Boston’s Black Police Men

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My name is Salomon Jamal Dankos. I’m a six-foot-two, good-looking black man living in the city of Boston. By day, I drive around in a patrol car. I’m a member of the Boston Police Department. Attached to the Urban Affairs Division. Before joining the police force, I was a student at UMass-Boston, where I earned a bachelor of science degree in Criminal Justice. I was a member of the Men’s Ice Hockey team, if you can believe that. I graduated in 2003 at the age of twenty one. A couple of years later, I enrolled at the Police Academy, then joined the force. Being a cop runs in my family. My father, Elroy Dankos was a cop too. He’s retired now, and spends his days mentoring urban youth. He’s a good guy. He thinks I’m an Angel. I’m really not. But don’t tell him that.

By night, I prowl the night club scene, looking for my favorite kind of prey. I like to catch big women who have big butts. They’re my favorite sex partners. Sex with big-booty chubby women is fun. Hell, I don’t know why other men bother chasing skinny women. Big women are superior sexual partners. They are so much better in bed. What can I say? I just love a plump body and a fat ass on a woman. Especially black women and Hispanic women. Some white women are okay too. I don’t discriminate. I tap all booty equally. That’s the best way to be in this day and age. Like any good hunter, I am very patient and by the time my prey realizes what’s up, it’s usually too late. I am an all-natural urban predator and this is my story.

I went to Club Nirvana and checked out the scene. I spotted two new young women dancing among the crowd of club regulars. One of them was tall and skinny, with black hair, light brown skin and green eyes. The other was tall and chubby, with big tits, wide hips and a big ass. Also, she was jet-black and not very pretty in the face. I checked out that rump and decided that I wanted some of that. So, I approached her and introduced myself. The chubby young black woman answered to the name Sandra Jay. She was a Suffolk University student. Her skinny friend Cheryl Brown was a closet dyke. I could tell. I run into all kinds of people on the job. Cheryl was quite pretty, but I found casino oyna Sandra more appealing. I like curves on a woman, you know? I chatted with the two of them, focusing mostly on Sandra. And she responded. Sandra chatted excitedly. I knew what she was thinking. Most men go for the pretty woman and ignore her chubby friend. I’m the kind of man who does just the opposite. I go for the chubby woman and ignore the skinny one. What can I say? I like it fat!

I asked Sandra for a dance and we hit the dance floor. Her lesbian friend watched us for a moment, player hating, of course. Then, she got discouraged and went back to dancing by herself. I smiled. I really don’t like them ghetto dykes. They get on my nerves. It’s not their sexual orientation, it’s their damn manners and the delusion they have that every man wants them. Most dykes I’ve seen in the hood were ugly mamas. I wouldn’t do them if they paid me. Sandra on the other hand was a big black woman with a f fat ass. Her face was rather plain but her sixty-inch heart-shaped booty was beautiful. Man, this fat black chick could dance. She was really into me, bouncing that sexy booty of hers against my groin. I asked her to continue this fun stuff in a more private place. We went into the ladies room and locked the door. Then, we got down and dirty.

Sandra and I got busy. I unzipped my pants and freed my cock. Out came my nine-inch-long, uncircumcised black dick. It has been known to make both black men and black women squeal in pleasure. Hell yeah. Tonight, it was going into Sandra’s honey holes. Word up. This plump black chick was fortunately totally into getting down and dirty. She hiked up her skirt and grabbed hold of my dick. She spat on my cock head before taking it into her mouth. I thrust my dick into her mouth. Having my cock sucked by a big black woman is something which I will never tire of doing.

Sandra eagerly sucked on my cock and balls. She was quite good at it. Earlier, I got a blowjob from a fellow officer. Sergeant Dexter James O’Shea is a prick. A tall, good-looking, red-haired Irish-American cop who thinks he’s all that. The Boston Police Department is full of them. The guy has canlı casino been on the police force for only seven years, and he’s already made sergeant. Can you believe that? I’ve been at the department since 2004, and I’m still doing patrol duty in the year 2008. I don’t want to sound like one of those black folks who always blame the system but there was a lot of racial bias at the police department. Hell yeah. But what could I do? I was only one man. And I don’t care what you see in the movies, black men and black women who make their living as police officers don’t really stick together. In the world of the black cop, it’s every man for himself!

Sandra continued to suck on my cock and balls. I gently stroked her head as she did her thing. I couldn’t believe that I was thinking about stuff that happened on the job at a time like this. This morning, while I was alone in the men’s locker room, sergeant Dexter came onto me. He point-blank told me that he knew I swung both ways and wanted to see if what they said about black men’s dick sizes was true. I stared at him, stunned. What a bastard! I thought about decking him right then and there. Then I thought better of it. I had a mini-camera in my locker. Part of my therapeutic video diary. Whenever I was alone, I let things out a bit. The camera was on. A really naughty idea came to mind. I smiled at the sergeant, and nodded. I unzipped my pants, and out came my dick. Ready for action.

The look on the white cop’s face when he saw my black dick was priceless. Grinning, I waved it at him. Sergeant Dexter grinned, then knelt before me. He took my cock in his hand and stroked it. Clearly, he was amazed at my girth. I laughed, and told him to suck me off. He didn’t need to be told twice. He sucked my dick like the bitch he was. I rammed my big black cock down the white policeman’s throat. He kind of gagged on it. I smiled, and grabbed the back of his head. He was in my power now. I made him suck me off until I came, flooding his mouth and face with my cum. Like a good slut, he licked me clean. Then, he got up and walked away. I grinned. I now had damaging evidence on him. The police department is a deeply homophobic kaçak casino environment, even in the city of Boston. I was going to have a talk with the sergeant later. If I didn’t get promoted off patrol duty soon, I’d make sure the tape of him sucking my dick wound up in the hands of his police buddies.

I laughed as I remembered this. Meanwhile, Sandra viciously flicked her tongue over my sensitive balls, and I came. Man, I hadn’t cum like that in a long time. Surprisingly, Sandra gobbled up every last drop of my cum. Then, I had a go with her pussy. I thrust my dick into her snatch and fucked her. Sandra squealed as I pounded my cock into her pussy. We went at it until I came. Afterwards, we tried something else. My favorite thing. Anal sex. I spread Sandra’s plump butt cheeks and slid my finger into her tight asshole. I fingered her for a minute, then took some of my spilled cum and smeared it all over her asshole. Then, I pressed my cock against her asshole and pushed it inside. Sandra asked me to be gentle as I fucked her in the ass. I was very gentle, at first. I pushed my dick into her asshole, and gripped her wide hips. The big black woman’s asshole felt wonderfully warm and tight around my cock. I loved it!

Sandra was such a sport as I fucked her. She didn’t whine like many women did with my cock up their asses, but only grunted from time to time. I filled her asshole with my dick, fucking her good and hard. I couldn’t get enough of her tight ass around my cock. Anal sex with big black women is so much fun. They have the tightest assholes in the world. I began fucking Sandra harder and faster. She squealed as I drilled my dick into her backdoor. The harder I fucked her, the tighter her ass gripped my cock and the better I felt. I loved every second of it. We went at it until I finally came, flooding her asshole with my manly cum. Yeah!

A few minutes later, Sandra and I readjusted our clothes and left the nightclub ladies room. There were lots of women lined up outside the room and they gasped in shock at seeing us exit together. I smirked, and made my way through the crowd. All in all, this was a good night. I went home. It was nine o’clock and I called it a night. This beautiful day of March 2008 couldn’t have ended better. Tomorrow, I was going to blackmail Boston police sergeant Dexter into promoting me and all would be well. That’s what’s up, holler!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32