A Yank in Britain

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I had been in the US Air Force for a total of 4 years and had just received my bars for my promotion to Captain. Really a pretty good promotion record since I had enlisted as a 2nd Lt, got promoted to 1st. Lt. a year later and here I was a full- fledged Captain three years after that. After my flight training down in Texas they transferred me up to Kansas for training on the KC 135 tankers. I loved the training but hated Kansas. I had just finished my training on the KC 135’s when orders came through transferring me to England. What was this all about?

The Commanding Officer was no help in telling me what was going on so I had to dig around and finally got to the CO’s Master Sargent and the old saying of ‘when you want to find out what’s going on in the service,- don’t ask the CO -ask his Master Sargent’ was true once again. I had received some training in the old World War II C 47 planes when I first got to Kansas and apparently an RAF squadron in England had a few of them that some of the old pilots occasionally flew for old-times sake and wanted someone to teach some of their new pilots how to handle them. So, I was off to Limeyville.

I flew over as a co-pilot on a KC135 and when we landed in England caught a Jeep over to the WWII Quonset hut they were still using as a Flight Control office. I stumbled into the gal they had as their secretary as I entered the hut and couldn’t help but notice how cute she was.

“Hi, I’m Captain Jim McIntyre and I guess this is the place that wanted me as an instructor.”

With a huge smile she answered, “Hello Jim, I’m Sarah and I’m the squadron paper-work pusher. Welcome to England.”

With her accent she was a full- fledged product of merry ole England. Sure enough her dad had retired from the British Air Force as a fighter pilot a year earlier and had helped her get the job a month before he was killed in a car accident. She had been divorced for 6 months after a rotten 1 year marriage and had an apartment a few miles from the base and after a few chats it was obvious she loved what she was doing.

I must have had a dozen brief conversations with her regarding all kinds of things I needed to get the training started over the next several days and she seemed to have a good handle on the whole place. She was just a few years younger than me so we fortunately liked most of the same things in music as well as we stayed current in world events.

The training was going to take about a month since the pilots to get trained all had other flying assignments and could only spare a day a week at the most for C-47 stuff. No problem, it would give me a chance to enjoy England.

A few days after settling into my little office Sarah came over and said there was a great show at Covent Gardens, a theater in London, that she had managed to get two tickets for and asked if I would be interested in seeing it.

“Interested? I would love it.” I answered enthusiastically.

“You have the tickets and I’ll spring for dinner but since I don’t know squat about London I’ll trust you to make reservations at a nice place for dinner, Deal?”

“Heck, you don’t have to do that. We can grab a bite at any one of a number of little places near the theatre and that will be fine. We can go for a drink at a place near the base on our way back”

“It’s up to you but I’d be happy to spring for dinner.” I replied.

The show was magnificent and I enjoyed the bite before dinner as well as the drinks afterwards. She was a fun gal to be around.

The training was going pretty well since the trainees were all pilots it wasn’t as if I had a bunch of new recruits to work with. The planes were all WW II leftovers but they had spruced up a couple to be flying offices for the brass. They had paneled the walls after ripping out the seats the paratroopers had used and replaced them with easy chairs and sofas as well as a huge table down the center of the rear compartment. Pretty fancy!

A couple of days after getting there I had a get together with the Brigadier who had the responsibility of the squadron and that included the C 47’s. He asked if I need anything and I said,

“Well Sir, I don’t have any way to get around both on and off the base. They wouldn’t let me fly my car over.” I said with a laugh.

He roared and said that he could handle that problem and buzzed his orderly telling him to work out a way to provide me with a car for my time with them. Almost before I left that office there was a very nice Morris Minor waiting for me outside the office. I was set.

Later that day I called Sarah and asked if she would like to go for a spin in my new car. She laughed but agreed.

Things went along great for a few days and then as if it was all going to hit the fan at the same time two of the planes came down with some serious mechanical difficulties. Damn, this was going to put a big delay in the training.

After checking with the chief mechanics I found that because of the age of the planes and the scarcity of parts casino oyna for these old birds it was going to be a few weeks before all of them were airworthy again. I went into see the Brigadier.

