A Wee Story

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He munched his toast and honey thoughtfully. It had been a fairly late night and he still felt tender there where she had been squeezing him. She was very proud of her muscles there, but there was he considered too much of a good thing.

She joined him in the eating kitchen, pouring herself another glass of water from the purifier in the sink. Filtered and pure the hype said, to him it just tasted the same, but she swore by it. She let her robe open just enough to catch his eye.

An old trick the flash of flesh, but it usually worked on him.

He noticed the thigh on display and inwardly groaned, he was sore and tired. A long day followed by a long night, he was tired after the week’s slog. She was working around to something that was for sure.

“Do you remember what I told you last night?”

“I remember about last night yes. I remember you talking about your deepest fantasy, and I am flattered you shared it with me.”

“Hmm, yes I did didn’t I, well I want to do more than talk about it.” She pointedly sipped again. He didn’t notice as he spread some more toast.

She sighed to herself, all was canlı bahis ready including the star, it was the supporting actor that was the block. She hitched her bottom onto the corner of the table, and leaning forward to kiss him, she deliberately flashed her pretty breasts.

He saw a glimpse as she leant forwards and then the gorgeous mounds were hidden as her so warm lips engulfed his. Her tongue found his and suddenly he was tenderly erect. Her gentle soft fingers found him and so delicately stroked him under his robe. She pulled away slightly to consider him seriously.

“I would like to make real what I told you last night. You were interested then I believe, are you still?” His penis jumped slightly in her hand as his brain shot it a fantasy image. Another image occurred to him and he quivered in her hand. She leaned into him and again kissed him deeply. His hand found her nipple and the other was seriously seeking her clit.

She was under some strain now and she didn’t really want him there. She held out her hand and they went to the bedroom to his surprise, as he had thought the bath would be the place. On the bahis siteleri bed she had placed layers of towels, she had a stab of doubt but shrugged it off.

“Just lie there, and bring you knees up.” He dropped his robe and did as bid. His cock pointed towards his chin as she took off her white towelling robe to reveal her neat body. To his surprise she still had on her panties. Then he remembered. She got on the bed and swung her leg over him to settle her bottom in his lap. He brought his legs up to give her his thighs to lean back against.

She considered, and thought some more. This was just not right and time was running out rapidly. She had to sort this now.

“Can you put your legs back down please.” He obeyed. She got to her knees and shuffled back some. She took hold of his penis and held it against her pristine white cotton gusset. She rubbed it gently sideways against the cloth and her below. She was very excited and she could feel her labia swelling in anticipation. She strained momentarily but nothing happened, she was almost too excited to start. Ah, she needed a distraction. Give me your hand love. He bahis şirketleri offered and she guided him under the fabric over her bottom.

Put your finger in my bottom, come on, just worm it in. Oh yes, that’s it yes, slide it in more, come on, deeper to the knuckle. Yes, like that, now wiggle it a bit. Yes, like that, ah, ah, I think.. She paused.

All the time she had been rubbing his organ against her crotch. Now she realised she was relaxing and the pee was starting. She knew there was no stopping herself now.

He watched fascinated as the gusset began to bulge. Bigger and bigger it got and then the material dampened and the wee began to pass through and then around the tight fabric. She was still rubbing him back and fore like a metronome in her regularity. He stretched another inch and inserted his finger that extra touch in her bottom. As he did so the pee flow became a torrent and she began to gasp and shudder. She abandoned his cock to frantically rub herself through the sodden garment, urine flying over his chest and face as she fought for release. He unconsciously licked his lips and tasted her waste. Even as he probed her behind, she shuddered violently, her thighs involuntarily clamping on his torso in her passion.

She drooped over him, quite spent. Her breasts wetly against his skin, she kissed him in silent thanks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32