Avery Dirty Date Night 02 – Saturday

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For context, please read part 01 – Friday


I awoke to the smell of fresh made coffee. It was midday already as Avery walked into the bedroom and leaned over the bed, kissing my cheek and handing me a hot cup. Strange, I thought I was supposed to be the one serving, not being served this weekend.

Drink up babe, we’ve got guests coming soon and I want you up and awake! As Avery stood and walked over to the dressing room she let her silk robe drop from her shoulders, revealing her beautifully tanned skin. I watched her naked body as she disappeared through the door.

I sipped my way through the coffee, gradually awakening and remembering the events of the previous evening. I noticed my cock start to stiffen as I recalled the phone conversation I had overheard. ‘And then I took it out of his ass and made him suck all the cum off of it!’ were her words, I just wasn’t sure who to.

When Avery walked back into the bedroom she was wearing her highest ‘fuck me’ heels, white fishnet stockings clipped into a white lace suspender belt, the shortest plaid skirt you’ve ever seen and a white shirt, tied in a knot so as to show off her body.

“What do you think babe?” she asked, doing a few twirls for me. “I think our guests will love it!”

As she twirled I noticed the pink heart shaped plug in her ass. My cock was so hard for her.

“You look so fucking hot!” I told her. “Who are the guests?”

Avery just grinned at me and told me that once I was ready I could come down and meet them.

I went to the bathroom to freshen up, putting on some casual pants and a t-shirt on my way back. The sweatpants did nothing to hide my raging hard-on, I couldn’t believe just how hard I actually was.

“Who told you to get dressed bitch?! Strip off again. Now.” Avery snapped, grinning as I obeyed her. Just as I had removed my clothes the doorbell rang. Guests. “Oh goody, come and welcome our guests babe!”

Avery marched me downstairs and demanded I open the door as she disappeared into the lounge to sit watching. Hesitantly I approached the door, totally naked, hard as a rock with no clue who may be on the other side. Mocking cheers and wolf whistles erupted as I opened the door to see six tall, muscular black men, all in their twenties, waiting to be invited in.

I received greetings and pat’s on the back as each of them walked into our home and straight over to my wife. They immediately began to kiss and grope her as she stood to greet them. She quickly had a hand on each ass cheek and one caressing her pussy, while others fondled her breasts and grabbed at her throat. After a few minutes she managed to break free and say a few words.

“Gentlemen, this is my husband, Hank. He lost a bet last night meaning I’m in charge until the weekend is up. While you are here I am extending you the same privilege. He is here to do as he is told, and if there is anything you want or need, have my bitch take care of it. As for me, you don’t even need to ask, I’ll do whatever canlı bahis the fuck you want me to.” Avery explained, triggering cheers from our guests.

“How about a round of beers to get us started?” I heard from one of the guys. I just walked over to the kitchen and cracked open six cold ones, pausing for a moment to take it all in, again wondering why my cock had stayed so hard since I woke. Then I spotted it. The empty packet that once contained four blue pills, right next to the coffee machine. That teasing bitch.

I returned to the lounge with beers all round, only to see Avery knelt on the rug taking turns to suck and stroke each of the six big black cocks presented in front of her. The men were all now as naked as me as they took turns in my wife’s mouth.

I turned and bent over slightly to set the beers down on the table, one of the guys called over with a “Thanks bitch”

I sat on the couch to get a good view, racking my brains for a way to get back at Avery if I ever won a date night bet in the future. When I snapped back to reality I noticed my wife was now bouncing up and down on one of their cocks, her buttplug still lodged in her pretty little asshole, while the others still took turns fucking her mouth and having their cocks stroked.

“Get over here slut!” I heard my wife demand through the mouthfuls of cock. “Take the plug from my ass and stuff it in his mouth.” She instructed the guy she had just been sucking. I felt like such a whore as I opened my mouth to accept the plug from a stranger. It was warm, and still had a slight taste of last night’s cum. I returned to the couch.

Before I had even sat down again I heard Avery cry out. The most well hung of the group had just slid his cock all the way into her asshole while she rode the first guy still.

“FUCK! OH my GOD I love that!” she screamed, taking another cock back into her mouth and sucking on it frantically “I fucking love having my ass and pussy filled with big black cocks!”

I sat there watching for at least two hours as they took turns using Avery. They all took turns between her ass and mouth, making sure to have her clean their cocks.

“Stick it in my mouth! I wanna taste my dirty asshole on your cock! Make me clean it!” I heard her beg as I stared at her gaping asshole that, just seconds previous, had been stuffed full of 10 inches of thick black cock. I didn’t think I’d ever see my wife this filthy again. She cleaned off his cock like a good slut should and then pushed him down onto the settee next to me. She turned to face away and bent over, spreading her ass wide and sitting right back onto my face.

“Make my dirty little ass nice and wet honey, you’re not going to want to miss this.”

I stuffed my tongue into her well fucked asshole and made it as wet as I could, the taste of precum was unmistakable. Avery stood up, grabbed me by the hair and dragged me onto my knees in front of the sofa, before lowering her ass down onto that huge black dick, taking him deep into her bahis siteleri asshole once more, this time facing away from him. She bounced hard on his cock as she beckoned another from the group over and began to deep throat him coating his cock in saliva.