“Well Captain, what do you think of London now that you have been here for a week or so?”

“Sir I have learned to love it in a short time but I don’t know if you have heard the latest with the planes. Two of the four are suffering serious mechanical problems and will be out of action for a few weeks. Rather than try and limp along with trying to train the group of pilots with this reduction in planes I think it would be best of we simply delayed the training until all of the planes were back on the line and ready for service.”

“Whatever you say Captain, just give me the word when you think it best to resume training.”

“Sir, I can do that but do you think I should return to the States and then return later or do you think if best if I remain here and be ready if the mechanics get the planes ready quicker. If that is what you decide will you clear it with my State-side squadron?”

“Consider it done and go and enjoy the country while you wait.” He so ordered


Damn, this was almost a license to steal —a couple of weeks in England with no responsibilities.

My first call was to Sarah and told her the news.

“Wow, whatever are you going to do with all of that free time?” she asked sheepishly.

“Well first I’m going to ask a pretty squadron secretary if she’d like to go on some kind of picnic this weekend out in the countryside so I could say I saw more of England that just the air base and Covent Garden theatre in London.”

“If that secretary is me I accept. I’ll pack a picnic basket and get you some good maps of this part of the country.”

Unlike the usual rainy English weather the forecast was going to be perfect for the entire weekend so I picked her up in front of her apartment at 9 AM and we were off.

She had done a little research and found a historical place she thought would interest me and it was only going to be an hour and half drive.

It was a great park and after walking around for a while we found a super place to spread the tablecloth she had brought where we sat for our lunch. I had picked up a couple bottles of a nice wine so we wouldn’t be thirsty.

After lunch and we had put the basket back in the ‘boot’ (trunk to the Brits) we drove another hour or so to a spot with a beautiful view of a valley beneath us with a nice park around the parking area. We went for a walk and I found us holding hands along the way. An hour of that and I stopped and turned her to face me and leaned towards her and planted a kiss on her lovely lips.

“Oh God, Jim, I so wanted you to do that, I fell for you the first time you walked thru the office door.”

“I wanted to do it too but was afraid you would cry out ‘rape’ so I backed off any number of times.”

“How about if we spread the tablecloth and have another glass of wine while we chat?” I asked.

It didn’t take her long before the cloth was spread under a huge tree and we were sipping some nice red wine.

I leaned over and pushed her gently down and then dropped my face to hers and let my lips softly and tenderly caress hers.

After a few minutes I let my hand gently slide over her blouse as my fingers slowly circled a breast. All I could hear was a huge intake of her breath as she felt my hand and then a loud gasp as she inhaled.

“Jim, let’s stop this now and go back to my place. We’ll get arrested if we go any further.”

“Jim so far we haven’t had intercourse so there wasn’t any need for a condom but I don’t want you to worry about that stuff at all. From the first moment I saw you I felt we would be doing this so I had the Dr. prescribe birth control pills so I’m safe.”

We packed up the wine and cloth and quickly got to the car.

It took us an hour and a half before we were pulling up in front of her building and then another ten minutes before we had unloaded the picnic basket and made our way up the front steps into her apartment.

As soon as we entered her place I dropped the picnic stuff and held her firmly as my hands caressed her breasts through her blouse and then she walked us backwards to the bedroom.

It didn’t take us long to undress and I tenderly lowered her to the bed and followed her with my lips searching out her nipples. If I thought her gasp under the tree was loud this one was huge.

While our lips were locked together I lowered my hand to replace my lips that had been kissing her breasts. My fingers slid slowly up one side and down the other of each breast as tenderly as I could. I then slowly, ever so slowly, moved my hand down to her crotch and let my fingers slip in past the lips of her pussy. I then began to slowly slide my fingers deep inside of her while at the same time began moving my fingers back and forth. As I did that she began to throw her hips around so much I thought canlı casino she was going to flip off the bed as I got close to touching her clit. She then pulled her mouth away from mine and locked her hands behind my head and moaned loud enough for every apartment in the building to hear her.

