A Daughter’s Discovery Ch. 04

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I’m awake, but not quite awake. It’s that strange in between place where dream and reality collide. That was the most erotic dream I’ve ever had. I’ve never dreamed of being with a woman before, at least not that I can recall, and certainly not my mom. The details are the most vivid I’ve ever experienced and tempted to return to that wonderful state.

I’m glad I’m not one to tell mom anything about my dreams. I could never tell her about this one. There’s never been a time when I thought of her in any other way, except for mom and not really certain what to make of it just yet. Perhaps, it means something and maybe it doesn’t. It’s just a dream and I was never one to put anything into interpretation of some hidden meaning.

My eyes are still closed as I try to process if it means anything at all. Is that someone breathing next to me? It can’t be, since I don’t have a boyfriend. There’s definitely someone breathing in me bed and I can feel the heat from a body close to mine. I catch a hint of something in the air that I can’t quite place.

I open my green eyes and things are a little fuzzy. My head turns towards the person next to me and I already know the truth. It’s all coming back to me and it’s mom laying next to me. That scent is what I always find in her bedroom and something new in the air. It’s the remnant of our night and I smile at the reminder of what she did for me in my bedroom.

Mom’s body isn’t pressed against mine, but it’s very close. She is on her back and I know she’s still sleeping. Her face looks wonderful and the fact that I have woken before her does give me a chance to process some very important things. Yesterday was very much like a blur, but I still remember every detail. There’s no way to describe exactly how yesterday is remembered, since I don’t have another moment in my life to compare it to.

I definitely crossed some lines yesterday and cannot go back and change anything. Maybe, if mom were just a woman, I could right it off to curiosity, but she isn’t just some woman and I’m trying to find some hint within me that crossing the line with her was wrong. Incest is supposed to make people sick in the pits of their stomachs, but I don’t feel anything like that. I loved mom before doing anything like this and love her even more now. There’s no guilt or shame about being with mom in this way and find our relationship to be very exciting.

My green eyes move down to her tits and realize this is the first time I have really seen them. I caught glimpses yesterday and definitely felt them pressed against my body, but nothing like what I see before me. Except for the lines of age that caress her flesh, it’s close to looking at my own reflection.

I move slowly to keep from waking her and get on my knees. Mom’s breathing just changed a little, but I don’t think she’s on the verge of waking. Her dark nipples stand out quite beautifully against her pale flesh, as does mine and I’ve never had the appreciation for it until this moment. It was exciting to see them yesterday, but that was in the mix of everything else and the day was far too driven by passion to have truly appreciated anything.

My fingers reach out for her tits and marvel at just how soft they feel in my hands. I’ve touched my own tits plenty of times, but never took notice of just how they really felt. Mom’s flesh is pleasantly warm as I caress the softness of her flesh and slowly make my way to her dark nipples. I want to put a little bit more pressure down, but don’t want to wake her.

I brush mom’s them gently canlı bahis with my fingers and they start to harden as she lets out a sigh in her sleep. My fingers start to trace around the edges and every ridge feel pleasant as my fingers cross over them. Mom’s nipples harden a little more and the sigh is a little louder. Her breathing is changing and I know she’ll wake soon.

My lips press down on the softness of her tits, while my fingers continue to encircle her hard nipples. Mom’s hands move up to my head and softly runs her fingers through my red hair. I feel bad for waking her, but mom doesn’t seem to mind as her sighs continue to grow in intensity.

I move my fingers away from one of her nipples and place my entire hand on her tit. My lips press against her flesh and suck her nipple gently into my mouth. Mom lets out a soft moan as both of my hands get a firm grip on the softness of her tits.

Mom’s nipple feels wonderful on my tongue, almost as good as her clit. It continues to harden inside of my mouth and I point my tongue as I start to encircle the base. Practice is important and I know this is what I’m going to do the next time I eat her pussy. From the sounds she’s making, mom has no regrets about being with me and neither of us feel any shame at all.

