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About a month ago, my wife and I had decided we needed a night out on the town. She is 29, 5’5, 130#, medium length blonde hair, 34c. I am 31, 6’0, 230, thick and veiny 7 inch cock. We are from the central midwest and live in a small town about 30 miles from any major city.

We called one of our baby sitters, Jen, who is a 21 year old college junior. She said she was more than willing to babysit, it would give her a chance to study instead of going out with her friends on Saturday. Jen is about 5’6, 140, short brown hair, brown eyes and a nicely toned body, with nice shaped breasts. My wife had met Jen when she was taking some night courses at the college. They had had the same class together and Jen had been babysitting for a couple years on and off for us.

Jen showed up at around 7 and we took off. We went out to eat, then to a sports bar to watch some college football. After the main games were over we decided to go dancing. We checked in with Jen and she said that everyting was fine and to have a good time.

We went to a dance club and ran into some friends of ours. We danced and socialized until the club closed at 2 a.m. Since I knew I was going to drive home, I had stayed sober. However, my wife was pretty intoxicated and was in her festive mood. Once in the car, she slipped her panties off from under her little dress she had worn along with her bra. All the way home we played with each other and she even leaned back and rubbed herself while I drove.

We pulled into the drive and saw that the TV was still on. We walked in and Jen met us saying that our son was asleep. Since it was so late, we convinced her to stay. Being rejuvinated from the ride home, we fixed some drinks and sat down to watch the TV. Jen had it on to HBO and Real Sex was on. We sat around, had some drinks and commented on the show. One part of the show had male strippers and the girls were ooohing and ahhing about their bodies and of course about the size of their cocks. I was getting a kick out of listening to them casino oyna giggle and making sexual comments. I told them that HBO should have came and asked me to strip for TV, and laughing, they said sure. Since I had to go take a leak, I got up and pretended to do a little dance. When I walked away after teasing them, they boooooed me.

When I got back, they had some bi-females on. I refreshed our drinks and told them I was going to go jump in the shower and get the smoke smell off my body from the dance club. I headed off to the shower, leaving the girls there to watch the female activities that were on.

After I got out of the shower, I noticed that the lights had been dimmed in the living room and I did not hear any talking. I thought the girls had partied out and had fallen asleep. I walked quietly into the living room and found them on the sofa, but they were not asleep. My wife was lying on top of Jen, both girls kissing each other passionatly. They did not know I was in the room and I sat down in a chair opposite of them. I watched as they continued to kiss and my wife slide her hands up under Jen’s shirt. As my wife reached to undo Jen’s bra she saw me sitting there. She asked me if I enjoyed what I was seeing and I of course said that I was. She told me to stay right where I was and too watch for awhile. Jen looked over at me and just smiled. I smiled back and told her to enjoy what was happening.

My wife started to feast on Jen’s breasts, both with her mouth and with her hands. She would lick and suck her nipples and then start kissing her again. In the mean time, my wife’s hands were all over Jen, on her breasts, down between her legs, rubbing her face. My wife slid up Jen’s body and let her breasts come out of her dress. Jen sucked and nibbled on them as my wife turned and looked at me. I had my cock out and was slowly stroking it. After a few moments, my wife started kissing her way down Jen’s body, stopping to kiss her mouth, lick her nipples and down across her stomach. As she continued canlı casino to kiss downward, she was unbuttoning Jen’s pants and sliding them off. Once Jen was naked, my wife pulled her own dress off and layed her body on top of Jen’s. Resuming kissing her, my wife slid her hand down between them. I could see my wife’s arm moving as she rubbed Jen’s pussy. She pulled her hand up to her lips and tasted Jen’s juices. Then they started to kiss heavy and rub their groins into each other. I could hear them moaning and talking about how good it feels.

When the initial intensity had subsided, my wife once again kissed down across Jen’s body. However, this time she did not stop until her face was buried deeply between Jen’s thighs. I could barely see my wife’s head moving and she slowly licked Jen. Jen only had what looked like a small patch of pubic hair right above her pussy. The rest of it as I found out later was shaved smooth. My wife continued eating her out, she started to lick faster and faster and was rubbing her hands up over Jen’s stomach and breasts. Jen would have her head back moaning and pulling my wife’s face deeper into her. Once in awhile she would look over at me and watch as I stroked my cock and lick her lips. Soon my wife had taken her hands and pushed Jen’s legs back to her chest. She was eating her out and sticking her tongue in Jen as deep as she could go. When Jen started to say she was going to cum, my wife started to work on her clit and finger her. I could see my wife sucking on Jen’s clit and plunging two fingers in and out of her as fast and hard as she could. All of a sudden Jen let out a muffled scream and her body locked into its orgasm. Letting Jen’s orgasm subside, my wife crawled back up onto her and kissed her softly, telling her to relax and to enjoy the sensations. After a couple minutes of kissing, Jen and my wife moved onto the floor.

My wife layed the young college student onto the floor and swung her leg over Jen’s head. She lowered her pussy down and Jen began to kaçak casino lick her. She too leaned forward and once again started to eat Jen out. What could get better than watching your wife and a young college girl in a HOT 69!!! I felt I was in hog-heaven. The girls were eating each other out as if they would never eat another meal again. You could hear the slurping sounds coming from each of their mouths. When they would come up for air, their faces were coated with each others juices.

Finally I could not stand it anymore and jumped down there on the floor with them. I layed down between Jen’s legs and started helping my wife eat her out. I was licking her while my wife sucked and licked her clit. Finally, my wife sat up and started to ride Jen’s face as I continued to lick that fresh young pussy for all it was worth. I ate her for a couple minutes and licked the juices that flowed freely out of her. She was one of the wettest women that I have ever ate out.

I soon got up and went behind my wife and slid my cock up inside of her. She went back to eating Jen as I fucked her doggie style. I could feel Jen’s tongue licking my cock as it went in and out of my wife. She would lick her pussy for awhile then go back to my cock and balls. This was one of the hottest things my wife and I had ever done. Jen took my cock out of my wife and licked the juices off of it. My wife was driving Jen crazy with her tongue and fingers, all of us were letting out moans of pleasure.

Finally, I had all I could take and pulled my cock out which Jen immediately devoured. Jen sucked for a few seconds and then I lost it. I felt my balls tighten and the I exploded into Jen’s mouth. When my wife sensed I was cumming, she spun around and placed her mouth next too Jen’s. Both of them took turns licking the cum from my cock. After I was done, they started kissing passionately. You could see the cum dripping out of their mouths.

By then, it was 5 a.m. and we decided to hit the bed. Jen left the next morning with a big grin on her face. She has babysitted a couple times more but nothing has happened but we all promised it definitely would again.

She and my wife have a shopping trip planned for X-mas. I can’t wait until that day.

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