“Oh God Jim, where did you ever learn to do this?”

“Oh I saw it in a book I was looking at yesterday” I answered with a laugh.

Me and my shitty attempt at humor spoiled the whole thing. She got laughing so hard my hard-on instantly softened. I guessed I’d have to start all over again. Damn.

I quit talking and concentrated on getting back to where I was. This time she lowered her hands and began to caress my cock with one hand and cup my balls with the other. Whew, I was going to explode if she kept that up. Sure enough she slid one hand up and down the shaft of my cock and moved the other hand to lightly circle the head of it with her tender fingers.

I gently pushed her hands off my cock as I rolled over her and positioned my cock in line with her pussy. I lifted her legs up to my shoulders and then slid into the depths of her.

“Oh God Jim, don’t ever stop.”

I began a slow, but deep, thrusting and she was moaning with each of my downward motions. It wasn’t going to take long for me to explode and I felt she might even beat me to it. Sure enough she began to breathe faster and faster and then screeched, “I’m coming.” I followed her within a minute or so and kept on pumping as my cock slowly softened.

“Jim, that was terrific. I am sorry I came so quickly for I would have loved that feeling to go on forever.”

“Well, I guess we’ll have to do it again sometime soon.”

“I sure hope so” she purred.

She got up to go to the bathroom and must have stopped at the picnic basket in the hall for she returned with a partially finished bottle of wine and two glasses. We lay there talking and sipping the wine for what seemed like hours but in reality was only about 45 minutes before I let a hand drop back between her legs and began to lightly caress the lips of her pussy again. I reached over and took the glass from her hand and put both of them on the floor alongside of the bed.

This time I moved my face down to her crotch and slipped the fingers of one hand deep inside of her and began to pump them slowly as I let my lips kiss from her upper thigh to the lips of her pussy and then then over to her upper thigh on the other leg before returning it to her pussy lips again. I kept that up while my fingers were pumping away in her deep and faster. I then stopped moving my tongue from her thighs and concentrated on kissing the lips of her pussy as my hand never stopped pumping.

“Jim, Oh Jim, …….. I’m coming agaaaaaaain.”

“Let yourself go honey.”

This time she threw her hips high in the air forcing my face away from her and my fingrs out of her pussy as she let go with another earth shattering orgasm. Her pussy was still wet from the first time earlier but juices began to flow out of her like it was the first time today.

We lay there just lightly kissing and talking about a bunch of nothings when I sat up and said,

“Hey, I’m going to go back to my quarters to shower and change into fresh duds and be back here in an hour to take you out to dinner. Be ready for I know just the place to celebrate today.”

“You sound so mysterious that I can hardly wait,” she said with a laugh.

I picked her up in almost exactly an hour and took her to a restaurant that I heard the Brigadier talk about and it was terrific.

The food and service couldn’t have been better and the small dance floor was great. We stayed until almost ten before I took her home. I stayed the night and sure enough sometime during the night I had steel pole for a hard-on and while I was spooning to her slipped it in and that woke her up in a hurry.

She threw her ass back to me and my cock was soon buried to the hilt. Between her throwing her hips back towards me and me driving my cock in as hard as I could I was soon pounding away fast and furious. It didn’t take long before we were both exploding.

“Jim, have you always been this horny?” she said softly

“Only when I’m sleeping with a movie star”

“You are so full of shit you are going to burst.” She said with a big laugh.

Our nights and weekend were pretty much that way for the next couple weeks and then I got some news from the flight line. One of the C-47’s was completely repaired and they wanted to know if I was interested in test flying it. I said sure and took it up with the chief mechanic the next day and was totally pleased with the repair.

That was on a Friday and I asked her if she would like to go for a plane ride the next day. She excitedly agreed and I took her out to the field and pulled up alongside the plane and gave her a boost to get up inside of it. It was one of the refurbished planes and she was totally impressed with it. I got the crew chief kaçak casino for that plane and had him standby with a fire extinguisher as I started the engines and then had him pull the wheel chocks readying me for taxiing.

