A Birthday To Remember….

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Craig Mitchell got up before the sun had risen over the horizon on the morning of his 18th birthday. He was giddy with excitement at the prospect of what lay in store on his special day. His heart was racing away at a mile a minute inside his chest, and his brow was drenched in sweat. Craig had never felt as nervous nor as excited as he was feeling at that very moment before in his life as he slowly got up out of bed and made his way down the long hallway towards his parents’ closed bedroom door. He felt as though his cock was made from pure granite, incredibly hard and bulging out against his loose-fitting boxer shorts.

As a quarterback in his local high school’s championship-winning senior football team, Craig was one of the most popular, handsome guys in the entire school, with short wavy jet-black hair, a smooth, hardened face with a squared jaw, and deep piercing ocean-blue eyes. When the football team started winning big and things were going their best for him, Craig was practically swamped with girls wanting to go out with him or willing to do anything he wanted just to get in his good books. But Craig had stuck to the rules: blowjobs only til he turned 18. And this was the big day!

Standing just outside his parents’ bedroom door, Craig could hear loud moaning and groaning coming through the thin wooden panel from just beyond. It didn’t take much in the way of intelligence to guess what they were up to, and the thought of his Mom and Dad screwing like rabbits really got Craig’s blood boiling. Without an ounce of concern or hesitation, he opened the bedroom door and stepped into his parents’ room, then closed the door behind him.

Just as he’d known they would be, Craig’s Dad was vigorously pounding his Mom’s soaking wet pussy from behind with his long, fat tool. Craig’s father, whose name was Roger, rammed his huge dick into his wife’s hairy cunt with everything he had, causing her to scream and holler at the top of her lungs without the slightest care for anyone or anything but her own sexual stimulation. Roger looked over at his son as Craig entered the room and gave his boy a smile and a thumbs-up, not easing up on the tempo of his thrusts for even an instant. He was a smart, attractive-looking 52-year-old stockbroker, with short-cropped black hair tinged with grey, clear hazel eyes, and a robust face that seemed slightly worn and tempered with age but still no less captivating than ever. Craig had inherited many traits from his father, including his looks and the size of his cock.

Craig’s Mom, Janet, was in a world of pure lustful bliss as her husband’s big, bulging prick drove deep into her tight, constricting snatch, stretching her private opening to its limits and causing her to shudder with orgasmic delight as she came over and over again. She looked truly incredible for her 39 years, with long, billowing strawberry-blonde hair flying back away from her angelic face, which was twisted in pure lust as Roger brutally reamed her from the behind with his twitching cock-shaft. Janet’s emerald-green eyes were glowing with inner fire, her mouth sagging open and her crimson-red lips sparkling in the light of a nearby lamp. But it was her body that really enthralled Craig. She was the perfect example of a sexy, mature woman, with a firm, voluptuous body that seemed to have been perfectly sculptured for sex. With full D-cup hooters tipped with large, pale pink bullet-shaped nipples, a smooth sensuous stomach with a sexy little ‘innie’ navel, long slim legs, a round meaty arse, and a bald little cunt, Craig’s mother sure was any straight, red-blooded male’s notion of a hot babe, that’s for damn sure.

“Fucking Christ, fuck my cunt you big-dick bastard!” Janet screamed at the top of her lungs as she rove her arse back against Roger when he drove into her tight hole, trying to get as much of his cock as deep into her snatch as possible. She looked up at her son Craig, but didn’t actually register his presence, she was on such a sexual high. “Give me your cum, big boy! Shoot your jism deep inside me, you son of a bitch, fill my womb with your warm, sticky seed.”

Craig moaned and quickly yanked down his boxer shorts so he could take hold of his own cock. His prick felt as though it was on fire and felt as hard as a rock; Craig’s arousal was so intense it was slightly painful to bear, his huge, cum-heavy balls throbbing slightly as his semen built up inside. He moved into position in front of his own mother’s face and shoved his man-meat up against Janet’s lips. Instinctively, Janet opened her mouth, allowing her son to slide his cock deep down the back of her throat. Craig pushed his aching schlong into his Mom’s willing, suctioning mouth until the head of his cock was rubbing against the back of her throat and his nut-sacs were rubbing up against her chin. Janet ran her tongue up the underside of her son’s twitching cock-shaft, then licked and slurped his bulging balls, making sure to drool and slobber all over his pulsating groin. She was going crazy as her squeezing cunt was being ploughed by her husband’s piercing penis and she casino şirketleri was being face-fucked by her stud of a son.

