A New Year to Remember

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0The best way to start a new year

Sitting in a small bar in Texas, and that is when I meet him. I was drunk, and very underage. As you can gather from the title it was New Years Eve. I was on a date with someone else, but he caught my eye as he came in. My sister was with her boyfriend at the table. When he came in late we had already rung in the New Year. This tall and broad shouldered man made everyone else feel out of place sitting at the bar in jeans and a t-shirt. Just the outline of his muscular frame sure caught my eye. My sister Kim introduced us in passing to get more drinks.

“Hey Kenny this is my sister Gabrylla,” Kim hurriedly introduced us as she made her way to the front of the bar for another round.

We both said “hi” and I blushed a light pink realizing that he caught me staring. He caught my hand and kissed it.
“Nice to meet you,” he said in a sexy baritone voice.

“ Hey Kenny why not come over and sit with us at the table since there is more room,” I suggest boldly.

Kenny followed me back to our table while I felt his eyes first covering and then undressing my body. Kim sat down quickly and caught the stare in his eyes and merely smiled. “Kenny you know everyone right Tony, Joe, Clark, Nick right? Tony is my Boyfriend and Clark is Gabby’s date.” Kim informed him.

Joe and Nick where there trying to get my attention, and while I’ve danced with both of them several times, and enjoyed the dances my date, Clark, who was a very bad dancer, I had only shared the floor with once. After my last dance the table and I were talking and drinking down the beverages in front of us all the while the guys where very attentive every time my drink got low were buying me more.

With the start of a slow song Kenny gulped the last of his drink and took my hand to lead me to the dance floor. Knowing from Kim that Kenny normally doesn’t dance I was excited to get this chance to be so close to the man made me feel so like a woman when I first saw him. As he lead me to the dance floor the memories of the last time I danced with someone so overwhelming flooded back into my mind and made me stutter step for the briefest o moments until his eyes locked onto mine and I melted onto the floor with him. When we got out on the dance floor he spun me slightly and enveloped me into the largest and strongest arms that I had felt not just that evening but in the longest of times. As he held me tight against his massive chest and we waltzed slowly across the hardwood floor there was warm electricity flowing down my arm. The only thought that could percolate thru my alcohol-muddled mind was “WOW”. After a few steps he whispers gently into my ear “Exactly how many have you had?”

Now after a whole lot of alcohol poured into me and dancing with this guy who has these incredibly big strong hands on me, and that deep baritone voice I felt my knees getting weak and wobbly just feeling the heat of his whisper burn against my ear, and made my panties grow just that much warmer and I fell my nipples tighten just that little extra. Then with a sudden jolt my eyes snap open from their half closed state as I realized that once again my body was betraying me, and it clicked what he was doing and implying and suddenly the anger won out.

“What! I have had just enough to know a jerk when I see one,” Gabrylla stated loudly as she pulled away with a sudden jolt. She tried to pull away only to find his massive hands clamped around her back in an almost loving grasp to keep her from bolting. He pulls he close once again and this time keeps his eyes locked to hers.

“Hey! Whoa. I wasn’t trying to be an ass I just meet you but I thought you could see those guys just want to get you wasted. Or is it normal for you to have a drink and a half at the table for an hour strait? While as pretty as you may be, I know players when I see them. All these guys are thinking is get her canlı bahis drunk, get laid, and go home. I am sorry to break it to you, Gabby, but it is the truth. All I ask before you bolt from this floor is think about how many smiles they have given you and how many drinks they have bought in the last hour.”

“ Oh my God your Right!” my minds snaps back from the ugly past with the harsh and real force of his words. Suddenly I feel like my nineteen year old self and I want so desperately to be the center of attention. With a grin like the Cheshire cat I spin on my heels and start back to the table. His hands slid from me in the softest of manners almost if he is scared to let me go, but knowing only I can choose my path. I move back to the table to find only Kim and Tony seated.

“Where the hell are the others,” I almost scream realizing my audience has disappeared.

“They went to the bar for more drinks silly” Kim screams in my ear over the music and then pulls me close to tell me we need an expedition to the ladies room. I start nodding my head “ yes” and as Kenny gives a questioning look following me with my sister to the restroom he sees Clark returning with a shot for me. Meeting him I shoot the shot and, just to push the envelope give him a peck on the cheek, I smile and never lose stride with Kim. As I reach the door I turn and stick my tongue out at a scowling Kenny. Finding the room empty except for Kim and myself I wonder what in the world my sister could want with me now.