There wasn’t any air traffic from the base since it was a Saturday so I had her sit in the right seat (copilots)and then taxied out, cleared the takeoff with the tower and off we went.

She was almost flipping out she was so excited and when I told her to look down and see what was below on my side she really flipped when I pointed out the Eiffel Tower …we were just south of Paris. I turned and went down the coast a few miles to the Normandy beachheads before turning back to England. As soon as we were over the Channel again I flipped a couple of switches and the auto-pilot took over.

As the flight went on I couldn’t help but remember an old book by Erica Jong — The Fear of Flying and one chapter in it was named “The Flying Fuck” and that cinched it. We were going to duplicate that title.

I got out of the pilot’s seat and took her hand and ushered her back to the area where the easy chairs were. I led us behind one and then softly but firmly pushed her face first over the back of the chair and then reached out and pulled her slacks and panties down in one motion and slipped a rock hard cock deep inside of her. I came way too fast and that pissed both of us off because she was barely even warmed up. I’d have to do something about that after landing.

She got a huge kick out of seeing London and Paris from the air and we landed shortly thereafter.

“Well, did you enjoy the flight?” I asked.

“It would have been a lot better if the pilot would learn to control himself. He no sooner had it in me than he was filling me with his juice. He’ll have to practice a lot more.”

“Smart ass. Maybe if the copilot was able to handle a full size cock instead of one of those noodles Limey’s call dicks things would have gone over differently.” I joked.

“All kidding aside Jim, as you know I was married for a year but stopped having sex with him after 3 or 4 months after the ceremony. I was a virgin on the honeymoon but he had no idea of how to please me and he kept asking if he could put it up my rear and I kept refusing him. I have no earthly idea why I ever married him but am I ever glad it’s over.”

We stopped for a snack and a couple of drinks in the corner pub before going up to her apartment and she cleaned my clock at darts. Damn she hit every spot she was aiming at while I was all over the board. The locals were cheering her on and that had her laughing her ass off. God she’s fun to be with.

By the time we got up to her apartment we were both laughing at how badly she beat me at darts but that wasn’t going to change what I wanted her to do for me.

I ushered her into the bedroom kissing her all the way and by the time we got to the bed she was almost stripped naked and I wasn’t far behind her in that. She sat on the edge of the bed staring up at me and lightly holding my now hard cock. I reached down to hold my cock so that I could aim it directly at her slightly open mouth.

“Jim, I can see what you want me to do for you but you have to know that I’ve never done that before so I’m not sure I know how or if it won’t make me deathly sick if I try.”

“Honey how about if you try and we’ll see how it goes?”

She opened her mouth and I guided my cock in. It didn’t take her long before she had a solid 3 inches buried and she was doing just fine.

“Babe, let your tongue go up and down the sides of what you have in and then let it flick over the tip of the head of it as you’re bobbing up and down.”

She did exactly what I instructed and I was then faced with the question of would I unload in her mouth or pull out before. I opted to go for it and the way she was going it wasn’t going to take long.

“Honey, I’m going to fill your mouth with my juice so get ready for it.”

My orgasm was huge and she swallowed most of it only choking a little near the end of it.

“Sarah, you were terrific. God that felt great.”

“Jim, I am afraid to say what I am feeling right now for fear you’ll get upset but here goes …I think I have fallen in love with you.” As she said that she was looking up at me with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Honey, I’m afraid to say that I’m feeling the same for you.”

Wow, this was unexpected but I must say very welcome.

Things went along like this for the next week or so when the Brigadier’s orderly called to tell me that the General would like to see me as soon as it was convenient.

I went over the next morning and he greeted me with a long face.

Aw hell, what did I do wrong now?

“Jim please take a seat. I want to chat with you about something rather important.”

“I received a call yesterday from Major General Crawford in the States to tell me that my squadron had been selected to have a flight of KC 135’s assigned to it. To say the least I was thrilled and that was until it dawned on me that there wasn’t soul in the RAF that knew a bloody thing about those planes. That was until I thought of you. You know General Crawford don’t you?”

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