“Oh Jesus, that’s it you fucking whore! I’m cumming, you bitch! God you’re tight!” Roger roared as he finally lost control and orgasmed, flooding his wife’s twat with his jism. Janet came at the same time, her body shuddering with the intensity of her climax as her pussy-juices poured out of her gaping, well-fucked cunt.

Craig was loosing control at around the same time, unable to hold back his own climax for very long as his very own mother gave him the blowjob of a lifetime. He looked down at his Mom and let out an almost painful groan of pleasure. Janet was the picture of debauchery with her son’s prick jammed all the way down her throat, her eyes bulging in their sockets as she tried to breathe around his thick, meaty fuck-pole. She sucked on his throbbing prick with the strength of an industrial vacuum-cleaner, squeezing and massaging Craig’s ball-sacs with her right hand while ramming a couple of fingers into her cum-filled pussy-crack with her left hand.

“Fucking hell, I’m cumming!” Craig bellowed as he shot two long, thick spurts of sticky white jism down his mother’s throat, then pulled out of her mouth and blasted ribbon after long, thick ribbon over Janet’s pretty face. Splashing her gorgeous face all over with love-gunk really put the icing on the cake – it was the perfect ending to a raw, dirty, unwholesome act of incestuous lust. Craig had just gotten one grade-A blowjob from his cock-hungry Mom while she in turn was being pounded up her tight little cunt by her husband, yet he knew that this was nothing but the beginning of his adventures for the day.

It was a time-honoured tradition for every member of the Mitchell family; once a Mitchell turned 18, they were introduced to the world of fucking by every available member of the opposite sex that was also of legal age. Craig could hardly believe his luck – he lived in the most ideal part of the country, basically in the centre surrounded by a number of female members of the Mitchell clan. A number of family-members were making the trip out to see Craig on his special day, and to help give him his ‘special present’.

When Janet finally opened her eyes again, realising for the first time that she had just sucked her own son off and was covered in his sticky cum, she did nothing but smile faintly at Craig, too exhausted to do much more than that. Roger was in no mood to let things ease up, however, especially with his son now in on the action. He quickly climbed off the bed and manoeuvred around until his limp, slime-covered pecker was drooping down in front of Janet’s face, basically pushing his son Craig onto the bed beside his Mom. Janet slowly opened her mouth up and licked at the hairy ball-sacs under her husband’s prick, working her right hand up and down on his cock while she slurped and munched on his wrinkly marbles. She alternated from one meaty scrotum to the other, savouring the taste of sweat and sex-fluids as she worked her tongue into every nook and cranny. As his Mom sucked on his Dad’s balls and masturbated his big prick til it was hard again, Craig worked his way down between Janet’s thighs and began to play with her cunt, working first one finger into her sopping wet pussy-slit and then a second. Her cum-filled fuck-tunnel was extremely yielding to Craig’s fingers. After working a third digit into her cunt and probing her private slit for about half a minute, Craig pulled his fingers out of her and sucked on the combination of love-juices. The mixture of Roger’s semen and Janet’s cunt-cream wasn’t all that unpleasant to young Craig.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Roger moaned as his wife slid her mouth around the head of his throbbing red cock and sucked on the mushroom-shaped tip of his member. Craig craned his neck up so he could put his mouth onto his mother’s pussy-lips and start to nibble and suck on her cunt. He managed to burrow his tongue into the fleshy folds of Janet’s womanly opening and scoop out her tasty girly-sauce, savouring the sweet tangy taste of her snatch as his Dad got his dick sucked. Chewing on his Mom’s cunt til she started to moan and shudder, Craig knew that his endeavours were about to be rewarded as Janet began to cum all over her son’s eager face, and right into his open mouth. Craig drank back as much of his Mom’s pussy-juices as he possibly could, then used his tongue to scoop out as much of her twat-butter as he could, delving deep into the meaty folds of her sex to get to the creamy goodness. He could taste his father’s salty cum but it was his Mom’s tangy pussy-sauce which overrode his senses, getting them both primed and in the mood for some hard fucking.

