I did my best to tune out the topless women behind me and focus on the pins sixty feet away on the left lane. Strike! A double. A rare event for me and more incentives.

“Liz,” said Rosie. “I think these guys have been sandbagging.”

She stood up, kicked off her shoes and stripped off her jeans and panties. Her pussy was shaved or waxed. I couldn’t tell the difference but she had no pubic hair. She was obviously aroused since her labia were inflated and glistening in the dim light. “Baby, I’m expecting some pussy rubbing and don’t hold back.”

She came to me, kissed me and my hand disappeared between her thighs. My fingers slid between her lips and one slipped inside her. She moaned and pushed her hips against my hand. I kissed her left tit and put a second finger inside her pussy. I sucked on her tit and moved my fingers against the front of her vagina and rubbed rapidly.

“Oh shit,” Rosie said and her body shook with what I assumed was a small orgasm.

“God damn,” that was wonderful,” she said and kissed me again.

Liz was waiting her turn. She had removed her yoga pants and thong. Her pussy was classically hairy. A neatly trimmed triangle of dark, curly hair. Her labia were indistinct through her bush but there were drops of glistening secretions hanging on the lower curls.

I palmed her pussy and found her slick opening in seconds. I also found her clitoris with my thumb and I rubbed it in small circles. Liz pulled me off the approach and onto one of the couches surrounding the pit. She lay on her back with her legs spread. I kissed her lips and her nipples while I used my fingers inside her. I started to kiss further down her body but she stopped me. “That’ll take a triple,” she said.

I did the math and realized that a ‘blowjob’ was a mutual activity in her definition.

Rosie added an “Ahem,” to our encounter and we took the hint and separated. I still had to bowl another frame. I didn’t know how I was going to manage with the erection I had. However, I was hoping for another strike.

My hopes vanished when I left three pins standing after two attempts.

The rest of the game was mediocre at best. With two naked and panting women watching, neither Jason nor I were able to manage a triple or better. Jason did get a double and Liz almost had to peel him off Rosie to get her turn with him.

Nobody got a blowjob or laid. After the first game, Rosie told us we could try again only the cost per line would double. güvenilir bahis şirketleri Given our unsteady bowling, neither of us accepted the offer.

The women reluctantly got dressed. We packed our gear and prepared to leave. Both of the women kissed us and we left after Rosie unlocked the door. Rosie said something interesting as we left. “Maybe we can incentivize you again next week. Maybe we can change the game so everybody wins. What do you think?”

Outside in the parking lot, Jason turned to me. “I don’t think I’ll be able to bowl next week but I’ll come to watch.”

I was ninety minutes late getting home. I apologized for being late and told Rebecca the truck had a loose wire and triple A fixed it.

I took a shower and went to bed with her. Fortunately, showering after bowling was my usual routine and it didn’t create any suspicions.

I told the Blues captain that my back was acting up and I couldn’t bowl on Tuesday but I would show up to support the team. Tuesday, on the way to the bowling alley, I stopped and got some tens to take with me.

Jason and I sat at the bar watching the bowlers and drinking beer. We both lingered over our beers, limiting our volume knowing too much would limit our abilities. Rosie arrived about twenty minutes later, saw us at the bar and joined us, sitting between us.

“I was hoping you both would be here this week. I thought about you two all week,” Rosie greeted us. She was wearing a blouse and skirt, full and short. She was facing Jason when she lifted her skirt quickly and offered him a peek. The look on his face told me what he knew, Rosie wasn’t wearing panties.

Liz arrived a few minutes later. She was also in a skirt. She didn’t offer a peek but she did kiss each of us in greeting. Rosie picked up the conversation. “Well, are you two ready to play Bowling for Babes?”

I nodded and Jason replied, “Yes, Ma’am. Last week you suggested a change in the rules.”

“I did,” said Rosie. Liz and I talked about it and we agree. We hope you all will agree too.”

“We’re listening,” said Jason.

“Last week neither of you managed to get the top shelf prizes. We obviously overestimated your bowling skills and we set the bar too high. We hoped you’d try again but we understand your decision to quit early. Whatever bowling prowess you had decreased over time and I think our enthusiasm, and state of undress, had some effect.

“This week we have a different proposal. If you pay for three lines of bowling in advance, we’ll guarantee each of you a four-bagger before we start.”

I looked at Jason. He was obviously processing Rosie’s offer. “If I understand you, we plan to bowl three lines each and we automatically win everything from a kiss to a fuck,” he summarized.

“Not just one fuck,” said Rosie. “Both of us.”

“How much?” asked Jason.

“Well, the first line is ten dollars and it doubles for the second line, twenty dollars. It doubles again for the third line. The total would be seventy dollars.”

While Jason was thinking about it and doing the math in his head, I reached for the roll of bills in my pocket. We each gave Rosie seventy dollars and I gave Jason a ten for last week. Rosie smiled and Liz smiled wider.

Rosie started for the door at the end of the room. “You don’t even need your equipment,” she said. “Your bowling equipment, that is.” Liz slid off her stool and I got that peek that she hadn’t offered earlier. Rosie and she had talked during the week.

In the locked side room, Rosie picked up a bowling ball at random and rolled it down the lane, mostly in the right gutter. Then she pushed the reset button and the machine cleared the pins.

“Looks like each of you got a spare,” she said.

The kisses were even better than a week ago. We breathed into each other’s mouths and, on some signal neither Jason nor I noticed, Rosie and Liz changed places.

We sat for a second on the plush seats surrounding the pit. “Damn,” said Rosie, “I can’t wait for the second frame but now I need a drink.”

Rosie and Liz left Jason and me alone while they went back to the bar for drinks.

“Shit,” said Jason. “Pinch me.”

“You’re not dreaming,” I told him. “They’re real. Their kisses are real and their tits are real. I’ll bet you next week’s pay that their pussies are real too.”

“How the fuck did we get here?” Jason asked.

“Who cares. We have an eighty-dollar investment and I guarantee that’s a bargain in the underground economy. Just follow the bouncing ball, or tit, and you’ll never regret it.”

“Don’t worry,” responded Jason. “I’m already up for it.”

Rosie and Liz returned holding a large bucket of ice with two six-packs of quality beer, not something lite or low calorie, between them,. We twisted off the caps on four of them and toasted each other and the evening to come.

Rosie put her beer on the scoring table, walked up to the ball return and pushed the reset button again. We all watched as the machine cleared all the pins for the second time.

“God damn,” Rosie commented. “What do you know, a strike.”

Rosie pulled her blouse out of her skirt and began to unbutton it. Liz put her beer next to Rosie’s and followed suit. When they were identically naked from the waist up, they moved to stand in front of us sitting on the sofa.

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