A Fair To Remember

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It didn’t matter to me that the other kids would laugh or call me names — it is ok, I guess. Isn’t that a part of high school?

I was 18 and already 6 foot 8. The guys used to call me elephant, but that was shortened to eleph and now just elle. Again, I didn’t mind so much, because it wasn’t like I was fat. I was thin and gangly and I’d trip over my feet — coordination was not my friend. I got the name Elle because of my large cock — it’s at least 12 inches — and in the shower, after PE, with the other guys, they’d laugh and point and say I looked like I had a trunk. I found it all sort of gay, to be honest, and understood that underneath all of the teasing was a level of jealousy. A thick level.

I’ve always been different — if it’s not being smarter, it’s being taller — so social alienation was becoming the norm for me. But as I grew and mature and started noticing girls I realized that this thing I was teased about wasn’t a curse. I could hear the girls giggle and point as I walked down the hall. Could feel their eyes looking, undressing me — I was a legend in my school and if taking a beating from the jealous jock boyfriend was what I had to take then, well, it was ok.

The fall meant the fair. tuzla escort All the kids were there. It was a yearly thing, with rides and games. I ended up there because my parents were worried I spent too much time in the bedroom. They thought all I did all day was masturbate — which is all I did all day — sometimes 4 or 5 times — but they didn’t REALLY know that, I never confessed.

They dropped me off at the gate, told me to mingle. I walked in — it took me 2 minutes to trip over my left foot and send the crowd into laughter — imitation sounds of elephants cascading through the grounds.

I ducked my head, hiding my blushing cheeks, and headed to the ticket booth — buying tickets for who knows what, I had no friends to ride or no girl to win something for. At the booth I saw Kelly and the cheerleaders — they always wore little skirts and giggled and when they past me in the hall I had to put a book in front of my jeans to hide my cock — thanking god I wore two set of underwear to hide my 12 incher.

I got to the line and I could see they were looking at me, giggling; I felt embarrassed and tried not to look. I heard “hey Elle” and ducked my head. I heard it again and looked over — Kelly was motioning for tuzla escort bayan me and the other girls were huddled behind her, giggling.

“What?” I said

“is it true?” she asked.


“about your … cock?”

I swallowed “I, um, I have to go” I turned to walk away and she grabbed my arm.

“Wait,’ she said, “I don’t bite,” she giggled and turned to her friends, “ladies, I’ll be back in a bit.”

She grabbed my hand and led me through the fair, behind some booths. It was dark back there. No one from the outside could see us — didn’t want me to ruin her rep, I guess — Kelly stopped and giggled again. “We made this bet,” she said. “They dared me I wouldn’t do this, so I am, but I wanted to anyway, you know? Because I was curious.” she tried to smile.

“Do what?” I asked, nervously.

“Um, this,” she said, dropping to her knees. I tried to move, to run, something, but I couldn’t. I felt her hands on my crotch, trying to find my zipper. Felt my denim falling to my ankles. She grabbed my undies and slid them down — laughing when she realized I had another pair — “what are you hiding?” she asked. I felt her hands, anxiously, tugging down the second pair. Then I heard, nothing. escort tuzla Just a sigh. “OH … MY… GOD” she said, looking up at me. I finally looked down; saw my cock, fully erect, pulsing from the excitement. Kelly looked so small compared to it. Her eyes were like saucers. “I cant. I’ve never .. It is so… big” she said. I felt her hand around my shaft, instinctively, jerking up and down — electricity ran through my body. Id never had another hand touch me.

She was rough, jerking me hard. I felt her tongue licking under my head and I tried to think of something, anything, to keep from cumming right there. I looked down, god she was gorgeous, she was still staring at it, watching her tiny hand pump it. She opened her mouth, licking her lips, she got her lips around the tip and bobbed up and down, it was too much, I kicked my head back, “imp going to cum” I said, warning her. She didn’t move — still only able to take the head in, her hand pumping the shaft — I felt my balls tighten and let go — my cum shooting out, filling her up. I heard her gag, felt my cum dripping back down, yet she didn’t let go, letting me unload all of my juice into her. Finally, after I had stopped. She wiped her hand on my jeans and stood up.

We were face to face. She smiled. “Don’t tell anyone,” she said. “I wont,’ I replied. “Can you again?” she asked. “Yes.. Um sure, um, 10 minutes?” I said. “Behind the ferries wheel,” she said, winking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32