“I want you in my asshole.” She pleaded as she took his cock out of her mouth. The guy fucking her ass pulled out and began to make way for his buddy, much to my wife’s dissatisfaction. “Where the fuck are you going?” she snapped, grabbing his cock and forcing herself back down onto it. “I want to feel you both in my ass, stretch me like a whore!”

I knelt and watched as two men I had never met before pressed their cocks together into my wife’s asshole and slowly began to fuck her, while the others surrounded her and took their places in her mouth.

“I want to be filled. Somebody come and stuff my pussy now!” almost instantly my wife had two cocks in her ass, one fucking her pussy, one in her hand and two in her mouth. They fucked her hard with no concern for her pleasure, only their own.

As I watched my wife being used by them, I wondered to myself how the hell she had organised this overnight. Did she know them already? Had she been fucking them behind my back? I quickly snapped out of my thoughts and back to reality as I heard Avery cry out

“Fuuuuuuuuckkk! Stretch me wide open boys! Make me your filthy little cum dumpster!”

The cock in her hand was the first to go. He shot a huge load of cum all over my wife’s tits, quickly afterwards the two in her mouth pulled out and coated her face in cum, and the huge cock in her pussy pumped her full and pulled out.

This left Avery covered in cum, with the two biggest cocks pounding her asshole simultaneously as she desperately sucked the other four men clean of all their cum and her juices.

“Fill my ass with your cum! I want you to shoot it deep inside me!” she screamed as she came a final time on their cocks, spasming in ecstasy as they both pumped their huge loads deep inside of her.

They pulled out their cocks and she fell to her knees.

“Please let me clean your cocks” she pleaded “I want to taste my asshole so badly”.

The two men just laughed at her and told her what a desperate whore she was as they rammed their cocks into her throat.

“How does it taste bitch?” they jeered.

“So fucking good, mmmm.” Was all they got in reply.

It was then that she stood up over me and looked me in the eye as she wiped all the cum from her face into her mouth, before letting it dribble out onto her tits.

“Now it’s time for you to clean me up, bitch.” She whispered to me, leaning forward and grabbing me by my hair, forcing my face into her tits and holding me there while I licked up every drop and swallowed it all. My face got covered in cum as I desperately tried to lap it all up. Once she was satisfied that I had cleaned every drop from her tits she threw me to the floor and straddled my face, letting the cumload in her pussy and both bahis şirketleri loads from her asshole drip out, covering my face some more, before she sat right down onto my mouth and forced me to lap it all up and suck the cum from her asshole, my face now totally covered in cum and my mouth full.

Avery stood up and turned around, she had picked her phone up from the sideboard and before I could react snapped a photo of me naked and covered in cum.

“I guess you want to cum now slave?” she asked as I led there, before disappearing into the kitchen and rustling through a drawer.

“I brought this down earlier, while you were still asleep. Now get on your hands and knees bitch!”

Avery had the big black dildo we had bought the previous night in her hand and was not taking no for an answer. I turned over and got onto my hands and knees on the cold laminate flooring. By this time our guests had got dressed and were heading off, but my wife wasn’t done with me. She spanked my ass and stuffed the dildo in my mouth, throat fucking me with it until I had coated it in spit.

“Now show me what you want bitch, beg for it!” she demanded as she shoved my face to the floor and walked round behind me.

Instinctively I reached back and spread my ass for her then began to beg.

“I want your big black cock in my ass babe, please! Please fuck my ass with that big cock! I want you to use me!”

I gasped as she drove the dildo all the way into my ass and began to fuck me hard. I reached underneath myself to stroke my cock but had my hand slapped away. Avery fucked my ass fast and hard

“You like that bitch? You like my big black dick up your ass? You gonna cum for me you fucking slut?”

“I love it babe, you’re gonna make me cum so hard! Oh fuuuuckk!”

Just as I was about to cum, I felt her shove the dildo deep in my ass and pump spurt after spurt of thick hot cum into my ass. I shot a huge load all love the floor without even touching my cock.

Avery pulled the now cum covered cock from my asshole and stood in front of me, grabbing me by the hair and dragging me upright before stuffing it in my mouth and making me suck it clean. I could feel the cum dripping out of my ass as she face fucked me one last time.

“You like that bitch? You like being fucked and filled with my cum?”

I could only mumble and nod as she made me suck on the dido.

“Good. You’re gonna fucking love tomorrow then. Now clean up your mess you desperate little whore!” she pulled the cock from my mouth and shoved my face down to the floor, which was now covered in a mixture of my own cum and the load she shot in my ass.

She gripped me by my hair and forced me to lick it all up and swallow it.

I must have fallen asleep on the floor from sheer exhaustion. When I drifted back into consciousness Avery was led back on the couch, toying her pussy with that big dildo. I listened to her recount the whole day over the phone, laughing when she told the mystery caller how I passed out in a pool of my own cum.

“Anyway, I’ve sent you all a picture each, enjoy! Looks like the bitch is waking up so I better go. Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow!”

You all?! How many was she talking to?

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