Mom’s hands gently pull my head back and I’m looking into her loving eyes. She’s smiling at me as my hands continue to embrace her tits. I love the way she looks as I make her sigh at my touch and know this is the start of a wonderful day. It’s not really the start of a day, this is the start of a life.

Her voice is soft and I love the way she sounds. “Good morning, Lisa.”

I smile into her eyes as I respond with a softness of my own. “Good morning, mom. Sorry to wake you.”

She lets out a soft laugh and I never realized how much I enjoy that sound. “No more than I deserved. It isn’t like I let you finish your nap yesterday. Do you want to stay in bed, or take a shower?”

Both sound like a good idea to me, but decide pretty quickly on the shower. It gives me a chance to see her ass sway before me without the robe to cover anything. Mom’s tits do feel good in my hand and I’m no longer quite so certain about getting out of bed.

Mom’s waiting patiently for me to answer and I finally bring myself to say, “Let’s take a shower, mom.”

She grins and her voice sounds wonderfully playfull. “Good idea. I’m guessing you want me to lead the way.”

I smile brightly and the eagerness shows strongly as I say, “Of course, mom. I want to watch your ass while you walk.”

Her eyes grow a little warmer as she says, “I love you, Lisa.”

I get a little choked up by the sincerity in her voice and can barely muster our any words at all. “I love you, mom.”

My lips move closer to hers as her hands still caress my red hair. Mom’s mouth opens for me and my tongue starts enter as we make contact. I think I felt a spark as my tongue searches out hers. She fights just a little and I can taste the morning, which I don’t mind one bit. Normally, this is the worst time to kiss someone, but there’s no bad time of day with her.

Mom’s hands are slowly moving down my back and I realize my eyes are closed. Her fingers reach my cheeks and she playfully squeezes them in her hands. I sigh into her mouth as the passion continues to build. The softness of her lips no longer feel strange to me and I rather enjoy the feeling of her hard nipples pressing against my flesh.

An eternity of muffled sighs passes and the kiss still has not bahis siteleri ended. Breath, I remind myself, remember to breath. Mom’s fingers are gripping my ass a little tighter and her soft tits feel wonderful in my hands. It’s as if the entire world has warmed and everything feels lighter.

Our lips part as we both loosen our grip and my eyes open. There is so much love to be found in her eyes and I hope she can see the same in mine. Mom’s fingers caress my cheeks as mine caresses her hard nipples.

Her lips part beautifully as she says, “Why don’t you get your towel and toothbrush. Then we can take a shower.” I’m about to object when she continues, “I promise not to move from this spot until you return. I want to see my daughter’s ass, every bit as badly as you want to see mine.”

I can’t deny her and my voice is filled with so many emotions. “Wait right there, mom.”

I get out of bed and can feel her green eyes move to my cheeks. With every step I take, I purposefully move my body to ensure she gets a wonderful show. Maybe I’ll get really lucky and mom will do the same for me.

I’m in the bathroom off the hall and looking at my face in the mirror. There’s so much that I share with mom and I can’t believe I’m actually glowing. This has never happened before and it just goes to show how much I really love my mom. That glow is a greater love than I’ve ever known in my life and far more pure than I ever dreamed possible.

As I reach for my towel and toothbrush, I focus on the words she keeps repeating. How many times has she called me her daughter, rather than Lisa? I have no idea, but it’s been on several occasions now. It has to have something to do with finally living out her fantasy of being with me and I have no problem with the wording. After all, I call her mom, rather than Mona, so it’s not that different. To be completely honest with myself, I like it when she calls me her daughter and hope to hear her say it a lot more.

I return to find her sitting in bed and my eyes drop to the pink that is just barely revealed beneath her smooth skin. Her legs part a little more and I feel myself drooling at the sight. Mom’s clit is quite hard and stands out wonderfully from her pink lips. The only thing missing is the hole, which is tucked away beneath the folds.

Her voice calls out, but my eyes remain in place. “Why don’t you sit down, Lisa? That way you can get a better view of my ass.”

I can’t argue with that and gives me the strength to look away from the pink. “Sounds good to me, mom.”

