A Player’s Song Ch. 02

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The cool breeze blowing through the trees caused Jamal to shiver and chill bumps to rise on his arms. The gray overcast sky added to his feeling of loneliness and depression. Eric was gone for the weekend with his father and Tracy’s parents were home.

There was nothing for him to do or nowhere from him to go other than home. His mother was at home and she would have nothing to say that would brighten his spirits. His only prospect was to get to his bed and sleep the miserable day away.

Janice, Jamal’s mother was passed out on the sofa. It disgusted him how little she cared for decency. He heard the jokes in the streets about her being a slut, and he couldn’t deny it seeing how she dressed and acted like a street whore. She lay practically uncovered in nothing but a shirt that was bunged up at her waist as she faced the back of the sofa. She was completely naked from the waist down.

Jamal felt little more than contempt for her. What kind of mother had she been? The feeling he got from her was that he was a mistake that she made that was constantly in her face.

He took the half empty bottle of wine and the extinguished marijuana cigarette from the ash tray and sat in the chair across from her. He lit the joint and smoked it while he drank the wine glaring at his half naked mother on the sofa.

He felt no more for her than some sleazy bitch that he would meet on the street. The butt-cheeks that she was so proud of and used to lure men stared back at him. He couldn’t even count the number of old men she called sugar-daddies.

Jamal smoked the dope down to a speck of ash to the tip of his fingers, and finished the bottle of wine. He sat back in the chair and adjusted the crotch of his shorts as his gaze remained on his mother’s naked ass.

“Fuckin’ whore,” istanbul escort he thought to himself as he adjusted his growing hard-on. “She would fuck anybody.” His thoughts were active about the site in front of him.

He got up and put the empty wine bottle on the coffee table where he got it from. He could see her pussy peeking out from the back. He went around the table and knelt on the floor in front of the couch to get a closer look.

Janice had kept her pussy shaved. Jamal had overheard her boasting about how men liked it because it reminded them of a girl’s pussy.

Jamal reached out a finger to his mother’s cunt. She didn’t move a muscle. He steadily pressed it slowly between the pussy lips into her warm wet opening. She did little more than breath deeper. He continued pushing his finger into her pussy until it was buried up to the middle knuckle. He held it still inside of her as he watched her breathing.

Jamal’s cock was aching in his shorts. He freed his large tool and stroked it in relief while keeping his finger inside of his mother’s cunt. He felt that she wouldn’t even know if he put his dick where his finger was. His thoughts went to his motor skills.

He slowly removed his finger, keeping a careful eye on her movement. He stood and removed his shorts and boxers, and then stroked his big young hard rod in his hand as he looked down at his heavily breathing mother. “Um-ma’ fuck this bitch,” he thought.

Jamal knelt on one knee and guided the crowned head of his dick where his finger had been. He held onto the back of the sofa to keep his balance as he pushed his long thick rod inside of his mother’s pussy.

His heart pounded as he struggled to stay still inside avcılar escort of her and catch his breath. He noticed that her breathing was still deep heavy and even. He was against her butt-cheeks, and in as far as he could from that angle. Her warm pussy actually felt good to him.

He slowly began sliding his cock in and out of Janice’s cunt slowly. The angle he was in was putting a strain on his legs and back as he fought the urge to drive his cock hard and deep into her pussy.

Finally, he could take no more of the strain that his procurer position was putting on him. He slid his cock out getting a moan from her.

Janice rolled on to her back and her legs fell wide open as if she was begging to get fucked. One of her legs fell to the floor and she moan in her stupor. She moved her arms crossing over her face, breathe deeply, and then her breathes became even again.

Jamal stood there staring at her opened cunt and her exposed tits. His cock seemed to get even harder. He had to give her one thing; her body was fine and shapely. He tightened his gut and fixed himself to his task. He was going to fuck her no matter what.

He leaned over Janice positioning himself between her legs and guided the head of his cock into her warm pussy again as he held himself up with his arms. He sunk his big rod all the way side of her causing her to moan in a low steady tone.

Jamal repositioned himself pressing his toes into the arm of the sofa as he began to slowly move his cock half way out and then all the way back in. In moments, he gained a steady stroke; slowly increasing the tempo.

Janice moaned but did nothing else to cause him to think that she had regained consciousness.

Jamal strokes became harder and harder şirinevler escort as he approached his climax. He no longer cared if she woke. He was determined more than ever to nut inside of her.

The sofa squeaked under the rhythm of his hard pounding. Janice’s arms fell limp away from her face, where he stared with his bottom lip clinched in his teeth.

When Jamal came, his body trembled as his jism filled his mother’s pussy. He kept his dick inside of her cunt until it started to shrink.

Janice moaning stopped and her deep breathes raised into a soft snore. Jamal picked up his shorts, boxers, and shoes and went to his room, leaving his mother like he had walked away from girls before.


“Jamal!” Janice yelled from the living room.

Jamal jumped up from his bed and ran into the living room without thinking.

“You fucked me, didn’t you!” she yelled at him holding a hand over her naked cunt, but didn’t bother to hide her exposed tits. “It smells like fuck in here! Look at that shit on my brand new couch! You get something a clean your shit off that couch, right now! I paid too much for that fuckin’ couch to have cum stains on it!” She turned and headed towards the bathroom. “Gettin’ cum all over my brand new couch,” she mumbled as she stormed off.

Jamal’s head was spinning from the dope and wine. He got a rag from the kitchen and began cleaning the obvious dried cum stain from the cushion.

Janice stormed back into the living room completely naked. “What in the fuck did you fuck me with…a tree?!” she yelled at him as he stood.

Before Jamal could move away, Janice pulled down his short and grabbed hold of his cock, which had hardened during his nap.

“You big dick motherfucker,” she said stroking his cock. “You sure didn’t get this from your sorry ass father.” She let it go and stood back. “The next time you fill the need to fuck me with that big ass dick…you better not do it on my brand new fuckin’ furniture.” She turned and went into her bedroom and shut the door behind her.

Jamal was dumfounded, only having the presents of mind to pull back up his shorts.

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