“What in the world is up with you now Gabby? Your smiling like a cat the slurped up all the crème,” she laughs.

“ Nothing at all sis,” I say laughing loudly “just Kenny told me how all the guys at the table were after me and trying to get me drunk so they could get some.” Still Laughing thinking that 3 different guys could want lil ole me, and the only one I want seems not the least bit interested.
“Oh my God You don’t see it do you” asked Kim incredulously.
“ What?” Gabby almost begged to hear what her sister had to say. All the while Kim just shook her head.

“Gabby have you looked at yourself. Your 5’6” you weigh what 135, you have great hazel eyes, when they are not blood shot, Curly Auburn Hair that I would have to pay $100 you get. 38D chest slight tummy nice round hips and athletic legs I would kill for. You are such a hottie that it is so totally noticeable.” I stand staring at the mirror in front of me and blink a few times never seeing myself that way. “Hey” Kim continues, “ Tony wants to go I think, do you want to come with us? We could play poker, but you have to send two of your boys packing ”.

As soon as she says it Kenny’s word hit home. MY boys, guys that are hot for, ME!

“ You Mean I have to choose now?” I almost wonder if I can they have all been so nice, but I know that his hands, his voice, his softness the make Kenny a must. Clark, my date is ranking pretty low, Nick well he is a power drinker and would not look past the bar at Tony’s. So that ends it Kenny and Joe it is. “ Ok I’ll only let 2 back to Tony’s but Kim?”

“Yeah lil sis? What now.” she looks at me slightly annoyed

“Do I get to have an orgasm this time?”

Laughing hysterically we return from the restroom to a lit up bar and last call just finishing. As soon as my eyes clear and adjust to the brightness he is there. His massive chest blocks the room from me as he deep brown eyes swallow my spinning mind.

“ Gabby Nick wanted me to tell you that he will call you and try and set something up, I think it was drinks and pool or darts or something,” god that voice just makes me want his arms around me again so that he has to tell me in my ear.
Then Tony leans to me whispers, “Clark says he’ll call you.”

“Oh But he doesn’t have my number,” I suddenly realize snapping out of Kenny’s trance.

Tony Just Laughs leans over to Kim “We’ve got to get her bahis siteleri laid she is worst than a virgin.”

Kim shakes her head at him “Very Bad Bad Boy!”

“OH just Spank Me,” Tony howls and starts laughing.

“If we’re going lets go already,” a voice BOOMS from behind me and I jump remembering the lights and the booming voice of the police. I spin only to see his brown eyes swallow me again. “Gabby can ride with me,” Kenny states and for the first time that night no one questions him.

I shake my head for the first time scared of this man. We say good-bye to the owner and got into the fresh air, doing some good, on my troubled mind but not a lot. Kim looks at me over to me and sees that I ‘m as pale as my breath in the cold night air. Kim pulls me to the side and whispers gentle, “Look we are going across town, if it was not safe I wouldn’t let you go with him.” Rubbing her hand on my back. I smiled meekly as she turned to go to Tony’s car. I just stand there for a moment in the bitter cold, wondering if I can trust Kenny like my sis thinks she can. Just as I turn to face Kenny, Joe grabs my shoulders and softly says “you can still ride with me in Tony’s car.” Taking a deep breath I place my trust in Kim, “Thanks but I am ok, you go get in the car before they leave you behind.” Smiling at Joe, I push him towards Tony’s car. As I walk to Kenny’s car he has the engine running and warming up for me against the cold night air. As I settle myself into the seat he leans over his cologne seeming so strong in the small car I begin to shake thinking he is going to kiss me, but instead he just grabs the seat belt. He just smiles like can read my mind and says, “Buckle Up”. Leaving quick to catch up to Tony we follow him thru the small town each shadow making me shiver. With a soft concern he looks to me from time to time until we are caught by a red light, I see Tony leaving us behind. Suddenly, as if from nowhere Kenny rumbles, like a volcano and I see his anger and cringe in my seat as far against the door as I can. As the light changes he slams his hand onto the gearshift and I feel the slam of a hand into me and jump. He sees me jump and I swear I see that sneer of a smile but he drives off softly. He is as gentle as a kitten the rest of the way to Tony and Kim’s. As we pull into the drive I am almost out of breath from fear but he lets me out of the car with out a thought. As we walk up to the porch he holds my hand and I feel that same warm electricity as on the dance floor. Kenny pulls my hand and drags me back into the darkness.

“What,” I ask the fear returning.