Pulling himself around until he was kneeling behind his mother with his cock positioned at the entrance to her gaping wet pussy, Craig slowly slid into her womanly opening, pushing his bulbous cock-head in past the outer ring of her cunt and then easing his dick-log deep into her with one long, brutish lunge forwards. Janet let out a long sigh casino firmalari as her cunt-muscles were stretched taut to accommodate her son’s probing phallus, moaning finally as Craig’s prick slammed up against her cervix with still at least a couple more inches to slide in. It felt incredible to Craig to finally fuck a woman’s tight, wet cunt after fantasizing about it for so long, much better than he could’ve possibly have imagined. Loosing his virginity to his very own mother, though…..that was really raunchy. Craig knew that he wasn’t going to be able to hold out for very long, but he wanted to give it to her hard and fast, so that he would be able to at least make her cum once or twice before shooting his load up her twat.

As she sucked on Roger’s meaty pole, Janet moaned with lust and shuddered with climactic ecstasy as Craig rammed his huge prick in and out of her well-stretched cunt, giving her all the young man had and squeezing her ample tits at the same time. Craig pinched and tweaked on his Mom’s hard, budding nipples as he felt Janet’s pussy-muscles squeeze his cock like a silky vice, milking his manhood and trying to coax out his own release. After she orgasmed for a second time a couple of minutes later with her son’s prick driving into her snatch with admirable intensity, Craig shot a couple of long, thick spurts of jism deep into his Mom’s cunt, filling her womb with his spunk just as his father had earlier on that morning.

Roger grabbed his wife roughly by a handful of her reddish-blonde hair and brutally face-fucked her til his own orgasm came rushing down upon him.
“Take it, whore. God, yeah! You’re such a dirty cum-slut, you’re going to drink my spunk like a good little bitch!” Roger moaned as his cock erupted and his thick, gooey spunk blasted down Janet’s throat. She gulped his cum back down her throat like the cum-dumpster that she truly was, savouring the dirty feast of dick-sludge that came blasting out of her husband’s ball-sacs and licking his prick clean after all the jism had been swallowed back.

All three of them needed a rest for a little bit after their wild and raunchy morning sex-fest, but they knew for sure that the fun was only just beginning.

Janet Mitchell curled up in her son Craig’s arms and gently kissed her boy on his lips. “My son, my young man,” she cooed proudly. “How did it feel to loose your virginity to your old Mom, huh?”

“You can’t know how good that was for me, Mom. No-one’s ever given me a present that’s anywhere near as good as that,” Craig replied earnestly, meaning every word of what he said.

“Well, it was really great for me, too. I love it when I get fucked by a virgin, it’s one of my fetishes to have my body used and abused by a sexual novice,” Janet confided with a wry grin, her face baked in Craig’s drying cum. Roger had pulled his limp dick out of his wife’s mouth and had dropped down onto the bed with the two of them, needed to rest and recuperate just as they did. “When the others arrive, we’ll begin to teach you how to please a woman, and how to give intense satisfaction while remaining erect for as long as possible. That’s a key factor, Craig, and one which we will make sure you pick up after today.”

“Hey, buster, you’re gonna love this!” Roger said to his son with a broad, friendly grin, giving his kid a light punch on his right shoulder. “Be prepared, boyo, these jezebels don’t take no prisoners! They will use you up, suck you dry then spit you out without a moment’s hesitation, let me tell ya! But it’ll be right, hey? Have fun, opportunities like these happen once in a lifetime!”

Craig knew that his Dad was telling the truth about his ravenous relatives and their sexual vitality – it was Mitchell family folklore about how all the adult family members had wild, incestuous orgies every time a child became an adult in the clan, with the birthday person being the central focus of everyone’s lust. He knew that he was going to be expected to cum a lot throughout the day, but Craig thought he was up to the challenge. Especially with some of the hot relatives who were coming out to see him, more than enough motivation for him to get hard and fuck like crazy!

The doorbell rang at around 9 am. Craig, Roger and Janet were in the kitchen and completely naked, eating a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs as they devoured each other with their eyes. Janet got up and walked towards the door, swaying her bubble-butt back and forwards as she walked. Both Roger and Craig were glued to Janet’s round, meaty arse as she strode towards the front door. She peered through the peep-hole to see who it was, then turned back towards the two men of the house with a broad grin on her face.

“It’s John and Sharon,” she said, referring to Craig’s Uncle John and his Aunt Sharon. Roger’s hot sister Sharon was around his Mom’s age, but she had humungous tits, at least an F-cup. They were easily her most defining features, the first thing most people noticed about her when they met her for the first time. Every time Craig laid eyes upon her, he felt güvenilir casino as though he was going to have to pick his jaw up off the ground. He couldn’t stop himself from staring at her huge hooters, no matter how hard he tried.