I hardly notice the mattress beneath me as I sit and love the way she’s bending over a little as she rises from the bed. Mom’s pink is slightly revealed against her pale flesh and her crack is hiding far too much from my eyes. It’s difficult not to reach out and squeeze her round cheeks in the same manner that she squeezed mine, but that would stop the show.

Mom’s movement is very seductive as she walks to her bathroom. I feel some more drool on my chin and cannot bring myself to wipe it away. Her cheeks part a little as she spreads her legs further than needed and I don’t mind one bit.

She straightens as she calls back playfully. “Are you coming, Lisa?”

There are no words to be found as I get off the bed and feel something drip onto my thigh. I knew I was wet, but not this wet. How did I get this lucky? Not only have I found a love that has been avoiding me for years, but also get to see a body that’s close to perfection. My eyes move up to keep myself from running into anything bahis şirketleri as I follow and I can see some of her gray in the sea of red.

I set my towel next to hers and do the same with my toothbrush. There’s more that will be brought in later, but nothing really important right now. Mom bends over to turn on the water and both holes reveal themselves to me. My green eyes focus on the dark ridges that encircle the tight hole and don’t want mom to move from that spot.

The water is now running and she rises to get inside. I follow and soon feel the hot water washing my body. Mom’s hands feel wonderful as the soap works its way onto my flesh and wish I were facing her right now. Her fingers start to wash my trimmed bush and I have no idea where the thought comes from.

My voice is caught between sighs as I ask, “Mom, do you want me to shave my bush?”

I can feel her slowly working her fingers down as she replied, “That’s up to you, Lisa. I’m not going to tell you to do anything for me. Everything we do is for your benefit, not mine.”

The frustration can be heard in my voice. “That doesn’t help, mom. I want to know what you prefer. It’s still going to be my decision, but I need to know.”

She laughs softly at my words, but not in a mocking manner. “Alright, Lisa, I’ll tell you. Just remember, I don’t want you to do anything for my sake. This is all for you. I would prefer you to be shaved. I want to know how my daughter feels in my hands when I do this.”

Finally a real answer. “Then I want to shave it off for you.”

She caresses my hard clit as she says, “Only if that’s what you want.”

I let out a moan as hot water washes over my face. “I do. Will you shave me, mom?”

She pulls her finger away. “I’d love to. I’m looking forward to seeing my daughter without any hair. Turn off the water.”

My tone should tell her I want to feel her finger on my clit again. “Why, mom?”

Her fingers caress my ass as she says, “I can’t shave you in hear. Your pubic hair will clog the drain.”

Before I have a chance to respond, I hear the curtain pull and she’s stepping out of the shower. I turn the water off and follow behind her. She’s dripping onto the floor and my eyes are watching her nipples glistening in the light.

I watch as she pulls a bucket from under the sink and starts to fill it with hot water. Mom’s cheeks hide far too much as she places it on the floor and grabs a fresh blade. Shaving cream is set next to the razor and a hand towel is tossed inside the bucket.

Her voice is soft and gentle as she says, “Lay down and spread your legs for me.”

I do as she asks and she’s staring at my pussy with hunger in her eyes. Mom starts to lather me up and is covering far more than just my bush. She intends to shave everything and I know I’m going to enjoy this very much. There’s no doubt that she has done this many times and look forward to her expert touch.

The hair is removed slowly as she works her way up my legs. Each swipe sends a chill through my body and I see her hard nipples dance to her movement. A new blade is put in place as she starts to work on my bush and it feels weird. Every other part she has worked has felt a blade already, but not where she’s working now. It feels erotic in its own way and I sigh as she removes the last of my hair.

She helps me up and we return to the shower. I can feel the water moving freely where my pubic hair had been just moments ago and this will take some getting used to. Even with as tightly as I kept myself trimmed, it did keep the water from running over my flesh like this. My hands run down my body and there’s no hair to be found. It’s going to take some time, but I’ll get used to it and I’m glad that I can do something for mom.

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