“Nothing” and his head lean down to mine and we kiss slowly. His soft lips and tender way forcing any fear I might have slowly away. I reach up and place my arms around his neck drawing him closer my fear replaced by a sudden hunger. One that has been 19 years, in the making, one that I did not even know existed inside me. His massive hands move to my butt and pull me in closer our bodies a mere heartbeat apart and my fear a distant memory. How could someone so gentle do me wrong? He nibbles at my bottom lip and I open to his thrusting tongue. Pulling me in tight to his hips I can feel his cock rubbing against me as he lefts me up so my mound is in contact with him. His tongue is assailing my senses and I move my hands so they can go under his shirt feeling his muscle jump with my touch. His hands are moving my dress up and out of the way.
I can feel his hand on my thigh highs almost touching the lace. Moving one hand to touch his I move it up so he is touching the bare skin and I feel every fiber of me and every nerve responding in the cool night air. His mouth has moved to my neck and my ears and can feel his warm breathe blowing my hair. My breathing has changed and you can see it. He moved his hand till he was just touching my panties he could feel the warmth. Slowly sweeping his finger under them bahis şirketleri barely touching the outer lips of my core. Then the porch light came on Kim stuck her head out and laughed. Then slowly closing the door and turning off the light she shouted, “busted”. As I try to pull away Kenny says, “Wait, Stay.”

Looking up at him I say, “We should go in.”
“Stay just a minute more they all ready know.” That is when I feel him circle my clit. I take a deep breath. He keeps circling it is getting really hard to think.

“ Stop!” god that was hard to do it felt so good.
“ I am not this way I had a date with someone else and now here I am making out with you. I know this is wrong I am not easy I have a daughter she is four.” Kenny just stood there with his finger grazing the around outside of my clit.

“ I know your sister talks about you all the time we work together and She also talks about her adorable niece and how she spoils her rotten. I have met her you know, and for a single mom you have done a wonderful job with her. She has good manners and she eats Pizza with a knife and fork. She told me her mommy told her you always eat your food with a fork that’s why we made them, she made use all use them the last time she spent the night with Kim.” Smiling at me. “Kim said she likes me couldn’t stop talking about me. Kim also told me about the ex and how you have swore off men because of the jerk. But not all men are like that. Kim told me you where going to be out tonight that is the only reason why I went to the Bar tonight.” God he was saying all the right things and his finger, God what a hand. He leaned down to kiss me again and my mouth opened all by itself. He tasted so good like soda and Rum. “ Hey why don’t I take you home?”

“MMMmmmmm… Maybe it depends?”

“ On,” his eyebrows rise.

“ Well I might be forward here but how about lunch tomorrow? 12:30?”

“ Deal. Plus you have had to much to drink and besides” Taking his finger out of my panties and sticking it in his mouth, sucking hard “ You Make me Hungry.” I stood there stock still no way did I just see him do that. Turning my head sure enough he is still sucking.

“ Let me go tell Kim you are taking me home.” Running up to the door I stick my head inside Kim is there by the windows watching. “Hey I am going home.” “ Call me the second you get in the house,” a concerned look on her face.

“Well do sis.” Walking back to the car Kenny all ready has it started and warmed up so when I open the door I am hit with the heat. “Hurry get in it’s cold, ” he smiles knowing I can feel nothing but warm.

As he starts out across town I wonder can I sneak him into my room. What about Chris? He already knows about Hayley and he still is here? Why? He is so quiet, so serious, why? He is so gentle and he agreed to lunch with a sober me, again why? All the questions and feeling of the night are almost over whelming to me.

I almost fall asleep in the short cross-town drive home and sooner than I thought possible I am home and looking at his car clock I realize it is almost 3 am. Oh God is Chris going to be pissed…. and here I am my dress, hair, and make up a mess. He pulls up to the curb and leans over pecking me on the cheek. God what happened to those fiery kiss of just moments ago.

“ Off you go Gabby but don’t forget lunch…12:30…. chili’s.”

“But…don’t you want to come up for a bit”…. my body needing him if only for the night.

He looks at me so stern, so serious, so in command I have to lower my eyes,” maybe when you are sober lil one…but for now go and sleep,” he commands.

He sits and waits as I walk up the sidewalk and turn my key opening the door and the closing it leaning against it sighing heavily knowing I want more of him…his gentle touch…. his power…his, well, just him.

As the whole of the neighborhood slept and Gabby wonders over a man from nowhere and only he sees the curtain move upstairs and only he knows that not only is Gabby troubled by more than she can face alone but this man from nowhere knows another lives with her that will defend her honor, at what cost though?

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