John Madison was a software developer for one of those huge European-based programming corporations, so it was rare for him to be Stateside for any longer than six months. Sharon had always had a soft spot for her ‘favourite nephew’, Craig, and she had promised him that she’d be there for his very special 18th. He could hardly wait to see her again. John was a side issue. Craig was sure that, with all the pussy going around once the others arrived, John wouldn’t mind it all that much if he gave it to his busty Aunt and blasted a thick wad of spunk up her tight little twat.

Not giving a damn about the state of undress they were all in, Janet opened the door to let her relatives into her home.

“Sharon, John, how wonderful to see you both again! I’m so glad you both could make it!” she exclaimed. Janet wrapped her arms tightly around Sharon as she stepped into the lounge room and kissing her sister-in-law deeply on the lips, sliding her tongue into the other woman’s mouth for the buxom babe to suck on. Then she turned her attention to John, pashing him heatedly on the mouth and feeling up his bulging lump of prime prick-meat through the front of his pants.

Watching his very own mother greeting his Aunt and Uncle in such a sexy, forbidden way really got Craig’s blood boiling and his dick hard as a rock again. Sharon quickly spotted her nephew sitting with her brother in the kitchen and made her way over to the birthday boy, a big smile plastered across her sexy, matured face. With long, straight raven-black hair that hung down around her firm, tapered arse, deep sky-blue eyes and a gorgeous, angelic face that screamed intelligence and feminine grace, Sharon was the full package. Aunty Sharon’s huge mammaries were thrust out against the tight, skin-hugging material of her bright red silk blouse, and her round, meaty butt was framed very nicely indeed in her tight-fitting leather jeans. Craig had never seen his stunningly gorgeous Aunt looking so hot before in his life, and he felt like he was about to cum right then and there as she walked slowly over to him in that sexy hip-swaying way of hers.

John was kissing and fondling Janet’s naked body right there in the open front doorway, roughly forcing her back up against the wall and ramming his right hand in between her legs to feel up her dripping wet pussy mound. Roger stood up when Sharon entered the kitchen and moved over to give his younger sister a light, fleeting kiss on her mouth, then moved into the lounge room to join in on the action between his brother-in-law and his wife.

Craig could hardly believe any of this was real. He felt as though he was in a surreal world, so tangible and yet so utterly unreal at the same time. His Aunt Sharon stood over her nephew, smiled tenderly down on the birthday boy, then without a word leaned down to kiss him intimately on his mouth. Craig slowly worked up the courage to slide his tongue into his incredibly luscious Aunt’s open mouth, which she then proceeded to suck strongly on with unimaginable strength. She pulled back first from the passionate lip-lock, then reached down and took hold of Craig’s right hand, slowly guiding it up to her firm, pliable left breast. He gently cupped his Aunt’s soft, fat titty, squeezing and fondling the boob through the thin material of her silk blouse until Sharon started moaning and arching her back slightly with pleasure. Craig tweaked and pulled on her hardening nipple through the red blouse til she let out an orgasmic grasp and had a slight climax from his earnest ministrations. He felt so good knowing that he was causing his hot, randy Aunt Sharon such pleasure, but wanted so much more.

“You have a natural knack for this, don’t you Craig?” Sharon cooed with an appreciative smile, kissing her nephew again, this time only fleetingly, on the lips. “You’ve probably fucked your Mom’s tight, wet pussy by now, I imagine, but I bet you’re yet to drive your cock up a woman’s dirty little asshole. It’s the best way to get fucked, let me tell you, and I know you’ll love it! I’ll guide you through what has to be done, okay?”

Craig was nervous as hell, but he acknowledged what his Aunt had told him with a nod. He knew what anal sex was, had seen more than his fair share of Internet porn dedicated to the subject, but the prospect of actually fucking a woman up her bunghole, his Aunty no less, really rattled his nerves. He didn’t know if he could do it, didn’t know if he could make it good.

Sharon saw the fear in her nephew’s eyes, and had to suppress a devilish smile. They were always afraid the first time, worried about how they would perform or what it would feel like to fuck someone up their butt-pipe. But she loved to break in anal virgins, loved the feeling of having her butt-hole relentlessly reamed by a well-hung young stallion caught up in the intense waves of his animalistic lust. Sharon knew that her shy nephew Craig would be no different than the other boys before him in the end, and the thought his huge, throbbing cock-shaft driving in and out of her tight, puckered little anus really got her pussy all wet and sticky.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32